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Box 33: Education, Colleges and Universities, Employment, M, 1966

F 1: Education, Colleges and Universities, 1966.

Topics include higher education, state universities and colleges, and land-grant college. Correspondents include George Lynn Cross, E. T. Dunlap, Orville L. Freeman, Oral Roberts, and Oliver S. Willham.

F 2-4: Education, Federal Aid to, 1966.

Topics include federal aid to education, handicapped children education law and legislation, learning disabilities, physical education and training, special education, student loan funds, and Elementary and Secondary Education Act amendments. Correspondents include E. T. Dunlap (folders 2 and 4), National Education Association of the United States (folder 2), Daniel B. Brewster (folder 4), and George Lynn Cross (folder 4).

F 5: Education, Libraries, 1966.

Topics include federal aid to libraries and the Library Services and Construction Act. Correspondents include George Lynn Cross.

F 6: Education, Scholarship and Loan Programs, 1966.

Topics include student loan funds.

F 7A: Education. Schools, 1966.

Topics include Adam Clayton Powell, busing for school integration, and Teacher Corps. Correspondents include United Auto Workers of America.

F 7B: Education. Vocational Education, 1966.

Correspondents include Oklahoma Board of Vocational Education and J. B. Perky.

F 8: Education, Handicapped, 1966.

Topics include handicapped children education law and legislation and Elementary and Secondary Education Act amendments.

F 9: Employment, A, 1966.

F 10: Employment, B, 1966.

F 11: Employment, C, 1966.

F 12: Employment, D-F, 1966.

Correspondents include Karl E. Mundt.

F 13: Employment, G, 1966.

F 14: Employment, H, 1966.

F 15: Employment, I-L, 1966.

F 16: Employment, M, 1966.

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