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Box 49: Meetings, Meetings Declined, M, 1966 - National Defense, Security, 1966-1967

F 1: Meetings, Meetings Declined, M, 1966.

Topics include Wright Patman. Correspondents include Abraham J. Multer, William B. Widnall, A. S. Mike Monroney, Ray J. Madden, Jack R. Miller, and Joseph Montoya.

F 2: Meetings, Meetings Declined, N, 1966.

Topics include George Nigh.

F 3: Meetings, Meetings Declined, O, 1966.

F 4: Meetings, Meetings Declined, P, 1966.

Correspondents include William Proxmire.

F 5: Meetings, Meetings Declined, Q-R, 1966.

Correspondents include Abraham Ribicoff.

F 6: Meetings, Meetings Declined, S, 1966.

Correspondents include Jennings Randolph, Leverett Saltonstall, John Sparkman, Margaret Chase Smith, Carlton R. Sickles, George A. Smathers, Frank Stubbefield, and Ed Edmondson.

F 7: Meetings, Meetings Declined, T-U, 1966.

Correspondents include Morris K. Udall and Jim Townsend.

F 8: Meetings, Meetings Declined, V-W, 1966.

F 9: Meetings, Meetings Declined, X, Y, Z, 1966.

F 10: Meetings, General,1966.

F 11: Meetings, Designated Representatives, 1966.

Correspondents include Maxwell D. Taylor and James A. Mackay.

F 12: Meetings, By Others, Accepted, 1966.

F 13: Meetings, Visitors, 1966.

Topics include John Connally, Lyndon B. Johnson, Carl Albert, and Ed Edmondson. Correspondents include Hubert Humphrey, Robert F. Kennedy, Robert M. Murphy, Walter F. Mondale, A. S. Mike Monroney, Edward M. Kennedy, and Stewart L. Udall.

F 14: Memoranda, 1966.

Topics include United States Senate Committee on Government Operations Subcommittee on Government Research and science and state.

F 15: Memorials and Holidays.1966.

F 17: Memorials and Holidays. State, 1966.

Topics include Sequoyah and Gilcrease Institute. Correspondents include George H. Shirk.

F 18: Metals, Metals, 1966.

Topics include nickel industry.

F 19: Military, General Information, Material, etc., 1966.

Topics include Robert S. McNamara.

F 20: Military, Military Pay and Allowances, 1966.

F 21: Military, Officer Commissions, 1966.

F 22: Military, Reservations, 1966.

Topics include Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma, Camp Gruber in Oklahoma, Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base in Oklahoma, Fort Chaffee Oklahoma, Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, and Camp Gruber in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Jed J. Johnson and A. S. Mike Monroney.

F 23: Military, Concessions, 1966.

Topics include commissary and post exchange privileges.

F 24: Military, Easements. Leases. Rights of Way, 1966.

F 25: Military, General and Reserve Programs, 1966.

Correspondents include Al Terrill.

F 26: National Defense, NATO file, 1966.

Contains books and pamphlets. Topics include North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Correspondents include Dean Acheson (statement), Frank Church, Dwight D. Eisenhower (statement), Hubert H. Humphrey (speech), Henry M. Jackson, and Lee Metcalf.

F 27: National Defense, Civil Defense, 1966.

Topics include A. S. Mike Monroney.

F 28: National Defense, Security, 1966-1967.

Topics include arms race.

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