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Box 24: Public Relations, Complaints, Criticisms, 1965 - Public Relations. Autograph and Photograph Requests, October 1964-July 1965

F 1: Public Relations, Complaints, Criticisms, 1965.

F 2: Public Relations, Endorsements, Introductions, Non-political, 1965.

F 3: Public Relations, Fairs, Expositions, Ceremonies, 1965.

Topics include Robert S. Kerr.

F 4: Public Relations, Government Week, Oklahoma State University, 1965.

Topics include Oklahoma State University. Correspondents include Carl Albert, Everett Dirksen, and William J. Fulbright.

F 5: Public Relations, Inaugural Ceremonies, 1965.

Topics include Lyndon B. Johnson. Correspondents include B. Everett Jordan, United States Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, Dale Miller, and the Inaugural Committee of 1965.

F 6: Public Relations, Photograph Requests, 1965.

F 7: Public Relations, Publicity, 1965.

Topics include gasoline industry, wheat, and Washita Battlefield National Historic Site in Oklahoma.

F 8: Public Relations, Press Releases, 1965.

Topics include United States Neighborhood Youth Corps and the War on Poverty. Correspondents include United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (press releases), United States Department of the Interior (press releases),United States Housing and Home Finance Agency (press releases), and the United States Office of Economic Opportunity (press releases).

F 9: Public Relations, Press Releases, 1965.

Correspondents include Fred R. Harris (press releases).

F 10: Public Relations, Newspaper, Magazine and Periodical Articles, 1965.

Topics include Fred R. Harris, express highways, and the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico. Correspondents include Virgil Browne and Dan Smoot.

F 11: Public Relations, Newsletters and Reports, 1965.

Correspondents include Fred R. Harris (reports) and Samuel W. Yorty (mayor of Los Angeles).

F 12: Public Relations, Information Requests, 1965.

F 13: Public Relations, Routine Requests, November 1964-December 1965.

Correspondents include Orville L. Freeman (folder 13) and Wilburn Cartwright (folder 14)..

F 15: Public Relations, Requests for Robert S. Kerr Memorial Book, 1965.

F 16-17: Public Relations, Agriculture Yearbook, December 1964-December 1965.

F 18: Public Relations, Farmers' Bulletin, 1965.

F 19-20: Public Relations, Autograph and Photograph Requests, October 1964-July 1965.

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