1. Portrait of Joseph C. Pringey.

2. Portrait of Josephine Pringey, wife of Joseph C. Pringey.

3. Portrait of Joseph C. Pringey. He is holding a cane. This photo was taken at the same time as photo #4. Courtesy of Bass of Chandler, Oklahoma Territory.

4. Portrait of Joseph C. Pringey. This photo was used in the Republican Convention book for 1900. Courtesy of Bass of Chandler, Oklahoma Territory

5. Portrait of Joseph C. Pringey. Taken at the time he served in the U.S. Congress.

6. Two men walking in front of a monument. This is possibly taken in Guatemala. Photo is autographed "To Uncle Joe from Arthur, 1922." This is probably Arthur H. Geissler, who was the American minister to Guatemala. The photo is dim.

7. Group of congressmen with military. There is a U.S. flag in the background as well as some tents. Names of some of those pictured are written on the photo. Back row (left to right) are Commander Pye; R. P. Roope; A. H. Geissler; Congressman George P. Darrow of Pennsylvania; General Buttler; Congressman Frederick C. Hicks of New York; Congressman Lewis W. Fairfield of Indiana; Colonel Wells of the General's staff; and Captain Smythe. Front row (left to right) are Congressman Merrill Moores of Indiana; Congressman Joseph C. Pringey of Oklahoma; General Lejeune; and Congressman Thomas S. Butler.

8a-b. Glass slide with Joseph C. Pringey shown with campaign slogan, "Vote for J. C. Pringey a Home Man for Congress." Color. Slide is broken. A print is available.

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