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Box 29: Utilities, Communications, 1965 - Agriculture, Farm Programs, Rural Electrification, 1966

F 1: Utilities, Communications, 1965.

F 2: Utilities, Power, Light, 1965.

Topics include rural electrification.

F 3: Utilities, Transportation, 1965.

Topics include Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad, railroads abandonment, and John W. Barriger (CEO of MK&T Railroad).

F 4: Utilities, Motor Carriers, Buses, Taxicabs, Trucks, 1965.

Topics include Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad.

F 5: Utilities, Rail Carriers, 1965.

Topics include Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad and railroads abandonment.

F 6: Utilities, Water Carriers, 1965.

Topics include Scamp and Sojourner.

F 7: Veterans, Medicine and Surgery, 1965.

Topics include veterans medical care.

F 8: Veterans, Insurance, 1965.

Topics include veterans medical care and Ed Berrong.

F 9: Veterans,. Education and Schooling, 1965.

Topics include veterans education.

F 10: Veterans, Loan Guarantees, 1965.

Topics include veterans loans.

F 11: Administration, Personnel, 1965.

Topics include John L. McClellan. Correspondents include John C. Stennis.

F 12: Administration, Applicants for Positions, 1966.

Topics include Edmund S. Muskie.

F 13: Administration, Consultants, 1966.

F 14: Administration, Space-Office Maintenance, 1966.

Topics include B. Everett Jordan. Correspondents include John L. McClellan.

F 15: Administration, Supplies, Equipment, and Postage, 1966.

Correspondents include United States Bureau of Indian Affairs.

F 16: Administration, Bills, Vouchers, Invoices, Purchase Orders, 1966.

F 17: Administration, Organizational Tables, 1966.

F 18: Administration, Animals, Animal Products, 1966.

Topics include cattle testing and K40 Counter.

F 19: Agriculture, Commodities, 1966.

Topics include tobacco industry.

F 20: Agriculture, Commodities, Cotton, 1966.

Correspondents include Don R. Greenshaw.

F 21: Agriculture, Commodities, Fruits, Nuts, Berries, 1966.

Topics include peanut industry.

F 22: Agriculture, Commodities, Grains, Cereals, 1966.

F 23: Agriculture, Commodities, Vegetables, 1966.

F 24: Agriculture, Dairies, Dairy Products, 1966.

Topics include school milk programs. Correspondents include William Proxmire.

F 25: Agriculture, Entomology, 1966.

Topics include tick control. Correspondents include Gene C. Howard.

F 26: Agriculture, Animal Products, Hogs, 1966.

F 27: Agriculture, Poultry Products, 1966.

F 28: Agriculture, Farm Programs, General, 1966.

F 29-34: Agriculture, Farm Program, Farmers Home Administration, 1966.

Topics include Joseph E. Mountford (folder 33). Correspondents include Carl Albert (folder 33) and A. S. Mike Monroney (folder 33).

F 35: Agriculture, Miscellaneous, 1966.

F 36: Agriculture, Farm Programs, Agricultural Experimental Station, 1966.

Topics include Wheatland Experiment Station.

F 37: Agriculture, Farm Programs, Soil Conservation Service, 1966.

Topics include United States Soil Conservation Service and flood control. Correspondents include Hugh M. Sandlin and Leon B. Field.

F 38: Agriculture, Farm Programs, Rural Electrification, 1966.

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