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Box 147: Employment, General, T-Z, 1969 - Executive Branch, Treasury, 1969.

F 1-2: Employment, General T-Z, 1969.

Correspondents include A.S. Mike Monroney (folder 2).

F 3: Employment, Summer Employment, not on Staff, 1969.

Correspondents include Don Baldwin and Ed Bradley.

F 4: Employment. Summer Staff, Accepted for Interns or Staff, 1969.

F 5A-B: Employment, Summer Staff, Not Accepted, 1969.

F 6: Executive Branch, The President, 1969.

Note: Contains collection of articles written by Eisenhower for Readers Digest. Topics include President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

F 7: Executive Branch, Executive Office of the President, 1969.

F 8: Executive Branch, Departments and Agencies, 1969.

F 9: Executive Branch, Equal Employment Opportunity, 1969.

F 10: Executive Branch, Federal Aviation Administration, 1969.

F 11A-B: Executive Branch, Federal Communications Commission, 1969.

Correspondents include J. D. Witt.

F 12: Executive Branch, Interior Department, 1969.

Topics include Ronald Reagan (governor of California) and Richard M. Nixon.

F 13: Executive Branch, Internal Revenue Service, 1969.

F 14: Executive Branch, Justice Department, 1969.

F 15: Executive Branch, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1969.

Correspondents include Thomas P. Stafford.

F 16: Executive Branch, National Endowment for the Arts, 1969.

F 17: Executive Branch, National Science Foundation, 1969.

F 18: Executive Branch, Labor Department, 1969.

F 19-21: Executive Branch, Office of Economic Opportunity, 1969.

Correspondents include Louie B. Nunn and Mike Sullivan.

F 22: Executive Branch, Peace Corps, 1969.

F 23: Executive Branch, Post Office, 1969.

F 24: Executive Branch, Small Business Administration, 1969.

F 25: Executive Branch, Transportation, 1969.

F 26: Executive Branch, Treasury, 1969.

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