Box and Folder Inventory
Boxes 1-11

Box 1: General Series

F 1: Congressional (1913-1915).

a. Correspondence.
b. Public Law 43 (H.R. 7837) - Federal Reserve Act.
c. Panama Canal Act and Treaties.
d. List of roll call votes.
e. List of members of the House Banking and Currency Committee.

F 2: General Correspondence (1915-1939).

F 3: General Correspondence (1940-1949).

F 4: Houston, Temple - Correspondence (1885-1891).

a. March 19, 1885. Written to CW before graduation from high school; praises CW and his brother; advises on future education. Page 1 missing.
b. June 15, 1885. Tells of business, travels, and family; encourages CW to pursue a law career and to curb his interest in writing and a newspaper career; discusses law partnership formed by Houston and Col.-W--H. Grisby.
c. August 27, 1885. Tells of Houston's son; asks CW to attempt to find a clipping, re: Thrall's "History of Texas."
d. October 23, 1885. Praises a speech given by CW; thanks CW for locating clipping referred to in the letter of August 27, 1885; discusses the severe winter ahead and its effect on the cattle industry; refers to Blaine's "Twenty Years in Congress" as a grand book "although stained by the intense partisan prejudice of the author."
e. May, 1891. Asks CW to make inquiries into an unspecified subject.
f. May 25, 1891. Congratulates CW on his recent marriage; tells of future trip to Fort Worth; thanks CW for inquiries made on fake archeological find (apparently the subject of the above letter); asks CW to check on rumor pertaining to a witness whose testimony might be damaging to a client of Houston.

F 5: Houston, Temple - Correspondence Regarding Houston (1949).

F 6: Houston, Temple - Miscellaneous.

a. Quote of Houston.
b. Character sketch of Houston by CW.
c. CW's notes on Houston.
d. Part of a speech which may have been delivered by Houston.

F 7: Memorabilia (n.d., 1883-1939).

a. Autograph book (1883-1885). Signed by friends and classmates; also a note from Grover Cleveland (1884).
b. Invitations: high school commencements and White House dinners and receptions (Woodrow Wilson).
c. Announcement of marriage of Woodrow Wilson's daughter to W. G. McAdoo.
d. Harper's Weekly - August 17, 1912. Cover story on CW.
e. Banquet programs and invitations.
f. Liberty Loan campaign poster.
g. Eulogy for Woodrow Wilson by Pat Malloy, Tulsa.
h. Programs: Reunion of W. H. Murray's schoolmates: Oklahoma Press Association Gridiron (1932); Oklahoma State Sunday at Valley Forge (1933); and Oklahoma Memorial Association (1933).
i. Eulogy for Judge C. B. Stuart by CW.
j. Poster - Speech by Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt.
k. Card announcing the Secretary of State.
l. Ticket to Liberty Loan benefit concert.
m. Victory songbook.
n. Eulogy for Richard Alexander Sneed by CW.
o. Pamphlet - "Memorial and Other Papers of Caesar F. Simmons."
p. Post cards of early Oklahoma and Oklahoma City.

F 8: Murray, William H. - Campaign Materials.

Brochures, flyers, platform, speech notes, and resolutions of support.

F 9: Murray, William H. - Correspondence (n.d., 1929-1934).

F 10: Murray, William H. - Executive Orders, Proclamation, and Correspondence.

a. Executive Orders: Public Roads (1931); Martial Law (1931); CW as personal secretary (1932); CW as district judge (1934).
b. Proclamation for the aid of the Red Cross.
c. Correspondence for Murray by CW: to Clark Howell, Atlanta, Georgia; to Justice G. H. Ethridge, Jackson, Mississippi; to R. F. Bush, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Public, on the 200th birthday of George Washington; to Fourteenth Oklahoma Legislature, re: Senate Joint Resolution #1, a institutional amendment; to Fourteenth Oklahoma House of Representatives, re: veto of bill #469, authorizing the purchase of the union Mission Cemetery as an historic site.

F 11: Murray, William H. - Miscellaneous.

a. Speech - "Abraham Lincoln" - Springfield, Illinois - on the 122nd birthday of Lincoln.
b. Miscellaneous notes and clippings.
c. Editorials on Murray.
d. Murray family coat-of-arms.
e. Excerpt from "Alfalfa Bill" by Gordon Hines (page 228).
f. Eulogies for Mrs. Murray.

F 12: Weaver, Claude - Postmaster Correspondence.

F 13: Wilson, Woodrow - Invitation to Visit Oklahoma.

F 14: Worthington Bill - A Memorial in Favor of Passage; by CW.

Box 2: Legal Career Series

F 1: Texas - Narratives (1887-1895).

a. My First Case in Court.
b. A County Attorney Contest.
c. The state of Texas vs. Wilson and Dobbs.
d. The Trial of Joe Holder.
e. The State of Texas vs. Spencer Holder.
f. The Will Ed Penton Murder Trial.
g. The Nathan Hobbs Case.

F 2: Indian Territory - Narratives and documents (1895-1902).

a. The Famous Brick Kiln Decision of Judge C. B. Kilgore.
b. Paul vs. Martin.
c. Wettermark vs. Roark.
d. Wilcoxson vs. Hybarger.
e. Martin vs. The Stratton-White Company.
f. The United States vs. Lankford.
g. Estate of W. L. Byars.

F 3: Oklahoma Territory - Speeches and Documents (1902-1907).

a. Territory vs. Peoples.
b. Territory vs. Harp.
c. Territory vs. Garrison.
d. First National Bank of Sulphur Springs, Texas, vs. The Kansas City Live Stock Commission Company.

F 4: State of Oklahoma - Documents, Opinions, and Narratives (1907-1910).

a. J. G. Lookbaugh vs. Ella Epperson.
b. Opinion on legal status of 1908 county seat election in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma.
c. J. W. Dobbs vs. The State of Oklahoma.
d. Reminiscences Touching the Prosecution of J. W. Dobbs.
e. Brief on question as to whether money paid on an illegal contract can be recovered.
f. Brief on question of Indian eligibility to represent the State in the Federal Congress.
g. Brief relative to horse race book-making in Oklahoma.
h. D. W. Hughes vs. Hartford Fire Insurance Company.
i. Success Realty Company vs. D. B. Trowbridge.

F 5: The City of Tecumseh vs. The City of Shawnee - Documents (1909).

F 6: State of Oklahoma - Documents, Narratives, Opinions, and Correspondence (1911-1929).

a. The State vs. Ira Speed.
b. opinion on the qualifications of E. E. True blood as Oklahoma City Finance Commissioner.
c. The State vs. W. E. Hazelwood.
d. E. Alexander vs. The Skirvin Operating Company.
e. Petition for Oklahoma County Grand Jury (1926).
f. Correspondence, re: federal parole for J. C. Harris.
g. E. Johnston vs. The Byars State Bank.

F 7: State of Oklahoma - Documents, Narratives, and Correspondence (1930-1943).

a. K. Grubbs vs. The Estate of A. Bass.
b. J. Magerus vs. C. A. Ralts, et al.
c. H. C. Eggleston vs. Orient Insurance Company.
d. H. C. Eggleston vs. W. S. Eberle.
e. H. C. Eggleston vs. Insurance Company of North America.
f. O. Brandy, E. Tullar, and E. House, vs. The Mexican Claims Commission.
g. The United States vs. R. J. Clark, et al.
h. J. C. Davis vs. Mamie Phelan.
i. D. Spencer vs. G. M. Reinhart.
j. Correspondence.

F 8: Weaver as District Judge - Documents, Narratives, and Correspondence (1934-1936).

a. Rules of the District Court.
b. The State vs. C. Johnson and I. Curtis.
c. Grand Jury (1934).
d. G. Corrigan vs. Oklahoma City General Hospital.
e. The State vs. Willie Smith.
f. Judge Weaver Sentences a Negro Prisoner (Willie Smith).
g. American Oil and Refining Company vs. J. L. Beveridge.
h. A Judge Has No Concern with the Public Interest.
i. B. Pate vs. The International Association of Gas Field, Oil Well, and Refinery Workers of America, et al.
j. Correspondence.

Box 3: Personal and Family Series

F 1: Biographical Material on CW.

F 2: Character Sketches, Biographical Material, Clippings, and Correspondence, re:

a. Nancy Wilkin Weaver (mother).
b. Claude Weaver III (grandson).
c. William Weaver James (grandson).
d. David Weaver (grandson).
e. Elmer Capshaw, Jr. (grandson).
f. Jacques Cunningham (grandson).
g. Richard Cline (cousin).
h. William H. McGee (or MaGee) (cousin).
i. Dempsey Weaver (uncle).
j. John V. A. Weaver (relation unknown).

F 3: Barrier, Floy Weaver and Capshaw, Elmer, Jr.: Poetry.

a. Barrier: "They Also Serve"; "Thanksgiving Ode"; "The Changeling"; "Christmas Hymn";
b. Capshaw: "Pioneer Blood"; "A Summer Concert"; "Night Thoughts"; "Poetry"; "Pioneer Blood"; "A Summer Concert"; "Night Thoughts"; "A Personal Journey".

F 4: Weaver, Claude: Memoirs.

F 5: Weaver, Claude: Written Works.

a. "Campaign of 1910."
b. "A Cockroach before the Supreme Court of Texas."
c. "The Story of a Deer Hunt."
d. "Golden Treasury: A Book of the Heart."
e. "Good Neighbors."
f. "How to Be Happy though Old."
g. "Hidden Treasure."
h. "Hobart Convention Conspiracy."
i. "If a Man Dies, Shall He Live Again?"
j. "Los Angeles, California" (1886).
k. "My First Civil Court Case."

F 6: Weaver, Claude: Written Works.

a. "Oklahoma: The Launching of the Battleship."
b. "The Progress of Man," by W. T. G. Weaver; note by CW.
c. "Recollections of the Gainesville Bar."
d. "Reminiscences Touching the Prosecution of Jim Dobbs."
e. "School Herald."
f. "Special Congressional Election of 1919."
g. "Townsend's Endorsement of Henry M. Carr."
h. "Trip to Savannah."
i. "Why I Attend Church."

F 7: Weaver, Claude: Writings on Other People.

a. Joe Bailey: Gainesville Gets the Coming Man; Joe Bailey's First Speech in Texas; Eulogy by Reese Tatum.
b. Judge D. E. Barrett.
c. In Memory of Robert Chambers.
d. In Memory of John A. Gardner.
e. Carter Glass: Secretary of the Treasury.
f. Alexander Lawrence Posey: The Creek Poet.
g. The Misadventures of William Sachs.
h. Reminiscences of Judge Hosea Townsend.

F 8: Weaver, Green (CW's brother).

a. Memoirs - Part I.
b. "Green Weaver and Bill Lewis Stage a Contest in Marksmanship," by CW.

F 9: Weaver, Green. Memoirs, Part II.

Box 4: Personal and Family Series (continued)

F 1: Weaver, W. T. G. (CW's father) - Anecdotes.

F 2: Weaver, W. T. G. - Miscellaneous.

a. Correspondence: military record.
b. Speeches: "Education"; "Charge to the Grand Jury of Cooke County, Texas"; "Charge to the Grand Jury of Grayson County, Texas"; "Rhapsodies on the Texas Frontier."
c. Poem: "The Jews."

F 3: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings.

a. "George D. Prentice."
b. "Albert Pike."
c. "Union of Love."
d. "Charge to the Grand Jury."

F 4: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "Union of Love."
b. "Charge to the Grand Jury."
c. "In Memory of R. H. Bourdeaux."
d. "Speech on Education."

F 5: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "Preface to Hours of Amusement."
b. "The Maiden of the Prairie."
c. "Home Sweet Home."
d. "Albert Pike. "
e. "George D. Prentice."
f. "Death."
g. "The Gamblers Death."
h. "Death of the Indian Chief."

F 6: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "The Jews."
b. "Woman."
c. "Prairie Flowers."
d. "A Poet's Dream of Heaven."

F 7: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "Woman."
b. "A Poet's Dream of Heaven."
c. "Prairie Flowers."
d. "The Jews."

F 8: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "The Maiden of the Prairie."
b. "Woman."
c. "A Poet's Dream of Heaven."
d. "Prairie Flowers."
e. "Home Sweet Home."
f. "Speech on Education."

F 9: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "Notes on a Juvenile Poem."
b. "Military Record. "
c. "Preface to Hours of Amusement."
d. "The Maiden of the Prairie."
e. "Prairie Flowers."
f. "A Poet's Dream of Heaven."
g. "Woman."
h. "George D. Prentice."
i. "Albert Pike."
j. "Home Sweet Home"
k. "Death of the Gambler.
1. "Death."
m. "Death of an Indian Chief."
n. "The Jews."
o. "Speech on Education."
p. "Union Love."
q. "Charge to the Grand Jury.

F 10: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "Preface to Hours of Amusement."
b. "Woman."
c. "A Poet's Dream of Heaven."
d. "Prairie Flowers."
e. "Death of an Indian Chief."
f. "Death of the Gambler."
g. "In Memory of R. H. Bourdeaux."

F 11: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "The Jews."
b. "Military Record."
c. "Memorandum of a Juvenile Poem."
d. "Woman. "
e. "A Poet's Dream of Heaven."
f. "Prairie Flowers."
g. "Death."
h. "Death of the Gambler."
i. "Death of an Indian Chief."
j. "Charge to the Grand Jury."

F 12: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "The Maiden of the Prairie."
b. "Woman."
c. "A Poet's Dream of Heaven."
d. "Prairie Flowers."
e. "Speech on Education."
f. "Death."
g. "Rome Sweet Home."

F 13: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "Memorial Tribute . . . Brigadier General W. R. Scurry."
b. "Stray Leaves from a Soldier's Journal."
c. "The Maiden of the Prairie, or, A Tale of the Texas Revolution."
d. "Ellen Burns, or, Love on the Prairie."
e. "Obituary: R. H. Bourdeaux."
f. "Death."
g. "George D. Prentice."
h. "Albert Pike. "
i. "Review of My Valentine by Col. A. M. Hobby."
j. "The Triumphs of Democracy."
k. "The Franco-Prussian War."
1. "Flower Gathering.
m. "The Jews."
n. "Speech on Education."

F 14: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (bound volume).

a. "Tribute to Wm. R. Scurry."
b. "Stray Leaves from a Soldier's Journal."
c. "The Maiden of the Prairie, or, A Tale of the Texas Revolution."
d. "Ellen Burns, or, Love on the Prairie."
e. "Albert Pike."
f. "George D. Prentice."
g. "Review of My Valentine, by Col. A. M. Hobby."
h. "Obituary: R. H. Bourdeaux."
i. "Death. "
j. "Triumphs of Democracy."
k. "The Franco-Prussian war."
1. "Flower Gathering."
m. "The Jews."
n. "Speech on Education."

F 15: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (unbound).

a. "From Campaigns of Walker's Texas Division of the Confederate Soldiers."
b. "Tribute . . . Brigadier General Wm. R. Scurry."
c. "Union Love."
d. "Hours of Amusement.
e. "A Texan's Tribute to Sam Houston."

F 16: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (Scrapbook). Clippings.

Box 5: Personal and Family Series (continued); Political Series; and Speeches Series

F 1: Weaver, W. T. G. - Writings (handwritten).

a. Juvenile Poems - Part I: "Evening Thoughts"; "The Hermit's Departure"; "Clandestine Lovers"; "Song of"; "The Bird"; "To Amanda"; "Lover's Assurance"; "Separation"; "The Ranger's Adieu"; "Night"; "Song"; "Youthful Love (Suppressed)"; "To Angeline"; "Hours of Anguish"; "Spring"; "To Rosamond"; "A Soliloquy"; "To Georgiana (Suppressed)"; "To Serena"; "Ellen"; "A Thought (to Ann's Vail)"; "An Evening Scene"; "Rural Life"; "Sunset"; "Life's Day"; "Love"; "Autumn"; "Texas Scenery"; "Twilight"; "Spirit of Beauty"; "Ode to the Prairies"; "Soul-gems"; "My Mother's Grave"; "To Sara"; "Town Beauties (Suppressed)"; "Home"; "Needless Cruelty"; "To My Mother in Heaven"; "To -"; "The Orphan Girl"; "The Deceived"; "To the Navidad River"; "Dreaming"; "To ----- (Susan)"; "Musings"; "Ossian"; "To J. M. Young"; "Eternity"; "Women Are Angels"; On a Scold"; "On a Quack"; "On Parson"; "On Mr. Wool Marrying Miss Card"; "On a Newly Married Couple"; "On T. Moore"; "On the Death of H. Clay"; "At Bingo's Ferry"; "Epitaph on a Friend"; "On a Texas Poet."
b. Juvenile Poems - Part II: "The Hummingbird"; "To Lurinda"; "The Cane-break"; "Song.11"; "Song"; "School-boy Recollections"; "A Crying Hour"; "A School-boy Again."

F 2: Writings of Other People - General.

a. "John A. Simpson: The Southwest's Militant Farm Leader," by Gilbert C. Fite.
b. "The Story of Oklahoma City," by Dr. A. C. Scott.
c. "The Goings of the Winds," by William A. Quayle.
d. Collection of Favorite Poems of CW: "Autumn," by Albert Pike; "Sea Fever," by John Masefield; "Come," by Alex Posey; "Hotgun, on the Death of Yadeka Harjo," by Alex Posey; "Conversation at Midnight," by Edna St. Vincent Millay.
e. "The Texas Constitutional Convention," from "History of Texas," by C. R. Wharton; "Poetry," by Percy P. Shelley; "Review of Naval Oil Leases," by Senator Thomas J. Walsh; "Democracy and Labor," by William B. Wilson; "Some Events Occurring in the Early History of Gainesville and Cooke County," by Jesse Murrell; "Polonius to His Son, Laertes," by William Shakespeare.

F 3: Writings of Other People, re: CW.

a. Editorials of G. B. Parker.
b. Statement of Duncan McRuer.
c. Clippings.

F 4: Political - Campaign Material.

a. Campaign book - 1906 congressional election.
b. Campaign book - 1912 congressional election.
c. Pamphlet - 1914 congressional election.
d. Pamphlet - 1932.
e. Announcement for Congress - 1932.
f. Cards - 1934 judicial election.
g. Posters and Flyers - 1935 judicial election.
h. Flyer - Robert J. Bulkley for U. S. Senate.

F 5: Political - Correspondence. General and Letters of Endorsement.

F 6: Political - Miscellaneous.

a. Election results of Tuesday, November 7, 1911.
b. Baltimore platform - 1912.
c. List of Oklahoma County delegates to State Democratic Convention - Tulsa, 1930.
d. Poster - Oklahoma State and County officers.
e. List of members of the Sixty-third Congress elected to the U. S. Senate.
f. Miscellaneous notes.

F 7: Political - National Democratic Party.

a. Press release.
b. Pamphlets: Theodore Roosevelt, Alfred E. Smith, and Joe T. Robinson.

F 8: Speech Material.

a. Pamphlets: "Speech Stuff"; "Victory Liberty Loans - Handbook for Speakers"; "A Brief History of the Fighting Yankee Division"; "Textbook for Speakers."
b. Anecdotes, miscellaneous notes, quote cards, and clipping.

F 9: Speech Material. Quote Cards, Clippings, and Miscellaneous Notes.

F 10: Speech Material. Quote Cards, Clippings, and Miscellaneous Notes.

Box 6: Speeches Series (continued)

F 1: Speeches by CW (1885-1897).

a. "The Poet" (May 29, 1885). Gainesville, Texas - CW's valedictory address upon graduation from high school.
b. "The Civil Service" (October 9, 1886). University of Texas at Austin - before the Rusk Literary Society.
c. "The Future Literature of Texas" (June 14, 1887). Millett's Opera House, Austin, Texas - representing the Rusk Literary Society.
d. "The Fourth of July" (July 4, 1889). Nocona, Texas.
e. "Memorial Address on General Joseph E. Johnston" (March 29, 1891). Gainesville, Texas - memorial services.
f. "The American Scholar" (June 18, 1894). Austin, Texas before the literary societies of the University of Texas.
g. "The Materialism of the Age" (June 18, 1894). Austin, Texas before the literary societies of the University of Texas.
h. "Tribute to Judge C. B. Kilgore" (October, 1897). Paul's Valley, Indian Territory - In U. S. Court.

F 2: Speeches by CW (1898-1912).

a. "Welcome Address" (August 30, 1898). Gainesville, Texas - before the Joseph E. Johnston Camp of Confederate Veterans.
b. No title (October 21, 1899). Texas State Fair, Dallas - on University of Texas Day; CW's impression of the day added.
c. "A Tribute to a Preacher: Percy Knickerbocker" (November 6, 1910). St. Luke's Methodist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
d. "The Democratic Ticket and the Commission Form of City Government" (May 3, 1910). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - CW's impressions of important features of City Charter added.
e. No title (October 23, 1911). Sayre, Oklahoma - dedication of the Beckham County Court House.
f. "Why I Am for Champ Clark" (1912).
g. "Welcome" (February 22, 1912). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Democratic State Convention.
h. No title (April 13, 1912). Lexington, Oklahoma.
i. "Weaver's Picture of the Blind Senator of Oklahoma (T. P. Gore)" (November 2, 1912). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Democratic banquet.

F 3: Speeches by CW (1913).

a. "Conservation" (September, 1913). Tulsa, Oklahoma - before the Dry-Farming Congress.
b. "Representative Government" (October 20, 1913). First Methodist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Men's Brotherhood Banquet.
c. Bound volume: "Banking and Currency Reform" (September 15, 1913) and "Agriculture Finance" (September 16, 1913). U. S. House of Representatives. Clipping.
d. "The Owen-Glass Currency Bill" (November 1, 1913). Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.
e. No title (November 3, 1913). Norman, Oklahoma - before the Assembly of the State University.
f. "Scott Ferris" (November 3, 1913). U. S. House of Representatives.

F 4: Speeches by CW (1913-1914).

a. "Suspension of Building Battleships" (December 6, 1913). U. S. House of Representatives.
b. "War" (December 6, 1913). U. S. House of Representatives.
c. Bound Volume: "Suspension of Building Battleships"; "Banking and Currency Reform"; "Agriculture Finance"; "Panama Canal Tolls"; "A Century of Progress."
d. Bound Volume: "Menace to the Navy (or The Suspension of Building Battleships)"; "Woodrow Wilson's Peace Policy" (December 4, 1913). U. S. House of Representatives; "Woodrow Wilson's Foreign Policy (American ownership of the Panama Canal)" (March 31, 1914). U. S. House of Representatives; "The Toiler" (from "Woodrow Wilson's Peace Policy); "The Sole Purpose of Government" (December 6, 1913). U. S. House of Representatives. (from "Banking and Currency Reform"); "Treaty Obligations to the Indian Tribes."

F 5: Speeches by CW (1914).

a. "A Century of Progress: The Story of the Choctaw/Chickasaw Indians (or The Prophecy of Pushmataha)" (February 20, 1914). U. S. House of Representatives.
b. "Panama Canal Tolls" (March 31, 1914). U. S. House of Representatives.
c. "Pensions for Widows and orphans" (April 1, 1914). U. S. House of Representatives.

F 6: Speeches by CW (1916-1918).

a. No title (July 20, 1916). Washington, D.C. - National Association of Postmasters of the United States.
b. No title (October 5, 1916). Terrel, Texas - Texas State Convention of Confederate Veterans.
c. "Liberty Loans" (October 15, 1917). Denver, Colorado. Note from speech made in Oklahoma.
d. "Liberty Loans" (October, 1918). Richmond, Virginia.
e. "What the Wilson Administration Has Done for the American Farmer" (January 22, 1918). Fort Worth, Texas - Farmer's Union of Texas.

Box 7: Speech Series (continued)

F 1: Speeches by CW (1919-1924).

a. "Liberty Loan" (April 19, 1919). Boston, Massachusetts.
b. "Representative Government" (October 14, 1920). Columbia, Tennessee.
c. No title (March 4, 1921). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - federal employees.
d. No title (December 4, 1921). Enid, Oklahoma - Elks Lodge.
e. No title (April 2, 1923). City unknown - Savoy Café - postal conference dinner.
f. "Matthew J. Kane, Eulogy" (February 4, 1924). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - State Supreme Court.

F 2: Speeches by CW (1926-1933).

a. "Religious Liberty" (May 8, 1926). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Rotary Club.
b. "The Labor Record of the Democratic Party" (September 3, 1926). Houston, Texas - Labor Day celebration.
c. "On Taxation" (July 16, 1930). Radio speech in behalf of W. H. Murray.
d. No title (August 7, 1931). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - WKY Radio speech in behalf of Oklahoma Cotton Grower's Association.
e. No title (August 24, 1931). Memphis, Tennessee - Unemployment conference.
f. "The Commonwealth of Oklahoma - A Heritage of Liberty" (December 13, 1931). Valley Forge, Pennsylvania - Eighth Annual Oklahoma State Sunday Service Program.
g. No title (November 15, 1933). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma Memorial Association.

F 3: Speeches by CW (n.d., 1947).

a. No title (February 25, 1947). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - State House of Representatives - Committee on Veterans' Affairs.
b. No title (March 30, 1947). Austin, Texas - class of 1887 reunion, University of Texas.
c. Memorandum and notes, re: birthday of Robert E. Lee.
d. Press releases: "Weaver Talks Two Million out of One City for Loan (Liberty Loan)"; "Weaver on the Sixty-third Congress."

F 4: Speeches by Other People (A-F).

a. Alderman, Dr. Edwin Anderson. "Woodrow Wilson" (December 15,1924). Memorial address before joint session of U. S. Congress.
b. Bailey, Joseph W.: "Amendment of National Banking Laws" (March 19, 1908). U. S. Senate; Miscellaneous speech passages.
c. Bailey, Josiah W. "The Living Soul of Democracy" (February 13, 1937). Radio address.
d. Bourne, Jonathan. "Popular vs. Delegated Government" (May 3, 1910). U. S. Senate.
e. Bryan, William Jennings: "The Causeless War" (June, 1915); "Labor's Interest in Peace" (June 19, 1915). Carnegie Hall - New York City - peace meeting; "National Honor" (June 24, 1915). Madison Square Garden, New York City - Friends of Peace meeting.
f. Burleson, A. S. No title (April 1, 1919). Washington, D.C. - Conference of Representatives of Business Organization and the Postal Service.
g. Ferris, Scott: "Why I Go to Church, by Claude Weaver" (August 7, 1913). U. S. House of Representatives; "Accomplishments of the Democratic Party since Its Return to Power" (July 21, 1916). U. S. House of Representatives.
h. Finn, Laurence B. "Why We Are at War with Germany" (April 4, 1918). Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
i. Franklin, Lewis B. No title (March 28, 1919). Boston, Massachusetts - New England Liberty Loan workers.
j. Freeling, S. T. P. "The Trial of Jesus."

F 5: Speeches by Other People (G-Z).

a. Glass, Carter: "Banking and Currency Reform" (September 10, 1913). U. S. House of Representatives; "Constitutional Immorality" (March 29, 1937). Radio address; "Financial Freedom under Woodrow Wilson" (April 13, 1916). Washington, D.C. - Jefferson Day celebration.
b. Gore, Thomas P.: "Travel on Armed Merchant Ships" (March 2, 1916). U. S. Senate; "Draft Money as well as Men" (September 10, 1917). U. S. Senate; No title (No date). To the Sovereign People of Oklahoma; "Is the Constitution a Mere Souvenir?" (January 24, 1932). Radio address.
c. Griffith, R. A. "George H. Booker" (July, 1939). Kansas City, Missouri.
d. Hull, Cordell: No title (May 8, 1931). Cleveland, Ohio - Jefferson Day Dinner; "Governmental Policies (February 8, 1932). U. S. Senate.
e. Johnston, Henry S. Nomination speech for W. H. Murray for President. Chicago, Illinois - Democratic National Convention.
f. Keating, Edward. No title (No date). U. S. House of Representatives - re: women's suffrage.
g. Murrell, J. C. No title (August 23, 1923). Nocona, Texas, Ex-Confederate soldiers.
h. Morris, Joe. No title (April 3, 1937). Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City postal employees banquet.
i. Murray, W. H.: Messages to the Oklahoma State Legislature: First message, Thirteenth Legislature (January 12, 1931); Second message, Thirteenth Legislature (February 4, 1931); First message, Fourteenth Legislature (January 3, 1933); Second message, Fourteenth Legislature (March 2, 1933).
j. Owen, Robert L. "The Covenant of the League of Nations" (October 10, 1919).
k. "Parliament's Vote of Thanks to the Forces." Collection of speeches delivered in Houses of Parliament, London, United Kingdom (October 29, 1917).
1. Pomerene, Atlee. "Construction Acts of 1932" (September 15, 1932). Welfare and  Mobilization Conference.
m. Pope Pius XI. "On the Reconstruction of the Social Order" (June, 1931).
n. Reed, James A. "Democratic Principles" (January 12, 1928). Washington, D.C. - Jackson Day Dinner.
o. Roosevelt, Franklin D. Acceptance address (June 18, 1936).
p. Wilson, Woodrow: "The War Message and Facts behind It" (April 2, 1917); "A League for Peace" (January 22, 1917). U. S. Senate.

F 6: Scrapbook - CW as District Judge.

Photograph of CW, clippings, and posters.

F 7: Scrapbook - Miscellaneous I.

Clippings, membership cards, and quotations.

Box 8: Scrapbook Series

F 1: Scrapbook - Miscellaneous - II.

Quotations, poetry, and notes.

F 2: Scrapbook - Speeches and Writings of CW.

F 3: Scrapbook - Speeches by CW.

Box 9: Scrapbooks (continued)

F 1: Scrapbook (1934).

Court dockets of Judge Weaver.

F 2: Scrapbook.

Source book for memoirs and writings of CW.

F 3: Scrapbook - Miscellaneous III.

a. Clippings.
b. Political campaign material.
c. Liberty Loan campaign material.
d. Correspondence. Personalities include A. S. Burleson, Champ Clark, Carter Glass, Temple Houston, Dick T. Morgan, W. H. Murray, Robert L. Owen, and Millard E. Tydings.

Box 10: Oversized Series

F 1: Scrapbook - Miscellaneous IV.

a. Clippings, re: CW, W. H. Murray, death of W. G. Harding, national politics, and Gainesville, Texas, c. 1890.
b. Copy of first sermon delivered at First Baptist Church Duncan, I.T., May 2, 1897, by Rev. John H. Stone.
c. Notes, re: genealogy of CW's family.
d. Writings of Green Weaver.
e. "My Brother" by CW.
f. List of lawyers of Cooke County, Texas, bar.

F 2: Scrapbook - CW as Congressman.

Clippings, correspondence, and speeches.

F 3: Scrapbook - Elmer Capshaw.

Clippings, re: Capshaw's football career at O.U.

F 4: Scrapbook: CW at University of Texas (1886).

a. Partial diary of CW.
b. Writings of CW, W. T. G. Weaver, and Green Weaver.

F 5: Clippings.

a. "High Note in Democracy" by Georgia Brown.
b. "Funeral Service for J. H. Everest."
c. "They All Agree on Kefauver - Nancy That Is," Washington Post (April 17, 1952).
d. "Wisconsin Rites Slated for Fiery Political Figure" (1953). Re: Sen. Robert M. LaFollette.
e. "Death Stills Booming voice of Gomer Smith," Oklahoma City Times (May 26, 1953).
f. "Lawyer's Rites Tentatively Set Friday at 2 p.m." (May, 1953). Re: Gomer Smith.

F 6: Miscellaneous.

a. Pamphlet: "Murray Presents His Democratic Platform to State Convention of Party."
b. Political cartoon: "Tammany."
c. Speech by Robert H. Taylor-before the Texas Legislature (January 25, 1861). Original.

F 7: Newspapers and Magazines.

a. Harper's Weekly; New York City; November 9, 1912. Cover story on Woodrow Wilson.
b. Daily Oklahoman; Oklahoma City; October 19, 1919; pp. 1-2. Headline: "Weaver Nominated by Democrats."
c. Daily Oklahoman; Oklahoma City; October 11, 1952; pp. 5-6. Photo story - "Adlai Stevenson on Campaign visit to Oklahoma City."
d. Daily Oklahoman; Oklahoma City; March 1, 1953; pp. 1-2. Half-century edition; historical articles.
e. Oklahoma magazine; pp. 5-6. story by CW - "Old Indian Territory--A Random Sketch."
f. Oklahoma Farmer-Stockman; July 15, 1932; pp. 17-18. Anti-Murray advertisement.
g. School Herald; Gainesville, Texas; March, 1885. CW, editor.

Box 11: Certificates and Diplomas

Claude Weaver Collection Description

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