Box and Folder Inventory
Boxes 1-5

Box 1: Agriculture to Correspondence (General)

F1: Agriculture - Production and Marketing Administration (1947-1948).

Purchase order and payment claims, correspondence, and bank statements (with checks).

F2: Bills - General Correspondence (1945).

F3: Bills - Fair Employment Practices Act: H. R. 2232 (1945).

F4: Bills - Flood Control (1943-1945).

Correspondence; amendments to H. R. 3961, Rivers and Harbors bill; H. R. 3961.

F5: Bills - Miscellaneous (1936-1943).

a. Proposal: Red River Authority Act of 1943.
b. H. R. 1605: Amendment to the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, Committee Report 88 to accompany bill, and draft of amendments to bill.
c. Communication from the president re appropriations for Veterans Administration.
d. House of Representatives Private Calendar.
e. H. R. 1786: Private Relief Bill and Committee Report #128.
f. H. R. 1787: Private Relief Bill and accompanying Committee Report #129.
g. H. R. 1785: Private Relief Bill and accompanying Committee Report #127.
h. Senate Bill 637, education funding.
i. Amendment to Section 182, Title 28, U. S. Code, annotated.
j. Committee Report on Senate Bill 1580, Federal Aid Road Act.
k. Senate Bill 2927, Oklahoma Judicial Districts.
l. H. R. 209, Oklahoma Judicial Districts.
m. H. R. 7811, Oklahoma Judicial Districts.

F6: Bills - Social Security Bill of 1943 (A-L).

Correspondence and clippings.

F7: Bills - Social Security Bill of 1943 (M-Z).


F8: Correspondence - Animal Food Shortage (1943-1944).

F9: Correspondence - General (1943 - April 1944).

F10: Correspondence - General (May 1944 - January 1945).

Box 2: Correspondence (General) to Labor (General)

F1: Correspondence - General (February 1945 - December 1945).

F2: Labor - Anti-strike Correspondence by City (A-I) (1943).

Also includes clippings.

F3: Labor - Anti-strike Correspondence by City (J-Z) (1943).

Also includes clippings.

F4: Labor - Anti-strike Legislation (A-L) (1946).

Correspondence and clippings

F5: Labor - Anti-strike Legislation (M-Z) (1946).

Correspondence and clippings.

F6: Labor - General (June 1942 - April 1943).

a. Correspondence and clippings.
b. Senate Bill, To make unlawful the use of force to prevent any person from working.
c. Senate Bill 190, Amendment to Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.
d. Senate Bill 191, Amendment to Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.
e. Joint Res. 4, Constitutional amendment on the Right to Work.
f. Speech, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, "America - Let's Get Fighting Mad" given in Indianapolis, Indiana on March 11, 1943.

Box 3: Labor (General) to Office of Price Administration

F1: Labor - General (May 1943).

Correspondence, clippings and speeches by Paul Stewart from May 3 and May 28.

F2: Labor - General (June 1943 - February 1948).

Correspondence, clippings, speech by Paul Stewart on June 11, booklets, pamphlet, news releases, and magazines.

F3: Labor - Documents (1942-1944).

a. Hearing Transcript - illegitimate labor practices and labor racketeering.
b. H. R. 653 - Amendment to Anti-Racketeering Act and accompanying committee reports.
c. Senate Bill 796 - War Labor Disputes Act, accompanying hearing transcript and accompanying committee report.
d. Rizley, Ross speech Oklahoma congressman.
e. Pace, Stephen speech Georgia congressman.
f. House Business Calendar.
g. By-laws and Trade Rules of Local 986 Carpenters & Joiners Union in McAlester, Oklahoma.
h. H. R. 154 - re H. R. 796.
i. Oklahoma House Bill 116 - anti-racketeering.

F4: Labor - Publications (1942 - 1943).

Congressional Digest, Labor's Monthly Surveys, labor information bulletin, Monthly Labor Review, news releases, booklets, flyers, correspondence and clippings.

F5: Miscellaneous - Clippings (1938-1944).

F6: Miscellaneous - Loose Notebook.

Armed services cases, clippings, diary, legislation, mailing list, speeches, quotes and miscellaneous.

F7: Miscellaneous - Manuscript.

Pioneer Days in Antlers by Clark Wasson.

F8: Miscellaneous - Publications.

Facts about Palestine, The Dies Committee - Hitler's Secret Weapon, and Roster - State and County Officers (Oklahoma).

F9: Office of Price Administration (1945-1946).

Correspondence and clippings.

Box 4: Personal to Scrapbooks

F1: Personal.

Paul Stewart, Last Will and Testament and receipt.

F2: Political - Wilburn Cartwright (1932 - May 1942).

Correspondence, clippings, press releases, list of Third District newspapers and 1938 primary election returns.

F3: Political - Wilburn Cartwright (June 1942 - July 1942 and undated).

Correspondence, clippings, press releases, 1942 primary election returns and newsletter.

F4: Scrapbook - Miscellaneous (1922-1937).

Clippings; handwritten notes; pro and anti Herbert Hoover campaign literature; and Al Smith campaign literature.

F5: Scrapbook - Miscellaneous (1924-1932).

Correspondence, speeches, clippings and itinerary;

F6: Scrapbook - Congressional Record (1943)

Congressional Record, correspondence, clippings and miscellaneous notes;

Box 5: Oversize


Personal and family, Mrs. Stewart, clippings, get well cards, certificates, correspondence, invitations, family photographs, birthday card and sheet music;


Clippings, correspondence, family photographs and portrait of Paul Stewart;

Miscellaneous Oversized Materials and Newspapers

a. Materials on Food Production.

1. Meat Control - a clip sheet by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Fort Worth, Texas, February 1944.
2. U.S. Crop Corps (1943) - correspondence, fact sheet, newspaper mats and window and bumper stickers.

b. Newspapers

1. American Federation of Labor, Jan. 26, 1943; Feb. 23, 1943; Aug. 24, 1943; Sept. 28, 1943.
2. Antlers American, Antlers, Oklahoma. Published by Paul Stewart. June 22, 1944. Contains stories on Stewart's re-election bid, battle with labor forces and anti-Wilburn Cartwright stories.
3. Black Dispatch, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dec. 9, 1944. Story titled "Stewart Denounces PAC."
4. Daily Oklahoman, Feb. 25, 1946.
5. Enid Morning News, June 7, 1942.
6. General Welfare Reporter, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
7. Houston Chronicle, June 27, 1928.
8. Hugo Daily News, Dec. 7, 1944.
9. Labor, Washington, D. C. Oct. 16, 1943.
10. Oklahoma Union Farmer, Sept. 1, 1928.
11. Plane Facts, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. March 5, 1943.
12. Southeast Oklahoman, Hugo, Oklahoma. Dec. 7, 1944. Contains stories "Stewart Denies CIO Obligation Claim" and "Doing Little and Claiming Much" about Stewart.
13. Stars and Stripes, Algiers, Algeria. Feb. 24, 1943.
14. Tulsa Daily World, Aug. 28, 1928; Sept. 24, 1928; Sept. 27, 1928; Oct. 3, 1928.
15. Washington Daily News, Washington, D. C. Feb. 23, 1944.

Certificates and Diplomas

1. 1907 Charter for the Haworth Lodge of Masons in Indian Territory.
2. 1915 License to practice law in the Oklahoma Supreme Courts.
3. 1928 License to practice law in the Supreme Courts of the United States.
4. 1930 Commission as a colonel and assistant chief engineer in the United Confederate Veterans.
5. 1933 Proclamation as Acting Governor of Oklahoma in the absence of the governor and the lieutenant governor.


1. U.S. 271 Military Highway, Paris, Texas to Fort Smith, Arkansas.
2. Red River Dam at Durant, Oklahoma.
3. Oklahoma map showing condition of improvement of the state highway system (1941).

Paul Stewart Collection Description

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