F1: Agriculture, [n.d.], 1994

Topics include Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program Directory, Great Plains Agriculture Policy Center, Uruguay Round GATT Agreement, Federal Crop Insurance Reform Act, and cotton exports to Korea.

Correspondents include Michael R. Dicks, Gary L. Sherrer, Oklahoma Association of Insurance Agents, and National Cotton Council.

F2: Agriculture, Cotton Classing Offices, 1993-1994

Topics include classing office consolidation, Altus cotton classing office closure, and cost figures for cotton crop years 1991-1993.

Correspondents include Kenneth C. Clayton, Mike Espy, and Fred S. Mullins.

F3: Agriculture, Dear Colleague Letter, 1983

Topics include adding representatives from small business and agriculture to the Federal Reserve Board.

Correspondents include Populist Caucus, Tom Harkin, and Jim Weaver.

F4: Agriculture, Disaster Aid, 1982-1984

Topics include emergency loans for weather disasters and USDA Needs Objective Criteria for Awarding Special Disaster Payments (report).

Correspondents include U. S. General Accounting Office, John R. Block, George Nigh, and Richard E. Lyng.

F5: Agriculture, Exports, 1979-1984

Topics include credit grants to foreign countries to buy U. S. exports, embargoes, GATT, wheat, U. S. Agricultural Trade Book, foreign policy and agricultural trade, legislation to increase exports, Commodity Credit Corporation, and London Economic Summit.

Correspondents include Donald T. Regan, USDA Office of Information, Charles W. Stenholm, Pat Roberts, Ronald Reagan, William E. Brock, and Farmland Industries.

F6: Agriculture, Farm Credit, 1983-1986

Topics include farm foreclosures, Farm Credit Administration Report to Congress, Family Farmer Bankruptcy Reform Act, Agriculture Conservation Corporation, Report On the Implementation of the Farm Credit Amendments of 1980, and loan restructuring.

Correspondents include Farm Credit Banks of Wichita, Farm Credit Council, Mike Synar, U. S. General Accounting Office, Farm Credit Services, and Farm Credit Council.

F7: Agriculture, Farm Product Buyer Protection, 1985

Topics include clear title for farm products, pre-notice, and federal preemption of existing liens.

Correspondents include Charles W. Stenholm, Steve Gunderson, American Feed Manufacturers Association, National Grain and Feed Association, Union Equity Co-operative Exchange, Independent Bankers Association of America, and Oklahoma National Stockyards Company.

F8: Agriculture, Federal Reserve, 1983-1984

Topics include representation of small business and agriculture on Federal Reserve Board and hearings before the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy.

Correspondents include Walter E. Fauntroy, Nicholas Mavroules, Ronald Reagan, Barney Frank, and Paul A. Volcker.

F9: Agriculture, Grain Elevators, 1981-1984

Topics include grain elevator bankruptcies and OSHA safety standards.

Correspondents include American Agricultural Movement and Pat Tyson.

F10: Agriculture, Honey, 1984-1987

Topics include value of honey bees to wildlife, Beekeeper Protection Act, and honey loan limitations.

Correspondents include American Honey Producers Association and Glenn Gibson.

F11: Agriculture, Industrial/Agricultural Development Bonds, 1981-1982

Topics include tax-exempt small-issue bonds and industrial revenue bonds.

Correspondents include Donald T. Regan, Olympia J. Snowe, Berkley Bedell, John Duncan, Wes Watkins, Congressional Rural Caucus, J. Scott Brown, and Congressional Sunbelt Caucus.

F12: Agriculture, Livestock, 1982-1986

Topics include meat grading standards, brucellosis eradication, agricultural trade, Farm Products Buyers Protection Act, clear title legislation, cattle futures, and Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board.

Correspondents include Livestock Marketing Association, Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association, National Livestock Commission Association, Jack D. Craig, and Ed Jones.

F13: Agriculture, National Grange, 1983

Topics include Legislative Policies (booklet).

Correspondents include National Grange.

F14: Agriculture, Rural Development, 1981-1985

Topics include Rural Development Perspectives (booklet), rural development credit programs, farm loan foreclosures, Farmers Home Administration rural housing programs, National Rural Development Strategy (booklet), farm population, and Rural Enterprises Annual Progress Report.

Correspondents include USDA Economic Research Service, Wes Watkins, Congressional Rural Caucus, John R. Block, and Rural Enterprises.

F15: Agriculture, Rural Electric, 1982-1984

Topics include directory of rural electric systems, acid rain, telephone service, rural electric financing, proposed amendments to Rural Electric Act, federal loans, and telephone revolving fund self-sufficiency.

Correspondents include Glenn English, National Rural Electric, Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, Western Farmers Electric Cooperative, Congressional Agricultural Forum, Charles W. Stenholm, and J. Paul McGrath.

F16: Agriculture, Rural Electric, 1985-1986

Topics include railroad regulation, "Carl, come here and hang onto this," and other stories about how rural America got its lights (brochure), Rural Electric Administration loan program, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association legislative rally, Telecommunications Engineering Standards Division and lending procedure inequities.

Correspondents include National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, Jim Barker, National Museum of American History, John R. Block, and Harold V. Hunter.

F17: Agriculture, Soil Conservation, 1980-1986

Topics include erosion, soil surveys of Garvin and Cleveland counties, North Deer Creek Watershed, Fragile Lands Preservation Act, Soil Conservation Act, and Lugert-Altus Watershed.

Correspondents include Soil Conservation Service, Roland R. Willis, Soil Conservation Society of America, Cotton County Conservation District, Stephens County Conservation District, John R. Block, and Hal Daub.

F18: Agriculture, Surplus Food Distribution, 1983-1986

Topics include commodity distribution, emergency food assistance, hunger, thrifty food plan, nutrition programs, national commodity processing systems, school lunch programs, and dairy products.

Correspondents include Bill Emerson, Leon E. Panetta, U. S. General Accounting Office, and Richard Lyng.

F19: Agriculture, Wheat, 1981-1985

Topics include wheat deficiency payments, Canadian combine crew members, payment-in-kind programs, subsidies, announcements of wheat and feed grain programs, Oklahoma Wheat News, acreage reduction, Wheat Improvement Act, feed grain reserves, and rye.

Correspondents include National Association of Wheat Growers, U. S. General Accounting Office, National Fertilizer Solutions Association, Pat Roberts, Berkley Bedell, Oklahoma Wheat Commission, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, and USDA Economic Research Service.

F20: Banking, 1983

Topics include bank failures, FDIC assistance programs, Stratford Savings and Loan Association, and Comptroller of Currency.

Correspondents include American Exchange Bank, Oklahoma Bankers Association, Norman Bank of Commerce, and Edwin J. Gray.

F21: Banking, 1984

Topics include Comptroller of Currency, Penn Square Bank liquidation, bank deregulation, new national bank charters, interstate banks, First Continental Bank of Del City insolvency, and Home Savings of America.

Correspondents include Norman Bank of Commerce, American Exchange Bank, and C. T. Conover.

F22: Banking, 1985

Topics include overview of McCurdy banking legislation, bank failures, loan loss reserve accounts, Bank of Newcastle, First City Bank failure, net worth certificate program applications, Government Securities Act, bank regulations, and First National Bank of Terrell.

Correspondents include U. S. General Accounting Office, Mickey Edwards, Congressional Research Service, American Bankers Association, and Oklahoma Bankers Association.

F23: Banking, 1986

Topics include banking and securities regulation, First State Bank of Cache, bank bailouts, agriculture and energy loans, credit card interest rates, First National Bank and Trust Company of Oklahoma City, bank failures, and Norman Bank of Commerce.

Correspondents include Congressional Research Service, Mike Synar, and Charles E. Schumer.

F24: Banking, 1987-1988

Topics include list of failed banks in Oklahoma, Financial Services Competitive Enhancement Act, Security National Bank and Trust Company of Norman, First National Bank of Rush Springs, bank liquidation, Emergency Farm Credit Act, Expressway Bank, and recapitalization of Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation.

Correspondents include Doug Barnard, Jr., Paul Volcker, Henry Bellmon, Jack E. Black, U. S. League of Savings Institutions, Oklahoma Bankers Association, Fernand J. St. Germain, and Gerald D. Kleczka.

F25: Banking, 1991

Topics include dual banking system, Treasury Reform Bill, Oklahoma Savings League membership conference, and consolidation of banking industry.

Correspondents include Bruce T. Benbrook, State of Oklahoma Banking Board, City National Bank and Trust, and Oklahoma Bankers Association.

F26: Banking, FDIC, Brokered Deposits, 1984-1987

Topics include Merrill Lynch, Brokered Deposits Rule, FDIC, Home Loan Bank Board, FDIC Reform Act, and Federal Deposit Insurance Act.

Correspondents include Daniel A. Mica and Wes Watkins.

F27: Banking, FDIC, Frederick, OK, 1987

Topics include National Bank of Frederick and FDIC loan liquidation policies.

F28: Banking, FDIC, Norman, OK, 1986-1987

Topics include First National Bank of Norman failure, frozen bank accounts, and American Exchange Bank failure.

Correspondents include Frank Foreman, L. William Seidman, and United Bank and Trust Company.

F29: Banking, Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC), 1988

Topics include Oklahoma Consolidation and Integration Plan, Capital Federal Savings Bank, restructuring, consolidation, recapitalization, and insolvent thrifts.

Correspondents include Oklahoma League of Savings Institutions, Michael L. Toalson, M. Danny Wall, James R. Williams, David L. Boren, Glenn English, and Mickey Edwards.

F30: Banking, Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC), Bailout, 1989

Topics include Financial Institutions Reform Recovery, and Enforcement Act; savings and loan recapitalization; Oklahoma Plan; FSLIC insolvency; and Affordable Housing Program amendment.

Correspondents include Pexco Holdings, Oklahoma Bankers Association, and Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency.

F31: Banking, Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC), Globe Savings Bank, 1989

Topics include Globe Savings Bank consolidated financial statements, Regulating Capital Requirements for Insured Institutions (booklet), President George Bush's savings and loan legislative proposals, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, and Financial Institution Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act.

Correspondents include Deloitte, Haskins, and Sells; Gerald E. O'Shaughnessy, and M. Danny Wall.

F32: Banking, Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC), H. R. 27, 1987-1988

Topics include FSLIC recapitalization Bill, Southwest Plan, and Southwest Savings Association.

Correspondents include Fernand J. St. Germain, Oklahoma Bankers Association, Robert E. Harris, and Karl Hoyle.

F33: Banking, Interstate Banking, 1985

Topics include Depository Institutions Acquisitions Act and regional interstate banking agreements.

Correspondents include Tip O'Neill, Oklahoma Bankers Association, Robert E. Harris, Claude Pepper, and Independent Bankers Association of America.

F34: Banking, Savings and Loan, 1990

Topics include savings and loan failures, bailouts, Savings and Loan Accountability Management Reform, prosecution of savings and loan fraud, tax policy, and Resolution Trust Corporation.

Correspondents include Steny H. Hoyer, Dennis E. Eckart, Thomas R. Carper, Frank Annunzio, Gerald Solomon, and Paul E. Kanjorski.

F35: Banking, Savings and Loan, Duncan Savings and Loan, 1993

Topics include Resolution Trust Corporation suit against Board of Duncan Savings and Loan and litigation against former thrift officers.

Correspondents include Charles W. Hill, Peter E. Knight, and Resolution Trust Corporation.

F36: Banking, Savings and Loan, Pexco Holdings, 1989

Topics include Pexco Holdings balance sheets, recapitalization of Oklahoma savings and loan industry, Oklahoma Plan, and thrifts.

Correspondents include Silas S. Cathcart, Max C. Chapman, Jr., M. Danny Wall, and Leonard D. Pickett.

F37: Banking, Savings and Loan, Universal Savings and Loan - Chickasha, 1986-1987

Topics include Universal Savings Association, prosecution of Universal Savings and Loan Board members, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Mollett-Hunter Companies, Mike Harris, and Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation.

Correspondents include Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Robert G. Hunter, Thurman C. Connell, Dan Ramsey, Richard L. Allen, and E. L. Blevins.


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