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F1: Biographical Material, 1982-1993

Contents include McCurdy professional biographies 1987-1992, chronologies of important contributions and actions, key votes and ratings, Tom McCurdy obituary, Runner’s World survey, Democratic National Convention delegate questionnaire, and questionnaires for various almanacs.


F2: Biographical Material, Campaign Brochures, 1982


F3: Biographical Material, Christmas Cards, [1982-1994]


F4: Biographical Material, Pam McCurdy, n.d., 1987

Contents include resume and profile in Vital Signs magazine.


F5: Biographical Material, Pam McCurdy Invitations, 1981-1983


F6: Guest Book, 1981-1982


F7: Guest Book, 1983-1985


F8: Personnel, 1982-1993

Contents include resumes, biographies, letters, and recommendations concerning staff members Kuang-ming Cheng, John Keliher, Imogene Holmes, Steve J. Cotton, Kathryn Glenn, Lee Ann Alexander, D. Clay Custer, Marianne Leeper, Karolyn Wolfe, Joe Foote, and Alder Schacher.


F9: Personnel, Administrative, 1981-1994

Contents include staff rosters, staff duties, office policy, employee policy, and clerk-hire allowances.

Correspondents include Charlie Rose.


F10: Personnel, Mike Mazarr, 1990-1994

Contents include resume, professional recommendations, nuclear weapons consultancy study, and the following articles: “Military Targets for a Minimum Deterrent: After the Cold War How Much is Enough?” “US-Korean Relations: Post-Reunification,” and “Nuclear Weapons After the Cold War”

F11: Referrals, n.d.

Contents include Oklahoma district maps and zip code listings and a listing of post offices in the state of Oklahoma.


F12: Invitations, Dec. 1980

Topics include Democratic Study Group and Rural Caucus.

Correspondents include Jim Wright, James R. Jones, Paul Simon, Wes Watkins, and Joseph L. Fisher.


F13: Appointment Book, 1981


F14: Appointments, January 1981

Correspondents include Philip S. Prince and Ron Dyson.


F15: Appointments, February 1981

Topics include Presidential Classroom students and Democratic Study Group.

Correspondents include Larry Winn Jr.


F16: Appointments, March 1981

Correspondents include James R. Jones, Roy Dyson, and Gillis Long.


F17: Appointments, April 1981

Correspondents include Tom Daschle.


F18: Appointments, May 1981

Correspondents include Gillis Long.


F19: Appointments, June 1981


F20: Appointments, July 1981

Topics include Congressional Rural Caucus.


F21: Appointments, September 1981

Topics include Armed Services Committee Special Panel on Defense Procurement Procedures travel itinerary.

F22: Appointments, October 1981

Correspondents include Gillis Long.


F23: Appointments, November 1981

Topics include election of delegates to Democratic Mid-Term Convention.

Correspondents include G. William Whitehurst, Newt Gingrich, Toby Moffett, Thomas M. Foglietta, William H. Gray, and Cecil Heftel.


F24: Appointments, December 1981


F25: Invitations, January 1981

Topics include House Democratic Leadership Issues Conference.

Correspondents include Jack Brooks, Don Nickles, Clarence Long, Don Fuqua, John Conyers, George Nigh, Tip O’Neill, and Jim Wright.


F26: Invitations, February 1981

Topics include Congressional Rural Caucus.

Correspondents include Clement J. Zablocki, Jim Wright, Melvin Price, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan.


F27: Invitations, March 1981

Correspondents include James J. Blanchard, David L. Boren, Dennis Eckart, and James R. Jones.


F28: Invitations, April 1981

Correspondents include Don Fuqua, Earl Hutto, and Hamilton Fish Jr.


F29: Invitations, May 1981

Correspondents include James R. Jones, Robert T. Matsui, Beverly Byron, Don Fuqua, Bob Shamansky, Fred Richmond, Edmund S. Muskie, and Ronnie G. Flippo.


F30: Invitations, June 1981

Correspondents include David L. Boren, Cecil Heftel, Don Bailey, Jim Wright, Augustus F. Hawkins, Charles Wilson, Wyche Fowler Jr., and Robert T. Matsui.


F31: Invitations, July 1981

Correspondents include Bill Alexander, Jim Wright, Don Fuqua, Buddy Roemer, Paul Simon, Ike Skelton, Bob Dole, and Dennis E. Eckart.


F32: Invitations, September 1981

Correspondents include Tom Steed, Marvin Leath, George H. W. Bush, and Melvin Price.


F33: Invitations, October 1981

Topics include Enterprise Square.

Correspondents include Jim Wright, Wes Watkins, Tony Coelho, Mickey Edwards, James R. Jones, Silvio Conte, and Roy P. Dyson.


F34: Invitations, November 1981

Correspondents include John O. Marsh Jr. and Averell Harriman.


F35: Invitations, December 1981

Correspondents include William E. Dannemeyer, Henry A. Kissinger, Edward J. Markey, and Tony Coelho.


F36: Invitations, Ronald Reagan, 1981-1987

Events include White House barbecues, Christmas Open House, Christmas Balls, and Congressional Picnics.


F37: Invitations, Ronald Reagan Inauguration, 1981


F38: Miscellaneous, Close Up, 1981-1983

Correspondents include Robert Goldberg and Stephen A. Janger.


F39: Miscellaneous, Oklahoma State Society, 1981-1983

Topics include applications for membership, chili cook-off, and election analysis breakfast.


F40: Trips, Jan. 12-18, District, 1981


F41: Trips, Feb. 9-16, District, 1981


F42: Trips, Feb. 26-Mar. 1, District, 1981


F43: Trips, March 27-28, District, 1981

Topics include Goodwill Industries of Southwest Oklahoma.


F44: Trips, Apr. 16-22, District, 1981

Topics include McCurdy remarks to Bankers Award Banquet in Hollis, OK and Altus Air Force Base open house.

Correspondents include Aaron C. Burleson.


F45: Trips, May 8-9, District, 1981


F46: Trips, May 15-17, District, 1981

Topics include Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center congressional authorization and Armed Forces Day parade in Lawton.

Correspondents include William S. Banowski.


F47: Trips, June 5-7, District, 1981

Topics include Office of Handicapped Concerns.


F48: Trips, June 26-July 3, District, 1981

Topics include Bo Ginn visit to Oklahoma and 4th District questionnaire results.


F49: Trips, Aug. 4-6, District, 1981


F50: Trips, Aug. 17-Sept. 5, District, 1981

Topics include Lawton Magazine chili cook-off.

Correspondents include Bo Ginn and Deloris Delluomo.


F51: Trips, Oct. 2-5, District, 1981

Topics include Oklahoma Division of Student Assistants Conference.


F52: Trips, Oct. 29-Nov. 2, District, 1981

Correspondents include Roosevelt Cash Jr. and Tom Daschle.


F53: Trips, Nov. 6-9, District, 1981

Topics include Lawton-Fort Sill Co-Op Banquet and Wright Patton Air Force Base.

Correspondents include Edward A. Dinges.


F54: Trips, Dec. 6-8, District, 1981

Topics include Democratic fundraiser and tours of Fort Sill and Altus Air Force Base.

Correspondents include Bill Hefner.


F55: Appointment Book, 1982


F56: Appointment Book, 1982

This folder also includes Conservative Democratic Forum Whip List, flag prices, and House session calendars for 1982 and 1983.

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