Box and Folder Inventory
Boxes 1-4 and Oversize

Box 1: Correspondence and Business Papers.

F 1: Correspondence (1924). 

Re: W. L. Cheatham for Oklahoma Fourth District Congressman.

F 2: Correspondence (1925). 

Re: judicial cases, politics, PLG for Congress, and PLG for state attorney-general. Correspondents include M. E. Trapp.

F 3: Correspondence (1926). 

Re: PLG election as judge, Corporation Commission race, and KKK. Correspondents include M. E. Trapp.

F 4: Correspondence (1927). 

Re: personal.

F 5: Correspondence (1928). 

Re: Judicial cases, PLG campaign for Congress, and personal. Correspondents include Henry Johnston.

F 6: Correspondence (1929). 

Re: congratulations and PLG trial in Okmulgee.

F 7: Correspondence (1930). 

Re: judicial cases and personal. Correspondents include M. E. Trapp.

F 8: Correspondence (1931). 

Re: PLG election as district judge, national politics, and personal.

F 9: Correspondence (1932). 

Re: Murray income tax bill, judicial cases, FDR, and personal. Correspondents include T. P. Gore, John Nance Garner (Speaker of the House), and E. B. Howard

F 10: Correspondence (1933). 

Re: W. H. Murray, PLG for lieutenant governor, public executions, law and order, and personal.

F 11: Correspondence (1934 -- January - July 23). 

Re: Oklahoma politics, W. H. Murray administration, judicial cases, and PLG primary campaign.

F 12: Correspondence (1934 -- July 25-26). 

Re: congratulations on nomination. Correspondents include James V. McClintic and Leon C. Phillips.

F 13: Correspondence (1934 -- July 27-31). 

Re: congratulations on nomination; Rural Rehabilitation Program in Oklahoma, and personal. Correspondents include T. P. Gore and Robert L. Williams.

F 14: Correspondence (1934 -- August 1-11). 

Re: congratulations on nomination, politics, public health, and personal. Correspondents include Gid Graham, regarding a Time magazine article, and Fletcher Riley.

F 15: Correspondence (1934 -- August 13 - September 30).  

Re: general election, PLG genealogy, letter of recommendation, and personal. Correspondents include W. B. Bankhead and Joseph W. Byrns.

F 16: Correspondence (1934 -- October 1 - November 12). 

Re: PLG genealogy, politics, general election, and personal.  Clipping. Correspondents include A. J. Sabath.

F 17: Correspondence (1934 -- November 13 - December 24).  

Re: jobs, debts, judicial cases, 4-H Club, Farmers Union, and personal.

F 18: Correspondence (1935 -- A - M). 

Re: personal and business. Correspondents include T. P. Gore and Wesley E. Disney.

F 19: Correspondence (1935 -- N - Z). 

Re: personal and business.

F 20: Correspondence (1936). 

Re: personal and business.  Clipping.

F 21: Correspondence (1935-1936). 

Re: ranch.

F 22: Correspondence (1935-1936). 

Re: family correspondence.

F 23: Correspondence (1937). 

Re: family, personal, and PLG death. Correspondents include Jack Nichols, Tom Steed, and Margaret Sanger.

F 24: Correspondence (1938-1942). 

Re: family. Correspondents include Wesley E. Disney, Lyle Boren, T. P. Gore, and William H. Murray.

F 25: Various Business Papers. 

Deeds, leases, certificates, etc., relating to the family.

Box 2: Congressional Correspondence.

F 1: General (1935 -- B - H). 

Re: press, information requests, Seminole federal building, and some private business.

F 2: General (1935 -- L - W). 

Re: veterans, press, Huey Long, and yearbooks. Correspondents include Wesley Lloyd, re pioneer spirit, T. P. Gore, Gomer Smith, and Hatton W. Sumners.

F 3: General (1936 -- A - H). 

Re: Young Democrats, cases, campaign, and Jack Bell. Correspondents include William J. Holloway.

F 4: General (1936 -- K - W). 

Re: Will Rogers, state politics, and campaign.

F 5: General -- Politics (1935 -- B - G). 

Re: Huey Long, Townsend Plan, Leon C. Phillips, Seminole, and New Deal.  Clipping. Correspondents include W. B. Bankhead and Thomas L. Blanton.

F 6: General -- Politics (1935 -- H - W). 

Re: banking, Indians, pensions, Congressional ethics, veterans bonus, state politics, and New Deal. Correspondents include John J. O'Connor.

F 7: General -- Politics (1936). 

Re: employment, campaign, Agricultural Adjustment Administration, state Democratic Party officers, and New Deal.  Clipping.

F 8: Legislation -- General (1935). 

Re: Orel Busby, utility bill, banking, copyrights, gasoline tax, birth control, soldiers bonus, pensions, draft, Indians, and war. Correspondents include William J. Holloway, Louis Ludlow, and Homer Cummings (U.S. Attorney General).

F 9: Legislation (1936). 

Re: Townsend Plan; also on federal judgeship. Correspondents include C. Jasper Bell and Robert L. Williams.

F 10: Legislation (1935 - January 1936). 

Re: additional federal judgeship for Oklahoma and possible candidates, and Orel Busby.  Clipping.

F 11: Legislation (February - May 1936 ). 

Re: additional federal judgeship for Oklahoma and possible candidates.  Clipping. Correspondents include Robert L. Williams, Fletcher Riley, and Mac Q. Williamson.

F 12: Huey Long (1935). 


F 13: Postal Routes (1935).

F 14: Federal Projects in Oklahoma (1935-1936).

F 15: Invitations (n.d., February - May 1935). 

Clipping. Correspondents include Tom Steed and John J. O'Connor.

F 16: Invitations (June 1935 - April 1936).

Correspondents include Phil Ferguson and Frank W. Boykin.

F 17: Thank-You's (1935-1936).

Correspondents include Robert Reynolds.

Box 3: Congressional Correspondence.

F 1: Publicity (n.d.,1935). 

Correspondents include J. H. Hoeppel.

F 2: Publicity (September, 1935 - 1936). 

Clipping, manuscript on PLG.

F 3: Publicity (1935-1936). 

Arthur Brisbane correspondence.

F 4: Jobs (1935-1936). 


F 5: Jobs (1935-1936). 

Agriculture: C.C.C./S.C.S. Correspondents include Leon C. Phillips.

F 6: Jobs (1935-1936). 

Agriculture: Resettlement Administration.

F 7: Jobs (1935-1936). 


F 8: Jobs (1935-1936). 

Post Office. Correspondents include Leon C. Phillips.

F 9: Jobs (1935-1936 -- A - H). 

Post Office: Holdenville.

F 10: Jobs (1935-1936 -- J - P). 

Post Office: Holdenville.

F 11: Jobs (1935-1936 -- R - W). 

Post Office: Holdenville.

F 12: Jobs (1935-1936 -- A - G). 

General. Correspondents include Wilburn Cartwright.

F 13: Jobs (1935-1936 -- H - R). 

General. Correspondents include Josh Lee and Leon C. Phillips.

F 14: Jobs (1935-1936 -- S - Z). 

General. Correspondents include Mabel Bassett.

F 15: Jobs (1935). 

Re: college degree advantage in Civil Service.

Box 4: Congressional Correspondence; Speeches and Releases; Miscellaneous.

F 1: Campaign (1935-1936). 

Re: proposed PLG run for governor in 1938.

F 2: Campaign (1935-1936). 

Re: campaign of 1936; other candidates, and general.

F 3: Campaign (1936). 

Re: PLG campaign of 1936. Correspondents include Margaret Sanger re primary defeat, George S. Long (brother of Huey P. Long), T. P. Gore, Phil Ferguson, Harold Cooley.

F 4: PLG Announcement for Re-election as District Judge.

F 5: PLG Press Releases on Delinquent Tax Sales in Atoka County.

F 6: Endorsement of PLG for Congress by Atoka County Bar Association (1928).

F 7: PLG Announcement of Candidacy for Democratic Nomination to Congress from Fourth Congressional District (1934).

F 8: Campaign of 1936: Releases and Speeches. 

Re: PLG record of platform, accomplishments, campaign, and defeat.

F 9: Campaign of 1936: PLG Staff Letters to Postmasters of Fourth District Encouraging Support for PLG.

F 10: Press Releases from or on PLG (1934-1936).

Re: federal buildings, Huey Long, eulogy, Veterans of Industry in America, Will Rogers, banking practices, New Deal, and personal.

F 11: "Dear Taxpayer" Weekly Releases by PLG (1935).

F 12: "Dear Taxpayer" Weekly Releases by PLG (1936 and undated).

F 13: Speech: No Title (1935).

Before Jewish group in Chicago.

F 14: Speech: No Title (1935).

Before Junior Board of Commerce in Washington, D.C.

F 15: Speech: "Memorial Day" (undated).

F 16: Speech: No Title (undated).

Given in New York.

F 17: Speech/Radio Address: No Title (April 7, 1935). 

Re: Huey Long.

F 18: Speech: No Title (undated). 

Re: Alexandria, Virginia.

F 19: Speech: No Title [1935]. 

Re: farm relief.  [This was PLG's maiden speech in the House.]

F 20: Speech: No Title (undated). 

Re: good roads.  Incomplete.

F 21: Speech: Eulogy for Henry Grader (February 1, 1928).

F 22: Speech: Eulogy for George Trice (1930).

F 23: Release by ?: "A Citizen of Louisiana Speaks of the Buzzard Who Walks Like a Man." 

Re: Huey Long.

F 24: Releases: PLG Biographical Sketches.

F 25: Newsreel Advertisements.  PLG included.

F 26: Statement by PLG on Birth Control (n.d.).

F 27: Newspaper Clippings (n.d., 1934-1935, 1937).

F 28: Legislative Calendar.  Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Seventy-fourth Congress, First Session (1935).

F 29: Miscellaneous (n.d., 1930, 1932-1936).

a. Affidavit of Jesse Marcum in court case, July, 1930.
b. Description of visit of James Farley to Oklahoma (ca. 1938).
c. Petition.  Incomplete.
d. List of books PLG should read.
e. Goldfish Bowl, III, No. 25-26 (May - June, 1936).  Press association publication.
f. Printed speeches of T. P. Gore.
g. "Whitewash That Sticks."
h. Prose: "The Eagle" and "A Christmas Tree."
i. Material on Roosevelt Human Rights League.
j. Memo on farm tenancy in Oklahoma.
k. Absentee Voters Bureau form letter.


1. 1920 Masonic Certificate.

2. Undated Masonic Certificate.

3. 1926 Certificate of Election as District Judge.

4. 1930 Certificate of Election as District Judge.

5. 1930 Certificate of Election as District Judge.

6. 1934 Certificate of Election for U. S. Congress.

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