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Box 285: LaDonna Harris, Personal Mail, January-May 1966--LaDonna Harris, Women's Speakers Bureau, 1967

F1: LaDonna Harris, Personal Mail, January-May 1966
Topics include “Lawton Women’s Forum, 1966-1967” (booklet), clippings, thank yous, invitations, cards, St. Paul trip, “Indian Recipes” (booklet), memoranda, and Oklahoma Health and Welfare Association.
Correspondents include Betty Ford and Mrs. Charles H. DeWeese.

F2: LaDonna Harris, Personal Mail, June-December 1966
Topics include Willard Stone wood sculpture (pamphlet), thank yous, pamphlets, interest in American Indians, recipe requests, and clippings.
Correspondents include Willard Stone, Louis W. Ballard, Joan Mondale, and Betsy Ambach.

F3: LaDonna Harris, Personal Mail, January-March 1967
Topics include “Showcase ‘67” (booklet), recipes, “Tiger Rags and Sooner Tunes: A Sophomoric Senatorial Songbook” (booklet), thank yous, clippings, and Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity (OIO).
Correspondents include Ruth Ballard and Harold Cameron.

F4: LaDonna Harris, Personal Mail, April-June 1967
Topics include clippings, thank yous, Lawton news, Miss Sequoyah contest biographical information, Brush Ranch, Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity (OIO), and American Indian information requests.
Correspondents include Ethel Kennedy, Bertha Mae Tabbytite, Charles M. Cooper, and Constance Deer.

F5: LaDonna Harris, Personal Mail, July-December 1967
Topics include clippings, Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity (OIO), special education opportunities, OIO annex, Korea trip, “Where the Action Is” (Girl Scout booklet), memoranda, and thank yous.
Correspondents include Helen Kellison Kempf and Chester Pierce.

F6: LaDonna Harris, Poor People, 1968
Topics include Poor People’s Campaign, Proposal for a Poor People’s Embassy, and organizational charts.

F7: LaDonna Harris, Press Releases and Articles, 1967-1972
Topics include testimonies before congressional committees, food stamp programs, Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity (OIO) Newsletter May 1970, and social assistance programs.

F8: LaDonna Harris, Recipes, n.d.

F9: LaDonna Harris, S. 2716—To Amend Certain Federal Laws relating to the State of Oklahoma, 1967-1968

F10: LaDonna Harris, Schedules and Plans, 1966
Topics include memoranda, travel itineraries, recipes, appointment book, and meetings.

F11: LaDonna Harris, Schedules and Plans, 1967
Topics include appointment book, memoranda, travel itineraries, meetings, dinner plans, and special events.

F12: LaDonna Harris, Schedules and Plans, 1971-1972
Topics include travel itineraries, speaking engagements, and meetings.

F13: LaDonna Harris, Sexism, n.d.
Topics include typewriter advertisement.

F14: LaDonna Harris, Social Concerns Committee, 1966-1967
Topics include memoranda, meeting minutes, and organizational charts.

F15: LaDonna Harris, Social Programs, Related Papers and Articles, 1965-May 1967
Topics include “Problems of the Negro Adolescent in the Next Decade” (paper by Chester H. Pierce), “Emotional Problems in Oklahoma Indians--Problems of Adolescents and Young Adults” (paper by Daniel M.A. Freeman), “The Right to be Human” (paper by Louis S. Levine), “The Racial Crisis: Two Suggestions for a National Program” (booklet), grant application for a regional educational and cultural center, and “The Generation Which Belongs to You” (paper by Harold Cameron).

F16: LaDonna Harris, Social Problems, Related Papers and Articles, June-November 1967
Topics include Southwestern Cooperative Education Laboratory reports, “Imposed Social Problems: Assessment and Curricula Implications” (paper by Louis S. Levine), and “So You Want to be Black” (paper by Preston R. Wilcox).
Correspondents include Paul V. Petty.

F17: LaDonna Harris, Speeches, 1965-1967
Topics include speech to Tulsa chapter of United Nations Association.

F18: LaDonna Harris, State Department, Foreign Service, 1967
Topics include pamphlets, “Sample Questions from the Written Examination for Foreign Service Officer” (booklet), “The Foreign Service of the United States” (booklet), and “1967 Examination for Foreign Service Officer Careers” (booklet).
Correspondents include Idris Russell.

F19: LaDonna Harris, Training Materials for the New Jersey Community Action Training Initiative, 1967
Topics include pamphlets, “How to Conduct a Community Action Meeting” (pamphlet), “So Who Needs Money to Fight Poverty: A Collection of No-Cost, Low-Cost Programs” (booklet) “How to Conduct a Community Action Program: Training Kit” (handouts), “Use a Survey to Fight Poverty” (booklet), and “Catalogue of Training Materials” (handouts).

F20: LaDonna Harris, U.S. Delegation to the Sixth Inter-American Indian Conference, 1968
This folder contains a briefing book which includes papers on education and indigenous language, health issues, economic problems, effects of technological advances upon the organization of Indian committees, preparation of personnel for working with Indians, and background documents.

F21: LaDonna Harris, Women in Government, Speech Materials, 1965-1966
Topics include campaign tips, government programs for women, “Politics as a Career for Women” (speech by Margaret Price), and profile of women’s groups.

F22: LaDonna Harris, Women’s Advisory Committee on Poverty, 1966-September 1967
Topics include “Women in National Service” (booklet), “Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders” (booklet), membership lists, Office of Navajo Economic Opportunity (ONEO) pamphlets, Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) booklets, distribution of VISTA volunteers, National Council of Women in the United States, Inc. report 1965-1966, “Better Years for Desbah Yazzie” (booklet), “Conference Proceedings for Women in the War on Poverty” (booklet), VISTA Volunteer Conference, and VISTA Volunteer September 1967 issue.

F23: LaDonna Harris, Women’s Advisory Committee on Poverty, October 1967-May 1968
Topics include National Council of Women of the United States, Inc. newsletter, “Report of Progress in 1966 on the Status of Women” (booklet), memoranda, clippings, and congratulations.
Correspondents include Lyndon B. Johnson and Genevieve Blatt.

F24: LaDonna Harris, Women’s Advisory Committee on Poverty, June 1968-February 1969
Topics include memoranda, membership lists, meetings, submissions in Congressional Record, Community Self-Determination Act, “Action Industries Incorporated” (booklet), “Rural Poverty and Community Development” (booklet), and meeting minutes.
Correspondents include Charlie K. Swift.

F25: LaDonna Harris, Women’s Project, Bicentennial, 1971-1972
Topics include National Bicentennial Program Criteria, notes, Bicentennial Newsletter, and Bicentennial Bulletin.

F26: LaDonna Harris, Women’s Speakers Bureau, 1967

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