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Box 176: Agriculture, School Lunch, 1970 - Civil Rights, Riots and Sit-In's, 1970

F 1: Agriculture, School Lunch, 1970.

Correspondents include George McGovern, Ralph W. Yarborough, Philip A. Hart, Walter F. Mondale, Claiborne Pell, Jacob K. Javits, Charles H. Percy, Marlow W. Cook, and Edward M. Kennedy.

F 2: Appropriations, Federal, 1970.

Correspondents include Charles McC. Mathias Jr., Alan Cranston, Mike Mansfield, John L. McClellan, and Robert B. Kamm.

F 3: Appropriations, State, 1970.

Correspondents include Walter J. Hickel (secretary of the Department of Interior) and Robert C. Byrd.

F 4: Arts and Humanities, 1970.

F 5: Arts and Humanities, National Endowment of the Arts, 1970.

F 6: Arts and Humanities, National Foundation on Arts and Humanities, 1970.

F 7: Arts and Humanities, National Council on Arts and Humanities, 1970.

Folder includes the Congressional Record.

F 8: Associations and Organizations, 1970.

F 9: Atomic Energy, 1970.

F 10: Bills, Sponsored or Cosponsored, 1970.

F 11: Bills, Status of Bills in Congress, 1970.

F 12: Blue Collar, 1970.

F 13: Campaigns, Election, 1970.

F 14: Campaigns, Political Campaigns, Oklahoma, 1970.

F 15: Candidates, State Elective Offices, 1970.

F 16: Civil Rights, Miscellaneous, 1970.

F 17: Civil Rights, Coalition of Civil Leadership, 1970.

F 18: Civil Rights, Busing, 1970.

F 19: Civil Rights, Scranton Commission Report, 1970.

F 20: Civil Rights, Campus Disorders, 1970.

F 21-25: Civil Rights, Discrimination and Segregation, 1970.

F 26: Civil Rights, Discrimination and Segregation, Miscellaneous, 1970.

F 27: Civil Rights, Riots and Sit-In's, 1970.

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