James V. McClintic Photo Collection

1. James V. McClintic (left) and an unidentified man hold a string of fish.

2. First Christian Church, possibly in Snyder, Oklahoma.

3-4. Small frame house.

5. House with rocky knoll behind it.

6. Gravesite of James V. McClintic.

7. Postcard of James V. McClintic walking down the street in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

8. James V. McClintic (right) with an unidentified man who is holding a monkey.

9. James V. McClintic holding a fish. 1945. Photo courtesy of DeLuxe Studio of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

10. Portrait of James V. McClintic wearing a hat.

11. Color postcard of Little Red, the mascot of the University of Oklahoma.

12. James V. McClintic points at "Old Goldie," a deer head on the wall, while Robert L. Doughton (congressman from North Carolina) and Fred Vinson (secretary of the treasury) look on. March 1945. Photo courtesy of the Press Association.

13a-j. Chillcat Oil Company, Katalla, Alaska.

14. Portrait of McClintic from shoulders up.

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