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Box 50: National Social Science Foundation, Government Research Committee, 1966 - Parks and Forests, Parks, 1966

F 1: National Social Science Foundation, Government Research Committee,1966.

Topics include Lister Hill, Walter F. Mondale and Abraham Ribicoff.

F 2: National Social Science Foundation, Correspondence, 1966.

Correspondents include Hubert Humphrey.

F 3: National Social Science Foundation, Draft Legislation, 1966.

F 4: National Science Foundation, National Science Foundation, 1966.

Topics include research grants.

F 5: National Science Policies and Goals, Planning, 1966.

F 6: National Science Policy and Goals, 1966.

Correspondents include Abraham Ribicoff.

F 7: National Science Policies and Goals, Hearings, June 27-28, 1966.

F 8: National Science Policies and Goals, Seminars, 1966.

Topics include A. Willis Robertson, B. Everett Jordan, Abraham Ribicoff, John L. McClellan, Joseph Montoya, Karl E. Mundt, and Milward L. Simpson.

F 9: Newsletters, 1966.

F 10: Nominations, 1966.

Topics include Lyndon B. Johnson, Jennings Randolph, Carl Albert, and A. S. Mike Monroney. Correspondents include Hubert Humphrey.

F 11: Nominations, Ozarks Regional Development Commission, 1966.

Topics include John L. McClellan. Correspondents include Ed Edmondson, Stuart Symington, Edward V. Long, Orval E. Faubus, and Carl Albert.

F 12: Nominations, Veterans Administration Regional Office, Muskogee, Oklahoma, 1966.

Correspondents include Robert S. Gee, W. E. McIntosh, and John D. Luton.

F 13: Nominations, Federal Housing Administration Director for Eastern Oklahoma, 1966.

Correspondents include Tot Brown, Finis Smith, Raymond Horn, Clem Hamilton, Rex Privett, and Robert M. Murphy.

F 14: Nominations, Farmers Home Administration, 1965-1966.

Correspondents include A. S. Mike Monroney.

F 15: Nominations, Assistant United States Attorney for Eastern District of Oklahoma, 1966.

F 16: Nominations, All Federal Judges, 1966.

Topics include Lyndon B. Johnson.

F 17: Nominations, United States Marshal, 1966.

F 18: Nominations, Deputy United States Marshals, 1966.

Correspondents include Carl Albert and John D. Luton.

F 19: Parks and Forests, Federal, 1966.

Topics include Milton Young. Correspondents include Stewart L. Udall.

F 20: Parks and Forests, Forests, National, 1966.

Topics include United States Forest Service and Wichita Wildlife Refuge.

F 21A-B: Parks and Forests, Parks, National, 1966.

Topics include Platt National Park in Oklahoma, Guadalupe National Park in Texas, and Kaw Reservoir in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Omar Burleson and Richard C. White.

F 22: Parks and Forests, Forests, 1966.

Topics include right of pasture in Oklahoma.

F 23: Parks and Forests, Parks, 1966.

Topics include Heavener Runestone Park in Oklahoma.

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