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F79: Academy Appointments, 1983-1994

This folder contains lists of nominees to the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, Military Academy, and Merchant Marines.

Correspondents include Teresa K. Darrow.


F80: Altus, Oklahoma, 1988

Topics include new runway construction at Altus Air Force Base, interest rate on General Obligation Limited Tax Bonds, Southwest Oklahoma Agri-Business Task Force, air traffic control at Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark, Windfall Profits Tax repeal, Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company, Small Business Administration declaration of disaster loan area in Altus and Jackson County following a fire, and Community Development Block Grant.

Correspondents include Dick Moore, Altus Chamber of Commerce, Glenn English, David Boren, Don Nickles, Department of the Air Force, Richard J. Trzaskoma, National Bank of Commerce, and Herschal Crow.


F81: Altus, Oklahoma, 1989-1993
Topics include Southwest Area Vocational-Technology Center, quail breakfast guest list, Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company, Co-Star Project, Altus America Star Spangled Rally, promotion of Army Major Joe Jones, partnership with Bar-S foods, Pacific Coast Airline, Community Development Block Grant-Economic Development Financing grant and loan, and B-52 aircraft at Barksdale Air Force Base (Louisiana).

Correspondents include Dick Moore, Melda Moore, Hansford T. Johnson, Boozie McMahan, Herschal Crow, Aaron C. Burleson, Don B. Jones, Al Zimmerebner, Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Joseph M. Watt, James L. Farmer, and B. Christopher Wray.


F82: Altus Air Force Base, 1986-1993

Topics include electricity costs, General Services Administration disposal of 53.69 acres of Altus AFB land, military construction project data, C-17 training, and Altus Air Force Base Commander’s Summary (report).

Correspondents include Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Earl E. Jones, E. C. Aldridge Jr., Timothy L. Titus, and Dick Moore.


F83: Bevill-McCurdy Exchange on Penny-Kasich Amendment, 1993

Topics include Red River Basin Chloride Control project, funding for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and deficit reduction.

Correspondents include John T. Myers, Tom Bevill, Hal Rogers, and Neal Smith.


F84: Byrd, Robert, 1991-1992

Topics include federal spending in West Virginia, CIA consolidation program, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Education and Training Center, sewer system in Berkeley County (West Virginia).

Correspondents include J.Y. Purrell.


F85: Campaign, [n.d]
Topics include promotional material for advertising agencies and campaign material suppliers, McCurdy talking points in rebuttal to Jerry Smith, Jim Jones campaign brochure, student suggestions for new McCurdy logo, Dick Gephardt campaign material, Postal Training Center (Norman, Oklahoma), Eosat, Cal Hobson campaign brochure, Delmas Ford campaign flier, Jerry Smith campaign brochure, and handwritten lists of McCurdy campaign supporters.

Correspondents include George Nigh.


F86: Campaign, 1981

This folder contains a letter from Nancy Reagan.


F87: Campaign, 1982

This folder contains Political Campaign and Advertising Agencies (American Association of Advertising Agencies booklet), three letters from Ronald Reagan, and Howard Rutledge remarks at Moore Chamber of Commerce Forum.


F88: Campaign, 1983

This folder contains three letters from Ronald Reagan and an issue of the McCarville Report (9/16/83).


F89: Campaign, 1984

Topics include The Law of Political Broadcasting and Cablecasting: A Political Primer (FCC booklet), 1984 Democratic National Platform, list of federal awards in Oklahoma’s 4th District, McCurdy 1984 campaign media budget proposal, Political Broadcast Handbook (booklet), A Candidate’s Guide to the Law of Political Broadcasting (booklet), McCurdy announcement of candidacy, steering committee roster for McCurdy fundraiser, McCurdy press releases, and official election returns for the state of Oklahoma.

Correspondents include National Association of Broadcasters and Tony Coelho.


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