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Series 3: Personal Correspondence (continued)

F 1: Personal Correspondence (January-June 1952).

From Paul Godehn about his illness.

To Allie Schachle, concerning farm chores.

To Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Lindquist.

From M. C. Mulligan concerning Lee's recovery; Lee's reply.

To Josie F. Lee, general. Includes several letters.

To Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Leasure, holiday greetings.

To Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lee, general.

From John A. Smith concerning Lee's recovery; Lee's reply.

Series of letters between Lee and Marvin Lee Ritch.

From Wayne Parish inviting Lee to a reception; Lee's regrets.

From Victor Wickersham regarding Lee's interest in car accident of Wickersham's son, Galen.

From R. Earl McKaughan re: Black Gold Certificate; Lee's reply.

To W. A. Patterson concerning death of Paul Godehn; Patterson acknowledged.

From E. Schonwald concerning Lee's illness; Lee's reply.

To Sherman W. Glass.

To Mrs. Paul Godehn re death of Mr. Godehn; Mrs. Godehn's reply.

To Oliver S. Willham congratulating him on his appointment as president of Oklahoma A&M; Willham's in reply; invitation to commencement.

To Billy Graham.

From Laura Lee.

To Robert and Louise McKinney, general.

From J. D. Grey of Southern Baptist Convention; Lee's reply.

From Jayne N. Montgomery.

To Margaret Ann Moody re: job with Albert Gore.

To J. T. Trippe.

To James McGranery.

To the John B. Stetson Co. concerning a hat; John B. Stetson Co.'s reply.

From Naomi Foster asking Lee for a "personal letter" for paper she was writing.

To Lewis J. Moorman requesting Moorman inscribe his book, Pioneer Doctor; Moorman's response.

To Charles W. Lowry re: inscription in Lowry's book Communism and Christ; Lowry's response.

To N. E. George.

From Milton S. Kronheim inviting Lee to a banquet in honor of President Truman.

From C. J. Tippett, regarding autographed copy of Lee's book; Lee's secretary acknowledged on behalf of Lee.

To A. E. Mayer.

To John Meacham.

To Royce Savage, general and upcoming presidential campaign; from Savage.

To Mary Virginia Lee, general.

To the Pennsylvania Railroad Co. concerning a refund.

To Jim Ray, general.

To C. R. Smith, general.

F 2: Personal Correspondence (July-December 1952).

To Rae Meacham expressing sorrow over the death of Mrs. Meacham's husband.

To Mrs. Charles Perry concerning marketing articles written by William Jones; also letter from William Jones; Lee's reply.

From J. W. Patterson requesting information about Lee's philosophy of speech; Lee's response.

To Josie F. Lee, general. Includes several letters.

To Mr. and Mrs. Stanley McElderry.

To Mary Virginia Lee, general. Included with a letter in August is one to and another from Kate and Trezevant Crabtree.

From Cecil W. Woods concerning building restrictions; Lee's reply.

From Milam Luton concerning the city of Lindsay's Golden Anniversary celebration; Lee's reply.

To S. Matsuo of Japan Air Lines thanking him for tablecloth.

To George Lowe.

To Mike Monroney.

To Mrs. L. D. Hart.

To H. O. Woods concerning farm news.

To Opal C. Lee.

Correspondence between Dr. G. Kearnie Keegan and Lee concerning travel problems anticipated in the meeting of the Baptist World Youth Conference.

From Mrs. Horace Wilson concerning a death in her family.

To Shirley Strong concerning tickets.

From Charles (postcard).

From Bill Williams thanking Lee for a book.

To Robert J. Lee, general.

Invoice from Davidson and Case Lumber Co.

From A. J. Shudde in reply to a letter sent by Lee concerning purchase of a hat; Lee's reply.

From Roland Lee; Lee's reply.

To Paul Harvey.

To N. L. Silberberg thanking him for an ash tray.

To Edward E. Slattery, Jr.

F 3: Personal Correspondence (January-May 1953).

Bill from Cargill & Murphy.

To Davidson and Case Lumber Company regarding payment of bill.

To Norman Transcript.

Correspondence between Lee and Allie H. Schachle concerning farm business.

Bill from Horn Nursery; letter accompanying Lee's payment.

Bill from Waggoners Sheet Metal Shop.

Correspondence between Lee and Harold Cooksey re: insurance.

Bills and receipts from Chickasaw Lumber Co.

Correspondence between Lee and the U.S. Department of Agriculture; mostly concerned with soil conservation.

Bills and payment from Kirk & Son.

F 4: Personal Correspondence (June-August 1953).

To Allie H. Schachle concerning farm business.

Bills from Felton Tile Company.

Correspondence between Lee and his wife, Louise.

To Montgomery Ward (OK. City) - Itemized bill included.

Bills and letter accompany payment from Lee to Norman Builders Supply Co.

Bills from J. R. Swinney Butane and Propane Co.

Bill from Al Shobert Linoleum and Carpet Service; letter re: payment from Lee.

Correspondence between Lee and L. M. Haun concerning work done for Lee by Haun.

From Smith-James Insurance Service welcoming Lee to their "Insurance Family."

Bill from Warden and Son McCormick Deering farm machines and implements.

Correspondence between Lee and James S. Fooks of Burrows Insurance and Weatherstrip Co. concerning an unsatisfactory job on Lee's farm.

From William Ziff, general.

Bill from the Dolese Co.; letter accompanying payment.

Bills from Kunkel Plumbing Supply Co.; Lee's reply.

F 5: Personal Correspondence (September-December 1953).

Bills from Davidson and Case Lumber Company; Lee's response.

Bills from Waters Electric Co.

From Robert S. Kerr re get well.

Correspondence between Lee and Allie H. Schachle concerning farm business.

To Oklahoma A&M College.

To Meyer Pump Service with attached bill.

To Oliver S. Willham concerning information on farming.

From Carl Sherman, U.S. Department of Agriculture concerning an application for payment; letter accompanying Lee's application.

Correspondence between Lee and Fred Burress.

Correspondence between Lee and J. L. Haun concerning rent.

To Virgil Dunford concerning farm work; From Dunford in reply; to Dunford canceling the plans.

Bill from Hotel Muehlebach, Kansas City, MO.

Bills from Southern-Midwest Machine and Tool Mfg. Co.

Bills and correspondence from the Long-Bell Lumber Co.

Correspondence between Lee and W. C. Winningham, concerning the Lee farm.

Correspondence between Lee and Doyle Pope.

To Mr. and Mrs. Joe 5 Lee concerning a military appointment for their son; attached letter from Robert S. Kerr concerning appointment.

F 6: Personal Correspondence: Jameson and Sayre Complete Building Service (1953).

Correspondence and bills from Jameson and Sayre Complete Building Service.

F 7: Personal Correspondence: Stanley McElderry (1953).

Correspondence between Lee and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley McElderry concerning farm business.

F 8: Personal Correspondence (1954-1956).

From Virginia.

Invitation from the Air Force Association and Paramount Pictures to the preview.

From Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pates.

Correspondence between Lee and Mrs. J. E. Kirk.

From Joseph J. O'Connell, Jr. regarding invitation to Wright Day Dinner

From Del Rentzel re: Christmas greetings..

From Marvin Lee Ritch.

Christmas card from Charlotte and Raymond Marshall.

Clipping from Jack Cleland; Lee's thanks.

From Aero Club of Washington with invitation to annual meeting.

From Freddie O. Finley.

From Irving Roth bidding Lee farewell from the CAB.

From Raymond Sawyer bidding Lee farewell from the CAB.

From Paul N. Pfeiffer about Lee's leaving the CAB.

From Mary Jo Yowell, general.

From KPAN, tablegram announcing that Lee had made speech the evening before.

From Wayne Phillips.

From Louis P. Sissman, general.

Correspondence from Jo Pavlick.

Postcard from Japan.

From Louise Lee.

Valentine card for Mary Louise Lee.

Correspondence with Wm. S. Bizzell.

To Mrs. Mitchel H. Williamson asking how she came to name her new son "Josh Lee."

From Sherman Lawton thanking Lee for support in upcoming election.

Invitation to the birthday party of Charles A. Murray.

From W. P. "Bill" Atkinson re invitation to dinner for Governor Raymond Gary and other Democratic officials.

Correspondence between Lee and Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pates.

From "Vec" Hoagland; Lee's reply.

To Mrs. Thomas Griffin Sanders apologizing for not recognizing a wedding; invitation attached.

Correspondence with Ross I. Newmann.

From Robert McKinney about paying Lee a visit.

To Don Zimmerman family.

To W. J. Holloway in reply to a request that Lee attend a dinner in honor of Adlai Stevenson; from Gov. Raymond Gary urging Lee to attend.

From Oklahoma Democratic Campaign Headquarters inviting Lee to barbecue

From James B. Jolley requesting information for a family history.

F 9: Personal Correspondence (1957).

From Marshall Wilson, general.

To Washington Wilson, general.

From Vera West requesting copy of a poem; Lee's reply.

To Robert Six thanking him for Christmas gifts.

To Cecil Beasley, general.

To Jim Highsaw, general.

To Jack McClure concerning saddle parts ordered from McClure's Tailored Western Wear.

To Bryan Rakestraw, general.

Correspondence between Lee and Ross Newmann.

To Al Muldrow, general.

To Billy Stafford, general.

To Wayne Phillips, general; also includes letter from Phillips.

From Jo Pavlick, general.

From Oswald Ryan, general.

Correspondence concerning membership in the National Capital Democratic Club.

From Leigh L. Wheeler re: Valentine card.

Invitation from the National Conference of Christians and Jews to attend the Alfred P. Murrah Brotherhood Dinner.

Invitation from the League of Young Democrats to a banquet in honor of Harry Truman.

From Bertrude Fields; has attached letter from Warren Magnuson to Fields that Fields hand-copied for Lee.

From John L. McClellan, general.

From M. C. Mulligan concerning retirement measure.

From "Scudder" Ray, Lake Murray Lodge Little Grocery Store.

Invitation to a reception for Vice President Richard M. Nixon.

From A. H. Schachle, general.

From H. O. Woods, general.

From F. E. Willingham concerning a poem Lee wrote.

From National Capital Democratic Club re invitation to dinner for Lyndon B. Johnson and for Sam Rayburn

From Arthur Driscoll concerning the Baptist Student Union at the University of Oklahoma; Lee's reply.

From Oliver S. Willham, president of Oklahoma St. University, inviting Lee to the 1957 commencement; Lee's reply.

From Paul R. Reynolds concerning a manuscript Lee sent.

From Margaret L. Fisher, general.

From Mike Monroney, general.

Correspondence between Lee and Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pates.

To Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murchison, general.

From Red Jacobs, general.

From Julian M. Dyer, general.

From Ralph G. Luff concerning the wedding of Lee's daughter.

From Keith Kahle expressing disappointment at not being able to attend wedding of Lee's daughter.

From Claude D. Kniffin concerning Capitol Hill Baptist Brotherhood meeting.

From Alfred C. Montin, general.

From Ralph Dunn concerning the marriage of Lee's daughter; Lee's reply.

From Wilburn Cartwright, general.

From Emma Lingenfelter asking Lee to send her a copy of a poem; Lee's acknowledgment.

From Mrs. Josh Lee, general.

From Louise Wilson, general.

From Bill Smith, "Christmas Greetings."

F 10: Personal Correspondence (1958).

From E. K. Ellerius.

From Don R. Middleton inviting Lee to attend the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Silver Anniversary Dinner sponsored by the O.U. Young Democrats.

To Mell Nash, general.

To Mrs. Rex Moody thanking her for a gift.

To Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKinney, general.

To Robert J. Lee, general.

To Mr. and Mrs. N. E. George, general.

To Ruby Brewer thanking her for a book.

To Otho Been in reply to a dinner invitation; Been's reply.

Series of letters with Aaron Rentie regarding his involuntary separation from the military.

From James E. Webb inviting Lee to a luncheon in honor of President Truman; Lee's reply.

Correspondence between Lee and Wayne Phillips.

From Clarence and Winnie Jackson, general.

From Bill, Rose and Cassie re: Easter card.

From Tom Douglas, general.

From Charles H. Murchison, general.

Correspondence between Lee and Hugh H. Monroe concerning family history.

Correspondence between Lee and N. C. Nash.

To Luther Holcomb concerning Holcomb's recent acceptance of a new position.

From Kittie Gilmartin Baldwin, general.

From James L. Dolman, general.

From Truett Walton.

From the Tower Club Board of Directors inviting Lee to the pre-showing of the new club.

From William B. Cafky, general.

From Bruce C. Carter concerning a commencement address Lee delivered; Lee's reply.

Correspondence between Lee and the American Termite Co.

From Stephen Mansfield asking for Lee's autograph; Lee's reply.

From Bert Eaton re: album of political personalities.

To Dr. Don O'Donoghue concerning Mrs. Lee's recovery.

From J. E. and Virginia Kirk.

From Robert L. Kunzig, general.

From J. E. and Mary.

From Mrs. William A. Pates.

From Joe Adams.

Correspondence between Lee and Ross Newman.

To Boyd Gunning concerning Rotary Club business.

To J. L. Farmer concerning Rotary Club.

To Jerry Keen concerning Rotary Club business.

To Bob Norie concerning Rotary Club business.

To Dale Vliet concerning Rotary Club business.

From Rolland Beaulieu, executive manager of the Willard Hotel, to Mrs. C. A. Bean concerning her lost wallet which Josh Lee found.

From Jo Pavlick, general.

To Bennett Griffin, Mgr., National Airport concerning a lost watch.

To Mrs. Lloyd Elmore concerning books.

From Roger Harris asking for Lee's autograph.

From Ford re: home study course.

Correspondence between Lee and Hal Muldrow concerning ROTC at the University of Oklahoma. Lee enclosed letters he had sent to George Lynn Cross and Joe McBride.

From John DeVine, general; Lee's reply.

From George Lynn Cross concerning compulsory military training at the University of Oklahoma.

To Bob Wallace, Sr.

To Irv Roth, general.

To Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bowen, general.

From Arthur Driscoll concerning Baptist Student Union business at the University of Oklahoma.

F 11: Personal Correspondence (1959).

American Legion membership card.

To Jennings Randolph, general; Randolph's reply.

From William Blackwood, general.

From Raymond Gary thanking Lee for his support.

From Carl Albert, general.

From Harold J. Carrick, general.

From Gilbert C. Fite in reference to Lee making his papers available for research. Lee's reply.

To Charlie and Helen Murchison, general.

Invoice from the Baker Hotel.

Invoice from Hotel Whitmore.

From Arthur D. Lewis, general, Hawaiian statehood; Lee's reply.

From J. F. Montgomery sending $75.00 for 3 holes in the N1/2 sec. 11, TBN R2W.

Correspondence between Lee and Paul Buralli of Prentice-Hall regarding copies of How to Hold an Audience Without a Rope.

To Mr. and Mrs. William Pates, general.

To Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilson, general.

To Topnotch Sportswear concerning a jacket.

To Galen Richardson concerning photographs.

To Bob Philiponie and Jo Pavlick, general.

Correspondence between Lee and Ross Newman.

To Charley Murchison, general.

To Mike Monroney, general.

Correspondence between Lee and Forrester Brewster.

From Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Thompson, general.

Invoice from Connor Hotel.

From James R. Scales, general.

From John Wesley Raley thanking Lee for congratulating him on his Silver Anniversary as president of OBU.

From Mrs. O. H. Mullen concerning the possibility of Orlin Lee Muller, her son, securing a job as page for one of the U.S. Senators from OK; Lee's reply with attached letter to Mike Monroney.

From Mrs. Bob Philiponie (Jo Pavlick), general.

To Rosa Lee Greenhaw sending a contribution to the cemetery fund.

From Joe Adams.

From Orval Sibel concerning a poem he (Sibel) wrote; Lee's reply.

From Wayne D. Phillips, general.

To George Kaughman, general.

Correspondence between Lee and Vernon Frye of OSU Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension re: soil testing.

From Henry Gillespie, general.

To Sellers Archer, general.

To Keith Kahle concerning the dedication of a Central Airlines hangar.

From Elizabeth Totten requesting book for book fair; Lee's reply.

From the Bourinskies, general, Christmas greetings.

Advance program release announcing the 19th annual Texas Baptist Brotherhood Convention.

From Frank Pauly, general.

From Stewart Harral concerning a book he (Harral) is writing on after dinner speaking.

From Alberto Salines Carranza, holiday greetings.

From Lem E. Foster concerning John Kennedy as the next Democratic candidate for president.

From Oscar L. Chapman inviting Lee to a fundraiser for the 1960 Democratic Presidential campaign.

F 12: Personal Correspondence (1960).

From Moss Patterson, general.

From Carl Albert, general.

Correspondence between Lee and Nancy Price.

From Auguie Henry, of the Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma, acknowledging receipt of a donation.

From Henry Gillespie, general.

From Jennings Randolph, general; Christmas greetings.

From John M. Hendricks of Baptist Memorial Hospital concerning selecting a room in the hospital to memorialize Lee's mother and father.

Luther Bohanon to Bob Allen, chairman Oklahoma Press Association, concerning tickets for Josh Lee to a luncheon at which Lyndon B. Johnson will deliver a speech.

From Dee and Helen Gambrell concerning Senate Bill #2929 which concerned the loyalty oath; Lee's reply.

From Lyndon B. Johnson, general.

From Don R. Symcox, general.

From Emma Richards, general.

From Joe W. McBride concerning Lee's autograph.

From Fred Larkin, general; Lee's reply.

To C. Clifton Ferrell, general.

From LeRoy Collins, Gov. of Florida thanking Lee for a telegram.

From Robert E. Downer in behalf of Chester Bowles.

From Frank Church, general.

To Robert S. Kerr re: nomination of Luther Bohanon as federal judge.

From Gervase D. Spradlin, general.

From E. Anthony Buxton, expressing his admiration for Lee.

From Orra E. Cockrell asking Lee for a copy of his poems.

From Gene McGill, state chairman of the Democratic State Central Committee inviting Lee to a rally.

From Luther Bohanon, general; enclosed 3 articles about Royce Savage which were sent to Bohanon by Truman Rucker.

From Mrs. J. E. Kirk, general.

From Ross Newmann.

To Mike Monroney concerning Ross Newmann.

From Charles Albright concerning the J. F. Kennedy campaign.

To Oklahoma Publishing Co. submitting an advertisement to sell property.

From Sherman P. Lawton, producer of "The Open Window" TV show inviting Lee to make an appearance.

From Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilson, general.

F 13: Personal Correspondence (1961).

From Russell Chapin inviting Lee to the Oklahoma State Society Inaugural Reception and Dinner-Dance; regrets from Lee.

To Robert Kennedy concerning the appointment of Luther Bohanon as a federal judge.

From Mrs. William A. Pates, general.

From Sherman P. Lawton, producer of "The Open Window" thanking Lee for his appearance on the show.

From Elenita D. Sullivan, general.

From J. H. Leek, general.

Correspondence between Lee and Jairo Hernandez Lona concerning the possibility of Lona's nephew receiving an appointment to West Point. Includes letter from Lee to Stuart Symington and response from Symington to applicant.

From Stan Krejci asking Lee for a photograph for a pledge class of Phi Gamma Deltas working on a photo collecting project and later expressing thanks.

From J J Mc.

From James L. Henry concerning Baptist Memorial Hospital.

From Opal Lee, general.

From Ed Weber, general.

From Charles S. Murphy concerning his appointment as under secretary of agriculture.

To James R. Scales, general.

From James R. Scales, general.

From Richard T. Hopper concerning Dr. James R. Scales.

From Shawnee Institute, invitation.

From Mrs. John R. Brunken, general.

From Gene McGill, state chairman of the Democratic Party, Grace Hudlin, state co-chairman, and Jim Arrington, national committeeman to Bob Kennedy, U.S. Attorney General concerning the appointment of Luther Bohanon to the position of roving federal judge of Oklahoma.

From Victor Wickersham, general.

To Governor J. Howard Edmondson regarding appointment of Luther Bohanon as federal judge.

From Donald L. Zimmerman, general.

To Mrs. Eugene M. Phillips, general; also letter to Oliver S. Willham regarding Mrs. Phillips son.

To Bernard G. Segal in support of Luther Bohanon for federal judge; reply from Segal.

From Michael F. Barno, general.

To John Jarman in behalf of James L. McCall for appointment as postmaster at Norman; Jarman's reply.

From Wm. A. Geoghegan, Assistant Deputy U.S. Attorney General concerning Luther Bohanon.

From J. E. and Mary Kirk, general.

From Leslie S. Wright president of Howard College.

Invoice from International Harvester.

Correspondence between Josh Lee and Jim M. Lee concerning the possible appointment of Jim Lee, Jr. to the academy at West Point; has letters to Mike Monroney and from West Point.

From Charles S. Standley, Jr., of the Research Institute University of Oklahoma sending Lee his certificate indicating that he is a member of the Institute's Board of Directors.

From Keith Kahle, general.

To Keith Kahle from Bert Barefoot re: Josh Lee's involvement in Bohanon, Barefoot and Lee law firm.

From Luther Bohanon, re: his taking oath as a judge.

From Michael L. Scott asking Lee for WWI & WWII collectors items.

From Elizabeth Totten, general.

From Joe C. Jackson, concerning his dropping from the race for presidency of Oklahoma College for Women.

From Wanda Fones, general.

F 14: Personal Correspondence (1962).

From Roland V. Rodman inviting Lee to a banquet.

From J. Howard Edmondson, general.

From Leverett Edwards, general.

From Ben T. Williams, general.

From Jerry Keen, regarding presentation of Lee's portrait at the Oklahoma Historical Society.

From Luther Bohanon, general.

From Stanley Draper, regarding presentation of Lee's portrait at the Oklahoma Historical Society.

From Joe E. Burke, general.

From James Havel, autograph collector.

From James M. Lee, general, concerning his son, James Jr. and appointment to West point; also correspondence from James, Jr. to members of the Oklahoma congressional delegation and copies of letters from the University of Oklahoma and West Point.

From Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels re invitation to banquet in honor of Commander in Chief Governor Bert T. Combs of Kentucky and Mrs. Combs.

From Claude Pepper, general.

From John McCormack.

To Bill Potter concerning a lease.

From Carl Albert, recognition by University of Oklahoma alumni.

From Margaret Losey, regarding recognition of Carl Albert by the University of Oklahoma alumni.

From John P. Arnold, general.

From Kenneth Harris executive secretary to the Oklahoma Bar Association concerning dues.

From Cleveland County Democratic Committee concerning contribution.

From Harold Belknap, general.

From Moss Patterson, general.

From Gene McGill of the Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma concerning Lee's attendance at the Carl Albert Appreciation Dinner.

From Keith Kahle, general.

From Ross I. Newmann, general.

From Weldon E. Marcum, general; includes speech by F. Gano Chance.

From Philip Moody, general.

From Wayne Phillips, general.

F 15: Personal Correspondence (1963).

From Wayne D. Phillips, general.

From Thad Farmer, general.

From Jeremiah P. Riordan concerning "the 1952 trade of your (Lee's) property..." in Washington, D.C.

From Marguerite H. Moody, general.

From Sidney D. Williams Jr. concerning oratory.

From Ross I. Newmann, general.

From Don Symcox.

From Alan of the Civil Aeronautics Board inviting Lee to 25th anniversary of the board; handwritten note with Lee's regrets.

From Mrs. Virgil Browne, general.

From Mary Ann Bradley, general.

From Mary Kirk, general

From Mike Stapp, general.

From E. A. "Mannie" Foster, Jr., general.

From Bill Smith, general.

From J. R. Anderhub, general.

From Glenn R. Winters, general.

From Sidney D. Williams concerning his son.

From Joe and Louise Wilson, general.

From the William A. Pates, Christmas card.

From the Keith Kahles, Christmas greetings

F 16: Personal Correspondence (1964).

From H. J. Walters, general.

From Mike Monroney, general.

From W. G. Davis, general.

From Keith Kahle, general.

From Mrs. J. E. Kirk, general.

From Julian J. Rothbaum, general.

From Charles E. Dierker, general.

From Claude Pepper, general; includes copy of Pepper's newsletter.

From Leverett Edwards, general.

From Alfred P. Murrah, general.

From Carl Albert, McAlester reunion; also attached is letter from Perrill Brown to Lee re: the reunion; letter from Mary Albert; program; letter from Leo Lampton; and invitation from Margaret M. Doolittle.

From Ross Newmann, general.

From D. Swan Haworth re illness of Mrs. James Preston Haynes.

From Roy P. Stewart, general.

From Clint Braden, general.

From Lee Webster, general.

From Odies Primrose, general.

From Bert Barefoot, Jr., law firm.

From Mrs. John M. Boyd requesting a copy of Lee's book.

From Fred R. Harris re friendship with Lee.

From Lister Hill re New Year's greeting.

F 17: Personal Correspondence (1965-1967, 1972).

From Ling-Temco-Vought, a news release concerning Keith Kahle's new position.

From William Hall Preston, general.

From the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture "To All Wheat and Feed Grain Producers" (letter signed Lewis L. Burkett).

From Fred Harris, general.

From Morton R. Harrison, general.

From E. A. "Mannie" Foster, Jr., general.

From Odies of the Josh Lee Class of Bible Study, First Baptist Church, Norman, Oklahoma.

From Sterling L. Price, general.

From E. J. Schultz, visitors' guide map to Eureka Springs, Ark.

From Washington Univ. concerning a check from Lee.

From Carol Wanner, general.

From Josh Lee to Sunday School class, Christmas greetings.

From Mike and Mary Ellen Monroney, Christmas greetings.

From Claude Pepper, general.

From L. L. Klostermyer, general.

From Lorena and Sellers Archer, general.

From Royce Savage, general

From John Jarman, general.

From Keith Kahle, general.

From Josh Lee and Mrs. Lee in behalf of Bonnie Burress (Mrs. John Spears); a letter of recommendation.

From Clarence Carruthers, general.

From Bob Bailey, general.

To and from E. W. Thornton, general.

From Floyd B. Jackson, general.

From Luther Holcomb, general.

From Al Abrams requesting a photo and/or autograph of Lee.

From Dial Currin, general.

From James W. Batchelor to Alfred P. Murrah re regrets on attending birthday party for Josh Lee.

From Harry C. Mabry, general.

From Raymond Gary, general.

From Drew Pearson re Josh Lee's illness; Louise Lee's response.

From Brooks Hays to the Lees, general.

From Thomas Gardiner Corcoran to Mrs. Josh Lee, condolences for Lee's death.

From Charles S. Murphy, chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board, to Mrs. Josh Lee, condolences for Lee's death.

From R. C. Sherman to Louise Lee re anecdote on Josh Lee.

From Claude Everton re tribute to Josh Lee.

From Ed Edmondson to Mrs. Josh Lee, re asking Mrs. Lee to allow her name to be placed on announcement of Edmondson's candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

Series 4: Resource Material

F 18: Resource Material - Analysis (n.d.)

"The Structure of American Industry" by Walter Adams. Part of a reading (page 475) that describes the functioning of the Civil Aeronautics Board relative to certain cases.

"An Analysis of the Mobilization of Economic Resources for War in Germany and England" by the Research Institute of America.

F 19: Resource Material - Analysis (1940).

Research memorandum on a "roundtable discussion" entertaining the question, "Should We Conscript Wealth, Too?" September 22, 1940 at the University of Chicago.

F 20: Resource Material - Analysis (1960, 1962).

Planning Research Corporation, "Public Benefits Provided by the Local Airline Industry" for the Association of Local Transport Airlines. February 1960.

James McNamee, "Church and State; an Explanation of the Catholic Position on Church and State in the United States." Reprinted from the Oklahoma Carrier, September 1960. Attached to the paper is information about the Catholic Church.

A report to the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions by Paul Jacobs entitled "Dead Horse and the Featherbird" deals with the question of "how to maintain a full and free economy without a fully employed work force." Copyright 1962 by the Fund for the Republic, Inc.

F 21: Resource Material - Biographical Material - Advertisements for Speeches (n.d., 1928, 1946, 1949, 1958).

F 22: Resource Material - Biographical Material - Certificates and Awards (n.d., 1915, 1918-1919, 1938-1939, 1951, 1954, 1956-1957, 1959-1961, 1964).

Certificate of Recognition from Edison School, n.d.

Teacher's certificate, 1915.

Resolution commending Lee for winning state and regional oratory contest, 1915.

Draft notice, 1918.

Letter from John J. Pershing re service in AEF, 1919.

Cross of Military Service from United Daughters of the Confederacy, 11-17-1938.

Oklahoma Senate Resolution for consideration of Lee to be vice president in 1940, April 1939.

Certificate of Appreciation from Kiwanis Club of New Orleans, LA, 1-2-1951.

Ambassador Club Membership Certificate from TransWorld Airline Ambassador's Club, 6-1-1951.

Certificate of Merit Award from Norman Chamber of Commerce, 9-5-1951.

Resolution from the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce joining the Norman Chamber of Commerce thanking Lee and Central Airlines for service, 9-5-1951.

Arkansas Traveler Award from State of Arkansas, 5-2-1954.

Honorary Citizen Award from the city of Ft. Worth, TX, 5-2-1954.

Certificate in which Lee changed his membership in the Oklahoma Bar Association from inactive to active member, 5-2-1956

Certificate of Appreciation from Oklahoma City Lions Club, 7-3-1956.

Attorney's Certificate from Northern District of Oklahoma, 10-1-1956.

Certificate showing Lee to have been appointed to the Semi-Centennial Commission by Gov. Raymond Gary, 1-13-1957.

Certificate of Appreciation from the Norman Lions Club, 11-10-1959.

Certificate of Election to the University of Oklahoma Research Institute, 11-1-1960.

Honorary Lt. Governor of the State of Oklahoma, 3-15-1961.

Certificate of Appreciation from Norman Kiwanis Club, 8-9-1961.

Certificate designating Lee as a "Charter Subscriber" presented by the Oklahoma Journal, 8-11-1964.

F 23: Resource Material - Biographical Material - Lee's Biographical Sketches (n.d., [1934], 1936, 1948, 1950, 1952, 1957-1959, 1961-1962, 1966-1967).

Includes term paper about Lee's life; information from various Who's Who publications; program from Oklahoma Historical Society presentation of Lee portrait..

F 24: Resource Material - Biographical Material - Lee's Ranch (n.d., 1951, 1953).

"Soil Water Conservation Plan."

"Depreciation of Farm Implements for 1953."

Handwritten notes.


F 25: Resource Material - Biographical Material - Miscellaneous (n.d., 1911, 1932, 1938, 1940-1942, 1945-1946, 1955, 1958, 1960-1961, 1964, 1967).

Business cards for Bohanon, Barefoot and Lee.

Typescript of an interview with Josh Lee regarding Lee's book, How to Hold an Audience Without a Rope; apparently broadcast over WOL radio.

Typescript "Tomorrow's Great New Industry" re aeromobile.

Miscellaneous notes.

Selected statements by Franklin D. Roosevelt regarding voting.

Typescript on the Louisiana Purchase.

Typescript of quotes by various presidents.

Programs from exhibition of paintings by Mary Virginia Lee (Lee's niece).

Poem: "Night on the Cattle Range" - by James Barton Adams.

Poem: "The Old Sod House."

Poem: "A Little Old Woman Swallowed a Fly..."

Poem: "Humphrey Blew the Whistle..."

Pamphlet: "Yells and Songs of the Oklahoma Baptist University."

Program from Lee's sister's graduation from OBU.

Pamphlet entitled "Josh Lee Club: For Freshmen Only."

Membership card to the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce

Sheet music: "Oklahoma I Love You."

Senate gallery passes

Short Article "Mother Lee" appeared in the United States Baptist.

"A Woman of Poise Who Finds Her Own in the Good of Others." The Voice, April 1942, pp. 12-14.

Who's Who information on Mary Virginia Lee (Lee's sister).

Guest tickets to world preview of Strategic Air Command.

Poem: "Stanzas to Wayne."

Biographical sketch of Thomas Jefferson Lee (father of Josh Lee).

Typescript of article of panel discussion on religion in politics; has attached material.

Poem: "What is a Boy?" - John Kessler.

Membership cards in the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.

F 26: Resource Material - Campaign - Roster of Supporters by County - Adair to Craig County ( n.d.).

Compares 1936 and 1942 campaigns.

F 27: Resource Material - Campaign - Roster of Supporters by County - Creek to Kay County ( n.d.).

Compares 1936 and 1942 campaigns.

F 28: Resource Material - Campaign - Roster of Supporters by County - Kiowa to Muskogee County (n.d.).

Compares 1936 and 1942 campaigns.

F 29: Resource Material - Campaign - Roster of Supporters by County - Noble to Oklahoma County ( n.d.).

Compares 1936 and 1942 campaigns.

F 30: Resource Material - Campaign - Roster of Supporters by County - Okmulgee to Seminole County ( n.d.).

Compares 1936 and 1942 campaigns.

F 31: Resource Material - Campaign - Roster of Supporters by County - Sequoyah to Woods County ( n.d.).

Compares 1936 and 1942 campaigns.

F 32: Resource Material - Campaign - Miscellaneous (1934).

Typescript "Cotton Patch to Congress" - Life Sketch of Josh Lee, Oklahoma's Brilliant Young Orator, and Fifth District Democratic Nominee to Congress.

1934 Platform of the Democratic Party of Oklahoma.

Diagram of 5th District.

Brochures, cards, and bumper stickers.

Correspondence signed by Mary Virginia Lee endorsing Josh Lee.

List of Nominees for the Office of United States Senator and for the Office of Representative in the 74th Congress.

F 33: Resource Material - Campaign - Miscellaneous (1936, 1938).

Brochures, cards, songs from campaign.

News releases.

Correspondence. Correspondents include Alfred P. Murrah, Mary Virginia Lee.

Pamphlet for Elmer Thomas campaign in 1938.

F 34: Resource Material - Campaign - Correspondence (1942).

Correspondents include Loyd Benefield, William Howard Payne (form letters), Mrs. Josh Lee, Mary Virginia Lee, Ila Huff, and Malvina Stephenson.

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