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Box 29: Correspondence, Wes - Z (1948-1963)

F 1: Correspondence, Wes - Wew (1948-1963).

F 2: Correspondence, Wha - Whita (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Burton K. Wheeler and Elizabeth Whetsel.

F 3: Correspondence, White, A - White, O (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Carl White Jr., Oklahoma White, and Oscar White.

F 4: Correspondence, White, P - Whitt (1948-1963).

F 5: Correspondence, Wic - Wild (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Victor Wickersham.

F 6: Correspondence, Wile (1948-1963).

Correspondents include H. Tom Wiles, John C. Wiles, and Alexander Wiley.

F 7: Correspondence, Wilk - Willh (1948-1963).

Correspondents include C. B. "Bud" Wilkinson and George O. Wilkinson.

F 8: Correspondence, Williams, A - Williams, B (1948-1963).

Correspondents include B. L. Williams.

F 9: Correspondence, Williams, C - Williams J. (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Will Rogers Jr., G. Mennen Williams, and Harrison A. Williams Jr.

F 10: Correspondence, Williams, L - Williams, W (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Mattye Wilson Williams, Pink Williams, Sidney D. Williams, and T. Dwight Williams.

F 11: Correspondence, Williamson - Wils (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Wilson and Company and George Howard Wilson.

F 12: Correspondence, Wim - Win (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Harrington Wimberly and Inez Windes.

F 13: Correspondence, Wir - WKY (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Garrett Withers, Aubrey Witt, and WKY Television.

F 14: Correspondence, Woh - Wom (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Women's Gridiron Club of Oklahoma.

F 15: Correspondence, Wood (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Fox Wood.

F 16: Correspondence, Wook - Wor (1948-1963).

F 17: Correspondence, Wr -Wy (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Clarence H. Wright and Wilson W. Wyatt.

F 18: Correspondence, Ya - Young, L (1948-1963).

Correspondents include Ralph W. Yarborough.

F 19-21: Correspondence, Young Men's Christian Association (1948-1963).

These folders contain material on the Young Men's Christian Association as well as related Y organizations in mainly Oklahoma City. A lot of the material concerns fund raising. Correspondents include J. B. White (Folders 19-20); Roy J. Turner (Folder 20); E. K. Gaylord (Folder 20); and Norman Macleod Jr. (Folders 20-21).

F 22: Correspondence, Young, R - Z (1948-1963).

Correspondents include R. A. Young, Stephen M. Young, and Elizabeth Zoernig.

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