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Box 282: LaDonna Harris, American Indian and Eskimo Cultural Foundation, 1967-1968--LaDonna Harris, International Club II, 1964-1967

F1: LaDonna Harris, American Indian and Eskimo Cultural Foundation, 1967-1968
Topics include American Indian and Eskimo Celebration.
Correspondents include Reaves F. Nahwooksy.

F2: LaDonna Harris, American Indian Movement (AIM), n.d.
Topics include American Indian Movement background and operational budget for a Washington office.

F3: LaDonna Harris, Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO), 1966-1976
Topics include AIO Action Council, AIO Executive Committee meeting minutes, “Proposal for Funding of Americans for Indian Opportunity” October 1972, and summary version of funding proposal.
Correspondents include Edgar Owens.

F4: LaDonna Harris, Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO), Action Council, 1972
Topics include form letters, mailing lists, telephone call lists, Native American Lobby, Menominee project, luncheon with union representatives, and notes.

F5: LaDonna Harris, Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO), Annual Report, 1971

F6: LaDonna Harris, Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO), Bibliography, n.d.
Topics include bibliography of American Indians.

F7: LaDonna Harris, Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO), General File, 1970
Topics include AIO Board of Directors, AIO by-laws, AIO articles of incorporation, memoranda, and staff meeting minutes.

F8: LaDonna Harris, Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO), Meetings, 1971-1972
Topics include AIO resolutions, bibliography of American Indians, AIO programs, Board of Directors meeting minutes, financial statements, The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America promissory note, American Indian Civil Rights Handbook, and Board of Directors annual meeting schedule.

9: LaDonna Harris, Antioch College, 1972
Topics include board of trustees special meeting minutes, “Quality Education and the Antioch System” (paper by Thomas J. Porter), executive committee board of trustees meeting minutes, clippings, memoranda, financial statement information, and Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation.
Correspondents include James P. Dixon and John C. Sparks.

F10: LaDonna Harris, Background on LaDonna, 1965-1967
Topics include biographical information and Who’s Who of American Women.
Correspondents include Jackson Martindell.

F11: LaDonna Harris, Camp Fire Girls, Inc., 1965-1967
Topics include “Working with Special Girls in a Special Way” (booklet), “A Unique New Venture” (booklet), “A Unique Venture Continued” (booklet), and “Innovation and Imagination for Youth: Report of Seminar IV Metropolitan Critical Areas Project” (booklet).
Correspondents include Eva Schindler-Rainman.

F12: LaDonna Harris, CARE Dinner, 1967
Topics include CARE-MEDICO fundraising dinner.
Correspondents include Ruth M. Hamilton.

F13: LaDonna Harris, Center for Arts of Indian America, 1965-1966
Topics include “Poetry” (booklet), “Arts of Indian America” (booklet), “American Indian Performing Arts Celebration” (booklet), and The Tulsalite October 31, 1966 issue.

F14: LaDonna Harris, Center for Arts of Indian America, Harkness Ballet, 1966
Topics include “European Tour 1966” (booklet), Washington, D.C. performance, Oklahoma City performance, Oklahoma City planning meeting, mailing lists, clippings, meeting minutes, “Harkness Ballet: Addendum, European Tour 1966” (booklet), and press releases.
Correspondents include Lee Udall and Mrs. Louis F. Danforth, Jr.

F15: LaDonna Harris, Center for Arts of Indian America, Harkness Ballet, 1967
Topics include clippings, Washington, D.C. performance, press releases, and Oklahoma City performance.
Correspondents include Harry R. Anderson, Janet Taliaferro, and Lee Udall.

F16: LaDonna Harris, Charles R. Drew Postgraduate Medical School Board of Directors, 1969-1972
Topics include pamphlets, press releases, position appointments, faculty support and recruitment policies, clippings, California’s Health January 1972 issue, grant awards, and faculty roster.
Correspondents include Mitchell W. Spellman.

F17: LaDonna Harris, Church Letters, 1970-1972
Topics include denomination headquarters mailing list, “The Role Regarding Urban Indian Needs” (political paper), Indian health, Indian education, Richard Nixon presidential statement to Congress regarding Indian policies of the federal government, National American Indian and Alaska Natives policy (S. Con. Res. 26), and “What is the Salvation Army?” (booklet).

F18: LaDonna Harris, Clippings, 1964-May 1967
Topics include Indian poverty, trips, Indian problems, Fred R. Harris senatorial election, Comanche heritage, speaking engagements, Indian events, awards, “American Indians—New Destiny” (Fred R. Harris statement), schedules, Harkness Ballet, and Indians Illustrated February 1967 issue.
Correspondents include Marion E. Gridley.

F19: LaDonna Harris, Clippings, July 1967-1973
Topics include Adams-Morgan area experimental school, awards, Fred R. Harris political activities, 1968 presidential campaign, anti-poverty work, speaking engagements, Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity (OIO), LaDonna Harris political involvement, social news, personal background, Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO), and Indian problems and issues.

F20: LaDonna Harris, Committee Membership, 1972
Topics include membership lists, meeting minutes, and letters.

F21: LaDonna Harris, Conferences and Committees, 1966-1969
Topics include Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women Task Force Recommendations, “Advance Release of Statistics on Public Assistance and Appendix on Work Experience and Training Programs Under Title V of the Economic Opportunity Act,” Women in the War on Poverty, “Summary of Responses to Questionnaire on Second Annual Conference on Women in War on Poverty,” Conference Proceedings from Second Annual Conference, Communities in Action June-July 1968 issue, “The McCall Forum Womanpower-in-Action: Towards the Reduction in Violence” (conference packet), war on poverty, Women’s Advisory Council on Poverty, membership lists, and Womanpower-in-Action.

F22: LaDonna Harris, Congressional Club, 1965-1967
Topics include notes, cards, membership lists, guest lists, The Congressional Club Year Book: 1965-1966 and 1967-1968, “Organization of American States: Directory of Delegations” February 1967, Congressional Club brunch, memoranda, and “The Marine Band” (booklet).

F23: LaDonna Harris, Delegate Issues Caucus, Democratic National Convention, 1972
Correspondents include John Conyers, Jr.

F24: LaDonna Harris, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, 1967-1968
Topics include Democratic Congressional Dinner.

F25: LaDonna Harris, Directions to Harris Home, n.d.
Topics include maps and written directions to Virginia home.

F26: LaDonna Harris, Distribution of Books, 1966
Topics include schedule and distribution list.

F27: LaDonna Harris, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1966-1967
Topics include pamphlets, “First Annual Digest of Legal Interpretation,” “Guidelines on Employment Testing Procedures” (booklet), “First Annual Report” (booklet), grants for job development, and affirmative action programs.

F28: LaDonna Harris, Fashion Show Luncheon, 1967
Topics include notes, mailing lists, and menus.
Correspondents include B. Everett Jordan.

F29: LaDonna Harris, Human Relations Center, 1965-1966
Topics include descriptions of course work in human relations, University of Oklahoma proposal establishing a professional consultative center assisting in school desegregation problems and improving human relations education in public schools, 1965 Annual Report from the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies, executive committee meeting minutes, and agendas.
Correspondents include John B. O’Hara.

F30: LaDonna Harris, Human Relations Center, 1967
Topics include tentative proposal to purchase a compatible component closed circuit television system, coordinating agency project, meeting minutes, memoranda, and statement regarding the Boutelle incident.
Correspondents include Glenn R. Snider.

F31: LaDonna Harris, Human Relations Center, 1968
Topics include notes on selecting a new directory, meeting minutes, memoranda, meeting notices, meeting agendas, recommendations for future operations, description of the Master of Arts in Human Relations program, and “The Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies: A Brief History.”

F32: LaDonna Harris, Humphrey Indian File, 1968
Topics include First Americans for Humphrey and press releases.

F33: LaDonna Harris, Indian Luncheon, 1965-1966
Topics include memoranda, “Using Cultural Difference as a Basis for Creative Expression” (paper by Lloyd H. New), Sipapu, biographical data, invitation lists, list of performers, and American Indian Performing Arts Festival.
Correspondents include B. Everett Jordan, Russell B. Long, Joseph D. Tydings, Gale McGee, Stuart Symington, Ralph W. Yarborough, and Jed Johnson, Jr.

F34: LaDonna Harris, International Club, 1965
Topics include membership lists.

F35: LaDonna Harris, International Club II, 1964-1967
Topics include membership lists and constitution and by-laws.
Correspondents include Betty Ford.

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