Box and Folder Inventory
Boxes 1-3

Box 1

F 1: Invitations (1946 December-1947 January).

Correspondents include Gene Autry.

F 2: Invitations (1947 February).

F 3: Invitations (1947 March).

F 4: Invitations (1947 April).

F 5: Invitations (1947 May).

F 6: Invitations (1947 June-August).

Correspondents include W. G. Stigler, Jimmie H. Davis (Governor of Louisiana) and Oklahoma State Federation of Labor; program for dedication of W. C. Austin Irrigation Project.

F 7: Invitations (1947 September).

Correspondents include Dial Currin.

F 8: Invitations (1947 October).

Correspondents include Allen G. Nichols.

F 9: Invitations (1947 November).

F 10: Invitations (1947 December).

Correspondents include C. L. Priddy and H. I. Hinds.

F 11: Invitations (1948 January).

F 12: Invitations (1948 February).

F 13: Invitations (1948 March).

Includes program for Jefferson-Jackson Democratic Centennial Dinner held in Atlanta, Georgia.

F 14: Invitations (1948 April).

F 15: Invitations (1948 May).

F 16: Invitations (1948 June-August).

F 17: Invitations (1948 September-December).

Correspondents include Sam Rayburn and National Reclamation Association.

F 18: Invitations (1949 January).

Correspondents include Pat McCarran and John Redding

F 19: Invitations (1949 February).

Correspondents include George Lynn Cross, Sir Oliver Franks, and Elmer Thomas.

F 20: Invitations (1949 March-May).

Correspondents include H. Alexander Smith.

F 21: Invitations (1949 June-October).

Correspondents include George Lynn Cross.

F 22: Invitations (1949 November-December).

Correspondents include Dial Currin and the Temperance League of America.

F 23: Invitations (1950 January).

Correspondents include Pat McCarran.

F 24: Invitations (1950 February).

Correspondents include Oklahoma Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

F 25: Invitations (1950 March).

Correspondents include Dwight D. Eisenhower.

F 26: Invitations (1950 April).

Correspondents include William O'Dwyer and E. T. Dunlap.

F 27: Invitations (1950 May).

Correspondents include Dr. F. E. Townsend, Wainwright Bridges, Raymond Gary, and Amos T. Hall.

F 28: Invitations (1950 June-August).

F 29: Invitations (1950 September- December).

Correspondents include the Will Rogers Memorial Commission.

F 30: Invitations (1951 March-April).

F 31: Invitations (1951 May-August).

Correspondents include Perle Mesta.

F 32: Invitations (1951 September).

Correspondents include Maple T. Harl and Johnston Murray.

F 33: Invitations (1951 October).

Correspondents include Oklahoma State Federation of Labor.

F 34: Invitations (1951 November-December).

Correspondents include John W. Bonner, Sid McMath and the Oklahoma State Federation of Labor.

F 35: Invitations (1952 January).

Correspondents include Ralph E. Flaunders, Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Oklahoma Farmers Union, and the National Conference of Christians and Jews.

F 36: Invitations (1952 February-April).

F 37: Invitations (1952 May-August).

Correspondents include Truman T. Felt and the Americans for Democratic Action. Also includes a statement by Charles Van Devander regarding RSK's candidacy for President.

F 38: Invitations (1952 September).

Correspondents include Johnston Murray.

F 39: Invitations (1952 October-December).

Correspondents include Russell B. Long and Wesley V. Disney.

F 40: Invitations (1953 January).

Correspondents include George P. Nigh.

F 41: Invitations (1953 February).

Correspondents include William Langer, John Wesley Raley, and Harry Truman.

F 42: Invitations (1953 March.

F 43: Invitations (1953 April-May).

Correspondents include British Consul Ronald F. McKeever on the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

F 44: Invitations (1953 June).

Correspondents include Scott W. Lucas, Johnston Murray, Warren G. Magnuson, and Henry M. Jackson.

F 45: Invitations (1953 July).

Correspondents include Edward Martin and the Oklahoma Press Association.

F 46: Invitations (1953 August).

F 47: Invitations (1953 September-October).

Correspondents include Lawrence E. Spivak and Ed Edmondson.

F 48: Invitations (1953 November-December).

F 49: Invitations (1954 January).

F 50: Invitations (1954 February).

Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 51: Invitations (1954 March).

F 52: Invitations (1954 April).

Correspondents include Oscar V. Rose.

F 53: Invitations (1954 May-June).

F 54: Invitations (1954 July-August).

F 55: Invitations (1954 September).

Correspondents include Wesley V. Disney

F 56: Invitations (1954 October-December).

F 57: Invitations (1955 January).

Correspondents include National Farmers Union; also includes invitation to White House reception.

F 58: Invitations (1955 February).

Correspondents include Alexander Wiley.

F 59: Invitations (1955 March).

Correspondents include Raymond Gary, Clinton P. Anderson, Carl T. Durham, and Stanley Draper.

F 60: Invitations (1955 April).

Correspondents include Cloyd H. Marvin, League of Women Voters of Oklahoma, Thomas C. Hennings, and the Oklahoma Bar Association.

F 61: Invitations (1955 May).

Correspondents include Alan McCall-Judson from the British Embassy.

F 62: Invitations (1955 June).

F 63: Invitations (1955 July-August).

Correspondents include Interstate Commerce Commission, Raymond Gary, Luther Bohanon, and Dial Currin.

F 64: Invitations (1955 September).

Correspondents include Raymond Gary and Oklahoma Municipal League.

F 65: Invitations (1955 October-December).

Correspondents include John L. McClellan.

Box 2

F 1: Invitations (1956 January).

Correspondents include Stuart Symington.

F 2: Invitations (1956 February).

Correspondents include Henry M. Jackson.

F 3: Invitations (1956 March).

Correspondents include Roman L. Hruska, E. T. Dunlap and John L. McClellan.

F 4: Invitations (1956 April).

Correspondents include Raymond Gary, James E. Murray, Edward Martin, Richard L. Neuberger, Harry F. Byrd, Wilbur M. Brucker and Everett McKinley Dirksen.

F 5: Invitations (1956 May).

Correspondents include Stuart Symington, Karl E. Mundt, and Harry F. Byrd.

F 6: Invitations (1956 June).

Correspondents include Bernard J. Boyle.

F 7: Invitations (1956 July).

Correspondents include Tom Steed, Luther Bohanon, Carl Albert, and Harry Truman.

F 8: Invitations (1956 August).

F 9: Invitations (1956 September).

Correspondents include J. L. Pilcher.

F 10: Invitations (1956 October-December).

Correspondents include Wilbur D. Mills, Frank W. Boykin, Oklahoma State Federation of Labor, and W. P. "Bill" Atkinson.

F 11: Invitations (1957 January-December).

F 12: Invitations (1958 January).

Correspondents include George Howard Wilson and John Marshall Butler.

F 13: Invitations (1958 February).

Correspondents include George Howard Wilson and James E. Webb.

F 14: Invitations (1958 March).

Correspondents include Allen J. Ellender, Stanley Draper, and Edward Martin.

F 15: Invitations (1958 April).

Correspondents include Alexander Wiley and Victor Wickersham.

F 16: Invitations (1958 May).

Correspondents include James Eastland, Stanley Draper, and Harry F. Byrd.

F 17: Invitations (1958 June-August)

Correspondents include John Stennis.

F 18: Invitations (1958 September).

F 19: Invitations (1958 October-December).

Correspondents include Stanley Draper, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, American Legion, and Preston Moore.

F 20: Invitations (1959 January).

Correspondents include Felton M. Johnson, Robert G. Baker, and Ed Edmondson.

F 21: Invitations (1959 February).

Correspondents include J. Howard Edmondson, Stanley Draper, and Albert Gore.

F 22: Invitations (1959 March).

Correspondents include Oral Roberts, E. T. Dunlap, W. R. Poage, and the National Congress of American Indians.

F 23: Invitations (1959 April).

Correspondents include Albert Gore and N. B. Johnson.

F 24: Invitations (1959 May).

Correspondents include Harry S. Truman and J. Floyd Breeding

F 25: Invitations (1959 June).

Correspondents include George Docking, William J. Holloway, and William A. Egan.

F 26: Invitations (1959 July).

Correspondents include John F. Kennedy and Spessard Holland.

F 27: Invitations (1959 August).

Correspondents include Ralph G. Brooks, John Stennis, George Nigh, Adlai Stevenson, Tom Steed, Lyndon B. Johnson and John L. McClellan.

F 28: Invitations (1959 September).

Correspondents include J. D. McCarty, Mike Monroney, and Lyndon B. Johnson. .

F 29: Invitations (1959 October).

Correspondents include William F. Quinn.

F 30: Invitations (1959 November-December).

Correspondents include Stuart Symington, John Sparkman, Frank Carlson, Wernher Von Braun, Stanley Draper, and Alexander Wiley.

F 31: Invitations (1960 January).

Correspondents include John Stennis, George A. Smathers, Clinton P. Anderson, Dennis Chavez, Carl Albert, and E. T. Dunlap.

F 32: Invitations (1960 February).

Correspondents includes Bryce N. Harlow, Herve Alphand (Ambassador to France), Bernard J. Boyle, Stanley Draper, and Herman E. Talmadge.

F 33: Invitations (1960 March).

Correspondents include Wilson Wyatt, J. Allen Frear, Jr., J. T. Rutherford, Stephen M. Young, John Wesley Raley, and the Boys' Clubs of America.

F 34: Invitations (1960 April).

Correspondents include Jennings Randolph, Harry F. Byrd, and Ed Edmondson

F 35: Invitations (1960 May).

Correspondents include Vance Hartke, Lawrence E. Walsh, and J. Lee Rankin.

F 36: Invitations (1960 June).

Correspondents include E. L. Bartlett, Ernest Gruening, Ralph J. Rivers, Lister Hill, John Sparkman, Francis Case, John F. Kennedy, and Scott I. Peek

F 37: Invitations (1960 July).

Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 38: Invitations (1960 August).

Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum, J. Lindsay Almond, Carl Albert, Wright Patman, and Herschel Loveless

F 39: Invitations (1960 September).

Correspondents include Stephen M. Young, Earl Welch, and George McGovern.

F 40: Invitations (1960 October-December).

Correspondents include John Stennis.

F 41: Invitations (1961 January).

Correspondents include Vance Hartke, Hale Boggs, Ed Edmondson, and Clark M. Clifford.

F 42: Invitations (1961 February).

Correspondents include Victor Wickersham, John Stennis, James Eastland, Jennings Randolph and Jacob Javits.

F 43: Invitations (1961 March).

Correspondents include Clinton P. Anderson, Harry F. Byrd, James E. Webb, Michael J. Kirwan, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

F 44: Invitations (1961 April).

Correspondents include Orval E. Faubus, John Jarman, Orville L. Freeman, Robert F. Wagner, and Victor Wickersham.

F 45: Invitations (1961 May).

Correspondents include Vance Hartke, Victor Wickersham, John Stennis, George Lynn Cross, E. T. Dunlap, and Frank E. Smith.

F 46: Invitations (1961 June).

Correspondents include John L. McClellan, Everett McKinley Dirksen, Felton M. Johnston, and Victor Wickersham.

F 47: Invitations (1961 July).

Correspondents include Estes Kefauver, Everett McKinley Dirksen, Carl T. Curtis, Ralph W. Yarborough, Olin E. Teague, Felton M. Johnston, Barbour Cox, Stanley Draper, Barry Goldwater, Carl Albert, and Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr.

F 48: Invitations (1961 August).

Correspondents include Kenneth B. Keating, Jacob K. Javits, Albert Gore, Harrison A. Williams, Jr., John Sherman Cooper, W. C. Westmoreland, Victor Wickersham, Allen J. Ellender, League of Women Voters of the United States, and Ralph M. Paiewonsky. Also includes a letter addressed to Elvis J. Stahr from the Oklahoma congressional delegation.

F 49: Invitations (1961 September).

Correspondents include Thruston B. Morton, Henry M. Jackson, Stanley Draper, and Walter J. Mahoney.

F 50: Invitations (1961 October).

Correspondents include Page Belcher, John Jarman, Albert Thomas, Stanley Draper, W. C. Westmoreland, and President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy.

F 51: Invitations (1961 November).

Correspondents include Abraham Ribicoff.

F 52: Invitations (1961 December).

F 53: Invitations (1962 January).

Correspondents include Carl Albert, Stuart Symington, Victor Wickersham, David Lyle Boren, Carter W. Bradley, Luther H. Hodges, Oklahoma State AFL-CIO, George Lynn Cross, Oliver S. Willham, and Colin F. Stam.

Box 3

F 1: Invitations (1962 February).

Correspondents include Victor Wickersham, Ralph W. Yarborough, J. W. Fulbright, Oren Harris, Stanley Draper, J. Floyd Breeding, and John M. Dalton.

F 2: Invitations (1962 March).

Correspondents include Albert D. Rosellini, Warren G. Magnuson, Henry M. Jackson, Elvis J. Stahr, Jr., Hubert H. Humphrey, Thomas K. Kuchel, Stanley Draper, Mike Mansfield, George Lynn Cross, Jim Wright, Jennings Randolph, and Jacob K. Javits.

F 3: Invitations (1962 April).

Correspondents include Harry F. Byrd, Oren E. Long, Walter H. Moeller, J. Caleb Boggs, Robert G. Baker, Keith Kahle, Stanley Draper, and Robert F. Wagner.

F 4: Invitations (1962 May).

Correspondents include Richard Russell, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., Bud Wilkinson, Anita Bryant Green, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

F 5: Invitations (1962 June).

F 6: Invitations (1962 July).

Correspondents include Jennings Randolph, Homer Thornberry, Mike Monroney, Frank J. Lausche, Ed Edmondson, Everett McKinley Dirksen, Geroge Lynn Cross, Stanley Draper, Robert G. Baker, June Edmondson, and Emanuel Celler.

F 7: Invitations (1962 August).

Correspondents include Mike Monroney, Wayne Morse, and Vance Hartke.

F 8: Invitations (1962 September).

Correspondents include Bernard J. Boyle, Stuart Symington, Buford Ellington, Robert C. Byrd, and Edward L. Gaylord.

F 9: Invitations (1962 October).

Correspondents include Stuart Symington, Carl Hayden, J. Howard Edmondson, Margaret Chase Smith, E. K. Gaylord, Ed Edmondson, George A. Smathers, and Orval E. Faubus.

F 10: Invitations (1962 November).

Correspondents include Carl T. Curtis and Wilbur D. Mills.

F 11: Invitations (1962 December).

Correspondents include Orval E. Faubus, Mike Monroney, and Oliver S. Willham.

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