Box and Folder Inventory
Boxes 1-3

Box 1: Agriculture - Federal Budget

F 1: Agriculture (n.d., 1947-1962).

a. Leaflet. The Use of Cobalt in Stock Feeds, Minerals and Salt. The Shepherd Chemical Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. No date.

b. Dare Farmers Risk Abundance? What Do You Think? National Planning Association. Planning Pamphlet No. 56, February 1947.

c. Report. The REA Program in the United States in General and in Oklahoma in Particular. United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Electrification Administration. Includes Monthly Statistical Bulletin No.94, December 31, 1948.

d. Leaflet. Old-Age Security for Farm People. National Planning Association. March 1949.

e. Co-op Grain Quarterly. Publication of the National Federation of Grain Cooperatives, St. Paul, Minnesota. Winter Issue, November 1949.

f. Pamphlet. Oklahoma's Farm Research Centers: How to Know and Use Them. Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, Stillwater, Oklahoma. [1949].

g. Booklet. Geared to Abundance. Annual Report of the Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association. 1950.

h. Report of the Administrator of the Rural Electrification Administration, 1950. United States Department of Agriculture. 1950.

i. Soil-Conserving Tillage Systems for Corn. Farmers' Bulletin No. 2118, U. S. Department of Agriculture. 1958.

j. Leaflet. Soil Conservation Districts: What They Are, How They Work, How SCS Helps Them. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service. May 1959.

k. Leaflet. Working Together: A Joint Program of Action for Maintaining and Improving Working Relations Between the Soil Conservation Service and the Soil Conservation District. U. S. Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service and the National Association of Soil Conservation Districts. May 1959.

l. Magazine. Harvester World. April 1960; September-October 1960.

m. Oklahoma: Agricultural Conservation Program Handbook for 1962. U. S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service. 1961.

n. Leaflet. The Soil Conservation Service: What It Is and What It Does. U. S. Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service. May 1961.

o. Speech. The Cooperative in Our Free-Enterprise System. John C. Satterfield before the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives on January 10, 1961.

F 2: Business and Industry (n.d., 1946-1959).

a. Brochure Containing Data on the Organization and Composite Experience of J. Gordon Turnbull, Inc., Coston and Frankfurt, Engineers - Architects. No date.

b. Speech. Industrial Development: From War to Peace. James H. Blundell before Southwestern Social Science Association, April 20, 1946.

c. Booklet. History and By-Laws of the Union Equity Co-Operative Exchange, Enid, Oklahoma, 1926-1948. [1949].

d. Speech. The Need for Research in Marketing. Robert T. Haslam before the American Marketing Association on December 27, 1949.

e. Annual Report for 1952. Ideal Cement Company. [1952].

f. Annual Report: Dorsett Laboratories, 1955.

g. Brochure. Dorsett Laboratories, Inc.: Military and Industrial Research and Development. 1954.

h. Booklet. Benham Engineering Company and Affiliates-Oklahoma City: Celebrating Its 50th Anniversary, 1909-1959. [1959].

F 3: Business and Industry (1960-1961).

a. Directory of Small Firms Located Within Labor Surplus Areas. Small Business Administration. Dallas, Texas. [1960].

b. Leaflet. SBA Disaster Loans for Businesses and Homes. Small Business Administration. 1960.

c. Leaflet. SBA Business Loans, Loan Policies, Who Can Borrow, How to Apply. Small Business Administration. 1960.

d. Magazine. Lawyers Title News. January 1960 through March 1961.

e. Magazine. National Publisher. June 1961.

f. Press Kit, Science Square Dedication, October 27, 1961. Dorsett Electronics, Inc., Norman, Oklahoma.

F 4: Citizenship and U.S. History (n.d., 1943-1962).

a. Pamphlet. Liberty is the Most Precious Word in the English Language. From Liberty Magazine. No date.

b. Pamphlet. How Can We Win 700 Millions to America's Side? Clarence Poe. No date.

c. Booklet. Americanism: A Record of Historical Facts Since 1776. G.V. Labadie. 1943.

d. Reference material. Presidents of the United States: 1789-1947. Library of Congress Legislative Reference Service. July 1947.

e. Booklet. Preserving America's Heritage. National Council for Historic Sites and Buildings. [1949].

f. Reprinted article. "An American National Trust." From Landscape Architecture. January 1949.

g. Booklet. Good Citizen: The Rights and Duties of an American. The American Heritage Foundation. 1951.

h. Booklet. Cradles of American Liberty. Fred E. Tarman. 1958.

i. Booklet. Our U.S.A. The Supreme Council 33 degrees, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. 1961.

j. Public Relations Guide for Veterans Day National Committee. Veterans Administration. 1962.

F 5: Civic Organizations (n.d., 1950-1962).

a. Pamphlet. Courage for Tomorrow. The Florence Crittenton League. New York. No date.

b. Brochure. The Temperance and Tolerance Association of America. Lincoln, Nebraska. No date.

c. Booklet. The Y.M.C.A. New Camp Development. Arbuckle Mountains. No date.

d. Booklet. Pestalozzi Foundation of America. [1950]

e. Booklet. The Pestalozzian Movement and its Relation to World Peace - an Appraisal of the Contribution to World Peace of Herman C. Honegger. Melvin A. Conant. November 1, 1950.

f. Brochure. 1955 Oklahoma Girls State. American Legion Auxiliary. 1955

g. Booklet. Forty Years of a Great Idea. League of Women Voters of the United States. [1960].

h. Newsletter. The National Voter. The League of Women Voters of the United States. May 1960

i. Booklet. 40 Years of Building Men. Hutcherson Branch of the Y.M.C.A. January 31, 1961.

j. Press release regarding the surprise presentation to be made to Senator Hayden August 18. League of Women Voters of the United States. August 18, 1961.

k. Delegates Daily, the 1962 National Explorer Conference newspaper. 1962.

F 6: Communism (n.d., 1949-1962).

a. Pamphlet. Sentinels of Liberty. George Edward Sullivan. March 1949.

b. Book manuscript. The Delusions of Marx and the World's Dilemma. Fred G. Lange. 1950.

c. Reprinted article. "How to WIN a War." From The Freeman. Ed Lipscomb of The Foundation for Economic Education, Inc. 1960.

d. Sermons. "Rather Dead than Red" and "Can Christianity Meet the Challenge of Communism?" Dr. T. T. Crabtree, Immanuel Baptist Church. Tulsa, Oklahoma. October 15 and 22, 1961.

e. Booklet. A Business Man Looks at Communism. Fred C. Koch. December 1961.

f. Broadcast. The Manion Forum. South Bend, Indiana. December 10, 1961.

g. Booklet. Communism Menaces Freedom. Willard Givens and Belmont M. Farley. The Supreme Council, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. 1962.

F 7: Conservation (n.d., 1946-1961).

a. Brochure. What to Do with 500,000,000 Acres of Government Land. Natural Resources Department, Chamber of Commerce of the United States. 1946.

b. Referendum No. 88 of Organization Members on Public Land Policies. Chamber of Commerce of the United States. March 14, 1946.

c. Newsletter. The Junior Review. November 19, 1945; March 25,1946.

d. Newsletter. My Weekly Reader: The Children's Newspaper. Vol. 15, No. 27. April 1-5, 1946

e. Aqua: Official Journal of the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission - Victoria. Vol. 2, No.6. Australia. February 1951.

f. Newsletter. National Resources Notes. No. 58. Natural Resources Department. Chamber of Commerce of the United States. July 1951.

g. Magazine. Frontier. Featuring article by Harold Ickes, entitled, "Save the Tidelands." September 1951.

h. Booklet. Drouth: A Report. Prepared under the direction of the special assistant to the president for public works planning. October 1958.

i. Brochure. Fish and Game Activities. Tennessee Valley Authority. November 1959.

j. RFF Annual Report 1960. Resources for the Future, Inc. 1960.

k. Booklet. Reservoirs: A Prospectus for Sport Fishery Research. U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife. 1961.

l. Speech. Water in Australia. L. R. East, chairman, State Rivers and Water Supply Commission, given before Royal Australian Chemical Institute November 29, 1960. Reprinted in Aqua, February 1961.

m. Brochure. Getting the Most Out of Water Resources. Resources for the Future, Inc. Washington, DC. May, 1961.

F 8: Defense and Military (1945-1958).

a. Report. The Geographic Distribution of Manufacturing Facilities Expansion, July 1940 - May 1944. War Production Board, Program and Statistics Bureau Facilities Branch. June 1, 1945.

b. Report. Production: Wartime Achievements and the Reconversion Outlook - A Report to the War Production Board. War Production Board Document No. 334. J. A. Krug. October 9, 1945.

c. Report regarding the suitability of the Oklahoma Ordinance Works. [1949].

d. Magazine. The Air Reservist. October 1954.

e. Brochure. The Ideal Locale For Industry Moving Toward the Great Southwest... Department of the Army. [1957].

f. Report. Facilities Available for Lease. Oklahoma Ordinance Works. Pryor, Oklahoma. December 12, 1957.

g. Publication. Invitation for Proposals - US Army Industrial Installations Available for Lease. U.S. Army Division Southwestern. Dallas, Texas. [1958].

F 9: Democratic Party (1960-1961).

a. Letter from Lyndon Johnson. August 2, 1960.

b. Booklet. A Case Book of Eisenhower-Nixon Administration: Waste, Corruption, and Favoritism. Democratic National Committee. October 1960.

c. Press release regarding Mrs. John F. Kennedy's appointment of Letitia K. Baldridge as social secretary. Democratic National Committee. November 16, 1960.

d. Program for 1961 annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Oklahoma City. Democratic Party of Oklahoma. April 15, 1961.

F 10: Economy (1946-May 1953).

a. Chapter from the book, New Deal vs. Old Deal by Harve L. Melton. Has recommendation from Kerr. 1948.

b. Bulletin. OPS Guide... to Ceiling Price Regulation 7. Office of Price Stabilization. 1951.

c. Pamphlet. The Concept of a Free Market for Government Bonds. Guarantee Trust Company of New York. 1953.

d. Report. The Interest-Boosting Spiral of 1953. The Public Affairs Institute. 1953.

e. Speech. Factors Affecting Interest Rates. Aubrey G. Lanston before National Association of Mutual Savings Bonds. May 11, 1953.

F 11: Economy (June 1953-1962).

a. Magazine. The Guarantee Survey. June 1953; July 1953.

b. Newsletter. Monthly Letter on Economic Conditions Government Finance. From the National City Bank of New York. July 1953.

c. Newsletter. Monetary Notes. Walter E. Spahr. Economists' National Committee on Monetary Policy. July 1, 1953.

d. Report on the Business Outlook. No. 752. Washington, DC. July 16, 1953.

e. Article. "Hard Money Is Unwarranted." Marriner S. Eccles in The Mortgage Banker. October 1953.

f. Kiplinger Washington Letter. September 7, 1957 to February 21, 1959.

g. Quarterly. Thought: A Review of Culture and Ideas. Vol. 35, No. 139, Winter 1960. Issue titled: Economic Depreciation and Employment in the 1960s. Fordham University.

h. Reprinted Article. "On the South's Recent Economic Development." From The Southern Economic Journal. Vol. 28, No. 1, July 1961.

i. Booklet. The Case Against Commercial Bank Underwriting of Revenue Bonds. The Committee for Study of Revenue Bond Financing. October 1962.

F 12: Education (1951-1956).

a. Article. "Senator Robert S. Kerr Takes Definite Action in Support of Federal Legislation and Appropriations to School Districts..." From unknown source. [1951].

b. Booklet. Projection Techniques in the Public School Curriculum, 1940-1954: The Analysis of Line Drawings in the Orientation of Eight Grades. By Sara Atherton. 1953.

c. Photographic report. Oklahoma Power and Propulsion Laboratory at Stillwater: The Development of Horsepower in Oklahoma. 36 photographs. 1954.

d. Report regarding the suitability of Oklahoma A. and M. College for housing the proposed Animal Disease Laboratory of the United States Department of Agriculture. [1956].

F 13: Education (1957-1961).

a. Report. Federal Programs in Higher Education. Summary of a discussion by the Trustees of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, from 1956-1957 Annual Report.

b. Report. Education for the Economic Challenges of Tomorrow: A Report of A Symposium in Conjunction with Tenth Anniversary Observance of the Joint Council on Economic Education 1949-1959. [1958].

c. Publication. The Great Plan: An Incandescent Concept. Oklahoma City University. [1960].

d. Annual Report on Activities of Oklahoma Council on Economic Education for1959-1960 to Members, Executive Committee, Oklahoma Council on Economic Education. Ted W. Coover, University of Tulsa. September 15, 1960.

e. Sooner Magazine. November 1960.

f. Report of the Economic Education Committee of the Southern States Work Conference. 1961.

g. Article Reprint. "Economic Education." From Educational Leadership. Vol. 18, No. 8, May 1961.

h. Newsletter Joint Council on Economic Education. November 1961.

F 14: Electricity (1949, 1956-1957).

a. 10th Annual Statement - 1949 Cotton Electric Cooperative, Walters, Oklahoma. 1949.

b. Booklet. The Magic Behind Your Dial. 1956.

c. Annual Report 1956. Western Electric.

d. Brochure. The Story of Western Electric. Manufacturing and Supply Unit of the Bell System. January 1957.

F 15: Federal Budget (1950-1952).

a. Government document. The Federal Budget in Brief. For fiscal year 1951; fiscal year 1952; fiscal year 1953. Executive Office of the President, Bureau of the Budget.

b. Government document. Summary of the President's 1953 Budget. Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation. 1952.

Box 2: Foreign Affairs - Oklahoma

F 1: Foreign Affairs (n.d., 1948-1959).

a. Pamphlet. Moral Re-Armament. Richard S. Weil. No date.

b. Pamphlets concerning the National Peace Conference. No date.

c. Report of the First Session: November 1948. Anglo-American Council on Productivity.

d. Brochure. Ireland's Right to Unity. From the All-Party Anti-Partition Conference. Dublin, Ireland. 1949.

e. Speech. Delivered by Frank Holman, President of the American Bar Association before the District of Columbia Bar Association. February 8, 1949.

f. Brochure. Foreign Affairs Outlines: Building the Peace. No. 19. Department of State. Spring 1949.

g. Brochure. The North Atlantic Pact. The Department of State. March 1949.

h. Brochure. North Atlantic Treaty Proposed for Signature... Department of State. March 1949.

i. Article Reprint. "Alternatives to Catastrophe." By Lewis Mumford, from Air Affairs, Vol. 3, No. 2. Spring 1950.

j. Booklet. GOA: 15th August, 1955. Information Service of India. [1955].

k. Report. Civil Defense in Western Europe and the Soviet Union. Committee on Government Operations. 1959.

l. Report. Spotlight on Our Foreign Aid Program, a third report revised. By the Citizens Foreign Aid Committee. July 30, 1959.

F 2: Foreign Affairs (1960-1962).

a. Booklet. Communist Plan for World Conquest: Strategy and Tactics. By Robert K. Burns. Occasional Papers Series published by the A. G. Bush Library, University of Chicago, July 1960.

b. Transcripts. American Viewpoints. Television interviews from "Right to Reply" series. September, 1960.

c. Book. Our Two Countries: India and America. M.C. Chagla. Information Services of India. 1961.

d. Brochure. A New Program for a Decade of Development for Understanding Underdeveloped Areas of the World. Department of State. [1961].

e. Pamphlet. United States and World Trade: Basic Objectives and Major Issues. Department of State. August 7, 1961.

f. Booklet. Foreign Aid: Facts and Fallacies. Department of State. July 1961.

g. Brochure. Facts About GOA. Information Service of India. December 17, 1961.

h. Newsletter. Weekly Crusader. December 22, 1961.

i. Pamphlet. The New Trade Expansion Act. Department of State. 1962.

F 3: Government Publications (1950-1961).

a. Report. Production of Electric Energy and Capacity of Generating Plants - 1950. Federal Power Commission.

b. Report of Joint Committee on Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures. 1952.

c. Pamphlet. Special Naturalization Benefits for Veterans Wives and Husbands of United States Citizens. United States Department of Justice. 1953.

d. Pamphlet. United States Immigration Laws: General Information. United States Department of Justice. 1956.

e. Report. An Analysis of Food Stamp Plans. United States Department of Agriculture. January 3, 1957.

f. Booklet. What to Know about Drug Addiction." U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. May 1958.

g. Report. Cheeses and Cheese Products. U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Food and Drug Administration. November 1959.

h. Announcement of U.S. Government Surplus - Real Estate, Minerals and Improvements - Public Auction at University of Oklahoma, October 17, 1960.

i. Report. Zinc. U.S. Department of the Interior. 1961.

j. Report. Research Grants and Awards - U.S. Public Health Service. United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. July-August 1961.

k. Report. Review of Selected Activities of Facilities and Material Depot Aeronautical Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Federal Aviation Agency. By the Comptroller General of the United States. October 1961.

F 4: Highways (1946-1949).

a. Brochure. Oklahoma Highways. Oklahoma State Highway Commission. 1946.

b. Report. Report of the State Highway Commission and Director to the Governor of Oklahoma, July 1, 1946 to December 31, 1948.

F 5: Highways (1954-1960).

b. Data tables describing apportionment of federal-aid highway funds and various statistics. [1954].

c. Report. Analysis by U.S. Bureau of Public Roads of July Reader's Digest Article on Interstate Highway Program. U.S. Department of Commerce. [1958].

d. Press releases from U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Public Roads regarding federal-aid highway funds. 1957-1959.

e. Reprinted article. "A Road Building Boom." From Roads and Streets, August 1958.

f. Brochure. Alaska and the Alaska Highway. American Automobile Association. 1959.

g. Third Progress Report of the Highway Cost Allocation Study. Secretary of Commerce. 1959.

F 6: Indian Affairs (1947-1954, 1961).

a. Pamphlet. Cherokee Indian Reservation. Western North Carolina. [1947].

b. Legal Brief. Brief of Amici Curiae in Allbaugh case. The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska... 1949.

c. Second Annual Report of Indian Education in Oklahoma - 1949. State Department of Public Instruction. 1949.

d. Brochure. Second Annual Cherokee National Holiday. Tahlequah, Oklahoma. September 6, 1954.

F 7: Legal and Judicial Issues (1943-1950).

a. Booklet. 1001 Embezzlers: A Study in Defalcations in Business. United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company. 1943.

b. Brief in Support of Application for Recognition of the Oklahoma Community Property Law of 1945. [1945].

c. Report. New Community Property Law for Oklahoma: Should the Act Provide for Withdrawal from Community Property Law by Agreement of Husband and Wife? 1945.

d. Program for the ninth annual meeting of the Oklahoma Bar Association. 1947.

e. Brief for Appellant... Raymond Jackson... vs. the Carter Oil Company. [1948].

f. Booklet. 1001 Embezzlers Post War: A Study of Defalcations in Business, 1947, 1948, 1949. United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co. 1950.

F 8: Miscellaneous (n.d., 1947-1955).

a. Travel brochure. Enchanting Virginia. State of Virginia. No date.

b. Pamphlet. Liberalism: Then and Now. County National Bank and Trust C. of Santa Barbara. No date.

c. Tribute to the Memory of Robert Latham Owen. First National Bank and Trust Company, Muskogee, Oklahoma. [1947].

d. Brochure. For Freedom and Justice (Polish immigration). [1949].

e. Magazine. Railway Progress. March 1949.

f. Essay Collection. The Public's Stake in Full Freedom of Information. American Newspaper Publishers Association. 1950.

g. Transcript. The University of Chicago Round Table - What Freedom of Information Means to You. February 5, 1950.

h. Weekly letters. P. U. R. Executive Information Service. September 15, 1950 to June 15, 1951.

i. Magazine. The Dry Legion. August 1951.

j. Pamphlet. Your Guide to Washington, DC (introduction by Senator Kerr). 1954.

k. Booklet. Death Penalty for Dope Peddlers. George E. Dilley. 1954.

l. Booklet. The Eisenhower Myth. Myron C. Fagan. 1955. Re-issued in 1961.

F 9: Miscellaneous (1958-1961).

a. Pamphlet. Block Hawaiian Statehood! We Don't Need a Fiftieth Oriental State! [1959].

b. Magazine. Retirement Life. National Executive Committee. September 1960.

c. Brochure. Seattle World's Fair 1962. [1961].

d. Travel Brochure. The Real Detroit. Mayor's Committee for Economic Growth. 1961.

e. Magazine. The Cross and the Flag. September 1961.

f. Booklet. The Competitive Challenge to Steel. American Iron and Steel Institute. December 1961.

g. Brochure. New York World's Fair 1964-1965. September 14, 1961.

F 10: Oklahoma (n.d., 1937-1948).

a. Tourist pamphlet. Fourteen Flags Over Oklahoma. Muriel H. Wright. Oklahoma Historical Society. No date.

b. Brochure. Sequoyah. Smithsonian Institute. No date.

c. Pamphlet. My Oklahoma. Reford Bond. No date.

d. Pamphlet. Reford Bond - Public Servant. Floyd Green. No date.

e. Pamphlet. The Trial of Christ. Reford Bond. No date.

f. Draft. The Trial of Christ. Reford Bond. No date.

g. Pamphlet. Oklahoma Emblems and Historic Places. Oklahoma Library Commission. 1937.

h. Tourist Brochure. Facts About Oklahoma. State of Oklahoma. [1946].

i. Program for the 38th Annual Meeting of the Governor's Conference. May 26-29, 1946.

j. Publication. The Arbiter - For Oklahoma Public Officials. Vol. 19, No. 2. April 1947.

k. Pamphlet. Beware of Wet Whitewash. David C. Shapard. [1948].

l. Cooperator Magazine. March 1948.

F 11: Oklahoma (1949-1959).

a. Magazine. The Oklahoma Transporter. January 1949.

b. Booklet. Public Welfare in Oklahoma: Statistics. Department of Public Welfare. September 1949.

c. Pamphlet. The Sooner Run of '51. University of Oklahoma. 1951.

d. Booklet. Pipe Dreams. Delbert Davis. 1952.

e. Booklet. A History of SPA. Southwestern Power Administration. Tulsa, Oklahoma. April 1, 1952.

f. Magazine. The Oklahoma Publisher. Vol. 24, No. 2. April 1953.

g. Newsletter. Sooner State Press. Vol. 46, No. 28. Norman, Oklahoma. April 3, 1954.

h. Script for 1955 Gridiron Show of the Oklahoma Press Association. 1955.

i. Booklet. National Cowboy Hall of Fame Development Fund.

j. Booklet. Oklahoma's Biggest Community and How It Is Served. Concerned with KWTV community. Spring 1958.

j. Booklet. Oklahoma Labor Market. Oklahoma State Employment Service.

k. Magazine. Oklahoma: State of Industry. [1959].

l. Magazine. There's a Big New Push in Oklahoma. An area survey by Industrial Development and Manufacturers Record. September 1959.

F 12: Oklahoma (1960-1962).

a. Pamphlets related to the Memorial Hospital campaign in Weatherford. [1960].

b. Report. Invest in Oklahoma - Insurance Companies Do - Why Not You? Oklahoma - Acts and Facts. Hunt and Anderson. Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner. February 1961.

c. Booklet. Boat Manufacturing in Oklahoma. College of Business Administration, University of Oklahoma. October 1960.

d. Report. General Plan of Study for Science and Natural Resources Foundation Property - Ada, Oklahoma. October 1962.

Box 3: Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce - Weather and Climatological Data

F 1: Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce (1955-1962).

Folder includes broken file of the chamber's weekly publication, Oklahoma.

F 2: Oklahoma Development Council (1957-1960).

Folder includes broken file of newsletters of the council.

F 3: Oklahoma Planning and Resources Board (n.d., 1953-1957).

Folder includes travel booklets as well as a broken file of the board's publication, Resourceful Oklahoma.

F 4: Petroleum (n.d., 1934, 1949-1956).

a. Pamphlets on petroleum-related issues. No date.

b. Booklet. 75 Years of Oil Progress, 1859-1934. Commemorative booklet issued by the Oil Well Supply Company on the occasion 75th anniversary of the beginning of the oil industry.

c. Booklet. Dedication: Coal to Oil Demonstration Plants. Bureau of Mines, Louisiana, Missouri. May 8, 1949.

d. Magazine. The TIPRO Reporter. Vol. 1, No. 11. November 1949.

e. Paper. The Second Experiment in the Underground Gasification of Coal at Gorgas, Alabama, and Its Progress. Milton H. Fies. [1949].

f. Pamphlet. Percentage Depletion and its Appropriate Rate. American Petroleum Institute. [1950].

g. Brochure. Achievements and Unsolved Problems in Oil and Gas Conservation. Hines Baker, president of Humble Oil and Refining Company. 1950.

h. Remarks of Harrington Wimberly at Interstate Oil Compact Commission. Houston, Texas. December 12, 1950.

i. Reprinted article. "The Fight to Free Independent Gas Producers Must Go On." From Public Utilities Fortnightly. Robert S. Kerr. October 12, 1950.

j. Pamphlet. A Case History of Lazy Journalism and a Recent Petroleum Story. Texas Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association. May 11, 1950.

k. Brochure. Oil: Key to Progress and Security. American Petroleum Institute. 1951.

l. Thirty-Fifth Annual Report - Phillips Petroleum Company, 1952.

m. Brochure. The Case for 27 % Depletion. Editors of Oil and Gas Journal. [1953].

n. Booklet. The Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated in America. Leon Melekov, president of Donleon Oil Company. 1953.

o. Brochure. A Step in the Wrong Direction. Natural Gas and Oil Resources Committee . [1955].

p. Booklet. Natural Gas: A Brief Review 1955-1956. Natural Gas and Oil Resources Committee.

F 5: Petroleum (1957-1962).

a. Booklet. Natural Gas: A Brief Review. Natural Gas and Oil Resources Committee. 1957.

b. Booklet. The Regulation of Natural Gas. James W. McKie. American Enterprise Association, Inc. June 1957.

c. Report. New Buildings Needed for Petroleum Experiment Station. Bureau of Mines. Bartlesville, Oklahoma. May 1959.

d. Report. Work of the Petroleum Experiment Station... Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. March 1959.

e. Magazine. Oil. September 1960.

f. Quarterly. Petroleum Today. Winter, 1961-1962.

g. Program for Oil and Petroleum Products Appreciation Day. Enid, Oklahoma. April 20, 1962.

h. Newsletter. Empire Trust Letter. Edition titled, The Challenge of Soviet Oil. [1962].

i. Letter. Status of Oil Import Fight. Texas Independent Owners Association: Producers and Royalty. July 5, 1962.

j. Magazine. Independent Petroleum Monthly. September, 1962.

k. Newsletters. Executive Report. Independent Petroleum Association of America. July - October 1962 .

l. Pamphlet. Mike Monroney's Record on Oil and Gas. [1962].

F 6: Pollution (1960-1962).

a. Report. Pollution Abatement. E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. Wilmington, Delaware. 1961.

b. Pamphlet. The Crisis just around the... Corner. 1961.

c. Article. "Water: Basic Resource, Critical Problem. Joseph. J. Delaney in International Operating Engineer. March 1960.

d. Division of Water Supply and Pollution Control Project Register. U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. March 31, 1961; June 30, 1961; and July 31, 1961.

e. Booklet. Building for Clean Water - A Progress Report on Federal Incentive Grants for Municipal Waste Treatment: 1962. U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

f. Booklet. Protecting Our Water Resources: The Federal Water Pollution Control Program. U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. 1962.

g. Booklet. The Struggle for Clean Water. U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. 1962.

h. Magazine. The National Publisher. Contains an article entitled, "Clean Water for Your Town." March 1962.

i. Speech. Focus for Clean Water. Presented by Gordon E. McCallum of the Division of Water Supply and Pollution Control, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, at annual Chamber of Commerce banquet in Ada, Oklahoma. July 2, 1962.

F 7: Population (1958-1962).

a. Kiplinger Washington Letter. December 26, 1958.

b. Brochure. Oklahoma Population. [1960].

c. Data table. Preliminary County Totals for Oklahoma, 1960 Census of Population. United States Department of Commerce. July 15, 1960.

d. Brochure. The Big Growth Ahead. [1962].

e. Publication. Current Population Reports - Special Censuses. November 26, 1962.

F 8: Religion (n.d., 1944-1961).

a. Pamphlet. Captive Schools: An American Tragedy. Protestants and Other Americans United For Separation of Church and State. No date.

b. Pamphlet. Nations in Distress. M. R. De Haan, M.D. No date.

c. Pamphlet. YFC.. The Trail of Evangelism. No date.

d. Pamphlet. The American Center for Theological Studies, Inc. Fern Mountain, Muskogee, Oklahoma. No date.

e. Booklet. Is It Murder to Kill in Defensive War? E. F. Webber. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. No date.

f. Booklet. America Will Win the War. E. F. Webber. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. No date.

g. Booklet. Christianity: A Fulfillment of Judaism. Reverend Seraphim Nassar. 1944.

h. Sermon. The Centenary Pulpit Series. Sermon entitled, That There Might Be Peace. Dr. Mark Depp. 1949.

i. A Prayer for My Pastor. Robert S. Kerr. 1955.

j. Report. California Baptist College, Riverside, California. The Southern Baptist General Convention of California. 1961.

F 9: Space (1934).

Folder includes 6 issues of the literary magazine, Space. It was published monthly at Norman, Oklahoma. It was edited by B. A. Botkin with Paul C. Snodgrass as contributing editor.

F 10: Space and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (n.d., 1959-1962).

a. Booklet. Hawaiian Launching Base. The Ralph M. Parsons Company. March 1959.

b. Press releases from NASA concerning hiring personnel. 1960-1961.

c. Paper. World Security and the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Eilene Galloway. 1960.

d. Paper. The United Nations Ad Hoc Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Eilene Galloway. 1960.

e. Lecture. Competitive Private Enterprise in Space. Ralph J. Cordiner, Chairman of the Board, General Electric Company. May 4, 1960.

f. Press Kit. Welcome to George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. NASA. March 15, 1961.

g. Press release from NASA on the Saturn Project. April 13, 1961.

h. Press release from NASA on Project Mercury. NASA. April 26, 1961.

i. Article reprint. "The Senseless Race to Put Man in Space." From Reader's Digest, May 1961.

j. Report. Proceedings of First National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space. Tulsa, Oklahoma. May 26-27, 1961.

k. Information packet. Project Telstar. July 8, 1962.

l. Press Release. NASA-Telstar Contract. NASA. July 8, 1962.

m. Brochure. The Planetarium. The Franklin Institute. September 18, 1962.

F 11: Taxation (n.d., 1951-1952, 1957, 1962).

a. Pamphlet. Here's Your Bill...$1,589.00. No date.

b. Bulletin. Senate Finance Committee Votes to Partially Tax the Tax Exempts! National Tax Equality Association. September 10, 1951.

c. Publication. Tax Outlook. December 1951.

d. Booklet. Tax Loop Holes. Hubert H. Humphrey. Public Affairs Institute. 1952.

e. Article. "Tax Loopholes: Fact or Myth?" Robert S. Kerr. From Look Magazine, March 13, 1962.

F 12: Weather and Climatological Data (1941, 1957-1962).

a. Report. Climate of the States - Oklahoma. United States Department of Commerce. 1941.

b. Magazine. Systems. Issue entitled, Univac Pinpoints the Weather. Vol. 21, No. 2. March/April 1957.

c. Article. "The Forecasting and Modification of Weather." From L'Atlantiove Nord (The North Atlantic), official publication of NATO. June 1957.

d. Press release on statement of weather forecasting. American Meteorological Society. July 1, 1957.

e. Report. Climatological Data - Oklahoma. U.S. Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau. July 1957; November 1961; February 1962; March 1962; April 1962.

f. Booklet. SODETEP (Society for Developing Techniques for Causing Rain). Publication in French, outlining activities of the years 1956, 1957, and 1958.

g. Report. Some Aspects of Space Age Meteorology. American Institute of Aerological Research. April 1958.

h. Reprinted article. "Long-Range Weather Forecasting as a Water Supply Tool." Irving P. Krick. From Journal of the American Water Works Association. Vol. 51, No. 11, November 1959.

i. Report. Weather Modification Operations - Summary for November 1960. Water Resources Development Corporation. January 9, 1961.

j. Report. Presentation to the Alberta Research Council Hail Studies Advisory Committee, 1961 Fall Meeting.

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