1. Phillip C. Ferguson standing with his wife Naoma and Page Belcher. The U.S. Capitol is in the background. Negative.

2. Phillip C. Ferguson shakes hands with Richard M. Nixon as Page Belcher looks on. Negative.

3. Phillip C. Ferguson stands on the steps of the U.S. Capitol with two unidentified men. Negative.

4. Pictured left to right are Page Belcher, Phillip C. Ferguson, Richard M. Nixon, and Naoma Ferguson. Negative.

5. Phillip C. Ferguson visits with an unidentified man. Both men are seated in chairs. Negative.

6. Phillip C. Ferguson shakes hands with Dwight D. Eisenhower while Naoma Ferguson looks on. Negative.

7. Portrait of Phillip C. and Naoma Ferguson. Negative.

8. American soldier kneeling next to a Vietnamese man. There is another soldier sitting in the background. 1965-1966.

9. American soldiers relaxing at their campsite in Vietnam. One of the soldiers is looking through binoculars at a nearby village. 1965-1966.

10. Vietnamese men sitting in a ditch. They are surrounded by American soldiers. 1965-1966.

11. Two Afro-American soldiers standing in front of a tent. 1965-1966.

12. Armed American soldier standing in front of a tent. 1965-1966.

13. Vietnamese man leading an ox. 1965-1966.

14. Afro-American soldier standing in front a tent. He is holding a gun. 1965-1966.

15. View of Vietnamese landscape. 1965-1966.

16. Tank with soldiers in Vietnam. 1965-1966.

17. Casual picture of two American soldiers in Vietnam. 1965- 1966.

18. Vietnamese man and children standing in front of a hut.1965-1966.

19. American soldiers in Vietnam. Middle Marine is John Ferguson.

20-43. Water works projects in Ohio. Photos taken in 1936 and 1937. Photo 20 shows the Flood Control Committee at New Philadelphia with Phillip C. Ferguson on the back row. Tour of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. Places shown are Dover, Tappan, Beach City, Wills Creek, Senacaville, Atwood, Bolivar, Leesville, Mohawk, Charles Mill, Clendening, Pleasant Hill, Piedmont, Wills Creek, and Mohicanville.

Phillip C. Ferguson Collection Description

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