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F 1: Resource Material - Magazines - General (1935, 1950-1951, 1955-1956).

Railway Progress, March 1950; published by the Federation for Railway Programs, Robert R. Young, Chairman; Young is the first cousin to Mrs. Lee.

Look; a reprint of "Truman Is Right" by Henry Steele Commager.

American Surgeon, vol. XVII, no. 1, January 1951; a reprint of "Doctors Making Speeches" by Thomas G. Orr, M.D.

Aviation Week, vol. 62, no. 16, April 18, 1955; "CAB Security."

Transport Trends, August 1, 1955; various short comments on aviation and the CAB.

The News, vol. 10, no. 1, January 1956; published by the Civil Aeronautics Club.

Star Reporter, vol. 9, no. 100, special issue; various articles and short features on aviation. Published by National Airlines.

F 2: Resource Material - Magazine Articles Written by or about Josh Lee (n.d., 1930, 1932, 1934, 1936-1937, 1939-1940, 1942).

Josh Lee, "Take the Profits Out of War," n.d.

Josh Lee, "Keep America Out of War," Journal of National Education Association.

Speakers' Handbook, n.d. Includes "The New Deal: The Government's Relation to the Individual" by Josh Lee.

"Make Democracy Safe for the World," Young Democrat, vol. 1, no. 9, August 1930, pp. 23-26; Lee outlines suggestions for relief of depression.

Rex F. Harlow, "Josh Lee May Run for Congress," Harlow's Weekly, March 26, 1932, pp. 4-5.

"Brother Josh Lee Is Candidate for Congress," Oklahoma Fiji News, vol. 8, no. 1, February 28, 1934, pp. 1, 3

Roy P. Stewart, "Josh Lee: Sage of the Southwest," Magazine supplement of The Sun March 1934, pp., 1, 2, 4.

Josh Lee, "A Tenant Who Won't Have to Move," Magazine supplement to The Sun, March 1934, pp. 3-4. This article continued in the April 1934 issue.

Josh Lee, "Get the Grease Where the Screak Is," Magazine supplement of The Sun, June 1934, pp. 1, 4; an article on getting money to the consumer.

Josh Lee, "Jim Beagle's Grave: A Short Story," Magazine supplement of The Sun, June 1934.

Sallye Little Brandt, "Josh Lee Knows Ranching," Magazine supplement of The Sun, June 1934, pp. 3-4.

"Oklahoma: An Address by Josh Lee," Magazine supplement of The Sun, April 1934; an article containing poetry and historical narrative on the opening of Oklahoma and its recent history.

U.S. Russell, "Josh Lee, the Map Maker, Renews Senate Fight," Harlow's Weekly, July 4-11, 1936, pp. 3-4.

U.S. Russell, "Analyzing the Josh Lee Senate Victory," Harlow's Weekly, vol. 47, no. 4, August 1, 1936, pp. 8-11.

"Lee Speaks for Academic Freedom" [1937].

George Creel, "Vocal Boy Makes Good," Collier's, December 25, 1937, pp. 25, 53.

Frank H. Leavell, "Joshua Bryan Lee, U.S. Senator" [1939].

"Who Can't," Time, August 24, 1942, pp. 12-13.

F 3: Resource Material - Magazine Articles Written by or about Josh Lee (1943).

New Horizons: The Magazine of America's Merchant Marine of the Air, vol. XII, no. 9, p. 13, July 1943 (Pan American Airways, Inc. N.Y., N.Y.). In a section, entitled "under control," within a larger feature entitled "In the Americas" Josh Lee praises Latin American Airlines.

Josh Lee, "Future Air View of the Americas," Foreign Commerce Weekly, vol. XII, no. 13, pp. 3-4, 29, September 25,1943 (U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC; material printed is not copyrighted). Discussion of rapidly developing technology, in the field of air travel, and its effects on the modern world.

National Aeronautics, vol. XXI, no. 10, p. 24, October 1943 (National Aeronautic Association Washington, DC: no copyright date or statement regarding copyrighting). In a section entitled "NAA Chapters," Josh Lee is included in an article entitled "Akron Women Mark 19th Charter Day." This is an account of Josh Lee's speech before the nineteenth charter day celebration of the Akron women's chapter in which he praises air travel technology, its place in the future, and the job future for returning WWII pilots.

F 4: Resource Material - Magazine Articles Written by or about Josh Lee (1945).

Josh Lee, "Civil Aviation's Contribution" The Baptist Student, vol. XXIV, no. 9, pp. 8-9, June 1945 (Sunday School Board of Southern Baptist Convention; no copyright date; or statement regarding copyrighting). Discussion of the extent to which civil aviation can help prevent war. Civil aviation brings world prosperity and therefore lessens the likelihood of war.

Wings Over One World. pp. 44-46 (American Airlines, Inc., N.Y., N.Y., 1945). A symposium on postwar aviation based on eight discussions presented in NYC by Town Hall Workshops. Discussion by Josh Lee entertains the ideas of better world trade through improved aviation.

Josh Lee, "'Shine Up' the Airport Terminals," Airports, December 1945.

F 5: Resource Material - Magazine Articles Written by or about Josh Lee (1955).

Group of magazine articles from Aviation Week discussing the airline business in which Josh Lee participated: January 17 - Lee's discussion of the decision of the CAB to "turn local service Route 106 into a trunkline"; February 28 - Braniff route dispute and Lee's dissent; item on the effect of the hiring of Ross Rizley on Lee's prospects for subsequent appointment; March 7 - CAB feeder policy discussed; Lee mentioned as being in the supporting majority; June 27 - "CAB Stands Pat in Pacific Case"; Lee mentioned as having been in the majority on that case; August 1 - Short paragraph about Wingate H. Lucas, Lee's prospective replacement, being dropped from consideration by the White House; August 8 - Discussion of whether or not to open an investigation of Texas-California interchange to determine if the American Airlines monopoly is unfair; majority against, Lee dissents; August 24 - CAB voted on operating authority for non-scheduled lines; Lee in majority; October 24 - "Josh Lee Protests Short-Haul Mail Rates"; Dec. 19 - "Minetti Replaces Lee on CAB; Rizley Expected to Resign Soon."

Josh Lee, "How to Prepare and Deliver a Good Speech," National Education Association Journal, vol. XLIV, no. 4, pp. 204-205, April 1955 (National Education Association Washington, DC). Discussion of the components of a well designed, well delivered speech.

Transport Trends, September 26, 1955 - Lee is "key CAB figure."

F 6: Resource Material - Magazine Articles Written by or about Josh Lee (1956, 1960, 1962).

Josh Lee, "When You Stand Up to Speak" American Junior Red Cross Journal, vol. 32, no. 5, pp. 18-20, March 1956 (American National Red Cross Washington, DC, 1956). Discussion about how to choose ideas for speeches and how to design and deliver a good speech based on that idea.

John M. Virden, "Old Vets Won't Wait on Our Lack of Trains." Register and Defense Times, July 20, 1960. Virden uses Lee's poetry to discuss troop trains of WWI; witty.

The School Administrator, vol. 19, no. 6, p. 5, February 1962 (American Association of School Administrators, Washington, DC).. Lee mentioned in an article entitled "Spring Drive-in Conferences Are Scheduled in Oklahoma, North Dakota, New Hampshire" as a speaker at the Oklahoma drive-in conference.

F 7: Resource Material - Mail - Form Letters and Advertisements (n.d., 1952, 1954, 1958-1962).

F 8: Resource Material - Miscellaneous (n.d., 1930-1931, 1933-1934, 1937, 1939, 1941, 1955-1958, 1962, 1965).

"Why I Am a Democrat Contest."

Typescripts of stories and events in Lee's life (partial copy).

Vote for "Tee Pee Gore" card.

Hearings of the War Policies Commission, part 1, March 5-18, 1931; part 2, May 13-14, 1931.

Typescript showing Thomas P. Gore's vote in the first session of the 73rd Congress.

Seating chart for the United States Senate for the 75th and 76th Congresses.

Extract from Senate Report No. 1716, 84th Congress, 2nd Session on the Constitutional Amendment Relative to Treaties and Executive Agreements.

Report of the Welcoming Committee of the Rotary Club

Brief of Respondent in the Mohawk Refining Corp. v. the Federal Trade Commission [1958].

Officers and members of the National Capital Democratic Club, August 1, 1958.

The Oklahoma Democrat, October 1965.

F 9: Resource Material - Newsletters (1951-1957, 1959, 1963).

Capital Comment, vol. 5, no. 8, March 1951.

Baptist Radio Beam, vol. 3, no. 2, March-April 1952.

The Core Driller, February 1953; April 1954.

The Pacific Courier, vol. 1, no. 9, November 1955; published monthly by Japan Airlines.

American Aviation Daily, vol. 14, no. 8, May 10, 1956; item signing Lee to be a new associate in the Bohanon and Barefoot law firm of Oklahoma City.

The Rural School Advocate and Teachers' Bulletin, October 1956; item acknowledging Lee as a former rural teacher of Oklahoma.

Rotary Spokes, January 31, 1957; item featuring Lee as, in honor of his having become a member of the Norman Rotary; biographical; June 16, 1959; June 30, 1959.

Poetry Society of Oklahoma, October 1959.

The Norman Baptist, vol. 21, no. 26, September 27, 1963; item in which Lee expresses thanks for expressions of friendship during his illness; December 20, 1963.

F 10: Resource Material - Pamphlets (n.d., 1952-1953, 1960, 1966).

Includes material on Communism; also "Who Is a Bigot?" by Herschel Hobbs.

F 11: Resource Material - Programs (n.d, 1920, 1930, 1938-1941, 1945, 1951, 1953, 1956-1959, 1961-1962, 1965).

Loyalty Dinner, n.d.

Ceremony christening of the Yankee Clipper by Eleanor Roosevelt (partial).

Phi Gamma Delta Section Convention and Norris dinner, 2-21-1920.

Midwinter Patriotic Services at the First Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee, 2-23-1930.

Historical Evening of the 45th annual convention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, 11-17-1938.

Program of exercises attending the unveiling of the statue of Will Rogers in the rotunda of the National Capitol, 6-6-1939.

Program of events for the 1940 Democratic National Convention, Chicago, Illinois.

Inauguration Ceremonies Program, 1-20-1941.

Dinner in honor of Justice Hugo Black, 4-3-1945.

Christening of the TWA Constellation, Paris Sky Chief, 12- 3-1945.

Chevy Chase Baptist Church, Washington, DC, 3-25-1951.

Souvenir Program of the Thirty-fourth Inaugural of Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon, 1-20-1953.

Montgomery Blair Graduation, 4-25-1953.

First Baptist Church, Norman, OK, 12-30-1956.

League of Young Democrats President Harry S. Truman Banquet, 3-1-1957.

Lakewood Baptist Church, Dallas, TX, 1-28-1958.

First Methodist Church, Mineral Wells, TX 3-9-1958.

First Baptist Church, Pauls Valley, OK, 4-19-1959.

Jefferson - Jackson Dinner, Ok. City, OK, 11-14-1959.

Protestant Men of the Chapel Training Conference, Berchtesgaden, Germany, 10-(5-8)-1961.

Oklahoma Congressional Dinner, 5-3-1962.

Third Baptist Church, St. Louis, MO, 9-26-1965.

F 12: Resource Material - Publications (n.d., 1928, 1934, 1939-1940).

Booklet - Foreign Policy Association Information Service, March 30, 1928.

Harlow's Weekly, September 15, 1934.

Our Times (October 2-6, 1939; December 4-8, 1939; December 11-15, 1939; January 15-19, 1940.

F 13: Resource Material - Senate Telephone Directory; Pocket Congressional Directory (1942, 1955).

F 14: Resource Material - Stationery and Envelopes (n.d.).

F 15: Resource Material - Burton K. Wheeler (n.d.).

Folder contains a typescript sent to Lee by Luther H. Evans, chief assistant librarian in the reference department of the Library of Congress. An attached cover letter from Evans in which he says that the manuscript is a "diatribe which I had prepared by one of our assistants."

F 16: Resource Material - Federal Judges (n.d., 1965).

Clipping - "Josh Lee's Judge, Like Caesar's Wife, Must be Above Suspicion" n.d.; Letter from Alfred P. Murrah to Charles E. Dierker 8-3-65. Added to collection in 1998.

F 17-22: Resource Material - Radio - Correspondence (n.d., 1934).

Folders consist of correspondence from those who listened to Lee's broadcasts over the radio. Often listeners requested copies of the broadcasts.

F 23: Resource Material - Untitled Play Written by Lee While in the Army (n.d.).

F 24-25: Resource Material - Debate (n.d., 1921, 1925-1927, 1929).

Correspondence predominantly to and from E. C. Bryan re scheduling debate meets.

What a Debater Should Know (booklet).

Copies of speeches given at debates.

Series 5: Scrapbooks

F 26: Scrapbook 1 (1938-1942).

General correspondence from Lee's first term as senator. Correspondents include:

Robert S. Allen, The Daily Washington Merry-Go-Round;
Paul H. Appleby, Department of Agriculture;
Alben W. Barkley, Senator (Kentucky);

H. H. Bennett, Head of Soil Conservation Service;
W. B. Bizzell, President (University of Oklahoma);
George Burris;

Clarence Cannon, House Representative (Missouri);
Tom Cocoran;
Josephus Daniels (several letters);

Stephen Early, Secretary to the President;
Edward C. Eicher, Commissioner (Securities and Exchange Commission);

James A. Farley, Chairman (Democratic National Committee);
Edward J. Flynn, Chairman (Democratic National Convention);
Felix Frankfurter;

Leon Garcia, Senador de la Republica (Mexico);
Earl Godwin (National Broadcasting Company);

Elgin Groseclose;

Ernesto Jaen Guardia, Embajada de Panama;
Jennie Hamilton;

Pat Harrison, Senator (Missouri); has attached letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt;
Harry Hopkins, Secretary of Commerce;

John Edgar Hoover, Director (Federal Bureau of Investigation);
Charles E. Hughes, Supreme Court Justice;

Cordell Hull, Secretary of State;

Harold J. Ickes, Secretary of the Interior;
Sam H. Jones, Governor (Louisiana);

Robert Jackson;

Pete Jarman, House Representative (Alabama);

Joseph P. Kennedy;
Ned Looney;

Paula McSpadden Love;

Archibald MacLeish, Library of Congress;
Baird H. Markham;

Harlen Miller, The Washington Post;
Sherman Minton, Judge (U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals);

Alfred P. Murrah, Judge (U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals);
Matthew F. McGuire, Assistant to the Attorney General;

M. H. McIntyre, Secretary to the President;
Paul V. McNutt, Federal Security Administrator;

Sallie C. McSpadden;

J. C. Nance, Senator (Oklahoma);
J. F. T. O'Connor, Judge (U.S. District Court Judge, California);

Pierre van Paassen;

Claude Pepper, Senator (Florida);
Clarence Robison;

John E. Rankin, House Representative (Mississippi);

Bill Rogers;

Betty Rogers;

Eleanor Roosevelt;
Franklin D. Roosevelt (several letters);

Walter H. Ryle;

Harry Slatterly, U.S. Department of Agriculture;

J. R. Steelman, Department of Labor;
Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War;

Herbert Bayard Swope;

Harry S. Truman, Senator (Missouri);
Paul A. Walker, Federal Communications Commission;

Henry A. Wallace, Department of Agriculture;

Edwin M. Watson, Secretary to the President;
Harold Young, Democratic National Committee.

F 27: Scrapbook 2 (1939-1944).

General correspondence as well as correspondence concerning Lee's 1943 defeat for the U.S. Senate. Much of the correspondence is from federal and state officials. Correspondents include:

James W. Batchelor;
Sam G. Bratton, Judge (U. S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals);

Edward R. Burke, Senator;

Styles Bridges, Senator (New Hampshire);
H. H. Bennett, U.S. Department of Agriculture (Soil Conservation Service);

James F. Byrnes, Senator (South Carolina) and Supreme Court Justice;
Bryant Baker;

Joan Bennett;

Ramsey S. Black, Third Assistant Post Master General;
Reford Bond, Chairman (Corporation Commission of Oklahoma);

Melbourne Christerson, President (National Press Club);
John M. Carmody, Commissioner (U.S. Maritime Commission);

Clarence Cannon, House Representative (Missouri);
David ?, U.S. Virgin Islands;
Joaquin Martinez Chavarria, Senador de la Republica (Mexico);

Bruce G. Carter, Federal Security Agency (National Youth Administration for Oklahoma);
Grace Davis;

Edward B. Dunford, The Anti-Saloon League of America (Legal Department);
F. Ryan Duffy, Judge (U.S. District Court, Wisconsin);

Denis P. S. Conan Doyle;
Edward J. Flynn, Chairman (Democratic National Committee);

Jerome N. Frank, Chairman (Securities and Exchange Commission);
James A. Farley;

John H. Fahey, Commissioner (Federal Home Loan Bank Administration);
Elgin Groseclose;
Roy Gittinger, University of Oklahoma;
William J. Holloway;

Dave E. Hilles, United States Marshal;
Roy Hoffman; ?, Attorney General;

Jed Johnson, House Representative (Oklahoma);

John Edgar Hoover, Director (Federal Bureau of Investigation);
Walter M. Harrison, Managing Editor (The Oklahoma Publishing Company);

Lister Hill, Senator (Alabama);
Joseph B. Keenan;
Emil R. Kraettli, University of Oklahoma;

Francis R. Kelly, Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa;
Francis Maloney, Senator;
"Fish" (letterhead said U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit);

John Joseph Mathews, author;
Baird H. Markham;
Robert L. McClung 1st Lt., Chaplain (U.S. Army);

Marcus?, Federal Communications Commission;
Sherman Minton, Judge (U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals);
Evalyn McLean;

Corl. Elpidio Perdomo G., Gobernador (Estado de Morelos, Mexico);
Jennie C. Phelps;

France Paris, Chairman (Democratic State Committee of Oklahoma);
James I. Phelps;
Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt;
Sam Rayburn, Speaker of the House;

Peter Rabstejnek, Financial Secretary (Czechoslovak National Alliance of America);
Henry A. Wallace;

Edwin M. Watson, Secretary to the President;
Walter Winchell, New York Mirror;
John Woodworth, KOMA (Oklahoma City's CBS Station);

Ray O. Weems;
Claude Weaver, Judge (13th District, State of Oklahoma);

J. M. Martin, Secretary to the British Prime Minister;
Joseph F. Guffey, Senator;
El Ing. Vicente Cortes Herrera, Atlas (Mexico);
Robert L. Owen;

Ambassador Concheso of Cuba;
Dr. Carlos Salazar, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Guatemala);

Robert M. McMillan, National Politico-economic Forum;
Charles E. Dierker, Department of Justice (U.S. Attorney, Oklahoma);

Robert P. Patterson, Under Secretary of War;
Robert Rice Reynolds, Senator (North Carolina);
Frank T. Hines, Veterans Administration;

Ellen S. Woodward, Member (Federal Security Agency, Social Security Board);
Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor;

Josiah W. Bailey, Senator (North Carolina);
John H. Overton, Senator (Louisiana);
Lister Hill, Senator (Alabama);

Jesse H. Jones, Secretary of Commerce;
Claude Pepper, Senator (Florida);
J. F. Harbour;
Mead Norton, Senator (Oklahoma);

Rev. Frederick Brown Harris, Chaplain (U.S. Senate);
Louis B. Mayer;

Lic. Manuel Barros Sierra, Secretario de Relaciones Exteriores (Mexico);
Robert S. Kerr, Governor (Oklahoma);
A. J. Sabath, House Representative (Illinois);
Harry A. Bruno;

Warren G. Magnuson;
Artemus L. Gates, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air;
James J. Davis, Senator (Pennsylvania);

Louis A. Johnson;
Pete Jarman, House Representative (Alabama);
James Forrestal, Under Secretary of the Navy;
William S. Key, Major General (Army of U.S., Provost Marshal General, Headquarters, European Theater of Operations);

Clayton Carder; Marriage Invitation to Wedding of Oralia Salinas Duque and James Kinney Leon;
Ezequiel Padilla, Secretario de Relaciones Exteriores (Mexico);
El Teniente Coronel Oscar E. J. Muratorio, Brazil;

Jefferson Patterson, Counselor of Embassy (Foreign Service of the U.S., American Embassy, Lima, Peru);
Cordell Hull, Secretary of State;
R. Henry Norweb, Ambassador to Peru;
Gladys Avery Tillett (Mrs. Charles W. Tillet, Assistant Chairman, Democratic National Committee);
Sam H. Jones, Governor (Louisiana);
Henry J. Kaiser;
St. Johns River Shipbuilding Company and U.S. Maritime Commission;
Fred Jones, President (Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce);
Jesse H. Jones, Secretary of Commerce;

Grover Loening, Consultant on Aircraft (War Production Board);
Charles W. Taussig, Chairman (Anglo-American Caribbean Commission);
Edward Warner, Civil Aeronautics Board;
Jack Nichols, Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc.;

Harllee Branch, Civil Aeronautics Board;
Luther Jenkins Holcomb

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