Claude Weaver Photo Collection

1. Studio portrait of William H. Murray, governor of Oklahoma, 1931-1935. Three copies. Copy one is autographed. Copy two is a postcard and is stamped "Murray for President HQ." Photo courtesy of Hardin of Henryetta, Oklahoma. Negative.

2. Studio portrait of Joseph Weldon Bailey, a former representative and U.S. senator. Circa 1913.

3. Studio portrait of Claude Weaver. Circa 1935.

4. Studio portrait of Claude Weaver. On back: "Floy Weaver from Papa. Aug. 30, 1911." Photo courtesy of Thenby ?

5. Studio portrait of Claude Weaver. Circa 1890s or early 1900s. Negative.

6. Claude Weaver, Washington, D.C. Circa 1925. Photo courtesy of Harris and Ewing.

7. Claude Weaver standing on a doorstep. Circa 1940. Autographed. Postcard.

8. Claude Weaver seated in a clover patch with his great- grandson, John Baker. Circa 1943.

9. Four men eating watermelon in a photographic studio. Standing left to right: Claude Weaver and Richard Yates. Seated: Moman Pruiett, S. J. Garvin, Blue Tent, Oklahoma. Circa 1900. Photo courtesy of S. Hamly, Blue Tent, Oklahoma. Negative.

10. A. S. Burleson, Washington, D.C. Circa 1915. Autographed: "Your friend, A. S. Burleson." Photo courtesy of Harris and Ewing.

11. Champ Clark, Washington, D.C. Circa 1945. Postcard. Photo courtesy of Edmonston, Washington, D.C.

12. William Howel Dougherty (1857-1924). On back: "The best friend I ever had. The best man I ever knew. Claude Weaver." Chicago, Illinois. Circa 1890. Photo courtesy of Steffens, Chicago, Illinois.

13. Eveline C. Fletcher, 85 years old. Circa 1880. Photo is cracked and fading.

Photos 14-32 were donated to the Carl Albert Center in 2010 by Nancy W. Weaver.

14. Claude Weaver. On front: "For Nancy Wilkin Weaver. With Love from her father, Claude Weaver." Photo courtesy of Edmonston.

15. From left to right: Claude Weaver, holding M. Evaline Cunningham, his first grandchild; Madge "Peaches" Burton, his wife's niece; Leila Reinhart Weaver, Claude Weaver's wife. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Circa 1916.

16. Claude Weaver as a young man. Circa 1886. Los Angeles, CA. Photo courtesy of Nye and Bisbee.

17. Claude Weaver and Madge "Peaches" Burton. 404 E. 5th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Circa 1915.

18. Floy Weaver, Claude Weaver's first child. Gainesville, TX. Photo courtesy of Otto C. Grunitz.

19. Floy Weaver Barrier, Claude weaver's oldest daughter. Washington, D.C. Circa 1914. Photo courtesy of Edmonston.

20. Claude Weaver. Circa 1914?

21. Claude Weaver. Circa 1935.

22. Claude Weaver with his daughter, Nancy Wilkin Weaver. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Circa 1939.

23. Claude Weaver with his daughter, Nancy Wilkin Weaver. Picture copied from a newspaper. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Circa 1939.

24. Claude and Leila Weaver's children: Lucy, Barbara, Floy, Amy, and Claude Jr. Paul's Valley, Oklahoma. Circa 1905.

25. Claude Weaver and his niece, Madge "Peaches" Burton, whom he raised after the passing of her mother. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Circa 1917?

26. Mary Curlew McGee, mother of Evaline McGee Fletcher, who is the grandmother of Claude Weaver.

27. William Thomas Green Weaver, Claude Weaver's father. Gainesville, TX.

28. Nancy Wilkin Weaver, Claude Weaver's mother. Gainesville, TX. Circa 1880?

29. Nancy Wilkin Weaver, Claude Weaver's mother.

30. Nancy Wilkin Weaver holding Barbara Weaver's son, Billy James (her grandson). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

31. Wilson L. Fletcher, husband of Evaline McGee Fletcher, father of Nancy Wilkin Fletcher Weaver, grandfather of Claude Weaver.

32. Claude Weaver (on right) in his law office. Paul's Valley, Oklahoma. Circa 1890's.

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