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Box 5: Conservation, Waurika (1959-1963) - Speeches by Others, James G. Patton, Rural Electrification Administration (December 11, 1953)

F 1-4: Conservation, Waurika (1959-1963).

Correspondence, reports, data, and maps on flood control and reclamation projects along tributaries of the Red River near Waurika, Oklahoma. Major creeks in area include Beaver Creek and Cow Creek. Correspondents include U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Folder 1); U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Folder 1); Toby Morris (Folder 2); J. Howard Edmondson (Folder 3); Oklahoma Water Resources Board (Folder 3); Milton Keating (Folder 3 - statement); Jim Bullard (Folder 3) and Dennis Chavez (Folder 4).

F 5: Conservation, W.C. Austin Project (n.d., 1938, 1946-1947, 1949-1951, 1953-1954, 1957-1960).

Sometimes referred to as the Altus-Lugert Project, this project is a multi-purpose project in southwestern Oklahoma which would provide irrigation, flood control, municipal water, fish and wildlife conservation, and recreation. Folder contains primarily correspondence; booklet, Altus: The Irrigation Pioneer of Oklahoma (1947). Correspondents include U.S. Bureau of Reclamation; Oklahoma Planning and Resources Board; H. V. Zinn; and Mrs. W. C. Austin.

F 6-7: Conservation, Wewoka Creek (n.d., 1954-1961).

Correspondence, clippings, and reports on soil conservation and flood control. Correspondents include Wewoka Creek Soil and Water Conservation Association (Folder 6-7); U.S. Soil Conservation Service (Folders 6-7); Chester P. Ellis (Folders 6-7); Allen G. Nichols (folder 7); Wewoka Creek Soil and Conservancy District (Folder 7); and U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (Folder 7).

F 8: Conservation, Whitegrass-Waterhole Creek Watershed Project (1958-1961).

Correspondence primarily from landowners in the watershed area in McCurtain County, Oklahoma.

F 9: Conservation, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (1961-1962).

Miscellaneous correspondence, typescripts, and data. Correspondents include A. S. Mike Monroney, U.S. Department of the Interior and Carl Hayden.

F 10-11: Conservation, Wister (1946, 1949-1953, 1955-1957, 1959-1961).

Correspondence and reports re the Wister Dam and Reservoir on the Poteau River in the Arkansas River Basin; draft and final report of hearing in Poteau, Oklahoma re raising level of Wister Lake. Correspondents include J. G. Puterbaugh (Folder 10); U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Folders 10-11); Dennis Chavez (Folder 10); John L. McClellan (Folder 10); Elbert L. Costner (Folder 11); and Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (Folder 11).

F 12: Speeches, Civic Meeting (n.d.).

F 13: Speeches, Municipal and Industrial Water Supply (n.d.).

F 14: Speeches, Questions and Answers about Oil-Radio Broadcast (n.d.).

F 15: Speeches, The Wonderful Years Ahead for Oklahoma (n.d.).

F 16: Speeches, Franklin D. Roosevelt (1940).

Kerr was Democratic National Committeeman at the time.

F 17: Speeches, Military (March 19, 1942).

Statement to Tulsa World at time of speech at Sand Springs.

F 18: Speeches, Tulsa Chamber of Commerce (October 26, 1949).

F 19: Speeches, Current Veterans Legislation in Congress (May 1949).

F 20: Speeches, Pastor's Conference, Southern Baptist Conference, San Francisco, California (June 18, 1951).

F 21: Speeches, Political Speech at Jefferson City, Missouri (October 19, 1951).

F 22: Speeches, Annual Convention of the Oklahoma Farmers Union (January 14, 1952).

F 23: Speeches, Political Speech at Iowa City, Iowa (February 16, 1952).

F 24: Speeches, Mobilizing Our Spiritual Resources for Peace (May 2, 1952).

F 25: Speeches, Beef Cattle Prices (February 1953).

Concerns legislation Kerr introduced; copy of bill (S.798) in folder

F 26: Speeches, What Kind of World Do You Want (May 29, 1953).

Delivered at Oklahoma Baptist University commencement; program also in folder

F 27: Speeches, American Ex-Prisoners of War (June 5, 1953).

Folder also includes notes, agenda and program.

F 28: Speeches, Rural Electrification Administration (October 12, 1953).

Excerpts of speech delivered at regional meeting in Oklahoma City.

F 29: Speeches, Campaign Speech in Sweetwater, Texas (March 6, 1954).

F 30: Speeches, In Opposition to Conference Report on Atomic Energy Bill (August 13, 1954).

Congressional Record excerpt.

F 31: Speeches, Assistance to Drought Disaster Areas (August 20, 1954).

Congressional Record excerpt.

F 32: Speeches, Oklahoma State Federation of Labor Convention (November 18, 1955).

F 33: Speeches, The Place of Education in the Atomic Age (October 15, 1956).

Delivered at annual meeting of Executive Council of North Central Junior Colleges.

F 34: Speeches, Growth of Soil and Water Conservation in Oklahoma (January 9, 1957).

F 35: Speeches, Economic Issues [1958]

F 36: Speeches, Trade (August 6, 1958)

F 37: Speeches, Oklahoma Educational Association Meeting (October 22, 1958).

F 38: Speeches, The American Hospital Today (November 5, 1959).

Delivered at Oklahoma Hospital Association annual meeting. Folder includes speech material. Speech based on one prepared by Library of Congress.

F 39: Speeches, Tulsa Chamber of Commerce (December 17, 1959).

Draft of speech. Topic concerns water conservation. Folder includes various speech materials, including a 1953 report to the Oklahoma governor on problem of municipal and industrial water supplies for Oklahoma.

F 40: Speeches, Board Chairman Expects Action - In Safety Too. (October 17, 1960).

Delivered to the National Safety congress, Petroleum Section

F 41: Speeches by Others, J. C. Penney, Constructive Faith - Our Refuge and Strength (n.d.).

F 42: Speeches by Others, J. C. Penney, Liberty - The American Way of Life (n.d.).

F 43: Speeches by Others, J. C. Penney, Responsibility - The American Way (n.d.).

F 44: Speeches by Others, Luther Joe Thompson, Religious Liberty, Church and State (n.d.).

F 45: Speeches by Others, Chauncey M. Depew, American Hall of Fame (May 30, 1901).

F 46: Speeches by Others, Vash Young, A Fortune to Share (January 30, 1931).

Delivered to the business interests of Louisville, Kentucky.

F 47: Speeches by Others, F. R. Moulton, The Government in Business (March 23, 1936).

Delivered before the annual convention of the Oklahoma Utilities Association.

F 48: Speeches by Others, Ina Odell, Democrats and America (1940).

Delivered at Democrat rally in Pontotoc County.

F 49: Speeches by Others, Andrew Potter, Seven Golden Years in Prospect (November 1940).

Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

F 50: Speeches by Others, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democracy in Action (March 15, 1941).

Delivered at White House Correspondents Annual Dinner.

F 51: Speeches by Others, Andrew Potter, Prayer Delivered at Kerr Inauguration (January 11, 1943).

F 52: Speeches by Others, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dedication of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial (April 13, 1943).

F 53: Speeches by Others, Russell Holloway, Kerr for Senate (1948).

F 54: Speeches by Others, Clinton P. Anderson, Light Is Good (May 3, 1948).

Delivered before Friends of the Land, Columbus, Ohio.

F 55: Speeches by Others, Rayburne W. Goen, Invitation to Communism (March 30, 1949).

Delivered to Tulsa Rotary Club

F 56: Speeches by Others, George C. Marshall, U.S. Military Academy Graduation (June 5, 1951).

F 57: Speeches by Others, Lyon F. Terry, The Conflict for National Gas (September 5, 1951).

Delivered at informal meeting of New York State Utilities Executives.

F 58: Speeches by Others, Joseph E. Pogue, The Financial Background of the Oil Industry (May 16-17, 1952).

Delivered before Industrial Council.

F 59: Speeches by Others, Adlai E. Stevenson, Acceptance of Presidential Candidacy Nomination at Democratic National Convention (July 25, 1952).

F 60: Speeches by Others, Lewis A. Pick, The Impact of the Corps of Engineers on the Progress of the Nation During the Past One Hundred Years (September 13, 1952).

Delivered at the Centennial of Engineering in Chicago, Illinois.

F 61: Speeches by Others, William White, The Railroads...Captive Industry in a Free Economy; Charles E. Wilson, Big Government and Little People (September 16, 1952).

Delivered at the Commerce and Industry Association of New York.

F 62: Speeches by Others, Harrington Wimberly, What Price Natural Gas Conservation (December 6, 1952).

Delivered at annual meeting of Interstate Oil Compact Commission.

F 63: Speeches by Speeches by Others, Adlai Stevenson, Gridiron Club Dinner (December 13, 1952).

F 64: Speeches by Others, R. G. Follis, Crude Oil Production and Imports on the Pacific Coast (April 10, 1953).

Delivered at annual meeting of San Joaquin Valley Oil Producers Association at Bakersfield, California.

F 65: Speeches by Others, Clifford F. Hood, Industry's Directive for Transportation (September 10, 1954).

Delivered before American Society of Traffic and Transportation.

F 66: Speeches by others, James G. Patton, Rural Electrification Administration (December 11, 1953).

Delivered at Denver Power Conference.

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