Preston Peden Photo Collection

1. A surplus bulldozer pushes rubble from a tornado-leveled lot into a street where loaders will pile it on trucks for removal. Surplus trucks pressed into service are lined up at the left. Woodward, Oklahoma. 1947.

2. Roy Tunnel (right) whose business was demolished by Woodward's tornado of April 9, shows director Chester L. Stanley, Tulsa Regional Office of War Assets Administration, how he reestablished his general store in a surplus building at the Woodward Army Air Field. Woodward, Oklahoma. 1947.

3. Surplus barracks at the Woodward Army Air Field, placed in use as emergency housing after the city's tornado of April 9 left hundreds of families homeless. Woodward, Oklahoma. 1947.

4. Graders and trucks lined up in Woodward after a day of clearing streets and hauling away debris. These vehicles were turned over to Woodward's rehabilitation program immediately after a tornado struck the city on April 9. Woodward, Oklahoma. 1947.

5. A line of surplus trucks used to carry away debris after the tornado of April 9. Woodward, Oklahoma. 1947.

6. A crane clearing away debris in northern Woodward after the tornado of April 9. This was the area hardest hit by the storm. Tree is leafing out again. Woodward, Oklahoma. 1947.

7-12. United States Air Force Arctic Indoctrination School. Nome, Alaska. 1947.

13-19. Miscellaneous structures under construction at Ladd Air Force Base. Photos include 500-man EM barracks, bachelor quarters, and 8-unit family quarters. June 1948. Photos courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

20-21. Portraits of unidentified men.

22. Portrait of Preston Peden. Negative.

23-24. Black and White Photos of Military Academy Students in Claremore, OK.

25. Portrait of Preston Peden.

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Preston E. Peden Inventory

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