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Box 146

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Box 146: Education, School, Elementary and Secondary, 1969 - Employment, General, A-S, 1969

F 1: Education. School, Elementary and Secondary, 1969.

F 2: Education, Aid to Schools in Federal Impacted Areas, 1969.

Correspondents include Jack L. I. Lindstrom, Mike Gravel, and Fred Ferrell.

F 3: Education, Parochial and Private, 1969.

F 4: Education, Preschool Training, 1969.

F 5: Education, Public, 1969.

F 6: Education, Vocational and Technical Education, 1969.

Correspondents include Dewey F. Bartlett and J. Caleb Boggs.

F 7-15: Employment, General, A-S, 1969.

Correspondents include Heber Finch, Jr. (folder 10) and Richard M. Nixon (folder 12).

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