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Box 63: Constituents, N-P, 1967 - Expenditures, Visitors Fee, 1967

F 1: Constituents, N-P, 1967.

Topics include economic development projects in Oklahoma, Vietnamese Conflict of 1961-1975, and water quality management. Correspondents include Oklahoma Industrial Development and Park Department Division of Research and Planning.

F 2: Constituents, Q-R, 1967.

Correspondents include Center For Economic Development Oklahoma.

F 3: Constituents, S-T, 1967.

Topics include Woody Guthrie, Head Start programs in Oklahoma, and plant shutdowns. Correspondents include Great Plains Historical Association and the Oklahoma Economic Development Foundation in Norman, Oklahoma.

F 4: Constituents, U-Z, 1967.

Topics include economic development projects in Oklahoma and industrial development projects in Oklahoma.

F 5: Disasters, Adam Clayton Powell, 1967.

F 6: Democratic National Committee, 1967.

F 7: Economics, Industry, 1967.

Topics include supersonic transport planes.

F 8: Economics, County Statistics, 1967.

Topics include United States Federal Aviation Agency.

F 9: Education, Colleges and Universities, 1967.

Topics include Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, University of Georgia, and nursing in Oklahoma. Correspondents include George Lynn Cross.

F 10: Education, Conferences, Seminars, 1967.

F 11: Education, Federal Aid for Education and Educational Institutions,1967.

Topics include school districts in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Correspondents include Joseph S. Clark, E. T. Dunlap, Jacob K. Javits, Winston L. Prouty, Peter H. Dominick, and the Council of Chief State School Officers.

F 12: Education, Libraries, 1967.

Correspondents include Oklahoma Library Association, Oklahoma State University, Pioneer Multi-County Library, and the University of Oklahoma.

F 13: Education, Scholarships, Fellowships, Student Exchanges, 1967.

Topics include higher education.

F 14: Education, Schools, 1967.

Topics include rural education, school closings in Oklahoma, and school district size in Oklahoma.

F 15: Education, Public, 1967.

Topics include Oklahoma Department of Education and school district size in Oklahoma.

F 16: Education, Staff, 1967.

F 17: Education, Vocational Education, 1967.

Correspondents include Oklahoma State Board for Vocational Education, and Oklahoma State University School of Technical Training.

F 18: Employment, President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped,1967.

Topics include Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Correspondents include A. S. Mike Monroney, United States Department of the Air Force, and the Oklahoma Federation of the Blind.

F 19: Employment, John Spaan, 1967.

Topics include employment of Indians of North America in Oklahoma, and Indians of North America health and hygiene in Oklahoma. Correspondents include William P. Atkinson and the Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma.

F 20: Employment, Staff, 1967.

F 21: Expenditures, Miscellaneous, 1967.

F 22: Expenditures, Payroll, 1967.

Correspondents include B. Everett Jordan.

F 23: Expenditures, Stationery Supplies, 1967.

F 24: Expenditures, Telephone, 1967.

F 25: Expenditures, Travel, 1967.

F 26: Expenditures, Visitors Fee, 1967.

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