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Box 28: Correspondence, Sti - Wer (1948-1963).

F 1: Correspondence, Sti - Sto (1948-1963).

Correspondents include William G. Stigler, Gene Stipe, U. S. Stone, J. W. Storer, and Fred Stovall.

F 2: Correspondence, Str - Sty (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Fredrick W. Straus and Harold C. Stuart.

F 3: Correspondence, Su - Sz (1948-1963).

Correspondents include John L. Sullivan and W. Stuart Symington.

F 4: Correspondence, Ta (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Herman E. Talmadge, Charles Forbes Taylor, Cora D. Taylor, and Rhobia Taylor.

F 5: Correspondence, Te (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Carleen Teetor, Lothair Teetor, and Dean Terrill.

F 6: Correspondence, Tha - Thomas (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Albert Thomas, Elbert D. Thomas, and Elmer Thomas.

F 7: Correspondence, Thompson - Thu (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Luther J. Thompson and Strom Thurmond.

F 8: Correspondence, Ti (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Noah J. Tilghman (captain and owner of houseboat "Noah's Ark") and Finley W. Tinnin.

F 9: Correspondence, To - Tro (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Touchdown Club.

F 10: Correspondence, Tru - Tully (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Harry S. Truman and Rolland Truman.

F 11: Correspondence, Tulsa (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, Tulsa Club, and Tulsa Opera.

F 12: Correspondence, Tun - Ty (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Roy J. Turner, Tuskegee Institute, Twenty-Five Year Club of the Petroleum Industry, W. G. Twyman, and Isabel R. Tyler.

F 13: Correspondence, Ua - Under (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Andrew Undeck and William Amory Underhill.

F 14: Correspondence, Union (1948-1963).

Topics include agriculture, wheat, and grain storage. Correspondents include Union Equity Cooperative Exchange and E. N. Puckett.

F 15: Correspondence, United (1948-1963).

Topics include prohibition and alcoholic beverages. Folder includes publications from the United Dry Association of Oklahoma. Correspondents include United Dry Association of Oklahoma, United Livestock Producers Association, and United Press International.

F 16: Correspondence, Univ - Up (1948-1963).

Topics include various things concerning the University of Oklahoma. Correspondents include George Lynn Cross (president of the University of Oklahoma).

F 17: Correspondence, Va (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Valley View Hospital, Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr., Gary Y. Vandever, Dave Vandivier, Fritz J. VanDoren, Malda Mae Van Horne, and Ruth Van Valkenburg.

F 18: Correspondence, Ve - Vu (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Veterans of Foreign Wars, John C. Vivian, Lawrence Voelkers, and Wernher von Braun.

F 19: Correspondence, Wa - Walk (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Paul A. Walker.

F 20: Correspondence, Wall (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Creekmore Wallace, W. R. "Bob" Wallace, and Wilson Wallace.

F 21: Correspondence, Wals - War (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Carolyn Warner.

F 22: Correspondence, Was - Way (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Dorothy Watson and O. Alton Watson.

F 23: Correspondence, Wea - Wer (1948-1963).

Topics include Lew Wentz. Correspondents include James E. Webb, E. F. Webber, Aaron M. Weitzenhoffer, and Earl Welch.

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