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Box 3: Agriculture (1955) -- Appropriations (1949).

F 1: Agriculture, Rural Electrification Administration (1955).

Correspondence regarding activities between the Southwestern Power Administration and the Western Farmers Electric Cooperative; service to Altus Air Force Base and Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base; concern that Hoover Commission report would harm REA. Correspondents include: Southwestern Power Administration; National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

F 2: Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service (1955).

Correspondence on various soil conservation projects; concern over Hoover Commission plan to transfer soil conservation from Department of Agriculture to Army Corps of Engineers. Correspondents include: Clinton P. Anderson; Soil Conservation Service; Agricultural Conservation Program Service.

F 3: Agriculture (1956).

Cotton; acreage allotments; sweet potato crop; spotted alfalfa aphid control; livestock support program; grain market cell; breeding herd law; labeling of milk products for butterfat content; farm support program; comprehensive cotton program; livestock sold on account of drought; Federal Crop Insurance Program; surplus commodities; peanuts; grasshopper control program; flood control and disaster relief; imported commodities inspection; disposal of slaughtered hogs; securing feed for cattle; locating Animal Disease Laboratories; pension for farmers; soil and water conservation; irrigation; milk and feed cooperatives; grain sorghum producers association; bulletin of National Independent Meat Packers Association. Correspondents include: American Farm Bureau Federation; Western Beet Growers Association; National Live Stock Tax Committee; National Farmers Union; Allen J. Ellender; Victor Wickersham; Clair Engle; Stuart Symington (press release).

F 4: Agriculture, Farm Program, Correspondence (Jan. - Feb. 1956).

Correspondents include: James G. Patton, president of National Farmers Union; Henry Bellmon; Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association; John Stennis; Oklahoma Cotton Ginners Association; National Cotton Council of America; Hubert H. Humphrey; American Farm Bureau Federation.

F 5: Agriculture, Farm Program, Correspondence (Mar. - Apr. 1956).

Correspondents include: Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association; American Farm Bureau Federation; National Farmers Union.

F 6: Agriculture, Farm Program, Correspondence (May - Dec. 1956).

Correspondents include: Oklahoma Farm Bureau; National Farmers Union; John Stennis.

F 7: Agriculture, Farm Program, Data (Jan. 1956).

Information on price supports for various commodities; press release from office of Hubert H. Humphrey signed by various senators; press release from Dwight D. Eisenhower; typescript concerning president's farm message; statement by National Farmers Union on president's message; Democratic National Committee analysis of Eisenhower's message on agriculture; resolutions of American National Cattlemen's Association; National Farmers Union Farm Income Protection Program.

F 8: Agriculture, Farm Program, Data (Feb. - Sept. 1956).

Department of Agriculture report: "Proposed Soil Bank Program"; speech by Kerr: "Veto of the Farm Bill"; Democratic Fact Sheets on veto of farm bill; copy of public law on Soil Bank Act; Library of Congress report: "The National Soil Bank Program: Arguments Pro and Con"; Library of Congress report: "The Brannan Plan: A Proposed Farm Program"; press release from Mike Monroney and Kerr.

F 9: Agriculture, Farm Program, Legislation (1956).

Copy of S. 3183: To provide an improved farm program, along with amendments, reports, drafts, and memos related to the bill; copy of amendments to H.R. 12: Agricultural Act of 1956; message of Dwight D. Eisenhower in vetoing H.R. 12; legislative analysis memo: "Farm Income Lost by Eisenhower Veto of H.R. 12."

F 10: Agriculture, Farmers Home Administration (1956).

Copy of S. 3790: To strengthen the nation by providing auxiliary credit resources . . . family-sized farms; typescript: "Analysis of Proposed Farm Credit Deficiency Bill." Correspondents include: Hubert H. Humphrey.

F 11: Agriculture, Rural Electrification Administration (1956).

Typed information for Kerr on rural telephones and rural electricity; miscellaneous electric cooperatives in Oklahoma; electric power for Altus Air Force Base and Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base. Correspondents include: Richard B. Russell; National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

F 12: Agriculture (1957).

Acreage limitation on federal phosphate leases; humane slaughtering of animals; copy of S.J. Res. 24: To establish a national policy for production and utilization of food and fiber; copy of S. 1533: To strengthen the nation by providing auxiliary credit resources to preserve the family-size farm. Correspondents include: Frank Carlson; James E. Murray; Mike Mansfield.

F 13: Agriculture (1958).

Copy of S. 2924: To amend the Agricultural Act of 1949 . . . relating to price supports on dairy products; Area Economic Redevelopment Bill. Correspondents include: Richard B. Russell; Frederick G. Payne; Department of Agriculture.

F 14: Agriculture (1959).

Farm income; wheat legislation; problems of small farmers; national farm plan; compensation payments to farmers; rural electrification; copy of S. 558: To amend the Soil Bank Act; copy of H.R. 1321: To amend Reorganization Plan Number 2 of 1953; copy of S. 690: increased use of agricultural products for industrial purposes; copy of S. 7628: To simplify . . . loans to farmers; copy of H.R. 6150: To free farmers from government control; copy of H.R. 8343: preservation of acreage allotments; appropriations; Commodity Credit Corporation; dairy; Farm Credit Association; farm labor; price supports for grains; proposed Research and Industrial Administration. Correspondents include: Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association; National Farmers Union.

F 15: Agriculture, Appropriations (1960).

Correspondence concerning opposition to Yates Amendment to agriculture appropriations bill, which would have insisted on maximum use of government-owned facilities for storing surplus grain. Correspondents include: Union Equity Cooperative Exchange; Farmers Cooperative Grain Dealers Association; Oklahoma Grain and Feed Dealers Association.

F 16: Agriculture, Farm Bill (1960).

Correspondence tending to oppose Poage (H.R. 10355), McGovern (H.R. 10363), and Albert (H.R. 10356) bills and to favor Hagen (H.R. 10666) and Thompson (H.R. 10774) bills; support for S. 2759: wheat bill recommended by American Farm Bureau Federation.

F 17: Agriculture, Research on Farm Commodities (1960).

Correspondents include: Allen J. Ellender.

F 18: Agriculture (1961).

Forestry research; retail grocers' purchase of perishable goods; unemployment retraining program; Farmers Home Administration loans; wheat program; meat inspection program; cotton acreage allotments; migrant workers; surplus agricultural products; imports of cotton; export of agricultural products to Soviet Union; statements from National Farmers Union; speech by Edmund F. Buryan of Motec Industries and Minneapolis Moline entitled "A New Dimension: Agriculture: Let's Face Reality"; cabana nutria; wool; school milk; farm housing for migrant workers; agricultural conservation program; copy of S. 1908: national hog cholera eradication program; copy of H.R. 2010: To amend Title V of Agricultural Act of 1949; Ellender-Cooley Farm Bill; Farm Legislative Status Report and Farm Economic Situation; speech by James G. Patton of National Farmers Union on "Accomplishments of President Kennedy and Secretary Freeman"; excerpts of address by Orville L. Freeman; letter from office of Mike Monroney signed by several senators. Correspondents include National Association of Wool Manufacturers; National Wool Growers Association; Oklahoma State Cotton Exchange; Oklahoma Council of Churches; Richard B. Russell; Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture; National Farmers Union; Oklahoma Farmers Union; National Association of Wheat Growers; Mike Mansfield; Lee Metcalf; Orville L. Freeman.

F 19: Agriculture, Agriculture Act of 1961 (Jan. - May 1961).

Correspondence concerning H.R. 6400/S. 1643; statement by National Farmers Union; statement by Orville L. Freeman.

F 20: Agriculture, Agriculture Act of 1961 (June - Dec. 1961).

Correspondence concerning H.R. 6400/S. 1643; statement by unidentified person: "Anti-Trust Exemption for Cooperatives?" Correspondents include: Oklahoma Farmers Union; Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association; Oklahoma Farm Bureau; Orville L. Freeman; Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture; Oklahoma Beekeepers Association.

F 21: Agriculture, Feed Grains Bill (1961).

Statement by National Farmers Union; USDA Fact Sheet. Correspondents include: Oklahoma Farm Bureau; Reuel Little.

F 22: Agriculture, Price Supports (1961).

Correspondence and data on various commodities; statement by National Farmers Union.

F 23: Agriculture, Sugar Beets (1961).

Statement by Kerr. Most correspondents are southwestern Oklahoma farmers who wanted sugar beet allotments in Oklahoma.

F 24: Agriculture (1962).

Farm bill; sugar beets; perishable commodities; press release from Department of Agriculture on extension; message from president on agriculture program; copy of S. 2786: To improve and protect farm income. Correspondents include: Oklahoma Retail Grocers Association; Carl Hayden; Oklahoma State Board of Agriculture.

F 25: Air and Water Pollution (1955-1956).

Materials concerned with S. 890/H.R. 9540 (copies of bills included): To extend and strengthen the Water Pollution Control Act; testimony of H. C. Ballman, executive secretary of Air Pollution Control Association; summary of Water Pollution Control Act amendments; A Rational Approach to Air Pollution Legislation, a booklet by Manufacturing Chemists Association; "An Approach to the Air Pollution Dilemma," a speech by William C. Foster of Manufacturing Chemists Association; statement of Oveta Culp Hobby; secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare; testimony of Patrick Healy of American Municipal Association; miscellaneous statements; copy of S. 928: To research air pollution. Correspondents include: Izaak Walton League of America; Oklahoma Outdoor Council; Hubert H. Humphrey.

F 26: Air and Water Pollution (1957, 1959-1961).

Press release from John A. Blatnik. Correspondents include: Lister Hill; George Lynn Cross; Oliver S. Willham; League of Women Voters.

F 27: Anti-Trust (1949-1951).

Copy of hearing on S. 1008 on pricing practices; copy of hearing on S. 1910 on amending antitrust laws; copy of report (part 1) by Subcommittee on the Study of Monopoly Power regarding newsprint.

F 28: Anti-Trust (1952-1953, 1959-1960, 1962).

Copy of report (part 2) by Subcommittee on the Study of Monopoly Power regarding pulp; correspondence concerning S. 839: Automobile Finance and Insurance Agency Antitrust Bill and S. 215, which would require corporations in industries so heavily concentrated that monopoly or threat of monopoly was present to file notice before increasing prices.

F 29: Appropriations (1935, 1946-1949).

Improvement of Lake Texoma; copy of Public Law 260, 74th Congress (H.R. 8554), which concerns appropriations to supply deficiencies; copy of report for H. Res. 624; copy of H.R. 2849: To supply deficiencies; copy of H.R. 4177 (and report) for appropriations to independent government agencies; copy of Public Law 141, 81st Congress (H.R. 3333), regarding appropriations to Department of Labor, Federal Security Agency, and other agencies; scientific exploration of Indian mounds along reservoir projects; statement by Kerr on Southwestern Power Administration; copy of H.R. 3838 re: appropriations to Department of Interior. Correspondents include: Elmer Thomas; J. Willis Stovall; Mike Monroney; Owen Brewster with attached memorandum on maritime training by Leverett Saltonstall.

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