Box and Folder Inventory

Box 4

Box 5: Subject Correspondence and Papers, 1907-1948: Campaigns (1932) - "Irish Freedom."

F 1: Campaigns (1932). Correspondence, re: support for Roosevelt.

F 2: Campaigns (1932). Roosevelt pamphlets and material.

F 3: Campaigns (1932).

a. Democratic Platform by Governor William H. Murray.

b. History of Populist Party in Mississippi.

c. Election statistics of 1932.

d. Clippings.

F 4: Campaigns (1934). Campaign materials for E. W. Marland, Jack Walton, and several other candidates.

F 5: Campaigns - Gore (1936).

a. Gore Volunteers material.

b. Itineraries.

c. Election statistics.

d. Campaign flyers.

e. Letter from Neil B. Gardner, re: Gore re-election, June 9, 1932.

f. Clippings.

F 6: Campaigns - Gore (1938).

a. "Indian Bulletin" - Democratic State Central Committee.

b. 1938 Democratic Party Platform of Oklahoma.

c. Convention address by Governor Phillips.

d. Directory and constitution of the Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma.

e. Initiative Petition forms for the Oklahoma Welfare Amendment of 1938 and the Oklahoma Transaction Tax Act of 1938.

f. Correspondence with State Election Board.

g. Copies of correspondence in support of Gore candidacy.

h. Clippings.

F 7: Campaigns (1938). Two copies of the Speakers Manual for the Democratic Campaign of 1938 - issued by the Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma.

F 8: Campaigns - National (1938). Pamphlets, speeches, and clippings.

F 9: Campaigns (1944). Statements relating to Republican platform.

F 10: "Canterbury Tales" (1936). Poem.

F 11: Commerce Clause of Constitution.

a. Address before Oklahoma State Bar Association by Edgar S. Vaught, U.S. District Judge, Western District of Oklahoma, December 29, 1934.

b. The Commerce Clause of the Constitution - by Gore.

F 12: Congressional Record Index. Index of Gore's record.

F 13: Constitution. Amendment to Bill of Rights and Supreme Court decisions holding acts of Congress unconstitutional.

F 14: Constitution of Oklahoma (1935). Interview of September, 1935.

F 15: Contract between J. F. McMurray and R. P. Ford. Re: settlement of claims against the United States by the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes.

F 16: Cooperative League. Re: regional cooperative organizations for the oil industry.

F 17: Communist Party (1947). Re: information on the Communist Party and subscription to Daily Worker 1947.

F 18: Cotton. Re: cotton tariff and price support.

F 19: Customs (1909-1915). Re: Portuguese schooner "Manuelinho" and customs receipts in North and South America, 1909-1915.

F 20: Defense Council.

a. Council of National Defense list of committees and subcommittees.

b. Statement calling for expulsion of several members of the Senate as public enemies.

F 21: "Democracy's Record in State and Nation" (1916). Speech by Furnifold M. Simmons, U. S. Senator from North Carolina, April 27, 1916, before the Democratic State Convention at Raleigh, North Carolina.

F 22: Depletion Allowance.

a. "Depletion Allowance A Fundamental Right, Say Courts and Congress," by Independent Petroleum Association of America.

b. Index of statements against depletion allowance.

c. Memorandum on tax revision - 1946.

F 23: Draft.

a. Congressional Record - June 26, 1916.

b. Congressional Record - April 28, 1917.

c. "Draft Money as Well as Men" - speech by Gore in the Senate - September 10, 1917.

d. "Compulsory Military Training and the High Cost of Living" - speech by Gore in the Senate - April 9, 1920.

e. Correspondence on Universal Military Training (1916-17).

F 24: "The Economic Effect of Government in Business" (1931). Address by James E. Boyle, Professor of Rural Economy, Cornell University, before the Texas Cotton Association - March 20, 1931.

F 25: Editorial (1935). "A Valuable Senator" in the West Union Record, West Union, West Virginia - April 25, 1935.

F 26: European Relations.

a. Treaty of Peace with Germany - Government Printing Office - 1919.

b. "Official Translation of the Speech Delivered by Adolf Hitler before the German Reichstag on April 28, 1939."

c. "President Wilson and Colonel House" - by William F. Wilmoth - reprinted in Congressional Record - June 19, 1939.

d. Address of Secretary of State Cordell Hull at a dinner in connection with the Second Annual National Farm Institute in Des Moines, Iowa - February 19, 1938.

e. "The European Crisis" - speech of Sumner Welles, Under-secretary of State broadcast over a nation-wide network of the National Broadcasting Company - October 3, 1938.

f. "Taking the Profits Out of War" - address by James E. VanZandt, Member of Congress from Pennsylvania, broadcast over the Columbia Broadcasting System - March 26, 1939.

g. "Democracy and Foreign Policy" - address of Edwin Borchard, Professor of International

h. "World Trade or World Regimentation" - address by William L. Clayton at the Chamber of Commerce of the United States 26th Annual Meeting - May 5, 1938.

i. Clipping.

F 27: Farmer-Labor Progressive League (1924). Clipping of platform - March 28, 1924.

F 28: Federal Reserve System (1922). Speeches of J. Thomas Heflin, U. S. Senator from Alabama, on the administration of the Federal Reserve System.

F 29: Fish Report on Communism. Investigation of Communist propaganda by special committee headed by Hamilton Fish, Jr., Member of Congress from New York - submitted January 17, 1931.

F 30: Food Bill.

a. Reprint of speech by Gore on the Food Bill - 1917.

b. Reprint of speech by Gore on "The Liberty Loan" - April 27, 1918.

c. "Food Control During Forty-six Centuries" - by Mary G. Lacy - 1923.

d. Correspondence (1917-29).

F 31: Foreign and Domestic Commerce (1922). Congressional Record - April 26, 1922.

F 32: Franking Privilege (1916). Correspondence with Post Office Department concerning frank (April, 1916).

F 33: Freedom of Opinion. Statements on freedom of opinion from various sources.

F 34: German Votes (1912). Statement on German voting in 1912.

F 35: Gold (1932).

a. Letter from the Bank of England to Gore - October 3, 1932 - in reply to inquiries.

b. Memorandum on gold standard - April 30, 1932.

c. Clipping.

F 36: Grain.

a. Letter and telegram from J. C. F. Merrill to Gore - July, 1917 - re: trade profits.

b. Report of the Federal Trade Commission on the Grain Trade - September 6, 1926.

F 37: Habeas Corpus.

a. Collection of authorities on Habeas Corpus compiled by William R. Watkins - 1927.

b. Briefs in J. Caruthers vs. H. B. Hines, et al.

F 38: Hamilton, Alexander. Report on Public Credit - January 9, 1790 - printed February 6, 1908.

F 39: Hill, William. Statement concerning Secretary of State Senate race and Scott Ferris.

F 40: Holt, Rush D. - U. S. Senator from West Virginia. Photostatic copy of remarks made in Congressional Record about intoxication of a fellow senator.

F 41: Hoover, Herbert.

a. Speech by James W. Reed, U. S. Senator from Missouri, on Herbert Hoover as Food Administrator in Europe - July 16, 1917.

b. Biographical sketch in British Who's Who - 1918 and 1919 - for Hoover.

c. Statement on Charles Evan Hughes and disarmament.

d. Clipping.

F 42: Income Tax. Correspondence and material, re: U. S. vs. Clifton L. Richards.

F 43: Indians. Material related to Gore representation in Indian cases.

F 44: Industrial Relations (1916). Final Report of the Commission on Industrial Relations. - 1916.

F 45: Ingersoll, Robert G. (1878). Address on economics delivered in Boston Music Hall - October 21, 1878.

F 46: Insurance.

a. Material on war losses - 1917.

b. Address of Joseph C. O'Mahoney, U. S. Senator from Wyoming, on "Government Regulation of Insurance" - September 11, 1940.

F 47: Interstate Trade Barriers (1940). Summaries of testimony before the Temporary National Economic Committee Hearings on Interstate Trade Barriers - March, 1940.

F 48: "Irish Freedom" (1920). Speech by Gore in the Senate - March 19, 1920.

Box 6
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