Box and Folder Inventory
Boxes 1-3 and Oversize

Box 1: Kiowa County Clerk; Oklahoma House of Representatives; Oklahoma Senate; U.S. House of Representatives.


F 1: Kiowa County Clerk (1910).

List of amounts due Kiowa County from miscellaneous court cases.


F 2: Correspondence: "A - B" (n.d., 1911).

a. Alva Commercial Club (February 2, 1911).  Invitation to visit college; requested support for college appropriation.
b. American Chiropractic Association (January 18, 1911; February 9, 1911; and undated).  Representation of chiropractors on existing medical examining board; creation of separate Chiropractic Examining Board; House Substitute Bill 54.
c. Anderson, John H. (January 14, 1911).  Printing request.
d. Arnall, Felix (February 11, 1911).  Request for appointment as cattle inspector.
e. Bankers Life Insurance Company (January 12, 1911).  Lapse of policy.
f. Barnes, E. L. (February 21, 1911).  Support for Hobart Chamber of Commerce school land bills.
g. Beard, J. G. (February 28, 1911).  Support for appropriation for graded country schools.
h. Beasley, Joseph (February 2, 1911; February 12, 1911).  Support for certain legislation identified only by number; general.
i. Boulware, W. B. (February 19, 1911).  Support for appropriation for consolidated rural school buildings.
j. Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (February 16, 1911).  Support for certain legislation identified only by number.
k. Brown, J. F. (January 11, 1911; February 20, 1911).  Support for legislation enhancing office of County Weigher.
l. Bryce, J. R. (January 22, 1911).  Appointments to various positions.

F 3: Correspondence: "C - D" (n.d., 1911).

a. Capps, J. H. (January 18, 1911).  Request for aid.
b. Carpenter, J. S. (January 16, 1911; February 21, 1911).  Appointment of Lee Suttle as State Oil Inspector; support for Hobart Chamber of Commerce school land bills.
c. Carver, Willard (n.d.).  Form letter opposing Senate Bill 77 regulating practice of medicine and surgery.
d. Chiropractors of Oklahoma (n.d.).  Form letters urging separate board of examiners for chiropractors; includes copy of proposed legislation.
e. Cook, J. B. (February 20, 1911).  Support for appropriation for graded country schools.
f. Curreathers Mercantile Company (February 20, 1911).  Support for Hobart Chamber of Commerce school land bills.
g. Davenport, James S. (February 20, 1911).  Form letter proposing boundary for congressional district in northeastern Oklahoma.
h. Decker, M. V. (January 28, 1911; February 14, 1911; February 15, 1911).  Support for legislation regulating optometry, regulating dumping of urban sewage into streams, and Hobart Chamber of Commerce school land bills.
i. Denham, W. A. (February 20, 1911).  Opposition to House Bill 244 regulating itinerant peddlers of patent medicines, etc.; includes form letter to Denham from S.F. Baker Company (February 14, 1911) on same topic; copy of proposed House Bill 244.
j. Diehl, Dan (January 23, 1911).  Support for legislation to regulate county farmers' institutes; alleged problems with Oklahoma State Board of Agriculture.

F 4: Correspondence: "E - G" (1910-1911).

a. Elam, A. G. (February 23, 1911).  McClintic Dry Goods Company business.
b. Fawk, Charles H. (January 23, 1911).  Opposition to County Assessor's Bill 106; support for better-drafted bill.
c. Ferris, Scott (December 31, 1910).  Census reports and redistricting; form letter (January 13, 1911).  Redistricting (January 19, 1911).  General; redistricting (January 21, 1911).  General (March 3, 1911).  Hobart Chamber of Commerce school land bills; redistricting.
d. Fleming, W. O. (February 11, 1911).  Appointment of Charles Conneely.
e. Fraker, Mrs. C. E. (February 15, 1911).  Support for "mental healing."
f. Gillespie, Finis E. (December 12, 1910; January 13, 1911).  General; unidentified legislation.  Clipping.

F 5: Correspondence: "H - J" (1911).

a. Hamilton, Hoyt B. (February 20, 1911).  Support for Hobart Chamber of Commerce school land bills.
b. Harris, S. H. (January 25, 1911).  Commission work to revise state statutes.
c. Haskell, Charles N. (January 7, 1911).  Printed copy of Governor Haskell's Message to the Third Legislature.
d. Helena, G. J. (January 19, 1911).  State depository status and Snyder town lots.
e. Hobart Chamber of Commerce (December 15, 1910).  Resolution in support of development of oil and gas leases near city.
f. Howell, C. M. (February 8, 1911).  Support for appropriation for new building at Edmond Normal [today Central State University].
g. Huffman, L. H. (February 2, 1911).  Support for unidentified bill.
h. Hunter, Charles M. (February 17, 1911).  Support for House Bill 274 in regard to county taxes.
i. Indiana State Board of Health (February 3, 1911).  Request for copy of McClintic bill requiring certificate of mental and physical health prior to obtaining marriage license; includes copy of Indiana bill requiring males to be free from venereal disease in order to marry.
j. Jennings, W. A. (February 7, 1911).  Support for appropriation for rural consolidated schools.
k. Jennings, [Judge] (February 6, 1911).  Support for two bills by Logan in exchange for dropping legal action over Swanson County.
l. Jones, A. W. (February 13, 1911).  Support for "mental healing," Christian Science.

F 6: Correspondence: "K - L" (1911).

a. Kieffer, S. I. (January 31, 1911; February 18, 1911).  Opposition to House Bill 244 regulating itinerant peddlers of patent medicines.
b. King, Frank B. (February 13, 1911).  Support for bill supporting state militia.
c. Kiowa County Democratic Campaign Committee (January 24, 1911).  Unsigned letter [J.S. Carpenter(?)] in support of Commission to revise state statutes.
d. Kiowa County Farmers' Institute (February 8, 1911).  Support of Woman's Auxiliary for appropriation advancing their work.
e. Kiowa County Medical Society (February 13, 1911).  Support for bill to examine all medical practitioners.
f. Kirkpatrick, C. D. (January 25, 1911).  Request for copy of bill regarding sale of school lands.
g. Kunk, Edward (February 21, 1911).  Opposition to Frey bill affecting insurance companies.
h. Lain, W. B. (January 10, 1911).  Support of bill to regulate action of "card sharks," etc., in Lee-Huckins Hotel.
i.Lawrence, E. S. (January 21, 1911).  Support of bill regarding guaranty law.
j. Lawson, J. H. (January 21, 1911; January 31, 1911; February 11, 1911).  District Attorney bill; request for support of appointment as D. A.; Swanson County politics; general.
k. Lee, Ottis (February 13, 1911).  County Assessor duties; race for office in Seger County.
l. Lorance, L. P. (October 20, 1910).  Copy of letter from Governor [C. N. Haskell] advising election of Democrats despite local controversies.
m. Lott, W. P. (January 21, 1911; March 3, 1911).  Appointment as Deputy State Game Warden; Finding of skeletal remains in cave.
n. Lowery, Lura A. (January 14, 1911).  Copy of affidavit regarding school for blind and deaf at Fort Gibson.

F 7: Correspondence: "McClintic" (1910-1911).

a. McClintic, G. V. (January 20, 1911; February 8, 1911; March 1, 1911).  Family matters.
b. McClintic, James V. (1910-1911).  Various receipts and notes.
c. McClintic, Olive L. (February 13, 1911).  Support of Mrs. D. A.  McDougal to Regents for Industrial Institute and College.

F 8: Correspondence: "McGurren - N" (n.d., 1911).

a. McGurren, Perle Dunham (February 6, 1911).  Form letter with regard to college appropriations.
b. McIlwain, Charles (February 19, 1911).  Support of appropriation for consolidated rural schools.
c. McIntosh, E. W. (January 5, 1911).  Legislation regarding siting of school buildings at center of district.
d. McKee, W. R. (January 28, 1911).  Support to become Swanson County Assessor.
e. Mansell, J. W. (February 25, 1911; February 26, 1911).  Support of anti-cohabitation law and selection of District Attorney.
f. Morgensen, A. A. (February 26, 1911).  Support for appropriation supporting demonstration farming.
g.. Morris, J. W. (January 24, 1911; undated).  Local politics.
h. National Association of Suggestive Therapeutics (February 9, 1911).  Form letter in support of "mental healing."
i. National Model License League (January 18, 1911).  Form letter proposing components in license regulating trade in alcoholic beverages.
j. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (February 9, 1911).  Premium payment.
k. Northwestern State Normal School (January 28, 1911; February 1, 1911; February 4, 1911).  Support for appropriation for new building.

F 9: Correspondence: "O" (n.d., 1910-1911).

a. Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College (January 12, 1911).  Farmers' Short Course.
b. Oklahoma Attorney-General (January 6, 1911; February 10, 1911).  Swanson County lawsuits and work of the office.
c. Oklahoma Commissioners of the Land Office (December 8, 1910; January 28, 1911).  Sale of school lands in Swanson County; application of J. H. Capps.
d. Oklahoma Corporation Commission (n.d.).  Statistics regarding coal mining in Oklahoma.
e. Oklahoma Fish and Game Warden (February 7, 1911).  Endorsement of W. P. Lott as Deputy Warden.
f. Oklahoma House Bill 244 and Substitute.  Copies of bills regulating itinerant peddlers of patent medicines.
g. Oklahoma House of Representatives (n.d.).  Notice of Hearing in George L. Zink/James V. McClintic election contest; membership list of Congressional Redistricting Committee.
h. Oklahoma Industrial Institute and College (January 18, 1911; February 13, 1911).  Appropriation for salaries in 1909-1910 session.
i. Oklahoma National Life Insurance Company (January 31, 1911).  Agency contract.
j. Oklahoma Secretary of State (January 21, 1911).  Contingent expenses appropriation for office.
k. Order of Railway Conductors (February 6, 1911).  Support for certain legislation identified only by number.

F 10: Correspondence: "P - Sh" (1911).

a. Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company (January 13, 1911; January 25, 1911; January 26, 1911; February 3, 1911).  Premium payment.
b. Panama-Pacific International Exposition (February 21, 1911).  Proposed bill to fund commission to attend planning for exposition; copy of bill.
c. Peerless Press (February 23, 1911).  Request to have photograph taken.
d. Pridgen, J. D. (January 21, 1911; February 7, 1911; February 10, 1911; February 23, 1911).  Claim and other requests.
e. Rakes, E. V. (February 7, 1911).  Request.
f. Roach, Ira (March 4, 1911).  Elks notice.
g. Rock Island Railroad Employees (February 6, 1911).  Support for legislation affecting railway workers.
h. Rowland, W. W. (February 15, 1911).  Support for Hobart Chamber of Commerce school land bills.
i. Saint Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company (January 11, 1911).  Application of F. W. Taylor.
j. Salling, H. L. (February 7, 1911).  Support for Salling in Swanson County Assessor race.
k. Scroggie, Frederick A. (January 30, 1911).  Request for copy of McClintic Bill requiring certificate of health prior to marriage.
l. Shannon, J. R. (January 22, 1911).  Request for meeting.

F 11: Correspondence: "Si - T" (n.d., 1910-1911).

a. Sieglinger, Fred (March 3, 1911).  Support for increase in appropriation for Oklahoma A. & M.
b. Simpson, Oscar (February 1, 1911).  Support for District Attorney bill and intention to seek that office.
c. Sims, W. P. (January 23, 1911).  Appointment as Swanson County Assessor.
d. Smith-McCord-Townsend Dry Goods Company (February 22, 1911; February 24, 1911).  Business matters.
e. Snyder Business Men's Association (January 25, 1911).  Report from J.V.M. on work of the Third Oklahoma Legislature.
f. Society for Chiropractic Research (February 4, 1911).  Form letter supporting equal medical rights in Oklahoma for chiropractors.
g. Stewart, A. A. (March 6, 1911; March 10, 1911).  Support for "building appropriation bill," probably for rural schools.
h. Stewart, J. M. (December 20, 1910).  Seeking parole.
i. Swanson County Farmers' Institute (February 9, 1911).  Support of Woman's Auxiliary for appropriation aiding their work.
j. Taylor, F. D., and Company (January 27, 1911).  Support for optometry bill.
k. Teehee, Houston B. (April 4, 1911).  Friendship and future political plans.
l. Terrell (January 13, 1911; January 24, 1911).  Dry goods business and local politics.
m. Terry, Lewis (February 21, 1911).  Support for Hobart Chamber of Commerce school land bills.
n. Tolbert, James R. (January 21, 1911; January 31, 1911).  Judicial re-apportionment; support for new law building at University of Oklahoma.

F 12: Correspondence: "U - W" (n.d., 1910-1911).

a. U. S. Bureau of the Census (November 26, 1910).  Advance population data for Oklahoma counties.
b. University of Oklahoma (January 19, 1911; January 30, 1911; February 6, 1911; February 7, 1911; February 21, 1911; undated).  Invitation to concert; support and opposition to appropriation for new law building.
c. Webb, Anthony E. (February 28, 1911).  Support for increased appropriation for Oklahoma A. & M.
d. Williams, J. E. (February 16, 1911).  Various legislative and political items.
e. Wood, David (January 28, 1911).  Desire to become County Assessor.
f. Wood, D. I. (February 28, 1911).  Unspecified request.
g. Woodson, D. S. (n.d.).  Support for new building at Northwestern State Normal School.
h. Wright, J. H. (April 14, 1911).  Fragment; seems general in nature.


F 13: Litigants Fund (1913).

Statement of Deputy State Examiner and Inspector (June 3, 1913) certifying receipt of funds from J.V.M. due litigants in Kiowa County Court.  List of cases and amount due in each is included.


F 14: Correspondence (1923, 1929, 1932, 1934).

a. Cummings, Homer, U.S. Attorney-General (July 9, 1934).  Thank-you for courtesies at hearing.
b. Fritch, Ed. B. (January 16, 1923).  Attacks on J.V.M. by W. R.  Hearst.  J.V.M. reply (January 17, 1923).
c. Garner, John Nance, Speaker of the House (July 9, 1932).  J.V.M. telegram in support of loan legislation.  Garner telegram in reply (July 10, 1932).
d. Giles, Carl (June 3, 1934).  General and flood relief funds for Roger Mills and Custer counties.
e. Haskell, Charles N. (April 12, 1923).  Second page of telegram about spike-driving occasion, Miles City meeting.
f. Ickes, Harold L., Secretary of the Interior (May 8, 1934).  Thank-you on Oil Administration investigation.
g. Rainey, Henry T., U. S. Representative - Illinois (June 23, 1932).  Letter to Carl Hullum praising J.V.M. record in House.
h. Roosevelt, Franklin D., Governor of New York (December 11, 1929).  Letter enclosing outline of F.D.R. speech.  J.V.M. reply (December 17, 1929).

F 15: Campaign (1918).

Almost identical newspaper clippings from Kiowa County News and Hollis Post Herald (both March 7) praising J.V.M. record in Congress.

F 16: Campaign (1932).

a. Two J.V.M. cards; may be from 1930 campaign.
b. Resolution in support of J.V.M. by Congressional Committee, Seventh Congressional District, Elk City, Oklahoma (October 7, 1932).
c. Editorial: "The Seventh District Can Choose for Itself," Frederick Leader (July 13, 1932).  Pro-J.V.M.; anti-interference by William H. Murray.
d. Editorial: "The Victory to McClintic," Frederick Leader (July 13, 1932).
e. Editorial: "To Serve Our Interests Best-McClintic," Frederick Leader (n.d.).
f. Editorial: "The Silent Voter Upsets the Dope Pots," Frederick Leader (July 7, 1932).
g. Newspaper advertisement for J.V.M., Kiowa County Democrat (June 6, 1932).
h. Newspaper article: "Sunny Jim Is Nominee," Tipton newspaper (July 14, 1932).
i. Newspaper article: "McClintic Back to Open Drive for Congress," unidentified paper (May 25, 1932).
j. "M'Clintic, Other Demos Guests at Dinner Thursday."  Elk City Morning Times (June 3, 1932).
k. Newspaper article: "Ivester Here in Behalf of M'Clintic," unidentified paper (June 18, 1932).
l. "M'Clintic, Other Demos Guests at Dinner Thursday."  Elk City Morning Times (June 3, 1932).
m. "The Discretion of Gardner," Daily Oklahoman (July 14, 1932).
n. Campaign flier: "Farmers!  Read What John A. Simpson Says About Congressman Jim McClintic."  [Simpson was President of the National Farmers' Union.]

F 17: Campaign (1934).

a. Keating, Edward.  Letter to J.V.M. (June 11, 1934).  Enclosing copy of letter from Keating to Harrington Wimberly (June 12, 1934) stating endorsement of J.V.M. by Railroad Workers of America.  Reply by J.V.M. secretary (June 14, 1934).
b. Campaign flier showing J.V.M., F.D.R., et al., at signing of National Recovery Act and containing endorsements of J.V.M. by congressional associates.
c. Newspaper article: "Jim Mc'Clintic Trails Far Behind," unidentified newspaper (n.d.).
d. Editorial: "A Steadfast Public Servant," Frederick Leader (July 28, 1934).
e. "Capital Sidelights," Washington Star (September 2, 1934).
f. Newspaper article: "M'Clintic Listed Chief Casualty among Losses," Frederick Leader (September 12, 1934).
g. Newspaper article: "The New Congress: Sam Massingale," Washington Post (December 5, 1934).  Brief biography. 

F 18: Campaign (1941).  Special election to fill vacancy caused by death of Sam Massingale.

a. Campaign brochure for J.V.M.: "One God-One Country-One Flag!  America First."
b. Campaign brochure: "Platform Suggestions of Victor Wickersham."
c. Campaign flier: "Should Jackson County Support McClintic?"
d. Series of newspaper articles concerning the legislature's debate over re-institution of the run-off primary: "Those Who Run for Office;" "Special Congress Election Depends on Runsoff's Fate;" "Runoff Is Off So Election May Be, Too;" ballot for voter poll on issue; untitled story.
e. Newspaper article: "Red Trails Cold, Senate Probers to Look Again," unidentified newspaper (February 19, 1941).  Includes political affiliation of M. Shadid.
f. Newspaper article: "Greer County's Vote Trend Is For Wickersham," unidentified paper (March 11, 1941).

F 19: Campaign (1946).  Correspondence.

a. Doughton, R.L., U. S. Representative - North Carolina (October 2, 1945).  Telling J.V.M. of need for people like him back in Washington.
b. Magnuson, Margaret (April 4, 1946; April 26, 1946; May 20, 1946).  Letters and memo alleging Victor Wickersham of obtaining kickback from employee.
c. Purcell, James E. (May 21, 1946).  Former Wickersham supporter now turned against him.
d. Wickersham, Victor (March 29, 1946).  J.V.M. challenge to Wickersham for debate; copy (April 1, 1946).  Rejoinder; original (April 8, 1946).  Letter to "Dr. Collier" soliciting support.

F 20: Campaign (1946).  McClintic Campaign Fliers.

a. "Jim V. McClintic Against Wickersham For Congress."
b. "M'Clintic Dares Wickersham to Debate His Congressional Record."

F 21: Campaign (1946).  Clippings.

a. "Truman to Decide if Junketeers Pay," Washington Daily News (September 10, 1945).  Victor Wickersham one of two congressmen pictured.
b. "Here's Othman" column, Washington Daily News (October 8, 1945).  Junketeers the topic.
c. Two J.V.M. newspaper advertisements.

F 22: Campaign (1946).  Anti-Wickersham Data.

Various typescripts of Wickersham remarks, legislation, etc., with J.V.M. annotation.

F 23: Campaign (1946).  Speech. 

J.V.M. speech.

F 24: Campaign (1946).  Miscellaneous.

a. List.  Supporters(?). 
b. "Message from Victor Wickersham Realty."
c. Page from Congressional Record containing "Laws and Rules for Publication of the Congressional Record."

F 25: Campaign (n.d.).

General flier announcing J.V.M. to speak.

F 26: Legislation (1920).

H. R. 13204 (Sixty-sixth Congress; Second Session): "To create revenue for defraying, carrying out, contributing toward, or meeting the requirements of any legislation to provide a fund to be used for the education of soldiers, sailors, and marines qualifying, preferential rights to Government positions; and to provide a fund to be loaned for the purchase of homes."  J.V.M. Bill.

F 27: Speech (August 8, 1916).

"The Democratic Party Has Been True to the People."  Delivered in the House. 

F 28: Speech (September 21, 1917).

"War and War Legislation-Shall We Fight of Run."  Delivered in the House.  Printed copy.

F 29: Speech (December 18, 1919).

"Trip to Berlin, Germany-Visit to the Kaiser-Other Observations in Europe."  Delivered in the House. 

F 30: Speech (April 21, 1932).

"I Am Especially Interested in Everything That Relates to Agriculture, Realizing That the True Source of All Wealth Is in the Ground.  The Price of Commodities Will Have to Be Raised If the Farmer Is to Survive."  Delivered in the House.  Printed extract from the Congressional Record.

F 31: Speech (June 9, 1932).

"Unless This Congress Passes Some Kind of Aid to Those Who Till the Soil There Is Liable to Be an Eruption That Will Shake the Very Foundation of This Government."  Delivered in the House.  Printed extract from the Congressional Record.

F 32: Speech (ca. 1932).

Deals "principally with the early history of this country, the City of Washington, and the George Washington Bi-Centennial."  Intended for school audience. 

F 33: Speech (February 19, 1934).

"The Revenue Bill and Other Legislation."  Delivered in the House.  Printed extract from the Congressional Record

F 34: Speech (June 19, 1934).

Campaign speech on radio station KASA. 

F 35: Aviation (April 5, 1933). Akron disaster.

Clipping from Washington Star concerning congressional inquiry into the dirigible crash.

F 36: Aviation (ca. 1928).  Lindbergh, Charles.

Clipping from Boston Herald (February 11) telling of J.V.M. defense of Lindbergh in light of perceived "slur" by naval officer.

F 37: Aviation (ca. 1924-1942).  Mitchell, William (Billy).

Various typescript and handwritten compilations of the career of Billy Mitchell and J.V.M.'s support for his views.  Includes extracts from the Congressional Record, J.V.M. committee testimony, and newspaper article.

F 38: Aviation (1925).  Mitchell, William (Billy).

The Congressional Record (January 17, 1925).  Remarks by J.V.M. on Mitchell found on pages 2108-2109.

F 39: Aviation (1926).  Mitchell, William (Billy).

Congressional Record (January 20, 1926).  Remarks by J.V.M. on Mitchell found on pages 2083-2084.

F 40: Aviation (1926).  Mitchell, William (Billy).

Congressional Record (April 9, 1926).  Remarks by J.V.M., et al., on Mitchell and value of aviation.

F 41: Aviation (1927).

Congressional Record (January 6, 1927).  Remarks by J.V.M. on naval aviation on pages 1171-1172.

F 42: Aviation (1928).

Congressional Record (April 11, 1928).  Extension of Remarks by J.V.M. regarding naval appropriations and favoring submarines and aviation, reprinted from the Magazine of Wall Street (April 7, 1928) and titled "Does Our Prosperity Depend Upon 'Preparedness'?"  Article may or may not have been written by J.V.M.

Box 2: United States House of Representatives (continued); Executive Assistant to Governor E. W. Marland; Director of Safety Education, District of Columbia; Department of the Interior; Readjustment Division -- War Department; Miscellaneous Materials

F 1: Bank Deposits (ca. 1920-1955).

Various materials relating to original support by J.V.M. for guaranteeing bank deposits.

a. Correspondence (1944, 1955).
b. Miscellaneous copied extracts from the Congressional Record.
c. "Who Was the Author of the Bank Deposit Insurance Law," by J.V.M. 

F 2: Bank Deposits (1933).

Congressional Record (May 23, 1933).  Remarks by J.V.M. regarding his early proposal to guarantee bank deposits on pages 4121-4124.

F 3: Page School (1942, 1979).

a. "The Creation of the United States Capitol Page School by Former Congressman J. V. McClintic, of Oklahoma."  Extension of Remarks by Hon. Wesley E. Disney (U. S. Representative) of Oklahoma (October 21, 1942).  Congressional Record.
b. Memo by Olive McClintic Mulherin, J.V.M.'s daughter.

c. Newspaper article: "Capital Sidelights" by Will P. Kennedy, Washington Star (November 8, 1942) concerning J.V.M. role.

F 4: Cimarron (1931).

a. Program to accompany the Washington Premiere of movie "Cimarron" (January 23, 1931).
b. "'Cimarron' Is Opened with Big Bang," unidentified newspaper (1931).
c. "Oklahomans and Stars Visit Hoover," unidentified newspaper (1931).
d. "Elite at Picture Show Wait Nearly 50 Minutes for Dolly to Arrive and Alice to Rise," unidentified newspaper (1931.).

e. "Dolly Gann Gets a 'Rise' out of Alice, and Here's How," unidentified newspaper (1931).

f. "Washington Cheers for ... ." unidentified newspaper (1931).

F 5: Congressional Trip to Hawaii (1917).

a. Menu, bamboo card, and card.
b. Letter of J.V.M. to wife and daughters (November 16, 1917).  Second envelope.
c. Reprint.  E. S. Goodhue.  "The Molokai Leper Settlement."  Medical Record (October 13, 1917).

F 6: Congressional Trip to Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia (1925).  June Correspondence.

a. Telegram to J.V.M. (June 27, 1925) advising of accommodations on U.S.S. Oklahoma for Australia/New Zealand cruise.
b. Memo to J.V.M. from Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Fleet (June 28, 1925) regarding Australia/New Zealand cruise.

F 7: Congressional Trip Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia (1925).  July Correspondence.

a. Telegram to U. S. S. Oklahoma (July 9, 1925) to advise J.V.M. of invitation to dine with Governor of Samoa.
b. Letter to J.V.M. from the Melburne Argus and the Australasian (July 22, 1925) advising him of complimentary copies while in Australia.
c. Telegram to U. S. Fleet from Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brooks (July 25, 1925) inviting J.V.M. and press representatives to meet with them.
d. Telegram to U. S. Fleet from Commonwealth Ministers of State (July 25, 1925) inviting J.V.M. and press representatives to lunch.
e. Letter to J.V.M. from J. E. Shipway (July 25, 1925) concerning Sunday speaking engagement, probably at Swanston Street Church of Christ.

f. Invitation to meet "Fleet Representatives of the U. S. A. Press" at home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brooks (July 26, 1925). Two invitations.

g. Invitation for J.V.M. to Ball given by the English-Speaking Union (July 27, 1925).

h. Telegram to U. S. Fleet (July 27, 1925) inviting J.V.M. and press correspondents to Parliament House.
i. Letter to J.V.M. from Mrs. Gladys A. Hain (July 27, 1925) requesting interview for newspaper.
j. Invitation to J.V.M. from the Commonwealth Ministers of State to attend dinner (July 27, 1925).
k. Telegram to U. S. Fleet (July 27, 1925) inviting J.V.M., et al, to Lord Mayor's Ball.
l. Telegram to J.V.M. from Fred Clapp (July 28, 1925) inviting him to dinner.
m. Invitation to J.V.M. from Chamberlain to attend Governor-General's Ball (July 28, 1925).
n. Invitation to J.V.M. from Commonwealth Ministers of State to luncheon (July 28, 1925).
o.Invitation to J.V.M. from the Government of Victoria to dinner (July 30, 1925).
p. Letter to J.V.M. from A. J. M (July 30, 1925) advising him of prophecies concerning U. S., British Empire, and a new world war.
q. Letter to J.V.M. from Robert Lyall (July 30, 1925) introducing son.
r. Invitation to J.V.M. from the Government of Victoria to reception (July 31, 1925).
s. Invitation from United Grand Lodge, A. F. & A. Masons, of Victoria to Smoke Social (July 31, 1925).

F 8: Congressional Trip to Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia (1925).  July Miscellaneous.

a. Honorary Membership Card, Commercial Traveller's Club, Melbourne.
b. Honorary Membership Card, The Melbourne Club.
c. Temporary Membership Card, Royal Automobile Club of Victoria.
d. Visitor's Card, Moonee Valley Racing Club.
e. Entree Card and Dinner Program, Banquet for U. S. Fleet given by Commonwealth Ministers of State.
f. Dinner Program, Banquet for U. S. Fleet given by the Victorian Government.
g. Dance card, Government House.

h. Dance card, Lord Mayor's Ball.
i. Dance card, English-Speaking Union.

F 9: Congressional Trip to Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia (1925).  August.

a. Letter to J.V.M. from Hugh J. Ward (August 1, 1925) inviting him to performance of "No No Nanette."
b. Invitation to J.V.M. from Victorian Amateur Turf Club to luncheon (August 1, 1925).
c. Letter to J.V.M. from Alys Kirkland-Gripps (August 1, 1925) inviting him to attend and address meeting of English-Speaking Union.

d. Telegram to J.V.M. from Herald (August 3, 1925) advising of change in luncheon plans.
e. Dance card, St. Kilda Town Hall (August 3, 1925).
f. Invitation form Government of Victoria to luncheon (August 4, 1925).
g. Invitation to J.V.M. from the Premier of Victoria to luncheon (August 4, 1925).
h. Letter to J.V.M. from the Charles P. Wheeler (August 12, 1925) inviting him to attend and address meeting of Wellington Rotary Club.
i. Honorary membership, Wellington Club (August 13, 1925).
j. Letter of introduction for J.V.M. from Frederick G. Clapp (August 14, 1925).
k. Letter to J.V.M.  from W.L. Lowrie, American Consul-General (August 14, 1925) regretting mix-up on reception invitation.
l. Invitation to reception by Wellington Press Club (August 14, 1925).
m. Invitation to dinner aboard H. M. S. Dunedin (August 15, 1925).
n. Letter to J.V.M. from F. S. Hodson (August 17, 1925) enclosing photographs.
o. Invitation to J.V.M. from the Wellington Club to attend dinner (August 19, 1925).
p. Dispatch to J.V.M. (August 21, 1925) inviting him to races as guest of Prime Minister.
q. Telegram to J.V.M. from Harrison (August 27, 1925) inviting his writing of travels.

F 10: Congressional Trip to Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia (1925).  September.

a. Telegram inviting J.V.M. to dinner given by Government of Tahiti (September 7, 1925).  Written and printed copies.
b. Telegram to J.V.M. from Boyle, American Consul (September 8, 1925) regarding visits to Governor and Mayor.
c. Telegram to J.V.M. (September 8, 1925) relaying messages from Consul Boyle regarding visits.
d. Invitations to Dinner and Ball by Governor of French Oceania (September 9, 1925).
e. Invitation to J.V.M. from Mr. and Mrs. Kellum to dine aboard yacht "Kaimiloa" (September 9, 1925).
f. Invitation to reception by Mayor of Papeete (September 9, 1925).
g. Invitation to J.V.M. to dine with Commander-in-Chief of U. S. Fleet (September 10, 1925).

F 11: Congressional Trip to Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia (1925, 1980).

Handwritten notes of trip.  Cover memo by Olive Mulherin, daughter of J.V.M. 

F 12: Congressional Trip to Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia (1925, 1943).

Notes on trip.  Cover letter of J.V.M.  to daughter (October 29, 1943) describing then as typed copy of handwritten notes in folder above.

F 13: Congressional Trip to Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia (1925).

Rough typescript about trip.

F 14: Congressional Trip to Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia (1925).

Typescript description of trip.

F 15: Congressional Trip to Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia (1925).  Miscellaneous.

a. Telegram (n.d.) advising J.V.M. of invitation to dine with Governor-General. 
b. Card of Mrs. William Miller Robard.
c. "Seabag-U. S. S. Oklahoma" (August 29, 1925).  Ship newspaper.  Column by J.V.M. on page two.
d. Newspaper article: "From Oklahoma-Congressman with Fleet-Interested in Canberra."  Unidentified paper (n.d.).

e. Newspaper article: "The Fleet as an Advertising Agent," by J.V.M., The Herald (July 30, 1925).  Incomplete.

F 16: Newspaper Clippings (n.d, 1933).

a. "M'Clintic's Sound Proposal."  Reprint of Daily Oklahoma editorial in the Grandfield Enterprise (n.d) supporting J.V.M. on fixing price of corn.
b. "Snyder Man Is Elected to the Ways and Means Committee of Congress."  Snyder Democrat (March 9, 1933).
c. "M'Clintic in High Praise of Chief."  Unidentified paper (n.d.) 
containing J.V.M.'s support of F.D.R.
d. "'Our Jim' Is Home."  Unidentified newspaper (n.d.); J.V.M. visit to district.
e. "McClintic's Visit."  Frederick Leader (September 6, 1933).  J.V.M. visit to district.
f. "McClintic Coming to City on December 29, He Wires Osborn."  Unidentified newspaper (n.d.); J.V.M. visit to Frederick.
g. Extract from Congressional Record quoting J.V.M. in support of naval appropriations.

F 17a: Notebook/Scrapbook - Original (1933-1934).

a. Photo of J.V.M. and secretary, Margaret Wells, entering new office (April 22, 1933).  Clipping.
b. Two letters-to-the-editor in support of Oklahoma delegation. Clipping.
c. Notes on various pieces of legislation. 
d. Notes on two veterans' cases.
e. Population of each congressional district in Oklahoma.

f. Newspaper article: "Local Indian to Receive $2,300 in Back Pension," Clinton Daily News (n.d.).  Work of J.V.M. in obtaining pensions for Indians.

g. Editorial: "What Has Jim M'Clintic Done?" Altus Times-Democrat (n.d.) supporting J.V.M. 
h. Newspaper article: "Who's News Today," unidentified newspaper (n.d.) concerning safety of dirigible Akron.
i. Speech by J.V.M. in support of the revenue bill of 1932, H.R. 10236 (March 16, 1932).  Clipping from Congressional Record.
j. Extract from Congressional Record concerning small newspapers and J.V.M.
k. Extension of Remarks by J.V.M.: "Construction of Additional Ships," Congressional Record (December 21, 1931).
l. Remarks in Congressional Record concerning armament race (n.d.).
m. Speech by J.V.M.  concerning H. R. 11897: War Department appropriation bill (May 7, 1932).  Clipping from Congressional Record.
n. Clipping from Baltimore Sun showing photographs of Jed Johnson, Sr. and J.V.M. with heading: "They Claim Moral Victory for Bonus Proponents."

o. Editorial: "McClintic Should Return to Congress," Sayre Headlight-
Journal (March 29, 1934).  Clipping and typed copy.

F 17b: Notebook/Scrapbook - Copy (1933-1934). Folder includes a copy of the scrapbook in Folder 17a.

F 18: Miscellaneous (n.d., 1929).

a. Gallery pass, U. S. House of Representatives (October 7, 1929) for reception of Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald of Great Britain.
b. House Letterhead, Seventy-second Congress.  Committee on Naval Affairs.


F 19: Marland Assistant (n.d., 1934-1935).  Clippings.

a. "A Place for McClintic," unidentified newspaper (December 28, 1934).
b. "Planning Organization Is Formed," Daily Oklahoma (May 5, 1935).
c. "A Real Sacrifice," Frederick Press (May 24, 1935).

d. "Oklahoma Co-ordinates," New York Times (May 6, 1935). 

e. "Gov. Marland Appoints McClintic Patronage Head," Kiowa County Democrat (May 9, 1935).
f. "Marland Shifts Hiring, Firing to New Bureau," unidentified newspaper (n.d.).
g. "Senator Quarrels with McClintic, Dares Governor," unidentified newspaper (n.d.).
h. "'Revolt' Perils Marland Hold on '37 Senate," unidentified newspaper (n.d.).
i. "McClintic 'Fired', Governor Quits Patronage Game," unidentified newspaper (n.d.).
j. "'Moving Day' at the Capitol," Daily Oklahoman (September1, 1935).

F 20: Marland Assistant (December 6, 1936).  Speech.

J.V.M. speech at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (December 6, 1936), concerning Valley Forge, George Washington, Sequoyah, various Indian tribes and individuals, George Catlin, Pennsylvania in the history of the nation, Oklahoma, etc. 

F 21: Marland Assistant (December 8, 1935).  Speech.

J.V.M. speech at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (December 8, 1935), concerning George Washington, James Monroe, John Marshall, George Catlin, Charles Loffler, E. W. Marland, Pennsylvanians' contributions to history, Indians, etc. 

F 22: Newsletters (April - June 1936).  "Washington Comment" newsletter by J.V.M.  All are typescripts.

a. (April 3, 1936).  Subjects include T. P. Gore, William Randolph Hearst, Phil Ferguson, flood control, P. L. Gassaway, W. P. A., Townsend Plan for pensions, and federal allotments to states.
b. (May 1, 1936).  Subjects include Father Charles E. Coughlin, P. L. Gassaway, T. P. Gore, Josh Lee, Jack Nichols, William H. Murray, and legislation. 
c. (May 8, 1936).  Subjects include relief programs, Thomas Indian Bill, Rep.  Will Rogers, military appropriation, Alf Landon, and J. Edgar Hoover.
d. (June 5, 1936).  Subjects include Joseph Byrns' death, T. P. Gore, Thomas Indian Bill, and Oklahoma flood control projects.
e. (June 19, 1936).  Subjects include T. P. Gore, Indian legislation, and Elmer Thomas. 

F 23: Newsletters (April - May 1937).  "Washington-Here and There" newsletter by J.V.M.  All are typescripts.

a. (April 2, 1937).  Subjects include Carter Glass, Supreme Court Bill, Adolph J. Sabath, Federal Farm Board, Anti-lynching Bill, Jed Johnson, and Burton Wheeler. 
b. (April 10, 1937).  Subjects include Elmer Thomas, Indian legislation, strikes, Anti-lynching Bill, Supreme Court Bill, Jed Johnson, and Jack Nichols. 
c. (April 17, 1937).  Subjects include Anti-lynching Bill, Wilburn Cartwright, El Reno Reformatory Bill, Jack Nichols, T. P. Gore, Supreme Court, Townsend Plan, Scott Ferris, and Doheney Oil Company case. 
d. (April 24, 1937).  Subjects include Robert L. Williams, Elmer Thomas, Indian legislation, Wilburn Cartwright, Mellon art collection, Supreme Court Bill, and John Nance Garner. 
e. (April 29, 1937).   Subjects include Elmer Thomas, Indian legislation, Jack Nichols, and Jed Johnson. 
f. (May 1, 1937). Subjects include federal spending and deficits, Jefferson Memorial proposal, judicial reform, Potomac floods, and Father Divine.

g. (May 8, 1937).  Subjects include relief projects, Supreme Court, and dirigibles. 
h. (May 15, 1937).  Subjects include Wallis Warfield Simpson, Jack Nichols, and William E. Dodd. 
i. (May 22, 1937).  Concerns National Recreation Congress at Atlantic City.
j. (May 29, 1937).  Subjects include relief appropriations, John L.  Lewis, Paul V. McNutt, and dirigibles. 

F 24: Newsletters (June - July 1937).  "Washington-Here and There" newletter by J.V.M.  All are typescripts.

a. (June 5, 1937).  Subjects include Sam Rayburn, Connally "Hot" Oil Bill, W.P.A. appropriations, Jack Nichols, Monday holidays, William Randolph Hearst, hypnotism of suspects, and federal judge for Oklahoma.
b. (June 12, 1937).  Subjects include John Nance Garner, relief agencies, W. P. A. and P. W. A. funds and projects, George Aiken, Republican Party, and Elmer Thomas' inflation policies.
c. (June 19, 1937).  Subjects include Phil Ferguson, Jed Johnson, Josh Lee, Wilburn Cartwright, W. P. A. funds, marijuana, Federal Reserve system, labor troubles, and Indian policy. 
d. (June 26, 1937).  Subjects include P. W. A. appropriations, (U. S.  Representative) Will Rogers, post exchanges, Lyle Boren, third term for F. D. R., C. I. O., Shawnee Court Bill, tax evaders, and Jewish influences in labor organizations.

e. (July 3, 1937).  Subjects include Maury Maverick, Amelia Earhart, Luke Lea, Boy Scout Jamboree, Supreme Court Bill, and Florida Canal proposal. 
f. (July 10, 1937).  Subjects include Supreme Court Bill, John L.  Lewis/C. I. O., Josh Lee, Amelia Earhart, and Mae West.
g. (July 16, 1937).  Subjects include Joseph Robinson, Supreme Court Bill, Jed Johnson oratory, and Page School. Attached is clipping referring to J.V.M. role in establishing Page School.
h. (July 24, 1937).  Subjects include Supreme Court Bill, Joseph Robinson Funeral, Alben Barkley, Elmer Thomas, Inter-State Oil Compact, and (U. S. Representative) Will Rogers. 

i. (July 31, 1937).  Subjects include Inter-state Oil Compact, civil rights, and American Cotton Cooperative Association. 

F 25: Newsletters (August - October 1937).  "Washington-Here and There" newsletter by J.V.M.  All are typescripts.

a. (August 7, 1937).  Subjects include P. W. A., Social Security, Will Rogers Memorial, (U. S. Representative) Will Rogers, Elmer Thomas, Indian legislation, Josh Lee, Theodore G. Bilbo, and Helen Hayes.
b. (August 14, 1937).  Subjects include Pat Harrison, Jed Johnson, D. C. judgeship, and Hugo Black. 
c. (August 21, 1937).  Subjects include Maury Maverick, Tidelands Bill, Dennis Chavez, Indian policy, Theodore G. Bilbo, appropriations, P. W. A. projects, and the Scottsboro Boys. 
d. (August 28, 1937).  Subjects include P. W. A. projects, Oklahoma housing, Wesley E. Disney, W. P. A. marchers, and politics.

e. (September 4, 1937).  Subjects include John L. Lewis, Resettlement Administration, Jack Nichols, and Crow Indian Pageant.
f. (September 25, 1937).  Subjects include P. W. A. projects, Indian legislation, Anti-Semitism, Ku Klux Klan, F. D. R. third term, and John Nance Garner. 
g. (October 2, 1937).  Subjects include Hugo Black and Ku Klux Klan, scrapping of the Leviathan, Greenbelt settlement of Resettlement Administration, and German societies in U. S. 

F 26: Newsletter (December 1938).

"Washington-Here and There" newsletter by J.V.M. (December 23, 1938).  Subjects include Lima trade conference, Maury Maverick, Harold Ickes, W. P. A. and news that this is the last of these newsletters. 


F 27: Director of Safety Education (1940).

Newspaper article: "J. V. McClintic Named Aide to Van Duzer," unidentified paper.


F 28: Interior (1941, 1944).

a. Appointment as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior (July 1, 1941). 
b. Transfer from position of Special Assistant to that of Attorney in Coal Mines Administration (December 22, 1944).

F 29: Interior (n.d.).

Memorandum from the Bituminous Coal Division, Department of the Interior: "Liability of the United States or Its Agents for Property Requisitioned, and Laws Relating Thereto." 

F 30: Interior (n.d., 1941-1945).  Oil in Alaska.

a. Letter from J.V.M. to H. C. Orton (September 17, 1941) concerning development of oil in Alaska and possibility of federal aid.
b. Letter from H. C. Orton to J.V.M. (February 7, 1942) concerning five specified oil lease proposals.  Map.
c. Memorandum from Philip S. Smith, Chief Alaskan Geologist, U. S.  Geological Survey, to the Secretary (February 7, 1942) concerning Katalla or Controller Bay Oil Field.
d. Letter from H. C. Orton to J.V.M. (May 19, 1942) concerning the proposal.
e. Memorandum from C. R. Bradshaw, Chief, Minerals Division, General Land Office, to Register, District Land Office, to Register, District Land Office, Anchorage (May 20, 1942) concerning issuance of oil leases to Orton group.
f. Letter from Frank Harold Johnson to Register, General Land Office, Anchorage (November 11, 1943) concerning oil leases.
g. Memorandum for the Commissioner of the Land Office (May 12, 1945) concerning oil leases of the Orton group.
h. Letter from J.V.M. to William L. Chesney (May 14, 1945) concerning possible magazine article on attempts to develop Alaskan oil.
i. Letter from Henry La Cossitt, Editor, Collier's magazine, to J.V.M. (May 24, 1945) concerning article.
j. Report on the "Alaskan Syndicate" and its plans to develop Alaskan oil (n.d.).

F 31: Alaskan Highway (1942).

Congressional Record (January 12, 1942).  Remarks by Anthony Joseph Dimond, Delegate from Alaska, on need for such a highway marked by J.V.M. on pages 287-297.

F 32: Extension of Remarks (May-June 1944).

a. Extension of Remarks by Rep. John Rankin in Congressional Record containing J.V.M. refutation of charges made against him in Drew Pearson column.
b. Newspaper:  Washington Post (May 4, 1944).  Pearson column on page 17; subjects include both Jed Johnson and J.V.M.

F 33: Testimony (May 17, 1947).

Testimony of J.V.M. before Senate Judiciary Committee concerning allegation about Interior Department.


F 34: Readjustment Division (1944-1945).

a. Letter from Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War, to Harold L. Ickes, Secretary of the Interior (January 29, 1944) concerning transfer of J.V.M. to War Department.
b. Appointment form for J.V.M. (February 25, 1944).
c. Letter from D. N. Hauseman to J.V.M. (December 18, 1944) containing Christmas greetings.
d. Letter from D.N. Hauseman to J.V.M. (June 2, 1945) regretfully accepting resignation.  Clippings of same.
e. Retirement Form (June 20, 1945). 

F 35: Readjustment Division (1945).  Farewell Luncheon.

a. Newspaper article: "Capital Sidelights" by Will P. Kennedy, Washington Star (June 19, 1945) concerning J.V.M. retirement.
b. Newspaper article: "Tribute Paid to State Men at Washington," Daily Oklahoman (June 9, 1945) for both J.V.M. and Jed Johnson.

c. Guest list for McClintic-Johnson Luncheon (June 8, 1945).
d. Letter from Francis W. Parker, Jr., to J.V.M. (June 6, 1945) regretting having missed luncheon.

Box 3: Miscellaneous Materials; Family and Personal Materials; Posthumous Materials

F 1: Writing/Speech [1919]. Post-WWI Europe.

Three different but similar manuscripts concerning post-World War I Europe. 

F 2: Writing/Speech (n.d.).  George Catlin.

F 3: Writing/Speech (n.d.).  Vermejo Park, New Mexico.

F 4: Writing/Speech (n.d.).  Washington, D.C.

Typescript concerning various monuments, buildings, and operations in Washington and vicinity. 

F 5: Writing/Speech (n.d.).  "The Great Panther Hunt."

F 6: Writing/Speech [1947].  "The King of Oddities-A World's Wonder." 

Typescript of story confirming one-thousand-point deer.  Newspaper clipping.

F 7: Correspondence (1934, 1944-1945).

a. Doughton, Robert L., U. S. Representative - North Carolina (July 7, 1945).  Personal letter to J.V.M.
b. Hostutler, G. G. (August 15, 1945).  General; possible campaign reference.
c. Oklahoma Historical Society (July 4, 1944).  J.V.M. letter enclosing story for preservation.
d. Scott, Hugh (December 5, 1934).  Personal and thanks.
e. Vinson, Fred M., Secretary of the Treasury (March 15, 1945).  Thanks and good wishes.
f. Weaver, Elbert R. (Pete) (February 16, 1945).  General.

F 8: Clippings (n.d., 1935, 1937).

a. "McClintic, Fishing in Potomac, Hooks Corpse of Suicide," unidentified newspaper (n.d.).
b. "Ex-House Member Finds Suicide," unidentified newspaper (n.d.).
c. "Thirty Years Ago Today Politics Was Sure Hot," unidentified paper (March 4, 1937).  Mentions J.V.M.
d. "Capitol Hill Notables Raise Ghost of Congress Hall Hotel," unidentified Washington newspaper (March 9, 1935).  Mentions J.V.M.
e. "Boy Who Wouldn't Quit Is on Way to Naval Academy," Daily Oklahoman (July 9, 1935).  Mentions J.V.M.
f. Fragment concerning Sam Massingale, unidentified newspaper (n.d.).

F 9: Pass (June 9, 1939).

Admittance to reserved area on East Front of the Capitol to welcome King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

F 10: Typescript (September 21, 1944).

Typescript on Hearing before Senate Committee on National Defense. 


F 11: Biggs Family (1905, 1955).

a. Extract from "History of Grundy County, Missouri, Birdsall and Dean, 1881" concerning Aaron Burr Biggs, father-in-law of J.V.M. 
b. "Called Higher."  Newspaper obituary concerning Mary J. Biggs, mother-in-law of J.V.M.

F 12: Proctor Family (1936, 1968).

Extract from J.V.M. "Washington-Here and There" column with note by J.V.M.'s daughter.  Attached post card concerning spelling of name.

F 13: McClintic Family (1935).

Various typewritten notes on genealogy. 

F 14: McClintic Family (1937).  George V. McClintic, Sr. - Father of J.V.M. 

a. Newspaper accounts of death.
b. Reminiscences by J.V.M.
c. Account of estate and settlement.

F 15: McClintic Family (1940).  George V. McClintic, Jr., and Mrs. Lucille Baubee, brother and foster-sister of J.V.M.

Telegram and newspaper column concerning deaths.

F 16: McClintic Family (1918-1920, 1943-1944, 1946, 1978). Emma B. McClintic, wife of J.V.M.

a. Miscellaneous newspaper columns.
b.  "I Had to Walk Home": reminiscences of break-down of early horseless carriage. 
c. Letter from J.V.M. (July 11, 1919) From Berlin, Germany.
d. "Oklahoma Congressman's Wife and Children Devote Energies to Aiding U. S. Soldiers," Daily Oklahoman (March 17, 1918).
e. "McClintic Family Popular in Society at Washington," Daily Oklahoman (April 25, 1920).

F 17: J.V.M. (1906).  Homestead Application.

Photostatic copy of application.

F 18: J.V.M. (n.d., 1949).  Biographical Data.

a. "Personnel Information-J. V. McClintic."
b. Biographical data. 
c. "Public Record of James V. McClintic."
d. "Firsts" and "Headstone Record."
e. "J. V. McClintic." 
f. "Additional Notes on James V. McClintic." 

F 19: J.V.M. (n.d.).  Biographical Sketch.

F 20: J.V.M. (1948).  Lawsuit.

Correspondence between J.V.M. and various parties concerning unspecified lawsuit.

F 21: J.V.M. (n.d., 1937, 1942-1945).

a. Miscellaneous identification and membership cards.
b. Two checks.
c. Civil Service Retirement materials.
d. "Up the Stream: Year's Review of the Angling Situation," Washington Times-Herald (December 27, 1942).
e. "Up the Stream: Washington's Own Fishing Hole Gives Over Splendid Sport," unidentified newspaper (n.d.).
f. "Up the Stream: Bass Season Closes Today in the Upper Tideless Potomac," unidentified newspaper (n.d.).
g. "Up the Stream," Washington Times-Herald (July 2, 1944).
h. "Up the Stream," unidentified newspaper (n.d).  Fragment.
i. "The Sport Broadcast," Dallas Morning News (December 16, 1943).
j. "Fish Feud Fails to Germinate as Anglers Reel Off Tall Ones," Washington Post (February 24, 1937).
k. "Former Oklahoma Solon Catches a `Big One' to Repay Mayor's Favor," Hot Springs Sentinel-Record (n.d.).
l. "Snyder Believed to Be Home of First Automobile," unidentified newspaper (n.d.).

F 22: J.V.M. (1943-1947).  Miscellaneous tax materials.

F 23: J.V.M. (1947).  Holographic Will.

F 24: J.V.M. (1947-1948).  Medical History.

Miscellaneous materials relating to various medical problems.

F 25: J.V.M. (1948).  Death.

Clippings from various newspapers.

F 26: J.V.M. (1948).  Death.

a. Death certificate.  Photostatic copy.
b. Funeral program. 
c. Acknowledgment of sympathy card.
d. List of funeral expenses.
e. List of telegrams and flowers.

F 27: J.V.M. (1948).  Death.

Congressional Record, Vol. 94, No. 75 (April 27, 1948).  Eulogies by U. S. Representatives Preston Peden, Robert L. Doughton, Jere Cooper, John Rankin, Carl Albert, Toby Morris, and Speaker Sam Rayburn. 

F 28a: J.V.M. (1948).  Death.

Funeral service register.

F 28b: J.V.M. (1948). Death.

Loose materials removed from funeral service register in Folder 28.


F 29: Family correspondence (1948).

F 30: Other correspondence (1948, 1952, 1955).

F 31: Correspondence concerning Sequoyah (1924, 1968, 1979).

F 32: Other materials (n.d., 1948, 1953).

Oversized Materials

F 1: County Clerk of Kiowa County (1910).

a. Lists of "Cash Due Swanson County, By Clerk of the County Court, of the Snyder Court District" on cases (1910).  Handwritten and typewritten copies. 
b. Memorandum of Snyder Court Supplies (1910). 

F 2: Litigants Fund (1913).

Amount of balances due to Kiowa County (June 3, 1913).

F 3: Campaign (1932).  Newspaper clippings.

a. Unofficial returns in Democratic Primary.
b. Frederick Leader (July 13, 1932).  Morning Edition; four pages.  Articles on withdrawal of J.V.M. Democratic opponent and new nominee.
c. Frederick Leader (July 13, 1932).  Later editions; parts of pages 1-2.  Articles on withdrawal of J.V.M. Democratic opponent and new nominee.

F 4: Campaign (1934).  Newspaper Clippings Flier.

a. "The Low Down on High Ups," Elk City Morning Times (June 26, 1934).
b. "Do Voters Know What They Want?" Kiowa County Democrat (August 2, 1934).
c. "He's Taking Another Fling," Daily Oklahoman (August 12, 1934) concerning Sam Massingale.
d. Lower portion of J.V.M. campaign flier.  Handwritten notes on back.

F 5: Campaign (1941).  Newspaper Clipping.

Clipping: "Seventh District Nominates Wickersham for Congress," Daily Oklahoman (March 19, 1941).

F 6: Congressional Trip to Hawaii (1917).  Newspaper Clippings.

a. "Grim Realities of Warfare Hammered Home by Congressional Speaker at Auditorium," Denver Post (October 28, 1917).
b. "Biggest Game in Years for Today," Pacific Commercial Advertiser (November 27, 1917).
c. "Hospitable Hawaii Welcomes Congressmen; Tour of Work and Pleasure," unidentified newspaper (1917).
d. "Some of Hawaii's Distinguished Visitors ... ," unidentified newspaper (1917).
e. "Congressional Visitors and Some of Those Who Greeted Them Here," unidentified newspaper (1917).
f. "Honolulu's Distinguished Lawmakers Yesterday Visited ... ," unidentified newspaper (November 9, 1917).

F 7: Miscellaneous Congressional Period (n.d, 1931, 1933-1934).  Newspaper Clippings.

a. "Nepotism Bill Would Disrupt Oklahoma Group," Daily Oklahoman (October 2, 1931).
b. "The Gore Record," Frederick newspaper (1934).
c. Photo of congressmen who viewed National Preparedness Parade as guests of W. R. Hearst, unidentified newspaper (n.d.).
d. "Congressional Leader Pledged to Short, Active Session," Daily Oklahoman (December 29, 1933).

F 8: Marland Assistant (1935).  Newspaper article.

"Jim M'Clintic Outlines State Housing Program as Ned Shepler Is Scheduled to Complete Commission," Oklahoma News (January 25, 1935).

F 9: Sequoyah (1931).

Newspaper article: "Bones Found in State Cave May be Sequoyah's," Daily Oklahoman (May 24, 1931).

F 10: Miscellaneous (1945).

Hot Springs New Era (August 14, 1945).  "Peace" Special Edition.

F 11: Certificates (1914, 1928).

Oklahoma Supreme Court certificate and Oklahoma State Election Board certificate of election.

James V. McClintic Collection Description

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