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Box 247: Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife, 1971 - Political Affairs, Organization, 1971

F 1: Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife, 1971.

F 2-4: Natural Resources, Fuel, 1971.

Correspondents include Sylvester J. Tinker (principal chief of the Osage Indians - folder 3).

F 5: Natural Resources, Metals and Minerals, 1971.

F 6-7: Natural Resources, Water Resources and Watersheds, 1971.

Topics include Gene Stipe and William H. Skeith. Correspondents include B. Everett Jordan.

F 8: Natural Resources, Environmental Pamphlets, Bibliographies, 1971.

F 9: Nominations, Federal Department and Agency Heads, 1971.

F 10: Nominations, Connally Nomination, 1971.

F 11: Nominations, All Federal Judges, 1971.

Topics include Lewis F. Powell and William Rehnquist.

F 12: Nominations, State and Municipal Nominations, 1971.

Correspondents include Overton James.

F 13: Nominations, Ambassadors and other International Offices, 1971.

Correspondents include George Bush.

F 14: Parks and Recreation, Parks, 1971.

Correspondents include Overton James.

F 15: Parks and Recreation, Platt National Park, 1971.

F 16: Parks and Recreation, National Park Service and Forest Service, 1971.

F 17: Parks and Recreation, Reservations and Cemeteries, 1971.

Correspondents include Lawton Chiles.

F 18: Parks and Recreation, Recreation, 1971.

F 19: Parks and Recreation, Facilities, 1971.

F 20A: Political Affairs, Campaign, 1971.

F 20B: Political Affairs, Campaign Advertising, 1971.

F 21: Political Affairs, Funds, 1971.

F 22: Political Affairs, Materials, Issues, Problems, Suggestions, 1971.

F 23: Political Affairs, Organization, 1971.

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