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Box 28: Speeches, Statements, Press Releases, and Newsletters, 1965 - Un-American Activities. Miscellaneous, November 1964-December, 1965

F 1: Speeches, Statements, Press Releases, and Newsletters, 1965.

Topics include banks and banking, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, Ozarka, Ozarks Regional Development Association, and the Arkansas River Navigation Project. Correspondents include Fred R. Harris (newsletters and press releases).

F 2: Speeches, Statements, Press Releases, and Miscellaneous Publications, 1965.

Topics include A. S. Mike Monroney, United States Soil Conservation Service, agriculture, air pollution in Oklahoma, flood control, population, public works, rural electrification, Vietnam, Ozarka, Ozarks Regional Development Association, and Lead and Zinc Small Producers Stabilization Act.

F 3: Speeches, By others, 1965.

Topics include United States Post Office, United States Department of Agriculture, United States Armed Forces Reserves, and Great Society. Correspondents include Carl Albert (speech), Orville L. Freeman, John A. Gronouski (speech), Lyndon B. Johnson (speech), Carl T. Rowan (speech), and Stewart L. Udall (speech).

F 4-5: State Government, Independent Agencies and Offices, Department of Public Welfare, 1965.

Topics include public welfare in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Lloyd Rader and the Oklahoma Department of Public Welfare.

F 6: State Government, Departments and State Legislation, 1965.

Topics include Oklahoma politics and government.

F 7: Taxes, Federal, 1965.

Topics include taxation in the United States.

F 8-9: Taxes, Excise, 1965.

Topics include automobiles taxation, excise tax, hospitals taxation, jewelry taxation, and telephone taxation. Correspondents include Thomas J. McIntyre.

F 10-11: Taxes, Income, 1965.

Topics include income tax and tax on tips.

F 12: Taxes. Income, Opinion Ballots Concerning Deductions, 1965.

Topics include income tax.

F 13: Taxes, General, 1965.

Topics include automobiles taxation and taxation in Oklahoma.

F 14: Trade, Import-Export Matters, 1965.

Topics include foreign trade regulation.

F 15: Trade, General, 1965.

Topics include Eugene J. McCarthy, price fixing, Quality Stabilization Bill, and the Truth in Packaging Bill.

F 16-17: Un-American Activities, Miscellaneous, November 1964-December 1965.

Topics include Otto F. Otepka, United States House Committee on Un-American Activities, and Communism.

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