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Box 5

Box 6: Subject Correspondence and Papers, 1907-1948: Japanese Beetle - Taxes

F 1: Japanese Beetle (1926). Re: removal of Japanese beetle quarantine - September 30, 1926.

F 2: Jefferson, Thomas, Memorial. Brochure.

F 3: "The Kaiser's Prayer". Poem.

F 4: Kloeb, Frank L. Re: article on Calvin Coolidge.

F 5: Land Bond Bank. Proposed resolution.

F 6: League for Constitutional Government. "The System of 'Stealing' Party Nominations."

F 7: League of Nations. Gore postcard.

F 8: Legislative Record of Gore (1914).

a. Campaign flyer - 1914.

b. Extracts from Remarks of Thomas P. Gore - 1914.

F 9: "Liberty Loan" (1918). Speech by Gore delivered at the Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York - April 27, 1918.

F 10: List of Names and Addresses. Nine names.

F 11: The Literary Digest (1936). Issues of September 5, 12, and 19, 1936, which include the nationwide presidential poll of 1936.

F 12: Memorandum to 68th Congress (1924). Submitted by Gore to the Joint Sub-committees of the District of Columbia of the two houses in reference to H.R. 11078, which attempts to regulate rents in the District of Columbia.

F 13: Merchant Marine.

a. Amendment to S. 5856 (63rd Congress, 3rd Session) by Gore in reference to common carriers.

b. Congressional Record - January 30, 1928.

F 14: Mexican Oil Controversy (1920-1922).

a. "The Mexican Oil Controversy" - October, 1920.

b. "Article XXVII of the Mexican Constitution of 1917" - January, 1922.

c. Clippings.

F 15: Mexican Oil Controversy. Drafts of briefs and memorandum.

F 16: Mexican Oil Controversy. "Memorandum in Re: Mexican Expropriation of Oil Properties" - by Gore.

F 17: Mexican Oil Controversy. "Memorandum" copy.

F 18: Mexican Oil Controversy. "Memorandum" copy.

F 19: Mexican Oil Controversy. "Memorandum" copy.

F 20: Monetary Theories.

a. Reports by G. F. Warren - 1932-35.

b. "Farm Economics."

c. "Stabilization of the Measure of Value."

d. "Prices in Various Countries."

e. "Production and Use of Gold."

f. "Relation of Supply and Demand for Gold to Commodity Prices."

g. "Influence of the Gold Supply."

h. "Forecasts of the Wholesale Commodity Price Level."

F 21: Money and Coinage. Press releases, report, pamphlets, articles, and clipping.

F 22: New York Times (1934-36).

a. Editorial on Gore - May 26, 1936. Extra copies in Outsized.

b. Editorial on Gore - May 17, 1934.

F 23: Oil Suit.

a. United States vs. American Petroleum Institute.

b. S. 448 - January 9, 1939.

c. S. 2181 - April 17, 1939.

d. Clippings.

F 24: Oil Tax. Oklahoma State Question 138.

F 25: Osage List.

a. Correspondence re: abrogation of the 4800 acre rule for oil leases in the Osage Nation.

b. Petition and statement for abrogation by Osage Oil and Gas Lessees Association and Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association. (List of Lessees removed to Outsized #7.)

F 26: Panama Canal Toll. Statement on exemption from toll for coastwise vessels.

F 27: Paternalism (1934).

a. Statement by Gore in Washington Post - June 18, 1934 (Removed to Outsized).

b. Reprinted in The Certified Public Accountant - July, 1934.

F 28: Patterson Cartoon.

a. Poster and cartoon referring to the appointment of Mr. Patterson of Muskogee as Registrar of the Treasury.

b. Letter from E. D. Ellis to Gore, re: poster - July 21, 1914.

c. Poster - July 21, 1914 (Removed to Outsized #8).

F 29: Peace Award. Pamphlets, re: The American Peace Award.

F 30: Pioneer Women of America. Address delivered by Gore.

F 31: Poems. Selections from several poems.

F 32: "Political and Economic Situation of Today" (1921). Statement and letter by Gore printed in Congressional Record - November 22, 1921.

F 33: Postmaster Appointments (1914). Resolution on a primary election for choosing a postmaster by Dan V. Stephens, Member of Congress from Nebraska - April 10, 1914.

F 34: Powers of Attorney. Affidavits for Gore power of attorney.

F 35: Press Releases (1937-1942).

a. Statements and Letters to the Editor by Gore - 1937-1942.

b. Clippings.

F 36: Price Fixing (1917).

a. Letters from Charles J. Wrightsman - 1917.

b. Clippings.

F 37: Primary Election.

a. Statement on primary election versus delegation convention.

b. Brochure.

F 38: "Production of Wheat, Cotton, Corn, Hogs, etc." (1918). Speech by Gore at the Forum - September, 1918 - reprinted in Congressional Record.

F 39: Prohibition (1919). Letter from Gore to "My Dear Sir": requesting views on proposed repeal of war prohibition - May 24, 1919.

F 40: Public Works Department. Resolution and statement to establish a National Department of Public Works.

F 41: Railroad Finance. Memorandum in re: Senate Resolution 71 (74th Congress) authorizing an investigation of railroad financing.

F 42: "Revenues to Defray War Expenses" (1917). Minority Report to Accompany H. R. 4280 (65th Congress) from Senator LaFollette - August 13, 1917.

F 43: Senate Banking and Currency Committee (1939). Correspondence with The Chase National Bank concerning committee action - 1939.

F 44: Shantung Provision (1919). Letter from Gore to "My Dear Sir:" requesting views on Japanese control of Shantung - July 24, 1919.

F 45: Silver (1942).

a. Report from the economists' National Committee on Monetary Policy - September 30, 1942.

b. Clipping.

F 46: Sprague, O. M. W. (1933). Clipping, re: resignation as Financial and Executive Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury - November 22, 1933.

F 47: Stable Money (1927-1932).

a. Address of Dr. E. W. Kemmerer upon his election as president of the Stable Money Association - December 28, 1927.

b. The Cleveland County Trust Company "Business Bulletin" - December 15, 1930.

c. "Why Agriculture and Business Require Stable Money" - statement to the Senate Banking and Currency Committee by Clarence Poe.

d. "Idle Money Tax and Stabilization Salary" - pamphlet by Leon Burns - 1931.

e. "The Foundations of Stability" - by Edwin Curtis.

f. Reprints of two speeches in Congressional Record by Olger B. Burtness, Member of Congress from North Dakota - 1932.

g. "A Method to Stabilize the Dollar" - by Louis Akar - 1932.

h. The Oklahoma Farmer-Stockman - August 1, 1932 (Removed to Outsized #34).

F 48: Stamp, Sir Josiah (1930-1934).

a. "Economic Outlook for 1931" - broadcast over the Columbia Broadcasting System - December 28, 1930.

b. Clipping - February, 1934.

F 49: "The Stephenson Case" (1936). Pamphlet.

F 50: Stock Market.

a. Correspondence (1931-1934).

b. Reports on Stock Market operations.

F 51: Stock Market.

a. Reports on Stock Market operations.

b. Clippings.

F 52: Summit Printing Company.

a. Letter to Gore indicating support - July 13, 1936.

b. Clipping.

F 53: Sunrise Conference.

a. Correspondence, re: the Sunrise Conference and the Gentlemen's Agreement of 1916 which involved the United States in World War I.

b. Photostats of correspondence between Colonel House and President Wilson and Colonel House and Sir Edward Grey.

c. "Did President Wilson Pledge Us to War before He Was Re-elected?" - by George Sylvester Viereck - Liberty - March 19, 1932.

d. "Sunrise Conference."

e. Letter from Gore to Charles A. Beard, re: Sunrise Conference - September 28, 1926.

f. "Belligerent Vessels" - speech by Gore - January 5, 1916.

g. "Travel on Armed Merchant Ships" - speech by Gore in the Senate - March 2, 1916.

h. Clippings.

i. Pages 13-14 of the New York Herald-Tribune, February 3, 1939 - editorial entitled "It Happened Once Before."

F 54: Supply Bills.

a. Article by John Sharp Williams - 1919.

b. Committee Report - "To Reduce Taxation and Simplify the Laws in Relation to the Collection of Revenue" - February 15, 1889.

F 55: Supreme Court (1935-36).

a. Letter from Gore to Charles Evans Hughes, re: Court decision on National Recovery Administration Act - May 28, 1935.

b. Radio address by Senator David I. Walsh of Massachusetts - "The Constitution and the Supreme Court" - January 28, 1936.

c. Speech by E. E. Cox, Member of Congress from Georgia - "The Supreme Court" - February 17, 1936.

d. Speech by Senator Henry F. Ashurst of Arizona - "Congress Has No Judicial Power except as to Impeachment" - February 25, 1936.

F 56: Swan Song (1921).

a. Letter from Gore to "My Dear Sir" - March 4, 1921 - re: end of career.

b. Letter from Gore to "My Dear Sir" - November 28, 1921 - re: end of career.

F 57: Tariffs (1916-1930).

a. "Cocklebur Bill and Mary's Lamb" - re: William H. Murray and the wool tariff - 1916.

b. Reports on the protective tariff - 1922-26.

c. Congressional Record - June 13, 1930.

d. Bibliography of tariff information.

e. Clipping.

F 58: Taxes.

a. Reports and speeches on taxation.

b. Clippings.

c. Reprint of advertising by the Association for Economy and Tax Equality, William H. Murray, National Director.

Box 7
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