Box and Folder Inventory

Box 11

Oversized Materials--Boxes 12 and 13

Box 12

F1-3: Scrapbook. Original version of scrapbook filed in Box 11, Folders 1a-1b.

Box 13

1. Appointment document of T. P. Gore to serve on commission investigating cooperative land-mortgage banks in Europe. Signed by Woodrow Wilson and William J. Bryan.

2. Campaign advertisement associating Omer K. Benedict, Republican nominee for Governor of Oklahoma, 1926, with the Ku Klux Klan. 2 copies.

3. Reprint of statement, "Hoover and the Farmers," by Arthur Capper, U.S. Senator from Kansas.

4. The New Deal - campaign advertisement for Roosevelt-Garner.

5. Campaign advertisement for E. W. Marland, Democratic nominee for Governor of Oklahoma, 1934. 6 copies.

6. "Murray's Platform for Governor," by William H. Murray, candidate for Governor of Oklahoma, 1938.

7. Photostatic copy of schedule showing names of lessees of land in Osage Reservation, Oklahoma, for oil mining purposes, 1920.

8. Campaign poster opposed to Gore and his appointment of Patterson as Registrar of Treasury.

9. "Let's Tax the Tax-Eaters" - advertisement for the Association for Economy and Tax Equality, William H. Murray, National Director.

10. "Receipts and Expenditures of the U. S. Government by Fiscal Years from 1791 to 1925."

11. Statement of the Public Debt of the U. S., June 30, 1926.

12. Campaign posters for David I. Walsh, candidate for U. S. Senate in Massachusetts. 2 posters.

13. "Comparison of General Imports and Duties collected - 1932" and "General Imports of Leading Dutiable Commodities - 1932."

14. Democrat-Herald; Newkirk, Oklahoma; February 27, 1914. Editorial cartoon for Gore.

15. Oklahoma Farmer; March 15, 1914. The Bond vs. Gore Case.

16. Capron Hustler; Capron, Oklahoma; September 6, 1917. Editorial for Gore.

17. Interstate Farmer; September, 1917. Article on Gore.

18. Daily Oklahoman; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; March 15, 1925. Article on 1907 Oklahoma Senatorial race.

19. Progressive Democrat; April 10, 1926. Article on 1926 Oklahoma campaigns.

20. Woodward Democrat; May 7, 1926. Advertisement for M. E. Trapp for Governor of Oklahoma.

21. Oklahoma Citizen; October 14, 1926. Articles in favor of Omer Benedict for Governor of Oklahoma.

22. Chicago Daily Tribune; October 18, 1926. Article on Russia.

23. Times; Tuttle, Oklahoma; October 26, 1926. Article on Omer Benedict and the Ku Klux Klan and the Farmer-Labor Party.

24. Daily Free-Lance; Henryetta, Oklahoma; October 31, 1926. Article on Democratic rally and Gore speech.

25. Oklahoma City Times; November 1, 1926. Advertisement for Omer Benedict for Governor and J. W. Harreld for U. S. Senate.

26. Vinita Daily Journal; January 19, 1932. Article on speech by Governor W. M. Murray about liquor.

27. Labor; July 19, 1932. Articles favoring the re-election of Elmer Thomas.

28. Oklahoma Farmer Stockman; August 1, 1932. Editorial on stabilization.

29. Los Angeles Examiner; November 2, 1932. Article on Hiram Johnson, U.S. Senator from California.

30. Washington Post; July 12, 1936. Articles on Landon-Roosevelt poll.

31. Evening Star; Washington, D.C.; February 15, 1938. Articles on farm bills.

32. Washington Herald-Times; April 10, 1938. Articles on a letter to Roosevelt from Eleanor Patterson.

33. New York Herald-Tribune; August 12, 1938. Article on Walter George, U.S. Senator from Georgia.

34. Washington Post; August 12, 1938. Article on Walter George, U. S. Senator from Georgia.

35. Washington Post; August 17, 1938. Articles on Cordell Hull.

36. Tulsa Daily World; September 20, 1938. Articles on state democratic convention.

37. New York Times; March 25, 1947. Article on Potsdam Agreement.

T. P. Gore Collection Description

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