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F1: Press, Correspondence with News Editors, 1989-1992

Correspondents include Jay L. Kreigel, Lou Wilson, Hugh Sidey, Allen S. Feuer, David J. Lynch, Ben Blackstock, Charley Engleman, Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Llewellyn King, Matt Ridley, Evans Pierre, Ross Pendergraft, Richard Davis, Christine Harding, Neal B. Freeman, Deborah Howell, and Korey Dorsey.


F2: Press, Defense Democrat, 1988-1991

This folder contains seven issues of this Newsletter on Foreign Affairs and National Defense, published by the Coalition for a Democratic Majority.

Topics include Reagan defense veto, defense procurement scandal, Latin American debt, Soviet Union, communism, nuclear disarmament, deterrence, intelligence, Persian Gulf crisis, post-Cold War world, Nicaragua, and Iraq.

Authors include David L. Boren, Joseph Leiberman, Charles Krauthammer, Les Aspin, and Ahmed Chalabi.


F3: Press, Editorials, 1988-1994

In addition to the following titles this folder contains editorials addressing the Persian Gulf crisis and federal budget.

“Welfare Reform That Works”
“Building a Sound Economic Plan for America”
“Free Trade with Mexico: NAFTA Best Hope of Long-Term Stability”
“Patience, Resolve Will Bring Victory to Persian Gulf Allies”
“Dukakis, Jackson: Too Far Left”
“U.S. Faces ‘Clear Moral Imperative’ in Gulf”
“Test for Democrats”
“Foreign Policy and National Character”
“Bad Week for ‘Realism’: The Russian People Showed that Cynicism May Be Our Biggest Illusion in Foreign Affairs”
“Foreign Aid Makes Sense”
“North Korea and the Bomb: Sanctions Won’t Work”
“Cornerstones of Foreign Policy”
“It’s Time for Welfare Reform”
“Oil, Gas Industry Vital for National Security”
“Playing Dangerous Games in the Name of Democracy”


F4: Press, Eye on Congress Cable TV Show, [n.d.]

This folder contains cable and radio station address and contact lists, five typed pages of political humor quotes, and press releases for Eye on Congress episodes about bipartisanship, farm bill, balanced budget amendment, foreign aid, and foreign policy towards the Soviet Union.


F5: Press, Eye on Congress Newspaper Column, 1981-1987

Topics include Latin America, Space Station, taxes, social security, child pornography, child support, AT&T breakup, farm policy, federal spending, trade policy, school vouchers, education by satellite, health care, mandatory drug testing, military benefit cuts, 55mph speed limit, airplane flight delays, welfare, trade deficit, commemorative bills, Section 89, and Farm Credit System.


F6: Press, Metro Norman Column, n.d., 1992

Topics include opening of EOSAT satellite tracking facility near Norman, 4th District Health Care Task Force, Sunbelt Caucus, and balanced budget amendment.


F7: Press, Press Packet Material, 1982-1988

This folder contains a tourist brochure of Washington DC that McCurdy’s office gave to visitors, a 1982 McCurdy campaign brochure, Congressional Quarterly biographies of McCurdy, and a profile titled “He Speaks Up for the Army.”


F8: Press, Press Releases, 1983

Topics include disaster payments to farmers, withholding tax on interest and dividends, McCurdy appointment to House Select Committee on Intelligence, social security benefits for illegal aliens and prison inmates, Emergency Math and Science Education Act, nuclear freeze, defense spending cuts, federal budget, Copperhead weapon system, federal deficit, cotton plant-for-PIK program, aid to El Salvador, education, shooting down of a South Korean airliner, Oklahoma congressional delegation cooperation, U.S. troops in Lebanon, Altus Air Force Base, foreign trade, U.S. troops in
Grenada, East Cache Creek Basin, movie “The Day After,” and Oklahoma state budget.


F9: Press, Press Releases, 1984

Topics include election primary, veteran medical facility in Lawton, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration funding, federal highway aid, federal budget, death of Thomas L. McCurdy, commemorative bills, AT&T breakup, appointing Federal Reserve Board member from agriculture or small business sectors, John Glenn presidential race, competition among defense contractors, Space Station, presidential elections in El
Salvador, arms control, agricultural trade, an issue of Dave McCurdy Reports on health care, McCurdy announcement of intent to run for reelection, constituent questionnaire, Geraldine Ferraro as vice presidential candidate, Oklahoma veteran job placement, OU weather center, naming McAlester federal building after Carl Albert, Natural Gas Market Policy Act, Christopher Columbus quincentenary, balanced budget amendment, death of
James Clark Nance, defense spending, farm lending, American Embassy bombing in Beirut, 55mph speed limit, and veterans’ Agent Orange exposure claims.


F10: Press, Press Releases, 1985

Topics include presidential trade veto, business tax deductions, commemorative bills, Armed Services Committee subcommittee assignments, 55mph speed limit, federal spending, farming, groundwater, defense spending, Oklahomans Against World Hunger Day, U.S. postal training center in Norman, Les Aspin visit to Oklahoma, military construction projects, education, federal deficit, Landsat ground station in Norman, conspiracy to cover up POW/MIA existence, arms control, wind shear and weather radar, Defense Environmental Restoration Program, toxic waste cleanup, social security, taxes, Farm Credit System, and Orange Bowl.


F11: Press, Interview Requests, 1986

This folder contains lists of requests from reporters and news agencies for interviews and comments on specific issues.


F12: Press, Press Releases, 1986

Topics include Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit reduction bill, veteran home loans, elections in the Philippines, nuclear test bans, Packard Commission, aid to Contras in Nicaragua, agricultural prices, petroleum research, dairy herd buyouts, U.S. postal training center in Norman, defense spending, IRS business vehicle logbook requirements, aid to displaced oil and gas workers, Anti-Apartheid Act, 55mph speed limit, veteran medical facility in Lawton, tax reform, Gulfstream Aerospace, Oklahoma state businesses in government markets, coal as preferred government energy source, disaster relief for flooding, voluntary national service, NEXRAD weather radar research funding, Donald Regan, Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, and surplus food distribution to the hungry.


F13: Press, Interview Requests, 1987
This folder contains lists of requests from reporters and news agencies for interviews and comments on specific issues.


F14: Press, Press Releases, Jan.-June, 1987

Topics include Surface Transportation Act amendments, 55mph speed limit, commemorative bills, McCurdy committee and subcommittee assignments, McCurdy district appearances, defense spending, Wilma Runnels, military benefits, Farm Credit System, Conrail/Amtrak accident hearings, surplus food distribution, Oklahoma unemployment, LANDSAT, VA outpatient clinic in Lawton, Volunteer National Service Act, relaxing restrictions on AT&T consent decree, Ronald Reagan highway bill veto, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration grant to the University of Oklahoma, water treatment facility at Fort Sill, Oklahoma state budget negotiations, military construction projects in Oklahoma, oil import fee, windfall profits tax, U.S. debt limit, airline flight delays, disaster assistance for flood victims, contracting out, balanced budget amendment, and federal funding for completion of Sarkeys Energy Center at the University of Oklahoma.


F15: Press, Press Releases, July-Dec., 1987

Topics include welfare, assistance for unemployed oil workers, cotton disaster payments, contracting out, Army conventional forces, modernization of armed forces, oil import fee, disaster relief for flood victims, catastrophic medical insurance, National Superconductivity and competitiveness Act, new weapons systems, McCurdy pages and interns, airplane collision avoidance, budget and trade deficits, stock market, hazardous waste management at Tinker Air Force Base, base closures, conventional weapons, Veterans Administration cabinet position, Federal Employees’ Political Activities Act,
airline pilot shortage, 65mph speed limit, agriculture census forms, Orange Bowl, and modernizing Civil Aeromedical Institute.


F16: Press, Radio Transcripts, 1987

Topics include raising the national speed limit, defense budget, Landsat in Norman, and National Service Act.


F17: Press, Reaction to Issues, 1987

Topics include response to Ronald Reagan state of the union address, campus outreach program, remarks on Research and Development policy, Iraqi missile attack on the USS Stark, Army helicopter crash in Ft. Hood (Texas), oil production, the U.S. Constitution, oil import fee, death of David A. Burr, Democratic response to Ronald Reagan on Central American peace process, satellite photography, competition in defense contracting, remarks on “High Technology, SDI/CDI and the East-West Balance,” budget and trade deficits, Federal Employees’ Political Activities Act, remarks on “Roles and Mission of the Civil Aeromedical Institute,” Orange Bowl, and welfare reform.


F18: Press, Interview Requests, 1988

This folder contains lists of requests from reporters and news agencies for interviews and comments on specific issues.


F19: Press, Press Releases, Jan.-June, 1988

Topics include McCurdy resignation from Intelligence Committee, aid to Contras in Nicaragua, reaction to Ronald Reagan state of the union address, continuing resolution, Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), defense contracting, Elmer Thomas Dam, funding for Air Force Logistics Command, fair trade, Air Force ROTC unit at the University of Oklahoma, farming and taxes, Tinker Air Force Base as support site for Stealth Bomber, federal employee retirement benefits, rural elderly care, medical helicopter at Fort Sill, Reynolds Army hospital at Fort Sill, furloughs at Tinker Air Force Base, Robert Gentile, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, funding for space and science programs, E-6A communication aircraft at Tinker Air Force Base, commercial drivers license requirements, military construction projects in Oklahoma, improving air travel, Rural Health Care Coalition, Hitachi plant in Norman, Air Space America, Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, federal funding for completion of Sarkeys Energy Center at the University of Oklahoma, National Service Act, drugs, expansion of Goodyear plant in Lawton, and cigarette warning labels.


F20: Press, Press Releases, July-Dec., 1988

Topics include furloughs at Tinker Air Force Base, endorsement of Michael Dukakis, runway at Halliburton field in Duncan, student financial aid, Homer C. McClure, McCurdy district appearances, Oklahoma congressional delegation Economic Development Task Force, National Superconductivity and Competitiveness Act, National Critical Materials Council, proposed cogeneration plant in Lawton, McCurdy military
service record, J. C. Miller, federal funding for completion of Sarkeys Energy Center at the University of Oklahoma, human factor in aviation accidents, E-6A aircraft at Tinker Air Force Base, Reynolds Army Hospital at Fort Sill, energy policy, Aviation Safety Research Act, remote sensing satellites, Military Construction Appropriations Act, welfare reform, Family Support Act, defense spending, C-17 transport, and death of Bill Nichols.


F21: Press, Reaction to Issues, Jan.-Mar., 1988

Topics include “The Space Nuclear Power Challenge: A Three Congressional Committee View,” aid to Contras in Nicaragua, reaction to Ronald Reagan state of the union address, remarks to AIAA Strategic Systems Conference, KGOU testimonial, statement on James Webb by Jack N. Merritt, McDonnell Douglas Corporation, “Federal Policy on Superconductivity,” net assessment of military capabilities, and sale of Aegis
systems to Japan.


F22: Press, Reaction to Issues, April-Aug., 1988

Topics include Bill Hefner floor speech on gay rights; Persian Gulf crisis; U.S. retaliation against attack by Iran; dial-a-porn; nuclear weapons; Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty; DLC Newsgram (4/88); tribute to Fort Sill; multi-year NASA authorization; energy and vehicle propulsion research and development; Subcommittee on Transportation, Aviation, and Materials activities; interview in Journal of Metals; cigarette warning labels; remarks to Air Traffic Controllers Association; base closures; Economic Development Task Force; student financial aid; Allan McArtor visit to Oklahoma; and an
anonymous poem beginning “I watched them tearing the building down...”


F23: Press, Reaction to Issues, Sept.-Dec., 1988

Topics include testimony on Medical Mission of the FAA, superconductivity, requiring daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in the House, Textile and Apparel Trade Act, Aviation Safety Research Act, remarks at NEXRAD Hydrology Symposium, and reaction to Mikhail Gorbachev arms control proposal.


F24: Press, Interview Requests, 1989

This folder contains lists of requests from reporters and news agencies for interviews and comments on specific issues.


F25: Press, Press Releases, Jan.-May, 1989

Topics include McCurdy return to House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Libya, salary increase for government officials and members of congress, commemorative bills, McCurdy subpoena in Oliver North trial, Citizenship and National Service Act, Chico Mendes, satellite education, El Salvador, Landsat 4 and 5 funding, contracts and grants awarded to Oklahoma organizations, cost-of-living adjustments, veteran health care, Section 89, airport security, rural Medicare reimbursement, McCurdy district appearances, Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, Crutcho Creek flood control, National Aerospace Plane, defense spending, Pam McCurdy surgery, federal deficit, U.S. troops in Panama, balanced budget amendment, and Oklahoma delegation agricultural tour of Oklahoma.


F26: Press, Press Releases, June-Dec., 1989

Topics include Tiananmen Square massacre, George H. W. Bush veto of minimum wage bill, Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, Crutcho Creek flood control, Angola, military construction in Oklahoma, flag desecration, National Aerospace Plane, National Voter Registration Act, El Salvador, 100th anniversary of Norman Transcript, grants to Oklahoma organizations, Fort Sill Indian School, Reynolds Army Hospital at Fort Sill, environmental compliance, commemorative bills, congressional agricultural tour of Oklahoma, B-2 bomber, William Higgins, airport security, Nicaragua, NEXRAD, defense spending, franking, tax cuts, Section 89, federal deficit, catastrophic health insurance, Jonas Savimbi, American Indians, Eastern Europe, House ethics reform, congressional oversight of intelligence activities, and Panama.


F27: Press, Reaction to Issues, 1989

Topics include Citizenship and National Service Act, National Commemorative Events Advisory Act, defense budget impact on Fort Sill, election of Thomas Foley as Speaker of the House, Regional Presidential Primaries and caucuses Act, and testimonial for Armed Forces Journal.


F28: Press, Interview Requests, 1990

This folder contains lists of requests from reporters and news agencies for interviews and comments on specific issues.


F29: Press, Press Releases, Jan.-June, 1990

Topics include Alfredo Cristiani, National and Community Service Act, military construction in Oklahoma, remarks to George C. Marshall Foundation, reaction to George H. W. Bush state of the union address, military strategy, Angola, commemorative bills, U.S. Census, Violeta Chamorro, Nicaragua, McCurdy Army Commander-in-Chief Award, grants to Oklahoma organizations, National Aerospace Plane, child care, alcohol health warning messages, Eastern Europe, impact aid, El Salvador, federal budget, superconductivity, Bureau of Indian Affairs in Oklahoma, Family and Medical Leave Act, McCurdy district appearances, prosecutions in the Savings and Loan scandal, flag desecration, and Mainstream Forum.


F30: Press, Press Releases, July-Dec., 1990

Topics include grants to Oklahoma organizations, federal deficit, budget negotiations, taxes, Savings and Loan Accountability Management Reform, balanced budget amendment, B-2 bomber, farm bill, single Medicare payout zone for Oklahoma, EOSAT ground station in Norman, federal debt limit, Kuwait, skeet range at Tinker Air Force Base, Kiowa Indian Tribe Constitution, Operation Desert Shield, Wayne Gilley, Altus Air Force Base land acquisition, national service, George H. W. budget proposals, immigration, arts funding, early military retirement, Persian Gulf crisis, layoffs at Tinker Air Force Base, and Bernie Sanders.


F31: Press, Press Releases, Jan.-June, 1991

Topics include Tommy Alsip, Persian Gulf War, Persian Gulf military personnel, reaction to George H. W. Bush state of the union address, out-of-state sold waste, McCurdy appointment as chairman of Intelligence Committee, Intelligence Committee secrecy oath, national energy strategy, senior citizen internship program, Saddam Hussein, magazine collection for Walter Reed Army Medical Center patients, certain places pay, single Medicare payout zone for Oklahoma, Dick Cheney address to Army Caucus, Oklahoma Chapter of the Democratic Leadership Council, McCurdy appointment as chair of Defense Industrial Base Panel, McCurdy presidential prospects, base closures, federal spending, federal deficit, Brady Bill, William Webster retirement from CIA, military construction in Oklahoma, defense spending, Angola, commemorative bills, and Landsat program.


F32: Press, Press Releases, July-Dec., 1991

Topics include most favored nation status for China; economic sanctions on South Africa; Defense Industrial Base Panel hearings; Congressional Baseball Game; CIA consolidation; Montgomery Point Lock and Dam on the Arkansas River; grants to Oklahoma organizations; 4th District Economic Task Force; Tinker Bicentennial Park; overthrow of Mikhail Gorbachev; signal corps training program at Fort Sill; FCC syndicated exclusivity rule; Police Corps; McCurdy district appearances; McCurdy OU Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award; federal deficit; Oklahoma National Guard; unemployment benefits; Kiowa, Comanche, Apache Intertribal Land Use Committee; military construction in Oklahoma; C-17 transport at Altus Air Force Base; Comanche County landfill; McCurdy Peace Through Strength Victory Award; committee chair term limits, and industrial recruitment.


F33: Press TV Transcripts, 1991

This folder contains a transcript of Dave McCurdy’s appearance on Meet the Press (2/17/91) with Senator Richard Lugar and Zbigniew Brzezinski.


F34: Press, Press Releases, Jan.-June, 1992

Topics include student financial aid eligibility, Defense Industrial Base Panel, reaction to George H. W. Bush state of the union address, B-2 Stealth Bomber, Citizens Health Care Task Force, defense spending, Kathy Heiple, shipbuilding industry, signal corps training program at Fort Sill, intelligence community reorganization, Democracy Corps in the former Soviet Union, McCurdy district appearances, House banking scandal, members of congress free medical services, proposed National Guard and Reserves cuts, CIA consolidation, House committee budget increases, grants and contracts awarded to Oklahoma organizations, impact aid, EOSAT ground station in Norman, military construction projects in Oklahoma, energy bill, interstate transportation of hazardous waste, defense conversion, balanced budget amendment, unemployment benefits, Youth Apprenticeship Act, and Freedom of Choice Act.


F35: Press, Press Releases, July-Dec., 1992

Topics include grants and contracts awarded to Oklahoma organizations, disadvantaged student loans, Cable Consumer Protection Act, rural health care, sexual harassment in the military, Democracy Corps, Endangered Species Act, KCA Intertribal Land Use Committee, signal corps training program at Fort Sill, sale of F-15 aircraft to Saudi Arabia, McCurdy district appearances, health care reform, declassification of National Reconnaissance Office, Tailhook scandal, Department of Defense environmental cleanup needs, intelligence spending cuts, National Guard, USAir and British Airways merger, and committee chair term limits.


F36: Press, TV Transcripts, 1992

This folder contains transcripts from Dave McCurdy’s appearances on the following shows:

MacNeil Lehrer Hour (8/3) with John McCain - Foreign Policy
CNN Newsmaker Saturday (8/8) with Muhamed Sacirbey and Mitch McConnell - Yugoslavia
Evans & Novak (9/19) with John McCain - Bill Clinton and the Vietnam Draft
CNN Crossfire (10/5) with Mike Kinsley, John Sununu, and John Warner - “New World Leader”


F37: Press, Press Releases, Jan.-June, 1993

Topics include committee chair term limits, McCurdy not reappointed to Intelligence Committee by Tom Foley, bombing of Iraq, military reduction in force, EPA sold waste regulations, Freedom of Choice Act, Tinker Bicentennial Park, shootings at CIA headquarters, gays in the military, McCurdy appointment to chairmanship of Military Installations and Facilities Subcommittee, McCurdy district appearances, reductions in force at Tinker Air Force Base, BasiCare Health Access and Cost Control Act, congressional reform, youth apprenticeship, reaction to Bill Clinton economic address,
national service, charter schools, defense accounting centers, contracts and grants awarded to Oklahoma organizations, North Korea withdrawal from the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty, cost of federal mandates, military construction projects in Oklahoma, defense spending, House committee funding, Armando Moreno, banks with foreign deposits, Goals 2000: Educate America Act, Democratic Leadership Council, line-item veto, Bosnia, death of J. C. Kennedy, base closures, McCurdy response to Oklahoma Republican chairman, and reconciliation bill.


F38: Press, Press Releases, July-Dec., 1993

Topics include 4th District Economic Health Care Task Force, National Service Trust Act, missile defense, Clinton economic plan, Fort Sill environmental training facility, education reform, gays in the military, BTU tax, grants and contract awarded to Oklahoma organizations, Armando Moreno, Pacific base review, interns in McCurdy’s offices, Freedom of Choice Act, district appearances, consolidation of cotton classing offices, Health Care Town Meetings, health care reform, cable television, Somalia, Goals 2000: Educate America Act, welfare reform, hearings on use of chemical warfare in Persian Gulf, David Walters, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), school- to-work programs, budget cuts, cost-of-living adjustments, and Penney-Kasich deficit reduction plan.


F39: Press, TV Transcripts, 1993

This folder contains transcripts from Dave McCurdy’s appearances on the following shows:

John McLaughlin’s One on One (5/21) with John Breaux - “Rebel Democrats on the Tax Bill”
CNN Newsmaker Sunday (6/12) with Charles Bierbauer and Madeleine Albright - “Action in Somalia”
CNN Larry King Live (9/1) with Bob Beckel, Les Aspin, and Alexander Haig - “American Defense in the 21st Century”
CNN Crossfire (10/4) with Mike Kinsley, Pat Buchanan, and Henry Hyde - “Americans Under Fire in Somalia”
CNN Crossfire (12/28) with Mike Kinsley, Pat Buchanan, Richard Allen, and Gary Milhollin - “Storm Clouds Over Korea”

F40: Press, Interview Requests, 1994

This folder contains lists of requests from reporters and news agencies for interviews and comments on specific issues.


F41: Press, Press Releases, Jan.-April, 1994

Topics include Committee for the Common Defense, Native Sun Water park, information about 4th District offices, Bobby Inman, reaction to Bill Clinton state of the union address, military interservicing, welfare reform, Vietnam trade embargo, Bill Clinton budget proposals, impact aid, grants and contracts awarded to Oklahoma organizations, term limits, Oklahoma Democratic Leadership Council, McCurdy district appearances, Walker Creek Trail, Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization, Human Rights Campaign Fund pledge, federal deficit, consolidation of cotton classing offices, domestic oil and natural gas production, McCurdy awarded PTA advocate of the year, 45th Infantry Brigade, health care reform, defense spending cuts, McCurdy promotion to Major in the Air Force Reserves, crime bill, Goals 2000: Educate America Act, establishment of a national cemetery at Fort Sill, resignation of Vaughn Clark, two downed Blackhawk helicopters in Iraq, Police Corps, A to Z spending cuts, environmental
training at Fort Sill, and reaction to David Boren announcement of resignation from Senate to become president of the University of Oklahoma.


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