Box and Folder Inventory
Boxes 1-19

Box 1: Legislation: "A" to Arizona Reclamation

F 1: "A" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). Atlantic Union Resolution, Arctic, anti-trust, aluminum, advertising, American Standards Association, All-Faith National Memorial, and alien property.

F 2: Access Roads to Forests (1949). Statement by AJB and brief on legislative history.

F 3: Agriculture - General (1949-1950). Price supports, crop insurance bill, "Food Management and Recipes," farmers and the Republican Party, migrant workers, cooperatives, and Marketing Facilities Improvement.

F 4: Agriculture - Price Supports (1949-1950). Farm crops, egg and dairy industry, and Brannan Plan.

F 5: Agriculture - Price Supports (1949-1950). Potatoes.

F 6: Air Mail Subsidies (1950). Separation of airline subsidies from air mail payments and Hoover Commission Report.

F 7: Airports (1949-1950). National Airport Plan, air safety, disasters, and transport.

F 8: Airports (1949). "National Airport Plan for 1949."

F 9: Alaska Statehood (1950). "Why Alaska Needs Statehood" and "Facts about Alaska Statehood."

F 10: Anti-trust Laws (1949). Correspondence and clippings.

F 11: Anti-trust Laws (1949).

F 12: Appropriations (1950). FBI, vocational education, handicapped, UNICEF, loan to Spain, meat inspection, and electrification program.

F 13: Arizona Reclamation (1949). Letters pro and con. The Colorado River in California and Arizona.

F 14: Arizona Reclamation (1949).

Box 2: Legislation: Armed Services to Conservation

F 1: Armed Services (1949-1950). National Guard, Selective Service System, recruitment, pay, training, and academy at Sedalia, Missouri.

F 2: Armed Services (1949-1950). Military supply catalog system, medical department, benefits, Military Assistance Program, and relief of foreigners from military service.

F 3: "B" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). Blank Day Calendar, boxing, budget, and bankruptcy.

F 4: Ballots (1949). National Federation of Independent Business, Inc., questionnaires on taxes and government spending.

F 5: Baseball (1949). Organized baseball, contracts, radio and Television, Sherman Act, and amendment to Communications Act of 1934.

F 6: Blindness - Research Institute (1949-1950). National Institute for Eye Research, National Society for the Prevention of Blindness (1948 Annual Report), American Printing House for the Blind, and Fact Sheet on Blindness.

F 7: "C" - Miscellaneous (1950). Civil rights, cooperatives, copyrights, civil service, coffee prices, Children's Day, Central Airlines of Wisconsin, Civilian Conservation Corps, and copper.

F 8: Cancer Bill (1949). Health legislation and cures.

F 9: Certified Public Accountants (1949). Tax Court bill.

F 10: Chinese Aid (1950). Policies on Formosa, Communism, and Chinese relations with Soviet Union.

F 11: Civilian Controls (1950). Profiteering in wartime, wage and price controls, hoarding and rationing, meat market, and Henry J. Taylor radio talk.

F 12: Commodity Credit Corporation (1949-1950). Warehousing industry and grain storage program.

F 13: Compensation for Injury Act (1949). National Federation of Post Office Clerks.

F 14: Conservation (1949-1950). Dingell bill, sport fish management, "Water Resources, Electric Power and National Policy," National Wildlife Federation, and Duck Stamp Bill.

Box 3: Legislation: Dental Licensing to Freight Forwarders

F 1: Dental Licensing (1949). "Dental Licensing vs. Democracy."

F 2: Defense Production Act (1950). Federal control of real estate credit, leases, and rents.

F 3: District of Columbia (1949-1950). Sales tax bill, home rule, and "Disgrace to the Nation."

F 4: Economic Cooperation Administration (1950). Calf tanning industry, Marshall Plan, European Recovery Program, and foreign trade relations.

F 5: Electoral College (1950). Reform and Lodge-Gossett Amendment. Clippings.

F 6: "F" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). Fur labeling, fuel oil, FEPC, federal grants and aids, Foreign Assistance Act, freight absorption, Fair Deal, filibustering, and federal expenditures.

F 7: Federal Alcohol Administration Act (1949). Labeling and advertising.

F 8: Federal Communications Commission (1949). Radio frequencies, television channels, and transcript of Rep. John W. Byrne's radio broadcast.

F 9: Federal Employees (1949). Pay increase and classification revision.

F 10: Federal Employees (1949-1950). Appropriations, Injury Compensation Law, pensions, widows' benefits, survivor benefits, reduction-in-force, and reduction in annual and sick leave.

F 11: Federal Reserve Act (1949-1950). Bank deposit insurance and amendments.

F 12: Federal Trade Commission (1949-1950). Price fixing, fair trade laws, monopolies, and mergers.

F 13: Food and Drug Act (1949-1950). Doyle Amendments.

F 14: Freight Forwarders (1950). Interstate Commerce Act.

Box 4: Legislation: "G" to Housing

F 1: "G" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). Gambling, gold standard and prices, genocide, and Great Lakes shipping.

F 2: "H" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). Hawaii statehood, Hatch Act, and Horan Bill.

F 3: Holiday Pay Act of 1946 (1949). Clarification.

F 4: Hoover Commission (1949-1950). Government reorganization, recommendations, and committee reports.

F 5: Hoover Commission (1949). Government reorganization. Letters pro and con.

F 6: Hoover Commission (1949). Government reorganization. Letters pro and con.

F 7: Housing (1949). Low income families, veterans, and housing shortage.

F 8: Housing (1949). Low income families, veterans, housing shortage, and slum clearance program.

F 9: Housing (1950). Low income families, veterans, housing shortage, and cooperative housing in Sweden.

Box 5: Legislation: Housing to Interstate and Foreign Commerce

F 1: Housing (1948). "Economy Houses for America" and "Blight Elimination and Urban Redevelopment in Milwaukee."

F 2: Housing - Milwaukee (1948-1949). Housing shortage, slums, housing projects, and mortgage revenue bonds.

F 3: Housing - Greendale (1949). Greentown projects, veterans' cooperative homes, and American Legion.

F 4: Housing - Hillside Terrace (1949). Housing project.

F 5: Immigration (1949). Displaced persons, aliens with special skills, and spouses.

F 6: Indian Affairs (1949-1950). Exclusion from social security rolls, education, abolishment of the BIA, and Navajo-Hopi Rehabilitation Act.

F 7: Indian Affairs (1948). "The Navajo: A Long-Range Program for Navajo Rehabilitation."

F 8: Insurance (1949-1950). Retroactive taxation on insurance companies, investigation of insurance industry, National Service Life Insurance Act, and "1949 Life Insurance Fact Book."

F 9: International Trade Organization (1950). Tariffs, foreign competition, and statement of committee objectives.

F 10: Israel, New State of (1949-1950). Palestine partition, Near East Armament, and "The First Year."

F 11: Interstate and Foreign Commerce (1949-1950). Transportation, freight forwarders, industrial safety, hospital construction, and alien property.

Box 6: Legislation: Kersten Bills to Miscellaneous

F 1: Kersten Bills (1947-1949). Monopoly, leprosy, Polish Army, education, U.S.S.R., immigrants, resolutions, veterans, Alaska Highway, and United Nations.

F 2: Korea (1949-1950). War expenditures, aid to Far East, and MacArthur report on Korea.

F 3: Labor (1950). Unions, minimum wage, and Walsh-Healey Act.

F 4: Liquor (1950). Taxes.

F 5: Lobbies (1950). Contingent fees and investigations. Clippings.

F 6: "M" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). Marketing, minting, mines, military, and Milwaukee Port Authorities.

F 7: Maritime Commission (1949). Ship sales and charter extension.

F 8: Merchant Marine (1949-1950). Exemption from Selective Service Act and armed forces shipping.

F 9: Marshall Plan (1949). Shipment of food in American vessels and retraining of German medics. Clippings.

F 10: Medical Training (1949). Medical schools and training programs.

F 11: Mexican Oil (1949). Loans to Mexico to rehabilitate its oil fields. Clippings.

F 12: Milk Marketing Order (1950).

F 13: Miscellaneous - General (1949-1950). Views of constituents.

F 14: Miscellaneous - General (1949-1950). Views of constituents.

Box 7: Legislation: Mobilization to National Science Foundation

F 1: Mobilization (1950). Baruch proposal for total mobilization and the Committee on War Mobilization and Manpower.

F 2: "N" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). National Child Research Act, national defense, naturalization, New Deal, National Safety Council, and National Bureau of Standards.

F 3: National Science Foundation (1949-1950). NSF Bill, loyalty oath, FBI clearance, research and education, speeches, protest, and petitions. Clippings.

F 4: National Science Foundation (1949-1950). NSF Bill and loyalty oath. Clippings.

F 5: National Science Foundation (1946-1950). NSF Bill, hearings, and reports.

Box 8: Legislation: National Security Act to Physically Handicapped

F 1: National Security Act (1949-1950). Tydings bill, and Citizens Committee for the Hoover Report. Clippings.

F 2: Natural Gas Act (1949-1950). Speeches, Kerr-Thomas bill, and hearings. Clippings.

F 3: Naturalization Bill (1949). Judd bill for equality in naturalization and immigration. Clippings.

F 4: Near East Survey Commission.(1949). Economic development in the Near East.

F 5: "O" - Miscellaneous (1949). Optometry bill and Office of Defense Transportation.

F 6: Oleo Repeal (1949). Butter vs. imitations, oleo taxes, dairy industry, and Granger bill.

F 7: Omnibus Research Bill (1950). Research institute and training facilities, metabolic diseases, neurological diseases, and blindness.

F 8: "P" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). Public health, peat, patents, and petroleum.

F 9: Philippine Rehabilitation Act of 1946 (1949). Amendment and replacement costs for war-damaged non-profit institutions.

F 10: Physically Handicapped (1949-1950). Arthritis and Rheumatism bill, medical research, treatment facilities, vocational rehabilitation, employment, and veterans.

F 11: Physically Handicapped (1949-1950).

Box 9: Legislation: Postal Service

F 1: Postal Service (1949-1950). Rescind curtailment order and Hoover Reorganization Plan.

F 2: Postal Service (1949-1950). Rescind curtailment order and Hoover Reorganization Plan.

F 3: Postal Service (1949). Pay increases and employees' benefits.

F 4: Postal Service (1949). Postal rate increase.

F 5: Postal Service (1949). Postal rate increase.

Box 10: Legislation: Postal Service to Rent Control

F 1: Postal Service (1949-1950). Veterans' Credit bill.

F 2: Private Bills (1949-1950). Immigration, citizenship, claims for damages, and National Cemetery in Wisconsin.

F 3: Public Library (1950). Public Library Service Demonstration bill.

F 4: Public Roads (1950). Federal Highway Act and street improvement.

F 5: Public Works (1949). Federal aid for local public works planning and Ziedler proposal.

F 6: "R" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). Resolutions and radio.

F 7: Maritime Commission (1950). Railway safety, Railway Labor Act, unions, prices, and construction.

F 8: Railroad Retirement Act (1949-1950).

F 9: Rent Control (1949). Tenant eviction and housing shortage. Clippings.

Box 11: Legislation: Rent Control to Schiek (Mary Thomas)

F 1: Rent Control (1949). Housing shortage. Clippings.

F 2: Rent Control - Source Materials (1949). Reports. Clippings.

F 3: Rivers and Harbors (1949-1950). Tennessee-Tombigbee Inland Waterway, Fox and Wolf Rivers, Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Project, inland waterways, and flood control.

F 4: Rural Electrification Administration (1949-1950). Loans, rural telephone service bill, and aluminum electrical conductor controversy.

F 5: "S" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). Girl Scouts, steamship companies, scholarships, sexual psychopaths, Spence bill, and scrap iron.

F 6: Schiek, Mary Thomas - Private Bill (1949). Personal injury and claim for damages.

Box 12: Legislation: Selective Service to Social Security

F 1: Selective Service (1940-1950). Recall of reserve units, Selective Service Act of 1948, Civil Relief Act of 1940, draft extension and status of Army doctors.

F 2: Small Business (1949-1950). Loans, advertising costs, surveys, government contracts, alcohol price increase, photographers, oil supply and distribution, price controls, and Robinson-Patman Law.

F 3: Social Security (1949). Old age pensions, benefits, and Townsend Plan for National Insurance.

F 4: Social Security (1949). Old age pensions, benefits, amendments, and Townsend Plan. Clippings.

F 5: Social Security (1950). Old age pensions, benefits, Townsend Plan, and AJB speech on Knowland Amendment.

Box 13: Legislation: Social Security to Soil Conservation

F 1: Social Security - Source Material (1937-1950).

F 2: Social Security - Source Material (1948-1950).

F 3: Social Security - Source Material (1949-1950).

F 4: Social Security - Source Material (1949-1950).

F 5: Soil Conservation (1949). National Land Policy and Wisconsin Association.

Box 14: Legislation: Subversives to Tariffs

F 1: Subversives (1950). Internal Security Act of 1950, Committee for Constitutional Government, Communism, and Committee on Un-American Activities. Clippings.

F 2: Taft-Hartley Labor Law (1949). Repeal, Wagner Act, Wood bill, ballots, and Thomas-Lesinski bill. Clippings.

F 3: Taft-Hartley Labor Law (1949). Repeal, Wagner Act, Wood bill, Thomas-Lesinski bill, and ballots. Clippings.

F 4: Tariffs (1950). Trade agreements, foreign imports, and motorcycles.

F 5: Tariffs (1950). Trade agreements, reciprocal trade, foreign imports, and motorcycles.

Box 15: Legislation: Taxes - Cooperatives to Taxes - General

F 1: Taxes - Cooperatives (1949-1950).

F 2: Taxes, Excise (1949-1950). Removal of wartime excise taxes.

F 3: Taxes, Excise (1949-1950). Removal of wartime excise taxes.

F 4: Taxes, Excise (1949-1950). Removal of wartime excise taxes.

F 5: Taxes, Excise (1949-1950). Removal of wartime excise taxes.

F 6: Taxes, Excise - Source Materials (1949-1950).

F 7: Taxes, General (1949-1950). Graduated corporate tax rate.

Box 16: Legislation: Taxes, Income to Veterans' Affairs

F 1: Taxes, Income (1949-1950). Postwar taxes, dividends, pensions, and Revenue Act of 1943.

F 2: Temporary Disability Insurance (1949).

F 3: Trade (1949-1950). Trading with the Enemy Act, War Claims Act, International Trade Organization, and foreign trade zone privileges.

F 4: Travel Allowance (1949). Government employees.

F 5: Un-American Activities Committee (1949-1950). Communism, Civil Rights congress, and Negro Soviet Republic.

F 6: Un-American Activities Committee - Source Materials (1949-1950). Southern Conference for Human Welfare, National Lawyers Guild, American Slav Congress, Congress of American Women, labor, aircraft industry, and testimonies.

F 7: Unemployment Compensation (1949-1950). Truman proposal. Clippings.

F 8: Universal Military Training (1949-1950). Peacetime military conscription and militarism.

F 9: "V" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). Vocational rehabilitation and voice of America.

F 10: Valley Authorities (1949-1950). Columbia Valley, Missouri Valley, Pacific Northwest, TVA, and energy.

F 11: Veterans' Affairs (1949-1950). Veterans' Employment Service, insurance, Spanish-American War veterans, Alaska Veterans Homesteading Act, GI Training bill, and Hoover Commission Report.

Box 17: Legislation: Veterans Affairs to World Federation

F 1: Veterans' Affairs (1949-1950). Education, Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, and benefits.

F 2: Veterans' Affairs - Pensions (1949-1950). Rankin bill.

F 3: Vivisection (1949). Protest and Washington, D.C. animal pounds.

F 4: "W" - Miscellaneous (1949-1950). War brides, widows, waterways, waste paper, and War Mobilization and Manpower Committee.

F 5: Wage and Hour (1949). Minimum wage law and Fair Labor Standards Act.

F 6: Welfare (1949-1950). Hoover Commission Report and welfare state.

F 7: Wisconsin Rural Rehabilitation Corporation (1949-1950). Rural Rehabilitation Trust Funds and Trust Liquidation Act.

F 8: Wool Products Labeling Act (1949). Amendments to 1939 act.

F 9: World Federation (1949-1950) Reorganization of United Nations, Atlantic Union Resolution, and world constitution. Clippings.

F 10: World Federation (1949-1950). World constitution and United Nations.

Box 18: Bills: Eighty-first Congress

F 1: S. 5: "National Health Insurance and Public Health Act of 1949."

F 2: S. 102: "National Multiple Sclerosis Act."

F 3: S. 132: "Local Public Health Services Act of 1949."

F 4: S. 246: "Educational Finance Act of 1949."

F 5: S. 247: "National Science Foundation Act of 1949."

F 6: H. R. 345: "National Health Insurance and Public Health Act of 1949."

F 7: H. J. Res. 360: National Children's Day.

F 8: H. J. Res. 432: Special Bipartisan Coal Commission.

F 9: H. R. 783: "National Health Insurance and Public Health Act of 1949."

F 10: H. R. 991: Public Health Service Act; amendment of hospital definition.

F 11: S. 1581: "National Health Act of 1949."

F 12: S. 1679: "National Health Insurance and Public Health Act."

F 13: H. R. 2057: "An Act to Regulate the Practice of Optometry in the District of Columbia."

F 14: S. 2066: Social Security Act amendment.

F 15: H. R. 2567: "Hospital Survey and Construction Amendments of 1949."

F 16: S. 2591: "National Research Institutes. Report and act.

F 17: H. R. 2751: "National Science Foundation Act of 1949."

F 18: H. R. 2892: "Public Welfare Act of 1949."

F 19: H. R. 2893: "Social Security Amendments of 1949."

F 20: H. R. 2939: "Educational Finance Act of 1949."

F 21: H. R. 3258: "National Cerebral Palsy Act."

F 22: H. R. 3893: "National Epilepsy Act."

F 23: H. R. 3894: Assistance for the Education of Professional Health Personnel.

F 24: S. 3936: "The Defense Production Act of 1950."

F 25: H. R. 3943: "National Research Institutes."

Box 19: Bills: Eighty-first Congress and Speeches

F 1: H. R. 4089: "National School Health Services Act of 1949.

F 2: H. R. 4312: "National Health Insurance and Public Health Act."

F 3: H. R. 4567: Amend the Displaced Persons Act of 1948.

F 4: H. R. 4643: "Public School Assistance Act of 1949."

F 5: H. R. 4711: "Educational Finance Act of 1949."

F 6: H. R. 4809: Federal Loans for Housing.

F 7: H. R. 4846: "National Science Foundation Act of 1949."

F 8: H. R. 5046. "National Act for Blindness and Eye Diseases."

F 9: H. R. 5664: "Economic Expansion Act of 1949."

F 10: H. R. 5678: Transportation Deductions.

F 11: H. R. 5865: "Local Public Health Service Act of 1950."

F 12: H. R. 5940: "Emergency Professional Health Training Act of 1949."

F 13: H. R. 6000: "Social Security Act Amendments of 1949."

F 14: H. R. 6766: "National Health Insurance Act."

F 15: H. R. 9508: "Emergency Professional Health Training Act of 1950."

F 16: Bills Introduced by AJB (1949). Labor extension program, military memorial, transportation education, Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Basin agreement, postal salaries, National Science Foundation Act of 1949, National Cerebral Palsy Act, Assistance for the Education of Professional Health Personnel, National School Health Service 's Act of 1949, National Act for Blindness and Eye Diseases, National Health Insurance and Public Health Act, housing loans, Economic Expansion through Tax Policies, Economic Expansion Act of 1949, and Emergency Professional Health Training Act of 1949.

F 17: Newsletters (1949-1950). Weekly messages from AJB to his constituents.

F 18: Speeches by AJB. Social Security, National Health Insurance, housing, opposition to Taft-Hartley Act, and welfare state.

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