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Box 281: DNC, Issues: Freedom to Vote Task Force, 1969--DNC, Youth Participation, 1968-1969.

F1: Democratic National Committee, Issues: Freedom to Vote Task Force, 1969
Topics include voter registration barriers; memoranda; “That All May Vote: A Report on the Universal Voter Enrollment Plan, The National Election Commission, A National Election Holiday” (Freedom to Vote Task Force report); Task Force membership; universal voter enrollment; and the National Election Commission.

F2: Democratic National Committee, Issues: Haynesworth, Clement F., 1969
Topics include committed senators lists and Clement F. Haynesworth, Jr. Supreme Court nomination.

F3: Democratic National Committee, Issues: Indian Affairs, 1969-1970
Topics include health issues, Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity Annual Report 1968-1969, fundraising, and Americans for Indian Opportunity.

F4: Democratic National Committee, Issues: Tax Exempt Voter Registration, 1969
Topics include private foundations and voter registration and memoranda.

F5: Democratic National Committee, Issues: Taxes, 1969
Topics include minimum income tax bill, increased minimum standard deduction bill, suspension of investment credit bill, Harris statement introducing the bills, income surtax, middle income revolt, Tax Reform Act (HR 13270), and political contributions tax credit.

F6: Democratic National Committee, Issues: Vietnam, 1969-1970
Topics include Harris statements, memoranda, Vietnam Moratorium Day, troop withdrawal plans, clippings, war protestors, unilateral cease-fire, and misquotation corrections.

F7: Democratic National Committee, Issues: Voting Rights Act, 1969
Topics include Oklahoma Voter Registration report, Texas voter registration, and Voting Rights Act extension.

F8: Democratic National Committee, Issues: Welfare, 1969-1970
Topics include “Public Welfare: The State of the Nation, Living through a Social Revolution” (Elizabeth Wickenden keynote address); welfare reform bill; memoranda; welfare program statistical breakdowns; Congressional Quarterly fact sheets; Welfare Reform Fact Sheet; working poor standard minimum benefit plan; and Federal Basic Benefits Bill.
Correspondents include Elizabeth Wickenden.

F9: Democratic National Committee, Issues: Welfare, 1968-1969

Topics include Community Self-Determination Act, Social Security and welfare reforms, Title XIX of the Social Security Act (Medicaid), memoranda, and Mississippi Medicaid program.
Correspondents include Elizabeth Wickenden, Ellen Winston, and John Bell Williams.

F10: Democratic National Committee, Kerner Commission (National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders), 1968-1969
Topics include “The Kerner Commission Report: One Year Later” (Harris statement), clippings, reaction to the report, follow-up plans, Department of Justice responses to Kerner Commission recommendations, and riots.
Correspondents include Ramsey Clark.

F11: Democratic National Committee, Mail Forms and Memos, 1967-1969
Topics include form letter book.

F12: Democratic National Committee, Maryland Funds, 1969
Topics include funding and Baltimore fundraising dinner.

F13: Democratic National Committee, McGovern Commission on Party Structure and Delegate Selection, 1968-1969
Topics include membership lists, “The Democratic Choice: A Report of the Commission on the Democratic Selection of Presidential Nominees” (report), staff positions, fundraising events, memoranda, Marshall Brown, meeting locations, finances, and Official Guidelines for Delegate Selection.

F14: Democratic National Committee, Meeting: January 14, 1967-1969
Topics include telephone memoranda, contact information, call lists, and memoranda.

F15: Democratic National Committee, Minorities, 1968-1969
Topics include Mexican-American voter turnout, “The Mexican-American: A New Focus on Opportunity” (pamphlet), Inter-Agency Committee on Mexican-American Affairs, “John Willie Reed: An Epitaph” (Charles Longstreet Wettner small monograph), school desegregation, memoranda, black participation, National Conference of Black Elected Officials, state meetings with minority leaders, Southern Election Fund, and minority candidates.
Correspondents include Charles C. Diggs, Jr. and Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.

F16: Democratic National Committee, Miscellaneous Committees, 1969
Topics include David Obey special election and state and local elections.

F17: Democratic National Committee, Miscellaneous Memos, 1969-1970
Topics include memoranda, available materials, position appointments and recommendations, meetings, committee organization, state and local elections, finances, radio-TV operations, job descriptions, Research Division, and resignations.

F18: Democratic National Committee, National Finance Committee, [1969]
Topics include membership lists and meeting notes.

F19: Democratic National Committee, Nixon, Richard, 1969
Topics include “Bringing Us Apart: The Nixon Administration Part II” (selected research papers compiled by the Research Division), tax reform, position appointments, Latin America, and inflation.

F20: Democratic National Committee, O’Hara Commission on Rules, 1969
Topics include membership lists, “Issues and Alternatives: A study guide on Democratic National Convention procedure and policies” (booklet), and finances.

F21: Democratic National Committee, Participating Membership, 1969-1970
Topics include special fundraising project, mailings, promotion plans, memoranda, telephone survey interviews, and county benefits.

F22: Democratic National Committee, Party Strategy Conference, 1969
Topics include schedule.

F23: Democratic National Committee, Policy Council, 1968-1970
Topics include notes, membership lists, membership recommendations, council organization recommendations, memoranda, council structure, “Democratic Policy Council formed” (press release), and “American in the 1970s…an action statement by the Democratic Policy Council” (booklet).
Correspondents include Edward M. Kennedy, Joseph S. Clark, Donald M. Fraser, William Benton, Jim Wright, Arnold A. Saltzman, and Ted Van Dyk.

F24: Democratic National Committee, Position Paper, 1969
Topics include National Press Club speech, American Israel Public Affairs Council speech, equity, tax reform, Institute of Black Elected Officials speech, voting rights, and Anti-Defamation League speech.

F25: Democratic National Committee, Press Releases, 1969-1970
Topics include tax reform, inflation, interest rates, and the National Economic Equity Board.

F26: RNC-DNC Joint Commission on Reform, 1967-1969
Topics include notes, Report of the Committee on Convention Reforms, Report of the Committee on Rules and Order of Business, memoranda, and participating membership.

F27: Democratic National Committee, Statements, 1969-1970
Topics include Harris interview with Gene Gibbons, “Minority Division Report: The Black Vote (Louis Martin report), position appointments, Harris National Press Club Speech, Harris “Meet the Press” transcript (October 19, 1969), and National Emergency Conference on Peace in the Middle East speech.

F28: Democratic National Committee, Welsh Proposals, 1969
Topics include 1970 Congressional campaign organization and staffing proposals, central research office, television interviewing, Congressional TV-photo project, TV press kit, and Democratic Study Group campaign activities.

F29: Democratic National Committee, Young Leadership Council, 1969-1970
Topics include membership lists, memoranda, contact sheets for May 26 meeting/dinner, state contact list, and meeting agendas.

F30: Democratic National Committee, Youth Participation, 1968-1970
Topics include membership lists; membership recommendations; “What is our answer to Angelo Gonzalez? A report on the promise—and the needs—of a nationwide youth movement in the urban ghettos” (booklet); inner city health care; proposal for National Youth Service and Participation; Vietnam; “Young People, Their Attitudes, Their Demands, and Their Opinion of the Democratic Party” (Teddy O’Toole report); youth organizations; notes; eighteen-year-old vote; Gebhardt-Kanin-Whitten proposal on youth participation; social action programs; Youth Task Force; Task Force on Youth Participation; and Youth Participation Commission.
Correspondents include Edmund S. Muskie.

F31: Democratic National Committee, Youth Participation, 1968-1969
Topics include “Confrontation or Participation? The Federal Government and the Student Community” (booklet), Collegiate Urban Awareness (CUA): The National Student Council for Urban Education and Action, CUA Certificate of Incorporation and by-laws, “National Conference on Citizenship Focus on Youth Involvement” (booklet), position recommendations, and memoranda.

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