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Box 9: Housing and Home Finance Agency, 1965 - Foreign Relations, Vietnam, R-Z, 1965

F 1: Housing and Home Finance Agency, 1965.

Topics include United States Federal Housing Administration, federal aid to community development, urban renewal, public buildings in Oklahoma, Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965, and the Housing Act.

F 2: Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1965.

F 3: Interstate Commerce Commission, 1965.

Topics include railroad consolidation.

F 4: Interstate Commerce Commission, Discontinuance of Railroad Service,1965.

F 5: Interstate Commerce Commission, Regulated Motor Carriers, 1965.

F 6: Federal Government, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1965.

Topics include University of Oklahoma and federal aid to research in Oklahoma. Correspondents include James Webb (speech).

F 7: National Council of the Arts and Humanities, 1965.

F 8: National Science Foundation, 1965.

Topics include federal aid to research Oklahoma, runes, and Heavener Rune Stone.

F 9: Securities and Exchange Commission, 1965.

Correspondents include Lawrence F. O'Brien.

F 10: Small Business Administration, 1965.

Topics include commercial loans and government lending. Correspondents include William Proxmire.

F 11: Civil Rights Commission, 1965.

F 12: Supreme Court, 1965.

Topics include constitutional law interpretation and construction and prayer in the public schools.

F 13: Congress, 1965.

Correspondents include George A. Smathers.

F 14: Federal Government, Miscellaneous, 1965.

Correspondents include John W. McCormack and Hal Muldrow.

F 15: Finance, Banks and Banking, 1965.

Topics include banks and banking.

F 16: Finance, Currency, 1965.

Topics include hoarding of money and numismatists.

F 17: Finance, Public Debt, Spending, 1965.

Topics include public debts.

F 18: Firearms, 1965.

Topics include firearms law and legislation.

F 19: Firearms, Gun Control, A-L, 1965.

Topics include firearms law and legislation.

F 20: Firearms, Gun Control, M-Z, 1965.

Topics include firearms law and legislation. Correspondents include J.D. McCarty.

F 21: Foreign Relations, Foreign Policy, 1965.

Topics include international relations, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Oklahoma Democratic Party. Correspondents include Ed Edmondson.

F 22: Foreign Relations, Vietnam, A-F, 1965.

Topics include Vietnamese Conflict of 1961-1975.

F 23: Foreign Relations, Vietnam, G-Q, 1965.

Topics include Vietnamese Conflict of 1961-1975. Correspondents include Jacob K. Javits and Gale W. McGee.

F 24: Foreign Relations, Vietnam, R-Z, 1965.

Topics include Vietnamese Conflict of 1961-1975.

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