Box and Folder Inventory

Box 1

F 1: Gene Autry - Correspondence, 1937-1941.

a. J.N. to Gene Autry, Nov. 27, 1937. Re: Thank-you for autographed picture.
b. Gene Autry to J.N., Dec. 10, 1937. Re: Thank-you for autographed picture and holiday greetings. Signature.
c. J.N. to Gene Autry, Feb. 19, 1938. Re: Autry's contract negotiation with Republic Studios.
d. George Goodale to J.N., Feb. 16, 1938. Re: Solicitation of a support letter for Autry in his contract dispute.
e. J.N. to George Goodale, Jan. 16, 1939. Re: Invitation to President's Birthday ball.
f. George Goodale to J.N., Jan. 20, 1939. Re: Invitation to President's Birthday ball.
g. J.N. to Dwight Wolfinger, Feb. 16, 1940. Re: Opening of Nichols Park near Henryetta.
h. Dwight Wolfinger, Feb. 13, 1940. Re: Activities of the opening of Nichols Park.
i. J.N. to L.F. George, Feb. 16, 1940. Re: Opening of Nichols Park.
j. J.N. to Gene Autry, Feb. 16, 1940. Re: Invitation to attend opening of Nichols Park.
k. Dwight Wolfinger to J.N., Feb. 27, 1940. Re: Opening of Nichols Park
l. J.N. to Gene Autry, March 18, 1940. Re: ordering of a wrist watch for Autry and boots and a shirt for J.N.
m. Gene Autry to J.N., Feb. 27, 1940. Re: Uncertainty as to attendance at Nichols Park opening. Signature.
n. J.N. to Dorothy Phillips, July 27, 1940. Re: Thank-you for the shirt from Gene Autry.
o. Dorothy Phillips to J.N., June 17, 1940. Re: Sending a shirt from Autry.
p. J.N. to Gene Autry, July 31, 1940. Re: Return of Sergeant at Arms badge used at Chicago convention and a request for a Stetson hat.
q. Gene Autry to J.N., August 9, 1940. Re: Receipt of Sergeant at Arms badge and referral to Stetson Company. Signature.
r. J.N. to Gene Autry, December 6, 1940. Re: Invitation by President to (Dionne ?) quintuplets.
s. Gene Autry to J.N., November 28, 1940. Re: Invitation by President to the "Quints" to raise money for bombing victims in England.
t. O.R. Hanson to J.N., December 9, 1940. Re: A film with Quintuplets, Gene Autry and other motion picture celebrities.
u. J.N. to Gene Autry, January 16, 1941. Re: Invitation to next Birthday Ball of the President.

F 2: Aviation, 1937, 1942-1943.

a. Memorandum from the President, August 26, 1942. Re: Agency for greater control over the use of navigable air.
b. Leonard K. Schwartz to J.N., October 23, 1942. Re: Possible story on air cargo in Collier's.
c. J.N. to Leonard K. Schwartz, October 26, 1942. Re: Arrangements to discuss Collier's story.
d. Arthur J. Flynn to J.N. April 1, 1943. Re: Ed Sullivan column in the Daily News - clipping attached.
e. J.N. to William Burden, April 2, 1943. Re: Invitation to become member of Advisory Board of 25th anniversary of the United States Mail Service.
f. William Burden to J.N., March 29, 1943. Re: Invitation to become member of Advisory Board of 25th anniversary of the United States Mail Service.
g. Speech of wartime air cargo. Undated.
h. Broadcast of Fulton Lewis on Mutual Broadcasting Network WOL May 20, 1937. Re: Congressional chairmanship.

F 3: Biography, 1949.

a. Chleo Nichols Spencer to James T. White & Co. May 19, 1949. Re: Biography to be used in the National Cyclopedia of American Biography.
b. Biography.

F 4: Sample Brockman, 1937.

a. Telegraph E.B. Smith to Otis Walker, June 25, 1937. Re: Advising Brockman to resign and get bigger job.
b. Lewis Brockman to Otis Walker, June 26, 1937. Re: Position for Sample Brockman.
c. Sample Brockman to Otis Walker, June 27, 1937. Re: Situation of resignation.
d. Sample Brockman to Otis Walker, July 2, 1937. Re: Future plans.
e. Otis Walker to J.N., July 5, 1937. Re: Brockman situation.

F 5: Campaign Letters. 1940.

a. J.N. to "Dear Friend," undated. Re: Primary campaign and efforts in Congress for preparedness for war, printed signature.
b. J.N. to "Dear Friend," May 7, 1940. Re: Primary campaign and inability to return to state due to session of Congress. Enclosure - printed signature.
c. Enclosure, "My Record in Congress," Speech by J.N. in House of Representatives, March 21, 1940.
d. J.N. to John H. Moore, June 21, 1940. Re: Modernization of armed services and veteran's affairs, signature.
e. J.N. to "Dear Friend," July 1, 1940. Re: Defense appropriations and primary election - printed signature.
f. Campaign Brochure. Wilburn Cartwright campaign for reelection to Congress.
g. Clippings - J.N. amendment to Hatch Act to oust members of fifth column and additional enforcement personnel to root out traitors.

F 6: Campaign - Muskogee County Jack Nichols for Congress Clubs, 1936.

Campaign lists from Ft. Gibson, Porum, Taft, Boynton, Haskell, Muskogee, Braggs, Warner, and Webbers Falls, Oklahoma.

F 7: Campaign - Workers in 1940.

a. List of organizers of 1936 primary campaign.
b. List of active constituents in 1940 campaign.
c. General correspondence from campaign supporters, Sept. 1939 to April 1940.

F 8a-8b: Campaign - Workers in 1940.

General correspondence from campaign supporters, May, 1940.

F 9: Campaign - Workers in 1940.

General correspondence from campaign supporters, June, 1940.

F 10: Campaign - Future Campaign Ideas and Information, 1938-1940.

a. Cordell Hull to J.N., June 7, 1938. Re: Duties on lead and zinc, signature.
b. James Farley to J.N., June 11, 1938. Re: Photographs taken at the Jefferson Birthday Dinner - signature.
c. J.N. to James Farley, June 15, 1938. Re: Pictures taken at Jefferson Birthday Dinner.
d. Stewart McDonald, administrator of Federal Housing Administration, to J.N., April 19, 1939. Re: Home improvement and home finance in Oklahoma.
e. County by county lists on Home Improvement and Ownership through F.H.A. in Oklahoma.
f. J.N. to Ernie Day, Sept. 12, 1940. Re: Appreciation for neon sign.
g. Ernie Day to J.N., August 30, 1940. Re: Neon sign.
h. Paul Appleby to W.T. Huff, Secretary to J.N., Sept. 24, 1940. Re: Information of effects of farm program on a producer who did not join in any phase of the AAA program.
i. J.N. to Verlin Thompson, Oct. 1, 1940. Re: Acknowledgment of receipt of letter.
j. Verlin Thompson to J.N., Sept. 14, 1940. Re: Suggestions for governmental action.
k. One minute speech in House of Representatives on establishing a Pan-American Athletic Union.
l. Daniel Ferris, Secretary Treasurer of Amateur Athletic Union to J.N., Oct. 2, 1940. Re: Pan-American Olympic Games.
m. Telegram, undated, unsigned. Re: Farm Act.
n. Speech by J.N. at dedication of Council Hill School House, Nov. 16, 1939. Re: War situation in Europe.
o. Organization Manual - State Democratic Committee.
p. Organizational duties of invitation chairman, assistant to the program chairman, publicity chairman, and arrangements chairman.
q. Blank form for committee meeting.
r. Cotton production table in U.S. and Oklahoma.
s. Pamphlet - Proceedings of the Luncheon Meeting at the 34th Annual Convention of the National Rivers and Harbors Congress, March 23, 1939.
t. Memorandum from Post Office on relief load in Okfuskee and Okmulgee Counties.
u. Congressional Record remarks by Alben Barkley and Sam Rayburn on the first session of the 76th Congress, August 5, 1939.

F 11: Congressional Dinner, Feb. 2, 1943.

a. J.N. to Thomas G. Abernathy, M.C., Jan. 27, 1943. Re: Invitation to congressional dinner.
b. J.N. to Sam Rayburn, Jan. 28, 1943. Re: Invitation to congressional dinner.
c. J.N. to John McCormack, Jan. 28, 1943. Re: Invitation to congressional dinner.
d. J.N. to Joseph Martin, Jan. 28, 1943. Re: Invitation to congressional dinner.

F 12: Congressional Record - Death of Jack Nichols, 1945, 1949.

a. Congressional Record, Vol. 91, No. 199, Nov. 12, 1945. Re: Page 10772-10775, 10782 speeches upon the death of J.N. by Mrs. Bolt of Ohio, Johnson of Oklahoma, Monroney of Oklahoma, McCormack of Massachusetts, Sabath of Illinois, Mahon of Texas, Wickersham of Oklahoma, Rich of Pennsylvania, Stewart of Oklahoma, Gross of Pennsylvania, Ramspeck of Georgia, Boren of Oklahoma, Rankin of Mississippi, and Michener.
b. Statement by Transcontinental and Western Air on death of J.N.
c. Congressional Record, Appendix, Vol. 95, No. 36, March 9, 1949. Re: Pages 1399-1400. Remarks by William Stigler of Oklahoma on the re-internment of J.N. in Eufaula, Oklahoma.
d. Biographical information on J.N.

F 13: Diary, 1945.

Diary of J.N., August 4, 1945 to November 6, 1945.

F 14: Captain Bud Delano, 1939-1940.

a. J.N. to John S. Delano, President American Pilots Association, July 28, 1939. Re: Acknowledgment of receipt of letter, personal comments.
b. Delano to J.N., July 25, 1939. Re: Regrets on inability to arrange annual Pilot Boat Cruise.
c. J.N. to Delano, Feb. 19, 1940. Re: Legislation before Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries.
d. Delano to J.N., Feb. 12, 1940. Re: Legislation before Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries.
e. Clippings, Dec. 5, 1939. Re: American Pilots Association.
f. Delano to the President, Sept. 27, 1940. Re: Cooperation in National Defense Program.
g. Delano to J.N., Oct. 16, 1940. Re: Thank-you for arrangements made for White House visit.
h. Biographical information on Delano.

F 15: District of Columbia, 1941.

a. John Russell Young, Commissioner, D.C. to J.N., Jan. 13, 1941. Re: Subcommittee on Appropriations for the District of Columbia.
b. Sam Rayburn to John Russell Young, Jan. 7, 1941. Re: Chairmanship of subcommittee.

F 16: General Correspondence, 1936.

a. Campaign expense statement for primary election, July 7, 1936.
b. John O'Connor, M.C., New York Chairman Committee on Rules to J.N., June 29, 1936. Re: Congratulations on birth of son Dan.
c. James Farley to J.N., August 1, 1936. Re: Request for appraisal of political situation in Oklahoma.
d. J.N. to James Farley, August 5, 1936. Re: Political situation in Oklahoma.
e. Henry Morgenthau to J.N., Nov. 19, 1936. Re: Congratulations on reelection.
f. Phil Ferguson to J.N., Nov. 7, 1936. Re: Placement on Agriculture Committee.
g. William Bankhead to J.N., Nov. 6, 1936. Re: Congratulations on reelection.
h. Wesley E. Disney to J.N., Dec. 2, 1936. Re: Works Progress Administration.
i. A. J. Sabath to J.N., Nov. 4, 1936. Re: Congratulations on reelection.

F 17: General Correspondence, 1937.

a. J.N. to Harry Hopkins, June 29, 1937. Re: Request for autographed picture.
b. Elmer Thomas to J.N., Dec. 29, 1937. Re: Thank-you for Christmas wishes and seasons greetings - signature.
c. New York trip itinerary, April, 1937.

F 18: General Correspondence, 1938.

a. J.N. to L. M. Crane, May 16, 1938. Re: State Legion Committee in Muskogee, signature.
b. James Roosevelt to J.N., June 30, 1938. Re: Thank-you for the wire concerning illness, written from Rochester, Minnesota, signature.
c. William C. Lewis, candidate for Congress District 5 to J.N., June, 30, 1938. Re: Recommendation for aviation commission appointment.
d. Tom Braniff to J.N., June 11, 1938. Re: Allocation of expenses among members of industry.
e. Jack Frye, President Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc. to J.N., June 7, 1938. Re: Use of airplane.
f. M.H. McIntyre, Secretary to the President to J.N., July 25, 1938. Re: Appreciation for telegram.
g. Telegram J.N. to Marvin McIntyre, July 6. 1938. Re: Boarding Presidential train.
h. Telegram Phil Ferguson to J.N., Nov. 11, 1938. Re: Invitation to luncheon.
i. J.N. to Phil Ferguson, Nov. 21, 1938. Re: Congratulations on election victory.
j. Charles A. Wolverton to J.N., May 5, 1938. Re: Elections Committee No. 3.

F 19: General Correspondence, 1939.

Eddie Rickenbacher to J.N., June 21, 1939. Re: Payment of $20 gain.

F 20 General Correspondence, n.d.

F 21: German American National Alliance, Inc., 1939.

a. Paul A.F. Warnholtz to J.N., Sept. 1939. Re: Support of Neutrality Bill.
b. Warnholtz to J.N., Oct. 3, 1939. Re: Support of neutrality legislation.

F 22: Indian Affairs, n.d., 1938, 1940.

a. Principal Chief of the Creek Indian Nation to J.N. Re: Support for J.N. on Indian matters.
b. Robert L. Owen to J.N., May 24, 1938. Re: Thank-you for defense of rights of Eastern and Western Cherokee, signature.
c. Alex Noon, Principal Chief of the Creek Nation, March 11, 1940. Re: Thank-you for cooperation on Indian matters.

F 23: LaFollette Committee, 1938.

a. J.B. Brookes to J.N., May 2, 1938. Re: Statement opposed to LaFollette Committee.
b. Report on Sub-Committee on Civil Rights of the Committee on Labor and Education by the Committee for the audit and control of the contingent expenses of the Senate.

F 24: Letters from Leaders, 1937-1940.

a. James Farley to J.N., March 16, 1937. Re: Thank-you for participation in Victory Dinner at Asheville, North Carolina.
b. William Lemke, M.C., North Dakota to J.N., August 20, 1937. Re: Thank-you for support of Frazier-Lemke Farm Refinance Bill.
c. Millard Tydings to J.N., August 18, 1937. Re: Thank-you for support for Tydings-Miller Fair Trade Enabling Act, signature.
d. Louis Ludlow, M.C., Indiana to J.N., January 24, 1938. Re: Thank-you for support for proposal to give the people a right to vote on participation in foreign wars.
e. Rowland Jones to Elbert Weaver, May 20, 1938. Re: District of Columbia Fair Trade Bill and J.N. support for bill.
f. John McCormack to Kelley Brown, June 15, 1938. Re: Commendation of J.N., signature.
g. Mary Norton, M.C., New Jersey, Chairman of Committee of Labor to John Caruthers, June 21, 1938. Re: Commendation of J.N., signature.
h. David K. Niles assistant administrator, WPA, to J.N., June 11, 1938. Re: Security wages payments increase for WPA workers in Oklahoma.
i. Sam Rayburn to J.N., June 10, 1938. Re: Commendation on committee work, signature.
j. Sam Rayburn to Cecil Rush, June 18, 1938. Re: Commendation of J.N.
k. John O'Connor, M.C., New York, Chairman Committee on Rules to J.N., June 16, 1938. Re: Appreciation of cooperation in Congress.
l. Joseph Gavagan, M.C., New York to J.N., June 15, 1938. Re: Appreciation of support on Discharge Petition on the Gavagan Anti-Lynching Bill, signature.
m. Schuyler Otis Bland, M.C., Virginia, Chairman Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries to H.B. Parris, June 14, 1938. Re: Commendation of J.N., signature.
n. Chester Thompson, M.C., Illinois, to J.N., June 14, 1938. Re: Commendation of J.N., signature.
o. Paul Greever, M.C., Wyoming, to J.N., June 15, 1938. Re: Commendation of J.N., signature.
p. John H. Kerr, M.C., North Carolina, Chairman Committee on Elections No. 3, to J.N., June 15, 1938. Re: Commendation of J.N., signature.
q. William Lemke, M.C., North Dakota, to J.N., July 15, 1938. Re: Appreciation of support for Frazier-Lemke Refinance Bill, signature.
r. Sam Bottles to Edward Brady, Oct. 10, 1940. Re: Speaking engagement for J.N. in Vinita.

F 25: Masons, 1939-1940, 1942.

a. J.N. to W.W. Groom, Oct. 6, 1939. Re: Returning to state and becoming a Mason.
b. W.W. Groom to J.N., Sept. 4, 1939. Re: Conferring degrees of Masonry.
c. J.N. to Dave H. Wilson, January 8, 1940. Re: Regrets invitation to be in Guthrie.
d. Dave H. Wilson to J.N., Dec. 3, 1939. Re: Invitation to Masonic ceremony in Guthrie.
e. Dave H. Wilson to Rufus Renfrow, Dec. 3, 1939. Re: Discussion with J.N.
f. J.N. to Almon Monroe Carson, Feb. 29, 1940. Re: A plaque to be made for the Free Government Class.
g. L.A. Cowling to J.N., March 4, 1940. Re: Receipt of dues.
h. J.N. to S.W. Armstrong, March 12, 1940. Re: Letter to Emil Wyatt.
i. J.N. to Emil Wyatt, March 12, 1940. Re: Campaign for S.W. Armstrong (Clair) for Masonic office.
j. Almon Carson to J.N., March 13, 1940. Re: Payment for plaque.
k. S.W. Armstrong to J.N., March 16, 1940. Re: Campaign for Shrine Ring and Tenkiller Dam.
l. J.N. to W.W. Groom, March 27, 1940. Re: Sending of plaque for Free Government Class.
m. W.W. Groom to J.N., April 1, 1940. Re: Receipt of plaque.
n. J.N. to Almon Carson, March 27, 1940. Re: Where to send plaque and payment for plaque.
o. J.N. to Chester E. Brandon, March 27, 1940. Re: Letter to Al Carson.
p. J.N. to S.W. Armstrong, March 28, 1940. Re: Efforts of constituents toward Tenkiller Dam.
q. Emil Wyatt to J.N., March 28, 1940. Re: Campaign for Shrine Ring.
r. J.N. to Frederick D. Behringer, April 17, 1940. Re: Plaque and its cost.
s. J.N. to Almon Carson, April 17, 1940. Re: Assessment of cost for plaque.
t. J.N. to S.W. Armstrong, May 8, 1940. Re: Thank-you for constituent information and plans for campaign for Shrine Ring by Armstrong.
u. S.W. Armstrong to J.N, April 26, 1940. Re: Dam construction and campaign for Shrine Ring.
v. J.N. to Almon Carson, May 20, 1940. Re: Payment for plaque.
w. Telegram, J.N. to Bedouin Temple, Muskogee, May 24, 1940. Re: Regrets for inability to attend ceremony.
x. Telegram, J.N. to S.W. Armstrong, May 24, 1940. Re: Proxies for Masonic vote.
y. J.N. to S.W. Armstrong, May 27, 1940. Re: Legislative work.
z. S.W. Armstrong to J.N., May 19, 1940. Re: Campaign for Shrine Ring.
aa. J.N. to A.M. Smith, May 27, 1940. Re: Campaign for Shrine Ring.
bb. A.M. Smith to J.N., May 18, 1940. Re: Request for proxy in Shrine Ring campaign.
cc. J.N. to S.W. Armstrong, June 5, 1940. Re: Congratulation on election.
dd. S.W. Armstrong to J.N., May 27, 1940. Re: Informing that Shrine Ring campaign was successful.
ee. J.N. to Al Carson, June 11, 1940. Re: Payment for plaque.
ff. List of Officers and Members of Free Government Class.
gg. Al Carson to J.N., May 27, 1940. Re: Payment for plaque.
hh. J.N. to J. Frank Newman, June 12, 1940. Re: Payment for plaque.
ii. W.W. Groom to J.N., Sept. 22, 1940. Re: Invitation to attend reunion.
jj. Statement of dues.
kk. J.N,. to L.A. Cawling, Feb. 6, 1942. Re: Dues.
ll. Masonic form petition.

F 26: Miscellaneous Documents, 1937-1943.

a. Resolution, March 3, 1937 by Voteless District of Columbia League of Women Voters. Re: Juvenile Court Bill.
b. J.R. Holmes, Superintendent, Muskogee City Schools, to J.N., March 22, 1937. Re: West Point and Annapolis appointments procedure.
c. W. Forbes Morgan to J.N., March 22, 1937. Re: Thank-you for invitation acceptance to Victory Dinner in Asheville.
d. Elmer Thomas to J.N., April 10, 1937. Re: Publicity for federal judge appointment, signature.
e. J.D. Deland to J.N., May 25, 1937. Re: Enclosed Resolution for the appreciation of Legislative activity in support of the Robinson-Patman Act by the United States Wholesale Grocer's Association, Inc.
f. Rowland Jones, Jr. to J.N., August 3, 1937. Re: Enclosed letter from Jones to Elbert R. Weaver on August 3, 1937 regarding the Tydings-Miller Bill.
g. C.E. Sanborn, Chairman, Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Federation to J.N., Sept. 9, 1937. Re: Appreciation for support of Pittman-Robertson Bill.
h. Henry P. Davis to J.N., August 25, 1937. Re: Support of Pittman-Robertson Bill.
i. J.N. to Henry Davis, August 26, 1937. Re: Thank-you letter.
j. Carl D. Shoemake, Secretary, Special Committee on Conservation of Wildlife Resources to J.N., August 30, 1937. Re: Appreciation for support of S-2670 providing federal aid to state wildlife restoration projects.
k. Dorothy Detzer, National Executive Secretary of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, to J.N., January 13, 1938. Re: Gratitude for support of Ludlow Amendment.
l. Stephen S. Wise, Vice President, Zionist Organization of America, to J.N., Nov. 1, 1938. Re: Palestine.
m. Isadore Breslau, Director, American Zionist Bureau, to J.N., May 4, 1939. Re: Palestine.
n. W.C. Brooks to J.N., May 23, 1939. Re: Sending Christmas greeting telegrams to residents of Muskogee.
o. A. L. Crable, Superintendent, State Department of Public Instruction, to J.N., June 2, 1939. Re: NYA student aid support.
p. Elbert L. Costner, Superintendent, Panama Public Schools, to J.N., Oct. 27, 1939. Re: Drought relief.
q. Mrs. Rubic N. Smith, President, Oklahoma League of Women Voters, to J.N., Nov. 6. 1939. Re: Revision of Neutrality Act.
r. J.N. to Pete, April 29, 1940. Re: Thank-you for campaign slogans. Slogans included.
s. A. J. Sabath, M.C., Chairman, Committee on Rules to colleague, June 14, 1940. Re: Attacks on President; attached letter by Clare Hoffman on June 5, 1940 attacking President.
t. J.N. to Mrs. Charles J. Peters, April 3, 1943. Re: Regretting inability to address annual May Luncheon of the United Democratic Women of Baltimore County.
u. Mrs. Charles Peters to J.N., March 16, 1943. Re: Invitation to address annual May Luncheon.
v. J.N. to Mrs. Peters, March 20, 1943. Re: Speaking invitation.
w. Mrs. Peters to J.N., March 24, 1943. Re: Speaking invitation.
x. Table Negro population of voting age by county (1936) in J.N. district.
y. J.N. platform in a nutshell.
z. Harold Colee, Executive Vice President, Florida State Chamber of Commerce, to J.N., Feb. 12, 1943. Re: membership in Chamber, certificate attached.
aa. Speech by J.N. in House of Representatives, Oct. 14, 1940. Congressional Record Reprints, 76th Congress, 3rd Session. Re: American Pilots Association.

F 27: Miscellaneous Personal, n.d., 1939-1941.

a. Charles H. Payne to J.N., July 31, 1939. Re: Letter signed by airline officials.
b. J.N. to Charles Payne, August 11, 1939. Re: Support for an Aviation Committee in the House.
c. J.N. to A.I. Shipe, December 13, 1939. Re: Support of the Board of Tax Appeals in District of Columbia.
d. A.K. Shipe to J.N., November 21, 1939. Re: Board of Tax Appeals.
e. J.N. to Charles H. Payne, January 5, 1940. Re: Committee on Aviation.
f. Charles H. Payne to J.N., November 27, 1939. Re: Committee on Aviation.
g. J.N. to Walter W. Byas, Feb. 11, 1940. Re: Receipt of ring.
h. Walter W. Byas to J.N., Feb. 1, 1940. Re: Ring.
i. J.N. to A.M. Menocal, March 4, 1940. Re: Trip to Cuba.
j. A.M. Menocal to J.N., Feb. 4, 1940. Re: Trip to Cuba.
k. Gracie Allen to J.N., March 16, 1940. Re: Tour of Capitol.
l. Samuel A. Boorstin to J.N., May 7, 1940. Re: John Steinbeck.
m. J.N. to Samuel A. Boorstin, May 16, 1940. Re: John Steinbeck.
n. Telegram, Edward J. Kelly, Mayor of Chicago, to J.N., July 6, 1940. Re: Dinner invitation at convention.
o. Telegram, J.N. to Mayor Kelly, July 8, 1940. Re: Acceptance of invitation.
p. L.C. Covell, Acting Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard to J.N., August 9, 1940. Re: Service of George F. Morin.
q. John W. Childress to J.N., October 9, 1940. Re: Home Owners Loan Corporation and appointment of Roy White.
r. E. E. Aldrin to J.N., April 3, 1941. Re: Newark airport.
s. Clippings. Re: Newark airport.
t. Sam O'Neal to J.N., Feb. 24, 1941. Re: Admission as associate member of the National Press Club.
u. J.N. to John B. Stetson Company, Oct. 17, 1940. Re: Ordering a cowboy hat like Gene Autry's.
v. Stetson to J.N., August 27, 1940. Re: Cowboy hat.
w. Telegram, J.N. to Edwin M. Ashcraft, Jr. Re: Trip schedule.
x. Edwin Ashcraft to J.N., June 4, 1941. Re: Trip to Chicago.
y. J.N. to Edwin Ashcraft, June 16, 1941. Re: Trip to Chicago.
z. Telegram, J.N. to B.H. Griffin, undated. Re: Arrival in Miami.
aa. Telegram, J.N. to Armado Menocal, undated. Re: Arrival in Cuba.
bb. Telegram, J.N. to Emelia Earhart Putnam, undated. Re: Mishap and regards.
cc. Application for lease by Flood Gate Boat House, Inc., Yacht Basin Number One, Washington, D.C.

F 28: Negro Documents, 1937-1940.

a. Walter White, Secretary, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to J.N., March 22, 1937, and March 31, 1937. Re: Appreciation for support of Gavagan Discharge Petition to bring the Anti-Lynching Bill to the floor for debate and vote.
b. Joseph A. Gavagan, M.C. New York, to My dear Colleague, March 30, 1937, and April 20, 1937. Re: Appreciation of support, printed signature.
c. Letchen A. Hill, President, Oklahoma Association of Negro Teachers, to J.N., April 20, 1937. Re: Appreciation of support for Anti-Lynching Bill.
d. Walter White to J.N., April 22, 1937. Re: NAACP appreciation for vote on Gavagan Anti-Lynching Bill.
e. James W. Edwards to J.N., March 25, 1938. Re: Support during campaign and N.Y.A. project.
f. J.N. to James W. Edwards, March 29, 1938. Re: Appreciation of support.
g. Cecil E.F. Robertson to J.N., March 10, 1939. Re: Article in Pittsburgh Courier concerned radio statement by J.N. on the Negro race.
h. Telegram, C.G. Lowe to J.N., March 14, 1939. Re: Article in Pittsburgh Courier national Negro newspaper to be carried in Oklahoma Negro newspapers. Suggesting J.N. wire his version to newspapers.
i. Telegram, J.N. to Muskogee Democrat, undated. Re: Letter to be sent by J.N. concerning Pittsburgh Courier article.
j. J.N. to Editor, Tulsa Eagle, March 14, 1939. Re: Explanation of radio broadcast.
k. J.N. to Roscoe Dunjee, Editor, Black Dispatch, March 14, 1939. Re: Explanation of radio broadcast.
l. Roscoe Dunjee to J.N., March 15, 1939. Re: Printing of the story on J.N. radio broadcast.
m. J.N. to W.E. Roberts, March 16, 1939. Re: Thank-you for letter on the Negro question speech.
n. Bobbie to J.N., March 15, 1939. Re: Radio broadcast.
o. J.J. Simmons to J.N., March 18, 1939. Re: Radio broadcast.
p. J. Bernard Smith to J.N., March 20, 1939. Re: Radio broadcast.
q. J.N. to Cecil Robertson, March 24, 1939. Re: Radio broadcast.
r. L.G. Hibler to J.N., March 28, 1939. Re: Radio broadcast.
s. J.N. to Walter White, April 3, 1939. Re: Discharge Petition No. 10 for Gavagan Anti-Lynching Bill.
t. Walter White to J.N., March 30, 1939. Re: Discharge Petition.
u. Charles S. Blaine to J.N., April 3, 1939. Re: Radio broadcast and employment.
v. Postcard, Walter White to J.N., April 5. 1939. Re: Thank-you for signing Petition No. 10.
w. J.N. to J.J. Simmons, April 6, 1939. Re: Radio broadcast.
x. J.N. to L.C. Hibler, April 10, 1939. Re: Radio broadcast.
y. J.N. to Charles S. Blaine, April 13, 1939. Re: Discharge petition.
z. Telegram, Harold Cartwright to J.N., January 23, 1940. Re: Explanation of absence and counted voting against Anti-Lynching Bill.
aa. Telegram, J.N. to Harold Cartwright. Re: Explanation of absence, January 23, 1940.
bb. J.N. to Ivery Richardson, Feb. 8, 1940. Re: Anti-Lynching Bill.
cc. Ivery Richardson to J.N., January 31, 1940. Re: Anti-Lynching Bill.
dd. Clipping - Letter to the Editor - Okmulgee Observor, Feb. 8, 1940, by Joseph Gavagan. Re: J.N. support of Anti-Lynching Bill.
ee. Joseph Gavagan to Editor, Oklahoma Independent, January 23, 1940. Re: J.N. support of Anti-Lynching Bill.
ff. Clippings. Re: Radio broadcast.

F 29: John O'Connor, Chairman, Committee on Rules, 1936, 1938-1941.

a. O'Connor to J.N., April 29, 1936. Re: Request for employment.
b. J.N. to O'Connor, May 7, 1936. Re: Request for employment.
c. J.N. to O'Connor, May 18, 1936. Re: Employment found.
d. O'Connor to Charles Horowitz, March 8, 1938. Re: Speaking engagement--suggesting J.N.
e. Charles Horowitz to O'Connor, March 7, 1938. Re: Speaking engagement.
f. O'Connor to J.N., April 28, 1939. Re: HR 4592 & 4593 and Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries.
g. O'Connor to Schuyler Otis Bland, M.C., Chairman of Merchant Marine and Fisheries, June 27, 1939. Re: Whaling Bills.
h. H.M. Mikkelsen to Western Operating Corp., June 13, 1939. Re: Provisions on American whaling ship Ulysses.
i. memorandum relating to the American whaling industry and its relation to the conservation of whales and our international relations.
j. O'Connor to J.N., Feb 15, 1940. Re: Employment request.
k. J.N. to O'Connor, April 20, 1940. Re: Employment request.
l. O'Connor to J.N., April 1, 1940. Re: Employment request.
m. Claim of Bernhard and Company, bond dealers, New York City, vs. Chinese Government.
n. Invitation to the Inauguration of the President of the United States, January 20, 1941. Inauguration Ceremonies Program.

F 30: Earle Boyd Pierce, 1936-1940.

a. Telegram, Kelly Brown to J.N., January 20, 1936. Re: Administrative setup chart in second congressional district.
b. John Winant, Chairman of Social Security Board to Elmer Thomas, January 24, 1936. Re: Recommendation of Earle Boyd Pierce as an attorney for the Social Security Board.
c. Elmer Thomas to Earle Boyd Pierce, January 27, 1936. Re: Informing Pierce that position with Social Security Board is unavailable, signature.
d. J.N. to Federal Trade Commission, Nov. 23, 1936. Re: Recommendation for Pierce as attorney with the FTC.
e. W.A. Ayres, Commissioner of the FTC, to J.N., Dec. 1, 1936. Re: Inability to hire due to lack of appropriations.
f. Telegram, Pierce to J.N., Dec. 28, 1937. Re: Setting out Bermuda grass at New Hope Cemetery in Fort Gibson by CCC.
g. J.N. to Pierce, Dec. 30, 1937. Re: Request for more information on bermuda grass.
h. Telegram, Joseph B. Keenan to J.N., June 25, 1938. Re: Varifying that Pierce employment was brought about by J.N. and Elmer Thomas.
i. Pierce to J.N., May 29, 1940. Re: Suggestion by candidate Pierce to cease all campaign activities in district to allow J.N. to more fully attend to duty, signature.
j. J.N. to Pierce, May 31, 1940. Re: Refusal of offer to cease campaign activities.
k. J.N. to Paul Bruner, May 31, 1940. Re: Copies of Pierce letter and J.N. reply sent to Phoenix in Muskogee.
l. Campaign assessment in rebuttal of mud slinging, undated and unsigned.

F 31: Relief Program, 1936.

a. Sam Rayburn to J.N., Oct. 7, 1936. Re: Helping during campaign, signature.
b. Morgan G. Sanders, M.C., Texas, to J.N., Oct. 7, 1936. Re: Support for Sam Rayburn as D emocratic leader, signature.
c. Clark to J.N., Oct. 8, 1936. Re: Request for promotion with WPA.
d. Clark to J.N., Oct. 8, 1936. Re: Non-relief labor.
e. Jess N. Baker to J.N., Oct. 8, 1936. Re: Investigation over WPA hiring practices.
f. Herbert Maier, Regional Officer, Dept. of Interior, National Park Service, to William Collins, Junior Foreman, Lake Okmulgee, Oct. 8, 1936. Re: Alleged political activity of Collins and warning to cease activity.
g. H.P. Fulmer, M.C., South Carolina, to J.N., Oct. 9, 1936. Re: Selection of Democratic leadership in House.
h. E.E. Ammons to J.N., Oct. 11, 1936. Re: Campaign support.
i. George W. Harlan to J.N., Oct. 14, 1936. Re: Employment request.
j. Aubert C. Dunn, M.C., Mississippi, to J.N., Oct. 15, 1936. Re: Majority leadership.
k. John E. Rankin, M.C., Mississippi, Chairman, Committee on World War Veteran's Legislation, Oct. 16, 1936. Re: Majority leadership.
l. Congressional Record, 74th Congress, 2nd Session, Speech by John Rankin in House, June 20, 1936, "What the T.V.A. is Doing for the Women of America."
m. George Jabe to J.N., Oct. 17, 1936. Re: Employment request.
n. John Reynolds, Mayor of Muskogee, to J.N., Oct. 20, 1936, Re: City council appreciation of increased funds for city's W.P.A. projects.
o. Sam Rayburn and Paul Aiken to all speakers, undated. Re: Democratic campaign.
p. J.N. to John Collier, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, undated. Re: Recommendation for employment.
q. Pamphlet, "Our Job with the W.P.A.," U.S. Government Printing Office.
r. Clipping, Tulsa Daily World, Oct. 11, 1936. Re: Price statistics during first Roosevelt administration.

F 32: James Roosevelt, 1937-1940.

a. Granville Norris to J.N., Feb. 6, 1937. Re: Eleanor Roosevelt trip to Oklahoma.
b. J.N. to Granville Norris, Feb. 11, 1937. Re: Eleanor Roosevelt trip to Muskogee.
c. John H. Fahey, Chairman, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, June 16, 1937. Re: Foreclosure procedure in Oklahoma.
d. James Roosevelt to J.N., Dec. 14, 1937. Re: Attached memorandum, signature.
e. Memorandum, Ugo Carusi, Executive Assistant to the Attorney General, to James Roosevelt, Dec. 13, 1937. Re: Memorandum to Attorney General of Dec. 13, 1937.
f. Memorandum, Golden W. Bell, Assistant Solicitor General, to the Attorney General, Dec. 13, 1937. Re: Closing of military road.
g. J.N. to James Roosevelt, Dec. 14, 1937. Re: Closing of military road.
h. James Roosevelt to J.N., Dec. 16, 1937. Re: Thank-you for letter of Dec. 14, 1937 and season's greetings, signature.
i. J.N. to James Roosevelt, Feb. 8, 1938. Re: Autographed picture.
j. J.N. to James Roosevelt, May 11, 1938. Re: Arrangements for trip to air show in Birmingham, Alabama.
k. J.N. to Elliott Roosevelt, June 15, 1938. Re: Return trip by Mrs. Roosevelt to Texas.
l. James Roosevelt to J.N., June 16, 1938. Re: Visit to Mayo Clinic for treatment, signature.
m. J.N. to James Roosevelt, June 17, 1938. Re: Legislative action on research appropriation for Rotary winged aircraft and taxi driver liability in District of Columbia.
n. Telegram, J.N. to Marvin McIntyre, Secretary to the President, June 21, 1938. Re: Presidential trip through Southwest.
o. Telegram, M.H. McIntyre, July 8, 1938. Re: Schedule for presidential trip to Oklahoma.
p. Telegram, J.N. to Marvin McIntyre, undated. Re: Presidential trip and inability to meet party.
q. Mrs. James Roosevelt, Jr. to J.N., Sept. 16, 1938. Re: Thank-you for telegram and report on James' condition.
r. Telegram, J.N. to James Roosevelt, Sept. 13, 1940. Re: Trip to California.

F 33: R.L. Simpson, President, The State National Bank, Eufaula, Oklahoma, 1940.

a. Simpson to J.N., April 8, 1940. Re: Employment request for Earl Story and WPA situation.
b. J.N. to Simpson, April 18, 1940. Re: Employment request.
c. Louis P. Merrill to J.N., April 29, 1940. Re: Truck allotment at Checotah camp.
d. Simpson to J.N., March 14, 1940. Re: Truck allotment at Checotah camp.
e. J.N. to Simpson, May 6, 1940. Re: Employment request.
f. Simpson to J.N., April 23, 1940. Re: Employment request with list of recommended names.

F 34: Speeches, 1938, 1940, 1943, 1945.

a. J.N. in House of Representatives, June 8, 1938. "Wages for Relief Workers."
b. J.N. at Eufaula, Oklahoma, June 21, 1938. Campaign.
c. J.N. at Stigler, Oklahoma, June 22, 1938. Campaign.
d. J.N. at ground breaking ceremony for the new Recorder of Deeds Building, Washington, D.C., Sept. 26, 1940.
e. J.N. in House of Representatives, Dec. 25, 1940. Christmas remarks.
f. J.N. before the Institute of Internal Auditors, Oct. 8, 1944.
g. Undated. Re: FHA financing specifications.
h. J.N. to National Democratic Club. Re: Democratic Party.
i. J.N. to Mr. Speaker. Re: Pan-American Games.
j. Poem "Home" by Edgar A. Guest.
k. Radio address by J.N., March 9. Re: National Rivers and Harbors Congress.
l. Speech for use where Earl Boyd Pierce has made a speech.
m. Speech notes, Stigler, June 22.
n. Speech notes, Eufaula, June 21.
o. Speech notes.

F 35: Tom Stidham, Director of Athletics, University of Oklahoma, 1939.

a. Stidham to J.N., June 8, 1939. Re: Employment request for Junior Golding, a prospective OU student, signature.
b. 1939 Oklahoma Football Schedule.
c. J.N. to Stidham, July 28, 1939. Re: Employment request.
d. Stidham to J.N., May 8, 1939. Re: Junior Golding.
e. J.N. to Stidham, May 24, 1939. Re: Football prospects of Junior Golding.

F 36: Stimson Correspondence - Commission in Naval Reserves, 1940-1942.

a. Carl Vinson, M.C., Georgia, Chairman, Committee on Naval Affairs, to J.N., Sept. 12, 1940. Re: Naval commission, signature.
b. Robert V. Fleming, President and Chairman of the Board, The Riggs National Bank of Washington, D.C., to Rear Admiral George Pettingill, Commandant of the U.S. Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., Oct. 7, 1940. Re: Naval commission.
c. Fleming to J.N., Oct. 7, 1940. Re: Recommendation for naval commission.
d. Sam Rayburn to Admiral Pettingill, Oct. 8, 1940. Re: Recommendation for naval commission.
e. Admiral Pettengill to J.N., Oct. 9, 1940. Re: Recommendation for naval commission.
f. J.N. to Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War, Dec. 8, 1941. Re: Volunteer for military service.
g. Stimson to J.N., Dec. 18, 1941. Re: Military service, signature.
h. J.N. to General George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, January 9, 1942. Re: offer of service in military.
i. General Marshall to J.N., January 24, 1942. Re: Military service.
j. J.N. to Franklin D. Roosevelt, March 7, 1942. Re: denial of request for service in military and request for letter to show cause for use in campaign.
k. M.H. McIntyre, Secretary to the President, to J.N., March 14, 1942. Re: Presidential policy on military service for responsible government officials.

F 37: Fred Taylor, Assistant Chief and Chief of Fire Department, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1934-1936.

a. Taylor to J.N., Nov. 21, 1934. Re: Election to Congress and RFC loan on gold mine.
b. J.N. to Taylor, Dec. 6, 1934. Re: RFC loan on gold mine.
c. Taylor to J.N., March 12, 1935. Re: RFC mining loans.
d. J.N. to Taylor, March 26, 1935. Re: RFC mining loans.
e. Taylor to J.N., May 6, 1935. Re: RFC mining loans and fishing trip.
f. J.N. to Taylor, May 14, 1935. Re: RFC mining loans and fishing trip.
g. Taylor to J.N., July 7, 1935. Re: RFC mining loans.
h. J.N. to Taylor, August 6, 1935. Re: RFC mining loans.
i. Taylor to J.N., Dec. 28, 1935. Re: Trip to Hawaii and fishing.
j. Taylor to Edward A. Costigan, USS COLORADO, Dec. 27, 1935. Re: Recommendation for Deputy U.S. Marshal.
k. J.N. to Taylor, January 9, 1936. Re: Possible trip to Colorado.
l. Taylor to J.N., March 22, 1936. Re: CCC camps.
m. J.N. to Taylor, May 1, 1926. Re: CCC camps.

F 38: Dick Vanderwarker, Executive Assistant Manager, Hotel Sherman, Chicago, 1939-1940.

a. Vanderwarker letter, Sept. 27, 1939, Page 2. Re: Request.
b. J.N. to Henry H. Woodring, Secretary of War, Oct. 3. 1939. Re: Recommendation of Vanderwarker.
c. Woodring to J.N., Oct. 9, 1939. Re: Vanderwarker.
d. Woodring to J.N., Oct. 17, 1939. Re: Vanderwarker transfer, signature.
e. J.N. to Vanderwarker, August 27, 1940. Re: Bill for service during Democratic Convention.
f. Vanderwarker to J.N., August 16, 1940. Re: J.N. account and National Guard Bill.
g. Statement of Account, Hotel Sherman.

F 39: Voting Record, 1939-1940.

Individual Voting Record by roll calls in the U.S. House of Representatives, 76th Congress, 1939-1940 for J.N.

F 40a-40b: Scrapbook - Clippings, 1934-1943.

a. Page 1 - House Members Visit Airports to Prepare for Crash Probe. The Evening Star, Washington, D.C., picture, March 19, 1941.
b. Page 2 - blank.
c. Page 3 - New Year Greeted by Official Society, picture of Mr. & Mrs. J.N., Washington Post, Dec. 31, 1937.
d. Page 4 - Nichols Won Over Big Field in First Entry into Politics, picture, Tulsa Daily World, August 9, 1934 -- Fifty Congressmen Get Free Junket to Hawaii, Muskogee Phoenix, Sept. 2 -- Rep. Nichols Speaks at Muskogee, Monday, Sept. 3 -- Nichols Invited by President to Drought Meeting -- Gassaway's Split Lip, Hook's Black Eye Reveal Lively Party, March 26.
e. Page 5 - Statehood Sentiment Laid, picture, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Oct. 8, 1935 -- Congressmen Make Call on General Dam.
f. Page 6 - Camera Records Highlight of Hawaiian History, picture, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Oct. 1935 -- American Congressmen Given Welcome in Honolulu, picture, Chicago Daily Tribune, Oct. 12, 1935.
g. Page 7 - Not Like Oklahoma, Mr. Congressman?, picture, Oct. 1935 -- Prominent in Hawaii's Statehood Hearing, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Oct. 7, 1935.
h. Page 8 - Congressional Party at Army Review, pictures of John Nance Garner, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Dec. 9, 1935.
i. Page 9 - In Stilwell Today picture Jack Nichols Making Record, Indian Journal, June, 1936 Congressman's Daughter, Daily Oklahoman -- Mrs. David I. Flatt of Colorado Springs - Congressman Jack Nichols, Muskogee Phoenix -- President Invited to Oklahoma, Tulsa World, June, 1936 -- Congressman Will Open Campaign in Eufaula at 3 p.m.
j. Page 10 - When Bull Throws Congressman -- That's News, picture -- Nichols Demands Change in Relief, April 25 -- Jack Nichols in the Second -- Nichols Attacks Views by Ickes, May 15 -Nichols Defends Oklahoma Tribes, April 22.
k. Page 11 - Notables Pitch Hay as Himes Gives Party for 650, pictures, The Sunday Star, Washington, D.C., June 18, 1939 -- As Officials Faced D.C. Fiscal Impasse, picture -- Editorial Cartoon.
l. Page 12 - blank.
m. Page 13 - Each Gets Ten Dollars, picture -- Demo Stalwarts Confer at Washington, picture, Indian Journal.
n. Page 14 - Funeral Services to be Held Friday for J.A. Nichols, 1939 -- Eufaula Pays Tribute to Prominent Citizen, Muskogee Phoenix, January 20, 1939.
o. Page 15 - Mrs. Luce Urges U.S. Continue Sovereignty of Skies After War, picture, probably the Evening Star, Washington, D.C., Feb. 11, 1943.
p. Page 16 - blank.
q. Page 17 - FDR's Cigarette Holder, Feb. 9, 1940 -- Nichols to Dedicate School on April 4 -- J.N. picture Daily Oklahoman.
r. Page 18 - blank.
s. Page 19 - Congressman Jack Nichols to Resign Legislative Seat, Muskogee Phoenix, June, 1943 -- Hearing on Nichols Plea for Action on Contest Is Set, June 2 -- Nichols Fails in Effort to Stop Clarks Contest, June 9, 1943 -- Clark Contest to Win Nichols Seat Advances Slowly, Indian Journal.
t. Page 20 - Pictures with Gene Autry, Washington Star, Jan. 26, 1940 -- with mother of Jean Harlow, Jan. 30, 1940 -- with Airplane.
u. Page 21 - Congressmen on Junket to Hawaiian Islands, picture, Oct. 14, 1935 -- Nichols Oppose Airport Transfer To Clean Fish -- Mrs. Nichols' Chocolate Macaroon Pudding Favorite Menus of Local Hostesses.
v. Page 22 - Congress Financially Liberal to Capital, Says Rep. Nichols, picture, Washington Post, May 27, 1940 -- Returned to Congress, picture, Indian Journal, Nov. 12, 1942.
w. Page 23 - Baked Beans for Salons, picture, Boston Advertiser, May 15, 1938.
x. Page 24 - Editorial Cartoon, March 8, 1939.
y. Page 25 - Picture, Gene Tunney and J.N.
z. Page 26 - Nichols Boosts Cargo Planes' Place in Peace, Oklahoma City Times, March 23, 1943 -- News from Washington by J.N., Indian Journal, July 1, 1943.
aa. Page 27 - Finch Favors Giving D.C. Area to Maryland, Times Herald, August 16, 1940.

F 41: Clippings, Buenos Aires Visit, 1941.

F 42: Clippings, n.d., 1934, 1937, 1941, 1944-1947.

a. R.M. McClintock to J.N., July 1, 1937. Re: Election campaign.
b. J.N. to McClintock, July 8, 1937. Re: Election campaign.
c. McClintock to J.N., August 1, 1937. Re: Campaign summary for publication.
d. J.N. to McClintock, August 4, 1937. Re: Campaign issues.
e. J.N. closes office.
f. Social and family events.
g. Campaign clippings.
h . Air crash clippings.

F 43: Clippings, n.d., 1936-1937, 1939-1940, 1943-1944.

a. Farewell Speech to House, June 30, 1943.
b. Miscellaneous clippings

F 44: Publications, 1936, 1943.

a. Complete Reports of the Subcommittee to Investigate Air Accidents, 1943. J.N. Chairman.
b. Democratic Register Congressional Yearbook, 1936.

Oversize Box

Includes Fortune, April, 1945, which emphasized air transport; address of J.N. before Oklahoma State Legislature, March 19, 1943; two copies of Square Shooter, 1934, J.N.'s campaign newspaper; and Oklahoman Union Farmer, May 15, 1941.

John C. Nichols Collection Description

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