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1. Promotional ads for Oklahoma towns, ca. early 1980s.
- “Oklahoma: A Sleeping Giant”
- “This is Okemah”
- “Shawnee: The Place to Be”
- “El Reno on the Rise”
- “Elk City Excels”
- “Why McCurtain County”
- “Altus: City With a Future to Share”
- “Muskogee on the Move”
- “Stillwater...One of America’s Great Small Cities”

2. “Go Forth With the Fourth” promotional video for Oklahoma’s Fourth District, ca. early 1980s.

3. Dave McCurdy Television Ads, 1980 and 1982
- 1980 - McCurdy on camera.... “no political debts”
- 1980 - McCurdy on camera.... “no unnecessary regulations” (law books)
- 1980 - McCurdy and family on camera.... “working together” (duck pond)
- 1980 - Dave and Josh McCurdy....announcer voice over: “problems, no matter how small”
- 1980 - Gale Humble, Duty Rowe, and Barbara Owens....endorsements
- 1980 - Willie Salyer and J. C. Kennedy....endorsements
- 1980 - Vic Williams and Cleo Cross....endorsements
- 1980 - Hal Muldrow, Tim Hightower, and Paul Sharp....endorsements
- 1980 - Various newspapers....announcer voice over of newspaper endorsements
- 1980 - McCurdy on camera.... “strong military”
- 1980 - David Boren....endorsement
- 1980 - Dave and Tom McCurdy (dad)....working on a car
- 1982 - David Boren....endorsement
- 1982 - Dave and Tom McCurdy (dad)....(porch) Social Security
- 1982 - Dave McCurdy on camera with children....family advertisement
- 1982 - Washington footage....announcer voice over: “He’s a fighter”
- 1982 - Aileen McCurdy (mom) on camera.... “Dave is no rubber stamp”
- 1982 - Rubber stamp.... “Rutledge will ‘me too’ Reagan’s bad ideas”
- 1982 - Two women.... “Dave has fought to cut government spending”
- 1982 - Washington footage....GOTV advertisement

4. “Be There Be Counted: Vote” commercials and program encouraging voter participation, [1980-1984].

5. NEA/OEA Congressional Contact Team - American Defense Education Act Town Hall Meeting at the Norman Public Library (Oklahoma) with Congressman Dave McCurdy, August 25, 1983.

6. Dave McCurdy public service announcement for the Boy Scouts of America Black Beaver Council recruitment of adult volunteers, ca. mid-1980s.

7. “The U.S. Congress and You” educational program produced by the Committee for Citizen Awareness, 1986. The program features Dave McCurdy.

8. Altus...City With a Future to Share,” March 6, 1986. This a promotional video created by the Altus (Oklahoma) Chamber of Commerce.

9. Dave McCurdy’s monthly talk show “Eye on Congress,” May 7, 1986. This episode features Rep. Jim Jones and discussion on energy issues and policy.

10. AT&T Sematech Proposal, June 1987, featuring John Ashcroft, Governor of Missouri.


BOX 64

11. a. Capital Journal with Hodding Carter, n.d. The topic is Ronald Reagan’s request for $100 million aid package for Contras in Nicaragua and features an interview with Dave McCurdy.
b. “Newsmaker Saturday,” n.d. The topic is Ronald Reagan’s request for $100 million aid package for Contras in Nicaragua and featured guests are McCurdy, Phil Gramm, and Christopher Dodd.
c. CNN coverage of House floor speeches about the $100 million Contra aid package. Shown are Jim Slattery, Bill Richardson, McCurdy, Robert Dornan, Rodney Chandler, Edward Boland, Thomas S. Foley, and Thomas P. O’Neill.
d. C-SPAN coverage of Transportation Committee hearings on air travel safety, March 21, 1989. Features testimony of McCurdy and Rep. Michael McNulty.

12. NBC “America’s Future” broadcast of presidential debate at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, December 1, 1987. Tom Brokaw is the moderator and the following 1988 presidential candidates are guests: Bruce Babbitt, Michael Dukakis, Richard Gephardt, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Paul Simon, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, Pete du Pont, Alexander Haig, Jack Kemp, and Pat Robertson.

13. “Go Forth With the Fourth” promotional video for Oklahoma’s Fourth District featuring Dave McCurdy, 1988.

14. a. NBC Nightly News, May 19, 1988. Features McCurdy commentary on Contra aid.
b. NBC Nightly News, June 14, 1988. Features McCurdy commentary on Michael Dukakis and defense issues.

15. Tinker Air Force Base Environmental Management Project, May 25, 1988.

16. God and Country Crusade evening service at First Baptist Church in Altus, OK. July 10, 1988.

17. NBC Nightly News, November 4, 1988. “Computer Virus.” This video tape skips.

18. “60 Minutes” segment, “Charlie Did It,” concerning Rep. Charles Wilson’s involvement in the Afghan war. November 10, 1988.

19. Rep. Dan Glickman’s “Window on Washington” talk show, December 7, 1988. Topics are defense, arms control, and intelligence and McCurdy is the guest.

20. House floor speeches on Constitutional amendment banning flag burning, [1989]. Speeches are given by Mike Synar, McCurdy, and David Boren.

21. PBS documentary “Preparing for Power: The Transition of President Bush,” January 29, 1989. Commentator Hedrick Smith. McCurdy is featured commenting on Bush’s nomination of John Tower for Secretary of Defense.


BOX 65

22. Rep. Jack Buechner’s “The Washington Report” talk show, May 26, 1989. Topic is national service and guests are McCurdy and Michael Lynn.

23. C-SPAN live call-in show about U.S. military operations in Panama, December 21, 1989. Guests are Bob Livingston (R-LA) and Dave McCurdy.

24. a. Washington DC local news segments on airport security, May 9 [1989]. Dave McCurdy is interviewed in one of the segments.
b. Newscast hosted by Douglas (?) Kiker on commemorative legislation, May 14, 1989. Dave McCurdy is interviewed.

25. NASA educational program “Space Basics” featuring the crew from mission STS-41, [1990].

26. Oklahoma City Channel 9 local 5pm newscast, March 30, 1990. Dave McCurdy is interviewed following passage of the Early Childhood Education and Development Act.

27. “A Case for Community Service” symposium at Rutgers University, April 29, 1990. The tape includes a documentary and panel discussion.

28. CNN “Daybreak” Business Day segment with Debra Marchini, and Stewart Varney, April 20, 1991. The topic is the Democratic alternative to President Bush’s 1991 budget. Dave McCurdy is interviewed and discusses the federal deficit and defense spending cuts.

29. Dave McCurdy and Richard Gephard teleconference with Eisenhower Junior High School Students (Lawton, OK), May 9, 1990. The program is part of the “Straight Talk” series.

30. Duplicate copy of video #29.

31. Dave McCurdy remarks via video tape to the Grady County Historical Society’s Tribute to Blacks in the Military, May 15, 1990.

32. Satellite feed of Dave McCurdy broadcasting to the University of Oklahoma’s Centennial Leadership Symposium, March, 29, 1990.


BOX 66

33. KAUZ (Wichital Falls/Lawton) Channel 6 local newscast, July 6, 1990. Dave McCurdy and Secretary of the Army P. W. Stone discuss the future of Fort Sill amid defense spending cuts. Donna Wilson is reporting.

34. House floor discussion of the appropriations bill (H.R. 5803), October 12, 1990. James Traficant offers a spending reduction amendment and admonishes members for acting out of self interest. Dave McCurdy gives a retort to Traficant and demands an apology for his remarks.

35. “America Tonight” with Leslie Stahl, December 20, 1990. The topic is weapons negotiations with the Soviet Union and guests are Henry Hyde and Dave McCurdy.

36. NASA educational program “Go For EVA” featuring the crew from mission STS-37, [1991].

37. Democratic Leadership Council Convention in Cleveland, “New Choice Resolution,” [1991]. Coverage includes speeches given by Governor Bill Clinton, Wyoming Secretary of State Kathy Karpan, Dave McCurdy, and Senator Charles S. Robb.

38. Rep. John Spratt’s “This Month in Congress” talk show, January 25, 1991. (Air date February 2, 1991) The topic is Operation Desert Storm and the Persian Gulf War and Dave McCurdy is the guest.

39. Newscast including interview with Dave McCurdy about Operation Desert Storm, January 28, 1991.

40. OETA “Tulsa Weekly” talk show with host Dean Lewis, February 8, 1991. The topic is the Operation Desert Storm and the Persian Gulf War and the guests are Rep. Mike Synar and Dave McCurdy.

41. CNN “Crossfire” with hosts Robert Novak and Michael Kinsley, April 30, 1991. The episode is titled “No Party for the Democrats?” and features guests Rep. Joseph Kennedy and Dave McCurdy discussing Democratic prospects in the 1992 presidential election.

42. CBS “Face the Nation” with host Bob Schiefer, May 12, 1991. The topic is the CIA and the nomination of Robert Gates for CIA director. Guests include Warren Rudman, Dave McCurdy, and John Walcott.

43. CNN “Capital Gang” with hosts Pat Buchanan, Robert Novak, Al Hunt, and Mark Shields, June 1, 1991. Topics are President Bush’s foreign affairs record, affirmative action, and Oliver North. Dave McCurdy is the guest.


BOX 67

44. “Ask Congress” talk show hosted by Lester Wolff, July 17, 1991. The topic is the omnibus crime bill and Dave McCurdy and Washington, DC policeman Gary Hankins are the guests.

45. News documentary on the CIA and intelligence activities in the post-Soviet era, July 23, 1991. Among those interviewed are Dave McCurdy and David Boren.

46. CNN “Larry King Live” talk show, August 26, 1991. The topic is the future of the Soviet Union after the fall of communism and the guests are Dave McCurdy and Sen. Richard Lugar.

47. Rep. Ron Mazzoli’s “In Congress” talk show, September 4, 1991. The topic is foreign affairs and intelligence and the guest is Dave McCurdy.

48. “Rep. McCurdy Reaction to Events in USSR,” September 8, 1991. This is taping of a McCurdy press conference.

49. This tape is labeled with the two following programs, but actually contains a C-SPAN2 broadcast of the Women and Men in the 90s conference at George Washington University. n.d.

a. C-SPAN2 coverage of announcement decision, October 18, 1991.
b. “On the Road to the White House,” October 18, 1991.

50. Symposium lunch, November 14, 1991. Dave McCurdy is introduced by General Gerald P.
Stadler and makes remarks of U. S. foreign policy.

51. CNN “Crossfire” episode “Mixed Messages?” with hosts Mike Kinsley and John Sununu, March 4, 1992. Dave McCurdy and Rep. Joseph Kennedy debate over presidential election candidates Bill Clinton and Paul Tsongas.

52. “Do We Need the CIA?” program produced by the Center for Defense Information, May 24, 1992. This program features an interview with Dave McCurdy.

53. “Ask Congress” talk show with host Lester Wolff, June 7, 1992. The topics is “Defense and
Industry” and Dave McCurdy is the guest.

54. Dave McCurdy’s talk show about “Space Basics” with Colonel Charles Balden, June 18, 1992.


BOX 68

55. Rep. Chris Perkins’s talk show “Washington Edition,” July 9, 1992. Dave McCurdy is the guest and the topic is youth apprenticeship.

56. PBS “NewsHour” episode “Policy or Politics” with host Jim Lehrer, August 5, 1992. Guests are Dave McCurdy and Sen. John McCain and the topic is foreign affairs.

57. Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Gardens, July 15, 1992. Featured are speeches by Mario Cuomo, Maxine Waters, and Dave McCurdy.

58. PBS “Louis Rukeyser’s 1992 Election Guide,” September 18, 1992. The topic is foreign affairs and guests include Dave McCurdy and Sen. Mitch McConnell.

59. “Evans and Novak” with Rowland Evans and Robert Novak, September 19, 1992. The topic is Bill Clinton’s Vietnam draft record and the guests are Dave McCurdy and Sen. John McCain.

60. “The U.S. Congress and You” educational program produced by the Committee for Citizen Awareness, 1993. The program features Dave McCurdy.

61. C-SPAN coverage of the Democratic Leadership Council annual meeting, 1993. Featured are Sen. John Breaux, President Bill Clinton, Eli Segal, and Jim Cooper. One of the topics covered is health care.

62. C-SPAN coverage of the Democratic Leadership Council annual meeting, 1993. Featured are Sen. John Breaux and Sen. Joe Lieberman and a panel discussion of economic issues.

63. CNN “Larry King Live” with host Bob Beckel, July 7, 1993. Guests are Dave McCurdy and Rep. Bernie Sanders and the topic is Bill Clinton’s need for support from the Democratic middle.

64. Rep. Tim Roemer’s talk show “The Roemer Report,” September 28, 1993. The topic is reinventing government and the guests are Dave McCurdy and Bob Stone.

65. CNN “Headline News” report on health problems in Gulf War veterans’ babies, December 23, 1993.


BOX 69

66. “Cost of Democracy Conference” sponsored by the University of Oklahoma Political Communication Center, February 5, 1994. Featured are Mary Louise Symcox and Dave McCurdy.

67. “Take a Stand on Healthcare Reform,” recording of the Healthcare Leadership Council Video Conference, March 9, 1994. The topic is Bill Clinton’s health care plan and alternatives. Dave McCurdy is featured in a panel discussion moderated by Leslie Stahl.

68. Rep. John Spratt’s “This Month in Congress” talk show, May 26, 1994. The topic is welfare reform and the guest is Dave McCurdy.

69. “Insights” with host Robert Novak, August 4, 1994. The topic is the Democratic Party and Dave McCurdy is the guest.

70. ABC “Nightline” with host Cokie Roberts, August 15, 1994. The topic is the omnibus crime bill and the guests are Dave McCurdy, Charles Schumer, and Cleo Fields. This video is watchable, but of poor quality.


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