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Box 45: Legislation, Veterans Affairs, 1966 - Legislation, General Correspondence, C, 1966

F 1: Legislation. Veterans Affairs, 1966.

Topics include pensions, and military cost of living adjustments. Correspondents include Russell B. Long, and Olin E. Teague.

F 2: Legislation. S.J. Resolution 148, 1966.

Topics include prayer in the public schools. Correspondents include Roy C. Boecher.

F 3: Legislation. S. 3296. Civil Rights Bill, 1966.

Topics include discrimination in housing and right of property.

F 4: Legislation. S. 3708. Demonstration Cities, 1966.

F 5: Legislation. Johnson-O'Malley Act, 1966.

Topics include Indians of North America education.

F 6: Legislation. Miscellaneous, 1966.

Topics include Stephen M. Young.

F 7: Legislation. Section 14B Taft-Hartley Act, 1966.

Topics include right to labor.

F 8: Legislation. H. R. 14837. H. R. 14000, 1966.

Topics include rural electrification.

F 9: Legislation. S. 1991. Unemployment Compensation Bill, 1966.

F 10: Legislation. Cold War G. I. Bill Public Law, 1966.

Correspondents include Ralph W. Yarborough.

F 11: Legislation. H. R. 17488. Veterans Pension Act of 1966.

Correspondents include Russell B. Long.

F 12: Legislation. H. R. 13712. Wage and Hour Bill, 1966.

Topics include minimum wage.

F 13: Legislation. Correspondence. Economic Opportunity Funds, 1966.

Topics include Head Start programs.

F 14: Legislation. General Correspondence. Anonymous, 1966.

F 15: Legislation. General Correspondence, A, 1966.

Correspondents include Gordon Allott and Charles L. Ward.

F 16: Legislation. General Correspondence, B, 1966.

Correspondents include Edward L. Bartlett, Ross Bass, Birch Bayh, Harry F. Byrd, Frances Payne Bingham Bolton, and John S. Cooper.

F 17: Legislation. General Correspondence, C, 1966.

Correspondents include John S. Cooper and George Lynn Cross.

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