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Box 54: Public Relations, Anonymous, Crank, Incoherent, 1966 - Public Relations, Oklahoma City Biomedical Research Conference, 1966

F 1: Public Relations, Anonymous, Crank, Incoherent, 1966.

F 2: Public Relations, Commendations, Congratulations, Greetings, Thank You, 1966.

Topics include Governors in the United States, Finn Creek Watershed IN Oklahoma, and the National Governors' Conference. Correspondents include Lee Metcalf.

F 3: Public Relations, Condolences, 1966.

Correspondents include Robert F. Kennedy and Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 4: Public Relations, Thank You, A-C, 1966.

Correspondents include Carl Albert, Dewey F. Bartlett, Birch Bayh, Charles E. Bennett, Alan Bible, Andrew J. Biemiller, Daniel Brewster, Howard W. Cannon, and Claude Pepper.

F 5: Public Relations, Thank You, D-H, 1966.

Correspondents include Everett M. Dirksen, Stanley C. Draper, William J. Holloway, Hubert H. Humphrey, and S. N. Goldman.

F 6: Public Relations, Thank You, I-L, 1966.

Topics include Jed Johnson. Correspondents include John Jarman, Robert B. Kamm, William W. Keeler, and Robert F. Kennedy.

F 7: Public Relations, Thank You, M-Q, 1966.

Correspondents include Eugene J. McCarthy, George S. McGovern, Thomas J. McIntyre, Walter F. Mondale, Joseph Montoya, Wayne L. Morse, George Nigh, Adam Clayton Powell, and Antonio Borja Won Pat.

F 8: Public Relations, Thank You, R-T, 1966.

Correspondents include Jennings Randolph, A. Willis Robertson, Dean Rusk, and James V. Smith.

F 9: Public Relations, Thank You, U-Z, 1966.

Correspondents include Stewart L. Udall and Jack Valenti.

F 10: Public Relations, Congratulations, Ten Outstanding Young Men Award,1966.

Correspondents include Wilburn Cartwright, Stanley C. Draper, John R. Hansen, William W. Keeler, A. S. Mike Monroney, George Nigh, and Oliver S. Wilham.

F 11: Public Relations, Complaints and Criticisms, 1966.

F 12: Public Relations, CIA. Michigan State University Statement and Responses, 1966.

Topics include United States Central Intelligence Agency, Michigan State University, federal aid to research, and Vietnam. Correspondents include Stuart Symington.

F 13: Public Relations, Endorsements, Introductions, 1966.

Topics include Robert Henry. Correspondents include George H. Shirk and Abe Lemons.

F 14: Public Relations, Fairs, Pres Releases, Photograph Requests, 1966.

Correspondents include Hubert H. Humphrey, Carl Albert, Ed Edmondson, A. S. Mike Monroney, and Karl E. Mundt (news release).

F 15: Public Relations, Oklahoma City Biomedical Research Conference, 1966.

Topics include medicine research.

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