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Box 1

Box 1: Air Force Facilities, 1964 - Administration, Stationery Accounts, 1965

F 1: Air Force Facilities, 1964.

Topics include United States Air Force cost control and American military bases.

F 2: Campaign Contributions, 1964.

Topics include campaign funds.

F 3 A: These People received Fifth Thank You Flexo -- Election, 1964.

Topics include electioneering.

F 3 B: Clippings, October 1964.

Topics include electioneering, elections, and political campaigns.

F 4-9: Clippings, November 1964.

Topics include electioneering, elections, and political campaigns.

F 10: Clippings, December 1964.

Topics include electioneering, elections, and political cartoons.

F 11: Clippings--Scrapbook, 1964.

Topics include electioneering, elections, and political campaigns.

F 12: General Correspondence, 1963-1964.

F 13: Personal Correspondence, 1964.

Correspondents include Henry Bellmon and Warren G. Magnuson.

F 14: Health, Education and Welfare, 1964.

Topics include James Howard Edmondson, federal aid to education, and occupational training.

F 15: Political Affairs--Campaign Form Letter Reply, 1/21/65.

Topics include electioneering and elections.

F 16: Political Affairs-Election Results, Clippings, 1964.

F 17: Press releases, 1964 Campaign.

Topics include Lyndon B. Johnson, electioneering, and elections.

F 18: Public Relations, Approved Donations, 1963-1964.

F 19: Public Relations, Declined Donations, 1963-1964.

F 20: Harris, Personal, 1964.

Correspondents include Lyndon B. Johnson, Hubert H. Humphrey, Willard Wirtz.

F 21: Speeches, 1964.

Topics include campaign speeches, electioneering, elections, petroleum, and veterans. Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr Jr.

F 22: State Department, 1964.

F 23: Administration, Personnel, 1965.

Topics include Hubert H. Humphrey and the United States Congress officials and employees. Correspondents include B. Everett Jordan, A. S. Mike Monroney, and Abraham Ribicoff.

F 24: Administration, Itineraries, 1965.

F 25: Administration, Form Letters, 1965.

F 26: Administration, Office Space, 1965.

Correspondents include B. Everett Jordan..

F 27: Administration, Supplies, Equipment, Services, 1965.

F 28: Administration, Bills, Vouchers, Invoices, Purchase Orders, 1965.

F 29: Administration, Inventory Records, 1965.

F 30: Administration, Telephone, Telegram, and Cable Accounts, 1965.

F 31: Administration, Stationery Accounts, 1965.

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