Box and Folder Inventory

Box 3

Box 4: Subject Correspondence and Papers, 1890-1948: Agriculture - Campaigns (1932).

F 1: Agriculture.

a. Correspondence (1914-17).

b. Speech by Meyer Jacobstein - "The Farm Problem" - May 6, 1926.

c. Press Release - U. S. Department of Agriculture - October 1, 1926.

d. Congressional Record - January 25, 1918.

e. Congressional Record reprint on the cost of production of wheat, cotton, corn, hogs, etc. - September, 1918.

F 2: Agricultural Credit.

a. Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science in New York City - January, 1923.

b. Discussion of the agricultural credit problem by Gore.

F 3: Airplane. "The History of the Dirigible, Sea and Airplane."

F 4: Aliens in the U. S. Statistics on number of aliens and their home country in several states.

F 5: Alumni Associations (October, 1926). Requests and replies to college and university alumni associations for alumni directories.

F 6: America First (1919). Statement by Gore on involvement in war.

F 7: American Legion (1919). Photostatic copies of clippings in the Daily Oklahoman on the State Convention of the American Legion October 20-21, 1919.

F 8: Appellate Court Reporter (1929). Oklahoma Appellate Court Reporter - November 8, 1929.

F 9: Atomic Energy (1945). Statement on atomic energy by Harry Truman, Clement Attlee, and W. L. Mackenzie King - November 26, 1945.

F 10: Banking Act of 1935. Report by Gore to Winthrop Aldrich on the constitutionality of Title I of the Banking Act of 1935.

F 11: Banks (1936-40). Financial statements of several banks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Oklahoma.

F 12: Bills, Notices, and Notes (1910-47). Miscellaneous.

F 13: Books (1926). Book request from the William Harvey Miner Company - October 23, 1926.

F 14: Borah, William E. - U. S. Senator from Idaho (1940). Funeral announcement - January 22, 1940 - and clipping.

F 15: Boston Evening Transcript (1935). Clippings - May 4, 1935; re: soldier bonus.

F 16: Bratter, Herbert M. Clippings of articles by Bratter.

F 17: Bretton Woods Conference. Statements and pamphlets on Bretton Woods.

F 18-19: Briefs (Legal) of T. P. Gore. Re: school lands owned by the State of Oklahoma and leased and operated for oil and gas purposes.

F 20: British Labor Party (1945). Clipping from The Call - September 10, 1945.

F 21: Butts vs. Schirmer. Photocopies of documents.

F 22: Campaigns (1904). Copies of an Arkansas Gazette editorial - "The Democratic Waterloo and the Reason for It" - November 10, 1904.

F 23: Campaigns - Gore (1914).

a. Correspondence and campaign materials.

b. Telegram from President Wilson.

c. Opponent John H. Burford material.

d. Election statistics.

e. Picture of Gore.

F 24: Campaigns - Presidential (1916).

a. Speech by Gore.

b. The Democratic Campaign Textbook - clippings.

F 25: Campaigns - Gore (1920).

a. Correspondence and clippings.

b. Congressional Record speeches.

c. Campaign material.

F 26: Campaigns (1922).

a. Campaign letter by Gore in support of Thomas H. Owen for Governor.

b. Democratic Platform of Oklahoma.

c. Democratic Handbook.

F 27: Campaigns - Gore (1924).

a. Correspondence, schedules, and clippings.

b. Contribution and expense statements.

c. Campaign leaflets.

d. Straw poll results.

F 28: Campaigns - Presidential (1924). Democratic National Committee press releases.

F 29: Campaigns - Presidential (1924).

a. Republican Campaign Text-book - 1924.

b. The Facts - LaFollette-Wheeler campaign text-book.

F 30: Campaigns - Gore (1926). Campaign letter and clipping.

F 31: Campaigns (1926).

a. Campaign letters and clippings.

b. Brochures and flyers.

F 32: Campaigns (1926).

a. Republican prosperity material.

b. Statistics on bank failures.

c. Pamphlets.

F 33: Campaigns - Presidential (1928).

a. Statements by Gore.

b. Platform suggestions by Oklahoma delegates to Democratic National Convention.

c. Report on campaign contributions and expenditures.

d. Pamphlets on Governor Al Smith.

e. Congressional Record reprint of speech by Simeon D. Fees at Republican National Convention.

f. Clippings.

F 34: Campaigns - Presidential (1928). Pamphlets on Herbert Hoover.

F 35: Campaigns (1928). Democratic committees in Oklahoma.

F 36: Campaigns - Gore (1930). Correspondence, clippings, and campaign material.

F 37: Campaigns (1930).

a. Democratic Party Platform.

b. "The Democratic Party in Oklahoma and the Nation."

F 38: Campaigns (1932). Republican Platform pledges.

Box 5
T. P. Gore Collection Description

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