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Series 5: Scrapbooks (continued)

F 1: Scrapbook 3 (1942-1955).

Correspondence concerning speaking engagements and Civil Aeronautics Board business. Also general correspondence from colleagues and friends.

Scottish Aviation Limited;
Assistant to the President;
William G. Stigler, House Representative (Oklahoma);
Dwight D. Eisenhower;

Captain A. F. Foster, Transcontinental and Western Airlines;
H. R. Hestand, Mayor (Fort Smith, Arkansas);

William B. Stout, Stout Research;
Francis Cherry, Governor (Arkansas);
Jim G. Lucas, U.S. Marine Corps;
Arthur E. Summerfield, Postmaster General;
Jennings Randolph, House Representative (West Virginia);
Cecil B. deMille, Paramount Pictures Corporation;

Jesse H. Jones;
D. J. Koeleman, K. L. M. Royal Dutch Airlines;
Robert S. Kerr, Governor (Oklahoma);

Eleanor H. Lippitt (Mrs. T. Perry Lippitt), Women's Committee for the National Symphony Orchestra;
Glenn C. Kiley and Stanley Draper, Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce;
Blake R. Van Leer, President (Georgia Institute of Technology);

Robert E. Hannegan;
Stephen A. Mitchell, Chairman (Democratic National Committee);
Edwin W. Pauley;
John Erle Stephen, Executive Assistant to the Mayor (Houston, Texas);

Dean Acheson, Acting Secretary of State;
Elmer Davis;

Lewis Carter Burwell, Jr.;
Harry Truman;
R. S. Damon, President (Trans World Airlines, Inc.);
Paul Aiken, Second Assistant Post Master General;
Drew Pearson, Washington Merry-Go-Round;
James A. Farley, Chairman (The Coca-Cola Export Sales Company);

Stephen A. Mitchell, Chairman (Democratic National Committee);
Sam Rayburn, House Representative (Texas);

Victor Wickersham, House Representative (Oklahoma);
Alben W. Barkley, Senator (Kentucky);
Robert S. Kerr, Senator (Oklahoma);

Thomas Connally, Senator (Texas);
Florence Seiders, Richard Montgomery High School;

Charlie Willis; Jack Hull, Secretary (National Aviation Clinic);
Robert L. Kunzig, Assistant to the Chairman (Civil Aeronautics Board);

Howard Hughes;
C. Bedell Monro, President (Pennsylvania Central Airlines Corporation, National Airport);

Carlton Putnam, President (Chicago and Southern Airlines, Inc.);
Josephus Daniels, President (The News and Observer);

James McGraw, Jr., President (McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, Inc.);
Ellis Arnall;
George Killion, Treasurer (Democratic National Committee);
Lynn Morrow, Sales Promotion and Publicity Manager (Westinghouse Radio Stations, Inc.);

Allen W. Dulles, Director (Central Intelligence Agency);
J. A. Wooten, General Manager (American Airlines System, Contract Air Cargo Division);

E. V. Rickenbacker, Chairman (Eastern Airlines);
Robert E. Hannegan, Post Master General;
T. E. Braniff, President (Braniff International Airways);

Thomas Gardiner Corcoran;
E. Smythe Gambrell;
Bernard M. Baruch;

James K. Crimmins;
Grace G. Tully, Executive Secretary (Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Foundation);
William N. Boyle, Jr., Chairman (Democratic National Convention);

Lucius D. Clay, retired U.S. Army General;
A. D. Curtis, Secretary (House of Commons, England);

Tom Beck, Chairman (Crowell-Collier Publishing Company);
R. L. Johnson, Chairman (Red Feather Campaign, Community Chest Federation, National Capital Area)
Raymond Gary, Senator (Oklahoma);
Louis I. Keren, Secretary (Alpha Omega Fraternity, Alumni Club);
Wallace W. Gates;
Sherman Minton, Justice (Supreme Court);

Agnes Rae Haynes (Mrs. James Preston Haynes);
F. A. Roozen, Director (N. V. Hotelondern, Victoria Hotel, Amsterdam);

D. W. Rentzel, Administrator of Civil Aeronautics (Department of Commerce);
Tom Clark, Justice (Supreme Court);

W. E. Harber, Chairman (Reconstruction Finance Corporation);
George Howard Wilson (House Representative, Oklahoma);

Seth W. Richardson, Subversive Activities Control Board;
Cody Fowler, President (American Bar Association);

John Edgar Hoover, Director (Federal Bureau of Investigation);
Thomas E. Dewey, Governor (New York);

Paul H. Douglas, Senator (Illinois);
Matthew J. Connelly, Secretary to the President;
Frank Walser, President (Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers' Association);
Erle Cocke, Jr., National Commander (American Legion, National Headquarters);

Claude Pepper, Senator (Florida);
Mike Monroney, House of Representatives (Oklahoma);
President (Western Air Lines, Inc.);

Oscar Chapman, Secretary of the Interior;
Edward V. Rickenbacker;
Rev. Billy Graham;
William D. Hassett, Secretary to the President;

James McGrath, Attorney General;
Averell Harriman;
Estes Kefauver, Senator (Tennessee);
Merritt L. Smith, Assistant Secretary (American Automobile Association);
Lister Hill, Senator (Alabama);
Oscar Chapman, Secretary of the Interior;
Russell B. Long, Senator (Georgia);
John W. McCormack, House Representative (Massachusetts);
Elizabeth S. Ives, Executive Mansion;

John Sparkman, Senator (Alabama);
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., Senator (Massachusetts);

Eugenie Anderson, Foreign Service of the U.S. (American Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark);
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., Executive Mansion;

Warren G. Magnuson, Senator (Washington);
Adlai E. Stevenson, Governor (Illinois);
Office of the President (Pan American World Airways System);
J. W. Fulbright, Senator (Arkansas);
Donald W. Dawson, Administrative Assistant to the President;

Colonel Sidney L. Huff, Aide-de-Camp;
Wilson W. Wyatt, Campaign Manager (Stevenson Campaign Headquarters)

F 2: Scrapbook 4 (1933-1934).

Clippings from Lee's 1933-1934 campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives; articles discuss Lee's platform and his principles.

F 3: Scrapbook 5 (1934, 1936).

Clippings from Lee's 1934 campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives; articles discuss Lee's platform and his principles. Poster from Lee's 1936 campaign for the U.S. Senate.

F 4-5: Scrapbook 6 (1938).

Lee in the U.S. Senate. Clippings, magazine articles; refers primarily to agricultural issues and the conscription of wealth issue.

F 6: Scrapbook 7 (1942-1944).

Clippings, magazine articles, news releases, programs, and invitations. Most of the material refers to speaking engagements and Civil Aeronautics Board. Some miscellaneous national and state politics.

F 7-8: Scrapbook 8 (1942-1944).

Clippings, magazine articles, news releases, programs and invitations. Most of the material refers to speaking engagements of Civil Aeronautics Board. Some miscellaneous national and state politics.

F 9-10: Scrapbook 9 (1946-1948).

Clippings, magazine articles, invitations, programs; refers primarily to speaking engagements. Some Civil Aeronautics Board.

F 11-12: Scrapbook 10 (1947).

Clippings, news releases, correspondence; refers to the publication Lee's book, How to Hold an Audience Without a Rope.

F 13-14: Scrapbook 11 (1947-1948).

Clippings, invitations, programs, tickets, news releases, magazine articles; refers primarily to speaking engagements and Civil Aeronautics Board business. Some general.

F 15-16: Scrapbook 12 (1948-1949).

Clippings, magazine articles, invitations, programs, postcards; refers mainly to speaking engagements; some Civil Aeronautics Board; miscellaneous.

F 17: Scrapbook 13 (1949-1950) (one of two).

Clippings, magazine articles, invitations, programs. Clippings refer mainly to Civil Aeronautics Board. Invitations; programs refer mainly to speaking engagements.

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