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Box 62: Clippings, 1967 - Constituents, Mc-M, 1967

F 1-2: Clippings, 1967.

Topics include Oklahoma politics and government and the United States politics and government.

F 3: Commission on Civil Disorder, 1967.

Topics include United States Kerner Commission, race relations, and riots in the United States.

F 4: Commission on Civil Disorder, Riots Correspondence, 1967.

Topics include United States Kerner Commission, race relations, and the war on poverty.

F 5: Commission on Civil Disorder, Riots Correspondence, 1961, 1967.

Topics include United States Kerner Commission, communism in the United States, and race relations. Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr.

F 6: Commission on Civil Disorder, Alphabetical and Subject Index, 1967.

Topics include United States Kerner Commission and race relations.

F 7A-7D: Commission on Civil Disorder, Subcommittee on Investigations, Hearings on Nashville Riot, 1967.

Topics include Stokley Carmichael, Fisk University, United States Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, United States Senate Committee on Government Operations Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, United States Kerner Commission, United States Office of Economic Opportunity, complaints against police in Nashville, Tennessee, political participation in Nashville, Tennessee, race relations, riots in Nashville, Tennessee, Nashville politics and government, and Liberation School. Correspondents include Richard H. Fulton, Beverly Briley, and the Nashville Metropolitan Action Committee.

F 8: Congressional, Congressional Directory, 1967.

F 9: Congressional, Library of Congress, 1967.

F 10: Constituents, A-B, 1967.

Topics include archaeology in Oklahoma, Cherokee Indians politics and government, thinning fish populations in Oklahoma, conservation and restoration of historic sites in Oklahoma, employment of Indians of North America, and pension trusts. Correspondents include General Electric Company, and the United States Ozarks Regional Commission.

F 11: Constituents. C-D, 1967.

F 12: Constituents, E-G, 1967.

Topics include police public relations, race relations, and runes in Heavener Oklahoma. Correspondents include Hilton Geer (chief of Police of Oklahoma City).

F 13: Constituents, H, 1967.

Topics include water-supply in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. Correspondents include David Hall.

F 14: Constituents, J-L, 1967.

Topics include Billy James Hargis and Joseph Robidoux. Correspondents include Thomas G. Abernethy, and Christian Crusade (publications).

F 15: Constituents, Mc-M, 1967.

Topics include economic development projects in Nowata County, Oklahoma, fire fighters laws and legislation, and historical museums in Hominy, Oklahoma. Correspondents include Hubert H. Humphrey, American Baptist Convention, Eastern Oklahoma Economic Development District, and the Oklahoma Farmers Union.

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