Box and Folder Inventory

Box 1

F 1: Correspondence: "C."

Carter, Charles D., U. S. Representative from Oklahoma (February 7, 1919).  Re: bill for flowers for funeral.  Reply (February 10, 1919).

F 2: Correspondence: "J."

Jennings, H. (November 27, 1918).  Re: electoral defeat of Chandler; Indian freedom legislation.  Reply (December 2, 1918).

F 3: Correspondence: "Re - Ri."

a. Rees, Ed. L. (September 16, 1918).  Re: cotton prices and the War Industries Board.  Reply (September 19, 1918).
b. Revard, Francis (June 20, 1917).  Re: Osage oil and gas royalties.  Reply (June 25, 1917).  Attached is copy of the "Act of June 28, 1906 (34 Stat. L., p. 539).  An Act For the division of the lands and funds of the Osage Indians in Oklahoma Territory, and for other purposes."
c. Rider, Orion L. (December 26, 1918).  Re: return of war uniforms to government.  Reply (December 30, 1918).

F 4: Correspondence: "Sa."

a. Sabourin, F. C. (October 16, 1918).  Re: General Revenue Bill. Reply from Chandler's secretary (October 21, 1918.
b. Samuel, P. W. (May 6, 1918).  Re: Liberty Loan drive.  Reply only.
c. Sarchet, C. M. (August 23, 1918).  Re: general.  Reply (August 26, 1918).
d. Sawyer, J. W. (May 28, 1918).  Re: pension for Sawyer.  Reply (June 5, 1918).

F 5: Correspondence: "Sc."

a. Scott, E. F. (June 4, 1918).  Re: primary elections, Osage Progressive Party, and Osage Indians.  Reply (June 7, 1918).
b. Scott, R. J. (December 9, 1918).  Re: bill to entitle Cherokee Indians to file claims in Court of Claims.  Reply (December 11, 1918).

F 6: Correspondence: "Sh."

a. Sheets, J. C. (April 30, 1918).  Re: thanks for donation to Red Cross ball game.  No reply.
b. Sheets, J. C. (November 24, 1918).  Re: oil leases and fields in Texas and Osage lands.  Reply only.
c. Sheridan, James M. (August 21, 1918).  Re: tax on automobiles and gasoline, particularly in regards to oil business.  Attached are business card of Sheridan and five-page memorandum "from the president of an oil company" on the same topic.  Reply (August 31, 1918).
d. Shinn, Preston A. (June 3, 1918).  Re: Indian Appropriation Bill; request for copy.  Reply (June 5, 1918).

F 7: Correspondence: "Simms."

a. Simms, W. M. (May 18, 1918).  Re: allotment cases and political situation.  Reply (May 21, 1918).
b. Simms, W. M. (August 31, 1918).  To Simms from J. J. Pettyjohn of the Speaking Division of the Committee on Public Information, re: becoming part of the speakers program.  Cover letter from Pettyjohn to Chandler of same date, enclosing copy of letter to Simms.

F 8: Correspondence: "Sm."

a. Small, A. A. (August 22, 1918).  Re: assistance given to Chandler.  From Chandler to Small.
b. Small, A. A. (August 26, 1918).  Re: political plans and request for military subcommittee report.  Reply (August 29, 1918).
c. Small, A. A. (February 15, 1919).  Re: general politics.  Reply (February 19, 1919).
d. Smith, Addison T, U. S. Representative from Idaho (November 19, 1918).  Re: consolation on Chandler's defeat.  No reply.
e. Smith, S. L. (January 31, 1919).  Re: request for agricultural bulletins.  Reply only.
f. Smith, S. Maxwell (July 23, 1918).  Re: tax on private school tuition.  Reply from one of Chandler's children (July 29, 1918).

F 9: Correspondence: "Sn."

a. Snell, Coming (June 12, 1918).  Re: Indian affairs.  Reply (June 18, 1918).
b. Snell, Coming (July 3, 1918).  Re: Eastern Cherokee Indian bill.  Reply (July 8, 1918).
c. Snider, H. L. (August 14, 1918).  Re: postal employee wages resolution.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (August 20, 1918).

F 10: Correspondence: "So - Sp."

a. Sowel, O. M. (n.d.).  Re: government control of railroads and rights of railroad workers.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (January 29, 1919).
b. Springer, Wallace (June 26, 1918).  Re: minimum eight-hour day for government employees and overtime pay. Telegram from Ray F. Harmont also attached. Reply to Springer (June 28, 1918).

F 11: Correspondence: "Sta - Ste."

a. Stafford, Roy E. (August 16, 1918).  Re: Depositors Oil and Gas Company.  Letters from Jean P. Day and R. W. Dick also attached.  Reply to Stafford (August 26, 1918).
b. Staples, W. H. (October 31, 1918).  Re: politics, including Chandler's race against E. B. Howard.  Reply (November 15, 1918).
c. Steenrod, F. L. (May 10, 1918).  Re: map of United States.  From Chandler to Steenrod.
d. Stephens, E. R. (July 3, 1918).  Re: Stephens's article, "Senator [Robert L.] Owen and the Constitution," from the Vinita Journal (February 22, 1918).  Copy of article included. Reply from Chandler's secretary (July 10, 1918).
e. Sterger, E. F. (February 6, 1919).  Re: request for copy of oil leasing bill.  Reply (February 13, 1919).

F 12: Correspondence: "Sto - Stu."

a. Stone, Mrs. Fred W. (November 2, 1918).  Re: osteopathic bill.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (November 19, 1918).
b. Strange, Mary R. (September 6, 1918).  Re: service-related jobs.  No reply.
c. Stroud, W. D. (November 6, 1918).  Re: refusal of Canadian postmasters to forward Christmas parcels to U. S. soldiers in France. Copy of letter to Postmaster General Albert Burleson of same date.  Reply (November 25, 1918).
d. Stuart, C. F. (April 29, 1918).  Re: forwarding copy of Pawhuska telephone directory.  Reply from member of Chandler's staff (May 2, 1918).
e. Stuart, C. F. (June 10, 1918).  Re: bill for federal guarantee of deposits in national banks.  Reply (June 13, 1918).

F 13: Correspondence: "Su - Sw."

a. Sullivan, Frank (May 6, 1918).  Re: Indian Appropriation bill. Reply (May 9, 1918).
b. Superintendent of Folding Room (March 1, 1919).  Re: request for all documents remaining to his credit.  From Chandler.
c. Sutherland, George R. (January 25, 1918).  Re: soliciting job as federal inspector of powder and dynamite.  Reply (February 5, 1918).  Attached is letter from Chandler to Fred Raines of same date, recommending Sutherland for the job.
d. Sutherland, George R. (February 5, 1918).  Re: thanking Chandler for assistance.  Reply (February 15, 1918).
e. Switzer, F. C. (October 29, 1918).  Re: osteopathic bill.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (November 19, 1918).

F 14: Correspondence: "Tarlton."

Tarlton, F. M. (September 6, 1918).  Re: draft registration.  Reply by letter and by telegram (September 9, 1918).  Attached is flier from the War Department (August 26, 1918): "Important Notice! to all men between the ages of 18 to 45."

F 15: Correspondence: "Taylor."

a. Taylor, John M. and Hubbard, J. W., President and Secretary of Ex-Deputy U. S. Marshals Association (October 11, 1917).  Re: pensions for ex-deputy U. S. marshals of the Western District of Arkansas and of Indian Territory.  Attached is two-page typed list of all those still living and their city of residence.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (October 22, 1917) to both Taylor and Hubbard.
b. Taylor, John M., President of Ex-Deputy U. S. Marshals Association (October 30, 1917).  Re: bill introduced by James S. Davenport.  Reply from Chandler's secretary only.
c. Taylor, John M. (December 12, 1917).  Re: marshal pensions. Reply from member of Chandler's staff (December 16, 1917).
d. Taylor, John M., Jr. (November 26, 1918).  Re: Indian freedmen and Indian claims legislation.  Attached is two-page draft of legislation "To refer all claims of the Cherokee, Creek, and Seminole Indians, whether as individuals or otherwise, to the Court of Claims."  Reply (November 29, 1918).
e. Taylor, John M., Jr. (December 4, 1918). Re: request for copies of legislation. Reply only.
f. Taylor, John M. (December 2, 1918).  Re: request for copy of legislation and of Cherokee Rolls.  Reply (December 5, 1918).
g. Taylor, John M. (uncle) to John M. Taylor (nephew) (December 16, 1918).  Re: Indian legislation.  Attached is clipping from Stilwell newspaper: "That Annual Dance of the Old Timers."
h. Taylor, John M. (December 18, 1918).  Re: Indian claims bill.  Attached is four-page typescript concerning Cherokee grant made by North Carolina in 1783.  Reply (December 21, 1918).
i. Taylor, John M., Hildebrand, James, and Grayson, G. W. (January 15, 1919).  Telegram from Hildebrand and Grayson on Indian claims bill.  Identical replies to Hildebrand and Grayson (January 21, 1919); separate reply to Taylor of same date.
j. Taylor, John M. (January 21, 1919).  Re: Indian claims bill.  Attached are a clipping from Muskogee Times-Democrat: "Indians Revive an Old Claim: Cherokees, Creeks and Seminoles File Claim for Freedmen Allotments Under Old Treaty" and a flyer: "Cherokees Preparing to Collect Millions for Lands Allotted and Moneys Paid to the Cherokee Freedmen" containing in part the text of Chandler bill taken from draft in item d above.  Reply (January 25, 1919).
k. Taylor, John M. (January 30, 1919).  Re: Indian delegation to Washington and claims bill.  Attached is copy of letter of same date from Taylor to G. W. Grayson.  No reply.

F 16: Correspondence: "Th."

a. Thompson, A. Scott (September 23, 1918).  Re: committee hearings and legislation. Reply only.
b. Thompson, Vern E. (May 31, 1918).  Re: War Finance Corporation Act.  Reply (June 5, 1918).
c. Thompson, Vern E. (June 18, 1918).  Re: Thanks for copies of bills.  No reply.
d. Thompson, Vern E. (July 1, 1918).  Re: lead and zinc industry.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (July 9, 1918).
e. Thompson, Vern E. (February 7, 1919).  Re: bill to secure German cannon for Miami.  Reply (February 10, 1919).

F 17: Correspondence: "Ti."

a. Tidewell, M. R. (August 5, 1918). Re: Army age limits for draft. Reply from Chandler's secretary (August 20, 1918).
b. Tinker, George E. (August 26, 1918).  Re: politics; general.  Reply only.
c. Tinker, George E. (September 3, 1918).  Re: Osage draftees.  Reply (September 7, 1918).
d. Tinker, George E. (January 26, 1919).  Re: General Hoffman and Osage Indians.  Reply (January 29, 1919).

F 18: Correspondence: "To - Tu."

a. Todd, J. H. (October 29, 1918).  Re: tax on bank checks.  Reply (November 2, 1918).
b. Trussler, George E. (June 5, 1918).  Re: alleged buried Cherokee treasure.  Reply (June 12, 1918).
c. Trussler, George E. (July 6, 1918).  Re: ores to be assayed.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (July 9, 1918).
d. Trussler, George E. (August 30, 1918).  Re: proposed minerals development in Missouri.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (September 8, 1918).
e. Tulsa World (November 27, 1918).  Re: Chandler's secretary.  From Chandler.
f. Tulsa World (November 30, 1918).  Re: gasoline use restrictions.  No reply.

F 19: Correspondence: "U."

a. Underwood Typewriter Company (September 24, 1918).  Re: machine rental.  Invoices attached.  From Chandler.
b. Updike, Manily B. (May 15, 1918).  Re: request for a meeting with the President.  Reply (May 20, 1918).

F 20: Correspondence: "V."

a. Vandeventer, A. F. (May 6, 1918).  Re: case and general.  Poem attached.  Reply (May 15, 1918).
b. Van Huss, Jesse J. (June 1 or 7, 1918).  Re: desire to join Naval Reserve.  Reply (June 10, 1918).

F 21: Correspondence: "Wal - Ward."

a. Walker, Mrs. L. D. (July 7, 1918).  Letter to President Woodrow Wilson, re: situation in Oklahoma, sent to Chandler.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (July 15, 1918).
b. Wallen, S. E. (May 27, 1918).  Re: informing of death of James Wallen in World War I.  From Chandler to Wallen.
c. Wallen, S. E. (May 28, 1918).  Re: sympathy on death of James Wallen and politics.  From Chandler to Wallen.
d. Ward, James D. (June 1, 1918).  Re: financial situation.  Attached is copy of letter of same date to U. S. Senator Robert L. Owen.  Reply (June 6, 1918).
e. Ward, James D. (June 14, 1918).  Re: financial situation and war effort.  Reply (June 29, 1918).

F 22: Correspondence: "Ware - Warr."

a. Ware, Edwin (August, 1918).  Re: war effort.  Attached is a pamphlet by Samuel Colcord, "A Supreme Effort to Win the War in 1919: Why Delay to Another Year Would Be Taking a Great Risk to Lose It" (1918), a reprint of an article by Colcord.  Reply (September 3, 1918).
b. Ware, L. E. (December 11, 1918).  Re: music and "talking machine" industry. Reply (December 14, 1918).
c. Warren, G. E. (August 26, 1918).  Re: Thomas Labor Conscription Amendment.  Reply by letter (August 26, 1918) and by telegram (August 27, 1918).

F 23: Correspondence: "Wei - Wel."

a. Weidman, Frank (August 8, 1918).  Re: enclosed petition requesting that only those twenty-one years of age or older be drafted.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (August 17, 1918).
b. Weiers, Marshall A. (May 22, 1918).  Re: military pension. Reply (May 25, 1918).
c. Welch, W. M.  (June 29, 1918).  Re: gasoline taxes.  Reply (July 3, 1918).
d. Weldy, A. D.  (October 12, 1918).  Re: Senate bill.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (October 19, 1918).
e. Welty, N. D. (January 23, 1919).  Re: enclosed resolution from the Rotary Club of Everett, Washington, to rename the Panama Canal the Roosevelt Canal.  Reply (January 29, 1919).

F 24: Correspondence: "Wes."

a. Western Oklahoma Bankers Association (September 25, 1918). Enclosed resolution from the Association concerning bank deposits of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Company in western Oklahoma.  No reply.
b. Western Union Telegraph Company (May 7, 1918).  Re: bill.  From Chandler.
c. Western Union Telegraph Company (September 13, 1918).  Re: bill.  From Chandler.
d. Westfall, Chester H., Oklahoma State Council of Defense (May 11, 1918).  Re: correspondence with W. T. Yoakum, Pittsburg County Council of Defense, concerning food price regulation. No reply.
e. Westfall, Chester H. (September 13, 1918).  Re: Liberty Loan drive.  Reply (September 14, 1918).
f. Westfall, Chester H. (September 19, 1918).  Re: Chandler address at Liberty Loan drive.  Reply (September 23, 1918) and telegram to O. L. Connor on same date on same matter.
g. Westfall, Chester H. (September 26, 1918).  Re: Liberty Loan drive.  From Chandler's secretary.

F 25: Correspondence: "Whiting."

a. Whiting, Vern (January 4, 1918).  Re: Indian Appropriation Bill.  From Chandler.
b. Whiting, Vern (August 31, 1918).  Re: personal and postmasters.  From Chandler.
c. Whiting, Vern (September 19, 1918).  Re: Republican State Convention.  From Chandler.
d. Whiting, Vern (December 16, 1918).  Re: observance of William McKinley's and Abraham Lincoln's birthdays by Republicans in every state.  From Will H. Hays to Whiting.

F 26: Correspondence: "Wic - Wile."

a. Wickham, Charles B. (September 9, 1918).  Re: support of Dyer anti-lynching bill by Knights of Pythias.  Reply (September 14, 1918).
b. Wilder, A. K. (May 28, 1918).  Re: inquiry about unsigned telegram.  Reply (June 5, 1918).
c. Wiles, L. L. (September 6, 1918).  Re: campaign and politics.  Attached is clipping concerning Wiles's visit with Chandler and copy of letter from Wiles to O. L. Connor.  Reply (September 10, 1918).
d. Wiles, L. L. (September 13, 1918).  Re: campaign and politics.  Reply (September 16, 1918).
e. Wiles, L. L. (November 18, 1918).  Re: election results.  No reply.
f. Wiley, P. A. (September 2, 1918).  Re: request for publication.  Reply (September 10 or 18, 1918).

F 27: Correspondence: "Williams."

a. Williams, Robert L., Governor of Oklahoma (September 4, 1918).  Re: placement of deposits in banks in drought-stricken areas of Oklahoma. Reply (September 7, 1918).  Further reply (September 13, 1918).
b. Related correspondence: letter to Chandler from Assistant Secretary of the Treasury R. C. Leffingwell (September 9, 1918) and copy of letter to Scott Ferris, U. S.  Representative, from Guy C. Robertson, President of Oklahoma Bankers Association (September 3, 1918).
c. Other enclosures: Press Release: Department of the Treasury (July 23, 1918).  Re: advances of funds by War Finance Corporation to banks that had made loans to farmers and cattlemen; Press Release: Department of the Treasury (July 30, 1918).  Re: funds made available to Treasury Department and Department of Agriculture for assistance to wheat growers suffering from crop losses due to cold and drought; Press Release: Department of the Treasury (August 2, 1918). Re: supplement to above release concerning funds for wheat growers; Press Release: War Finance Corporation (August 15, 1918).  Re: "direct loans to individuals, firms and corporations whose principal business is the raising of livestock"; Press Release: War Finance Corporation (August 19, 1918).  Re: livestock loans; Circular.  Joint Circular No. 1: Treasury Department and Department of Agriculture: "Regulations Relative to Farmers' Seed Grain Loans in Drouth-Stricken Areas" (August 2, 1918). 

F 28: Correspondence: "Wils - Wit."

a. Wilson, James A. (October 11, 1918).  Re: resolution from agricultural extension directors concerning emergency agricultural appropriations.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (October 19, 1918).
b. Wilson, James A. (October 25, 1918).  Re: Agricultural production emergency bill.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (October 29, 1918).
c. Winkler, George (September 12, 1918).  Re: stolen car.  Reply (September 18, 1918).  Attached are letters between Chandler and Bird S. McGuire, former U.S. Representative, on same matter.
d. Wisewood, Henry A. (February 26, 1919).  Re: League of Nations.  No reply.
e. Witherspoon-Stribling Commission Company (January 22, 1919).  Re: veterinary inspectors' salaries.  Reply (January 25, 1919).

F 29: Correspondence: "Woods."

a. Woods, E. E. (August 28, 1918).  Re: syphilis remedy; campaign.  Reply (August 31, 1918).
b. Woods, E. E. (January 30, 1919).  Re: Sequoyah statue in Statuary Hall.  From Chandler.  Attached is letter to Chandler from Charles D. Carter, U. S. Representative (January 28, 1919) and extract of letter from General Hoxie to Carter (January 20, 1919).
c. Woods, Frank P. (June 6, 1918).  Re: National Republican Congressional Committee and personal.  Reply (June 10, 1918).

F 30: Correspondence: "Worl."

a. Worl, Earl (May 8, 1918).  Re: proposed new weapon.  Reply (May 15, 1918).
b. Worl, Earl (May 24, 1918).  Re: proposed use of weapons on airplanes and submarines.  Reply (June 28, 1918).
c. Worl, Earl (August 6, 1918). Re: politics, the draft, and inventions.  Reply from Chandler's secretary (August 14, 1918). Reply from Chandler (August 26, 1918).
d. Worl, Earl (September 2, 1918).  Re: general.  Reply (September 7, 1918) with copy of letter of recommendation for Worl.
e. Worl, Earl (n.d.; after November 1918 election).  Re: general.  No reply.

F 31: Correspondence: "Wy - Z."

a. Wyatt, M. G. (June 21, 1918).  Re: publication request.  Reply (June 29, 1918).
b. Zeigler, H. C. (December 1, 1918).  Re: political campaign.  Reply (December 18, 1918).

F 32: Publications Relating to the League of Nations.

a. Adler, Felix.  The Moral Prerequisites of a League of Nations.  New York: The American Ethical Union, 1919.  Twelve pages.
b. Graham, Samuel J. Some Reflections on the League of Nations as Related to the History of the United States.  Twenty-four pages.
c. A League of Nations.  Vol. I, No. 7 (October, 1918).
d. League of Nations Magazine.  Vol. V, No. 2 (February, 1919).

F 33: Speech Relating to the League of Nations.

"A General League of Nations."  U. S. Representative Richard Wayne Parker of New Jersey, in the House, Monday, December 9, 1918. 

F 34: Vinita Daily Star (September 17, 1937).

Pages 1 and 2 of the Vinita Daily Star of Friday, September 17, 1937. Local news and several articles on the just-approved Grand River Dam project.

Thomas A. Chandler Collection

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