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Box 290: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Lists, Oklahoma, [1976] – 1976 Presidential Campaign, Office, Jim Hightower, January-April 1976

F1: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Lists, Oklahoma, [1976]
Topics include county calling lists, precinct officials, and county officials.

F2: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Lists, Staff Profiles, [1976]

F3: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Lists, State Staff Directories, [1975-1976]

F4: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Lists, To Be Mailed To, [1975-1976]
Topics include NCLU list, Ohio State Society directory, and National Farm Organization list.

F5: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Advertising, [1975-1976]
Topics include taxes, advertisement drafts, brochures for other candidates, advertising plan, invoices, and employment.

F6: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Clippings, [1975-1976]
Topics include press comments and camper campaign.

F7: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Committee Report, 1975
Topics include press arrangements for 1976 Democratic National Convention and news agency coverage proposals.

F8: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Correspondence, [1975-1976]
Topics include advertising agencies, interview requests, film file requests, appearances, political policies agreement, article usage, article criticism, “Meet the Press” appearance, North Carolina primary, “ADA Citizen”(newsletter) January 1976, and Florida primary.

F9: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Expenses, 1975-1976
Topics include radio speech expenses and film equipment invoices.

F10: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Film, 1975-1976
Topics include stations to notify for film usage, campaign documentary, media campaign plan, media proposal, promoter and performer campaign contributions, film production budget, and production schedules.

F11: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Handbook, 1975

F12: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Invitations, 1975-1976
Topics include interviews, evens, and appearances.

F13: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Iowa and New Hampshire, 1976
Topics include advertising costs, station information, and advertisement drafts.

F14: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Meet the Press, 1976
Topics include January 11 transcript.

F15: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Miscellaneous, [1975-1976]
Topics include military budget, issue papers, media guidelines, speech transcripts, Chicago trip, press comments about Fred Harris, and Neighbors Night.

F16: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Radio and Television Spots, 1975-1976
Topics include spot drafts, scripts, receipt of materials confirmation, spot schedules, and television traffic instructions.

F17: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Slide Show Script, [1975]
Topics include drafts and guide to slide show.

F18: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Media, Transcripts, 1975-1976
Topics include Washington, D.C. coffee; “Issues and Answers”February 22, 1976; and “Face the Nation” March 21, 1976.

F19: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Office, Frank Greer, [1974-1976]
Topics include candidate flyers, memoranda, media plans, 1974 mid-term conference, celebrity supporters, fundraising, and press coverage.

F20: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Office, Gary Wasserman, 1975-1976
Topics include reorganization of presidency speech and Women’s Political Caucus questionnaire.
Correspondents include Dick Prous.

F21: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Office, Jim Hightower, [1972-1976]
Topics include notes, outlines, speech drafts, campaign update, student organizing handbook, coordinator contact information, memoranda, CWA questionnaire, and Appalachian People’s Program.

F22: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Office, Jim Hightower, 1974-April 1975
Topics include notes, outlines, speech drafts, fundraising letters, presidential announcement, memoranda, correspondence, brochure planning, finances, and information requests.
Correspondents include Peter Barnes and Thomas Rees.

F23: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Office, Jim Hightower, May-June 1975
Topics include information requests, primary filing dates, finances, memoranda, press releases, and events.
Correspondents include Peter Barnes.

F24: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Office, Jim Hightower, July-August 1975
Topics include memoranda, correspondence, events, organizing committees, fundraising, and job requests.

F25: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Office, Jim Hightower, September-October 1975
Topics include memoranda, press releases, biography notes, state organizing committees, events, Harris voting record, and schedules.

F26: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Office, Jim Hightower, November-December 1975
Topics include memoranda, state campaigning, campaign updates, and Democratic National Convention Arrangements Committee meeting.
Correspondents include Peter Barnes.

F27: 1976 Presidential Campaign, Office, Jim Hightower, January-April 1976
Topics include memoranda, clippings, letter drafts, advertising expenses, state campaigning, campaign strategy, priorities, and advertising strategy.
Correspondents include Morris Udall.

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